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Singapore woman lodged complaint to MBS and STB on Ku De Ta becoming a ‘prostitution joint’

Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

An angry Singaporean woman has lodged a complaint to both Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Tourism Board on a restaurant located at its skypark – ‘Ku De Ta’ becoming a ‘prostitution joint’ for foreign women.

The woman claimed that on both visits to ‘Ku De Ta’, she noticed several women dressed in ‘distasteful and ultra-skimpy’ dresses loitering around the club preying on foreign men.

“In one instance, a woman dressed in a similarly skimpy fashion approached two of my male friends who had just arrived from London when their girlfriends had left for a quick tour of MBS,” she wrote.

She added that the women hopped from one table to another and appeared to come alone with no friends or partners.

“I am surprise that Ku De Ta allowed such women to solicit for sex at their premise. Customers paid a surcharge to enter the posh club, but at the end of the day, Ku De Ta is no better than a club in Tanjong Pagar.”

In response, a manager from MBS Wangelin Sum replied that the management of Ku De Ta has ‘acknowledged’ the concerns raised and reassure her that a ‘stringent procedure’ remains in place to discourage and evict any ‘undesirable’ activities taking place in Ku De Ta:



32 Responses to “Singapore woman lodged complaint to MBS and STB on Ku De Ta becoming a ‘prostitution joint’”

  1. kaypoh said

    could they just be IT vendors trying to meet quota?

  2. Henry said

    Thanks for sic where to find high class piakpiak

  3. Singaporean said

    There is no excuse. How can Ku Te Da’s management not know? They have security guards and bouncers at Ku Te Da. A lot of service staff. How could they not know? More like they feigned ignorance. I have repeatedly brought overseas friends to Ku Te Da, to see Singapore’s sunset and have dinner there. If this situation does not change, and is seen as seedy, my last trip there will be my very last. No to prostitutes in MBS. Singapore’s image gets worse and worse these days. Sickening.

  4. jaded said

    aiyah this is the playground of the beloved FTs, you think you complain got use meh? dun be so naive.

    just look at orchard towers, it is infamously known as the fours floors of whores but the girls there openly ply their trade every night without fear.

    btw, you might want to work on your grammar.

    • Jafri Basron said

      Your grammar is in need of correction too.
      As for the response of the complaints lodged;
      I’m certain that the concerned authority would be looking into the matter.
      This is Singapore and not the Philippines.

  5. Dangel said

    I’m sure those gals are from PRC!!

    • Ye said

      Usually not. Mostly from Asean countries , and can speak English well…

    • Sporean said

      why you so sure ???!!!!! Dont simply assume. I was at the place last week and I can tell you these so-called prostitutes were more likely to be filipinos given the accent and looks !!!!

  6. airis said

    It’s common to see these women there…though not always sleazy, but often skimpy at best. I’m sure the staff and mgmt of MBS are aware, they are there every night, perhaps part of our govt plan to assimilate foreign talents. Anyway, keep this up and we will lose visitors to Singapore, especially women and families. What the point in coming to here, when everything in Bangkok is cheaper…?!? Do the math

  7. Ken Lee said

    wow XO chicken rice shop open by our high management!

  8. George said

    Yes these females are from PRC. They have pimps to,guide them. The bouncers working there can identify to the police . The security officers working at the restaurant know who are there to “pick up ” men. What the management should do is fo bar the bouncers & the security officer for a good 3 weeks from work or transfer them some where else. If the said security officer & bouncers co-operate with anti vice than allow them to work. The restaurant management knows what takes place inside the restaurant . In fact I was approached by the hookers when I was there. Even the waiters can assist the anti vice to identify the call girls. If the management claims that there do not know anything , he or she should resign from working in the restaurant.

  9. wangelinsum said


  10. Jelly said

    Women jelly other women hit on her male friends…

  11. Aunties said

    This aunty must be there to prostitute herself and found herself overpowered by all the cheaper better foreign prostitutes who are willing to do more for less.

  12. Nasib said

    Without this kind of things where got excitement?

  13. Steve Lee said

    Prostitution is legal in Singapore – Women’s Charter.

  14. Wing said

    The English used in the emails is horrible.

  15. solaris8899 said

    see what our gov – stb reply is going to reply..

  16. Lim said

    Prostitutes are everywhere – high class posh club or not. Class just means more classy prostitutes but they all do the same job ultimately. Ku De Ta in Hokkien sounds like Bird the Big is self explanatory. Is life for the filthy rich at casinos – money, fine dining, smoking and drinking, fast cars and cheap easy women everywhere?

  17. sfng said

    Can I use your letter and send to New Asia Bar? That place is packed with such women (various nationalities) hunting and waiting.

  18. Steve said

    this type of complaint is absurb, you must have evidence to make a stand, maybe this lady are looking for man in the club till someone have sex with them and paid. if not do not discriminate lady in the club that approach a man whom they do not know.

  19. tryme said


  20. nihon said

    gambling n prostitution r partners, SIN city is place to eat as gluttons, drink, play/sleaze, gamble, smoke, that’s what gomen get trying to go for easy money.

  21. jack the horny toad neo king of all horny toads said

    welcum to singawhore!!!!

  22. Googa said

    I am having trouble figuring out difference between ‘chic and stylish’ and ‘skimpy and distasteful’..any peektures to help understand situation better?

  23. Sutil said

    Ku De Ta is actually in trouble for other thing since it has a Trade Mark dispute with the genuine Indonesian Ku De Ta from Bali. I think that’s why they named it “Ku De Ta Singapore”, not just Ku De Ta. The Balinese Ku De Ta owner has registered the Trade Mark Ku De Ta in Indonesia in year 2004, and the Trade Mark Ku De Ta has become a so-called “well-known Trade Mark”. Probably an Australian company registered the same name in Singapore, then licensed to another person, then this person assigned the Trade Mark to the Ku De Ta Singapore operator. The name is confusing for most people. I personally thought that Ku De Ta Singapore was a branch of the genuine Ku De Ta from Bali, Indonesia. The genuine Ku De Ta from Bali is well-known not only in Asian region, but also in Europe and the US, let alone in Australia. Most tourists visiting Bali have known Ku De Ta before. It is an act of piracy of Trade Mark, and bad for the image of Singapore and MBS.

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