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Singapore women young and old offer sex online in their hunt for sugardaddies

Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

The recent ‘sex for tender’ scandal involving ex-SCDF Chief Peter Lim Sin Pang and the ongoing underage prostitute sex scandal implicating several high-level government officials have shocked the entire nation and raised serious questions on the degeneration of moral values in today’s modern society.

While Singapore’s laws are skewed largely in favor of women, especially the Woman’s Charter which protects their rights and interests, the reality on the ground is that an increasing number of them are willing parties initiating ‘deals’ with men to sell their bodies in exchange for financial gains.

Besides a thriving social escort industry which provides ample opportunities for Singapore women to make a quick buck, many are openly soliciting for ‘sugardaddies’ online.

In a popular forum for expats, three postings were posted by three different women aged 21, 25 and 34 a few hours apart today looking for ‘sugarboyfriends’ or ‘sugardaddies’:

The 21 year old girl is still studying and is looking for a man to provide her with a ‘good’ monthly allowance:

The 25 year old woman admitted that her ‘bones are structured to be a mistress’:

The 34 year old woman just want a regular sex companion in exchange for ‘benefits’:

With good jobs becoming scarcer and unemployment rate likely to go up amid uncertain economic conditions ahead, we should expect more Singapore women, both single and married offering their bodies in exchange for monetary gains.


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16 Responses to “Singapore women young and old offer sex online in their hunt for sugardaddies”

  1. Steve Lee said

    The Women’s Charter was enacted at a time when women needed protection in a male dominated society. It was progressive for its time and did much to improve the lot of women in society.(2nd wives, education opportunities etc Times however have changed but the law has remained stagnant. Women in Singapore are today entitled to equality in education, work, the ownership of property in their own right etc. In other things however, their rights far exceed those of men eg in divorce proceedings (division of property/child support/child custody), in punishment, exposure and public humiliation in criminal cases, to name but just a few. Furthermore, organizations like AWARE push for further advancement of women’s rights to the detriment of the rights of men in Singapore. AWARE should be disbanded for pushing a one sided sex agenda and the Women’s Charter should be repealed and new laws enacted to ensure TRUE EQUALITY between both sexes on an urgent basis before permanant harm is done to Singpaore society. Don’t let Singapore become a parody of western society. Why do you think so many Ang Moh’s look for love in the arms of TRADITIONAL AND CONSERVATIVE eastern women.

    • Shameless Women said

      I totally agree with you Steve, the generation has changed and such protection are only for the weaker party. I believe the current society emphasize in equality among males as well as females, thus its not dominated by male anymore. So why men are still heavier sentenced when the faults lies in both parties while women could get a lighter sentence through the Women Charter? I feel that its really unfair. In the recent spate of events, the SCDF chief has his picture appearing in the headlines everyday; beside his pic are anonymous outline of 3 lady which are involved in the sex for tenders. So why are the women faces concealed from the public media? Secondly, how many people know that he was charged for corruption in the first place when the news keep mentioning him having sexual transaction with those 3 women? So are the 3 women not in any wrong for their greediness and not having good busines ethics; when women in the IT trade could have advantage over the men of their body? In my opinion, these are unfair treatments among the opposite sex…

    • Lim said

      I think men need more protection from scheming manipulative nympho women – Woman’s Charter seems terribly unfair as it penalises the male gender.

  2. Daddy said

    So many Singawhoreans, these prostitutes should post a photo of their C cup first, without showing face, they expect people to buy??? What if her breasts are small and her cheebye is very loose?

  3. Toh Kian Hwee said

    Singapore men are seriously in need of alternatives to sg girls.
    No wonder Singapore government is importing so many foreign young female workers (PRCs, Pinoys, Vietnamese, Thais, Ang Mohs, etc).

  4. SgGirls said

    Nowadays, civil n moral education are lacking not just in students, but also in adults; no wonder youngsters are so bold nowadays…
    Materialistic gain is evil in this society… Eg. Iphone, Ipad, Itouch, non of them are cheap n readily affordable to a student, yet u see so many of them having it. Did their parents buy for them? Or what if their parents got no money or disapprove of such items? But they want it so badly, desperation then lead them to offer their body for money so that the Apple product would fill the insecurity and belonging with their friends. Statistics shown that more people under the age of 20 are losing their virginity, i guess this is one of the main contributing factor… There is no stop to prostitution as well as sex trade, what really need to be done is to educate the people or rather some incurable sex disease hit them really hard; thats when people really learn and think twice.

  5. Wolfglare said

    What to do Singaporean cannot find job…..all job go to FT….so Singapore women have to come out and sell their body to support family….so who do we have to thxs….if our our government continue to bring in FT in the near future even our Singapore guys have to come out and sell our ass to support our family

  6. lu now said

    Demand and Supply. Nothing wrong with that. It is their bodies BUT government should tax their earnings!

  7. ahbeng said


  8. Lim said

    Can these girls who want sugar daddies please join the Adelie Penguins in South Pole – their anatomies and depraved sexual behaviour are perfectly structured to satisfy them –

  9. LkySi said

    We have multi millionaire Cabinet Ministers. Perhaps you would like to ply your trade at the ISTANA

  10. pohtiongho said

    Now I know why those cheated at the entrance to City Square, after the Malaysia Cheak Out point, were 99% women and they are all Chinese.

  11. - said

    soon, we will have Singapore Girl Exchange

  12. Andrew said

    Sounds like ah tiong girl la!!

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