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Singaporeans outnumbered by Filipinos by 7 to 1 in job interview

Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

Yesterday I went for a job interview. Out of 40 interviewee, about 35 are Pinoys. After they filtered off to 5, only 1 Singaporean (me!) shorlisted, the rest four are Pinoys. Got to wait for second round of interview.

I really felt like I was in the Philippines yesterday when everyone talked in Tagalog. And when they realised that I am a Malay, they claimed that Malays look like Filipinos and they thought I am a Malaysian.

They asked why are Malaysians preferred over other foreigners. I simply said thats because Malaysians have been us since independence and can speak our languages. And I am shocked to know that even up till yesterday the government is still issuing out S-passes to a newly graduated Pinoys to look for jobs here. Some are PRs yesterdays.


* The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook


44 Responses to “Singaporeans outnumbered by Filipinos by 7 to 1 in job interview”

  1. Janet Yong said

    The Government please help!!! Do you want Singapore to be taken over by the Pinoys? Please don’t keep quite…Singaporeans need jobs to stay alive and feed the family (maybe a few generations)…. Otherwise they have to go abroad to look for jobs just like the Pinoys and leave their family behind…

  2. hachoiji said

    Don’t beg them for help. They won’t listen a single bit more of your noise. Just let your finger do the talking in due time.

  3. Yap said

    it’s like a black crow tried to be part of white crows by claiming that they are from the same family..

  4. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    Many Pinoy are trouble maker & racist bastards…once they are giving PR or citizenship…they got the right to do so…

    Bastards pinoy taking away our jobs

  5. Alan Lau said

    are you blind? your PAP govt will only stand there and laugh and thank the 60.1% of idiots who voted for them …. so nice to know that hardcore PAP supporters are voting to get everyone screwed due to their selfish and narrow minded set

  6. stephen said

    pap love pinoy, wat to do

  7. Marc said

    i was at a toast box yesterday . A local brand cafe. out of 10 stuff there , 9 are pinoys and only 1 looks to be like singaporean … oh man … i am a foreigner in my own country

  8. Who's that Farker ?? said

    This episode related by Ali Yahya just confirms the suspicion we have of the PAP Govt ….

    They talk of reducing the inflow of foreign workers but in actual fact are doing the opposite.

    While they were promising to calibrate the inflow of foreign workers 2 to 3 years back, statistics showed that 80,000 + jobs went to foreigners in 2010 and another 80,000 + jobs in 2011… the highest numbers in the past 10 years.

    The PAP talk cock and sing song when it comes to the subject of their pet FTs … but they don’t seem to have any intention or taken any real action to reduce the inflow.

    All talk but no action.

    The only way forward for Singaporeans who want a future for themselves and their family is to make the PAP history.

    For those of you who are still in slumber land, please wake up and do what you need to do in GE 2016.

    Change we must.

  9. Kate Monster said

    Can you specify what type you were interviewing for?

    Maybe they were a bit more competitive, going by your writing.

  10. Lim said

    Tan Chuan Jin – are you reading this? Why are you allowing this kind of situation to occur in every job vacancy available – foreigners outnumber locals in rushing for the jobs? How come minister jobs not open to world talents as well? If there is nothing to hide then why lump PR and citizens together in statistics like some top secret dirty linen which can’t be washed in public? Yet you want our votes when election comes and this is how we are treated in our own country?

    • ANGRY Bird said

      YES, as citizens, we have the right to ask and get truthful answers from you who are paid by tax payers money!

    • Invictus said

      TCJ will just ask you what you can do to solve this mess, just like our favorite DPM. PM has made it very clear that PAP will continue to bring in foreigners, what other clearer writing on the wall do you need to understand PAP’s position on FTs.
      Don’t be daft, just inflict damage to PAP in 2016. Your future at stake

  11. jimmy said

    kick all foreigners out. this is our land. our home . kick them out

    • Andre said

      Now your talking, shall we go to lucky plaza and put them in boxes and sent home via cargo? When shall we meet Im ok to meet up tomorrow

  12. sad said

    What do you think can be done? I will ask all of you(MP) the same question… …

  13. Hannsg said

    Why the PAP bring in so many Pinoy and give them PR or Citizenship? Well, the answer is because they produce a lot of babies. They are the one that could solve our babies shortages problem.

  14. Ng Bee Ling said

    I always wonder how did local firm managed to employ a company full of FT when they so few of Singaporean working in the firm to make the worker ratio. Salary also can fake to make the mark of minimum salary in obtaining S pass or E pass, did they actually fake the ‘real working Singaporean staffs’ too?

  15. Dogmeat said

    Filipinos are welcomed here as maids, and odd job workers, but something is clearly wrong when they are competing against the natives for regular positions. We welcomed them here with open arms and provided them a good wage, and now they are taking over our jobs and opportunities. Employers must realise that it is “Singaporeans FIRST”, not Filipinos, or PRCs. These foreigners must be reminded the reason they are allowed here in the first place and not overstep their boundaries.

    Our govt needs to seriously reconsider handing out PRs to these Pinoys. Temporary work permits are more than sufficient for them, since many do not integrate to our society.

  16. CANDY said

    I once went to a website on a foreign student asking about student pass in Singapore. He ask can he still stay after he complete he study in Singapore, will they take about away his student pass, somebody answer he said that he can apply for a long term visitor pass till he find a job where the company will help him apply a work permit.

  17. bob said

    whats the use of 2016 maybe by then they will allow pinoys to vote.. then PAP win again!

  18. Joanne Lissau said

    Here are some of my objective thoughts.

    FTs are bounded by contract to employment in a company for a period of usually around 2 years

    In F&B or service fields, Singaporeans typically avoid such jobs, those who do apply, don’t intend to stick around for long, they have no intention to be part of the company, they’re applying simply to get some income and get through the day, as a hirer for a MNC, such attitude isn’t looked upon highly. We prefer an employee who is serious about working and is committed to stay and be part of the company, we don’t want transitional employees, this is one key reason we tend to prefer foreigners.

    I have rarely see foreigners for mid or senior management positions, most of the applicants are native Singaporeans, this goes to show that it isn’t an issue of foreigners competing with Singaporeans but rather Singaporeans despising entry level service positions in favor of mid to senior level management or jobs in lucrative industries.

    Who is going to fill the void left at the bottom? Singaporeans cannot be counted on as you train them for half a year and they leave after 8 months, since we’re legally obligated to allow the resignation of employees without monetary compensation as long as they’ve fulfilled the notice period, it just doesn’t make economical and sense to hire locals.

    This I feel is the crux of the issue.

    • What issue said

      Will this still be an issue if there is min wage for singaporeans in F&B or service industry?

    • good luck said

      Planet earth is round, hope you can still be a hirer for MNC till your retirement…
      Any issue if there is min wage?

  19. Disgusterd said

    Time to stand-up-for-singaporEANS! Social Unrest building up. What’s next???

  20. samlimts said

    PAP, be warned, come next election. If you not yet feel the sentiment.

  21. Libra said

    What sort of liars are you speaking about the depressed job positions taken by foreigners ? Try applying a permit to employ any foreigner and see what you get. Stop the lies and if you have any pride and dignity migrate ! Don’t stir shit! The government should also find out the shit stirring foreigners and ship them back home. “Singaporean outnumbered by Pinoy 7 – 1 for interview” where do they get the money to come here for interview?????? why don’t you say your mother is still a virgin ?

  22. candygirlz said

    PR is allow to vote, I had a ex-colleague who is a Malaysian PR, said her family all support PAP, and so is most of my ex-colleague from a big company who own a large building in Shenton Way. They are very pro-government, one of them told me that if they don’t vote for PAP, their neighbourhood will suffer. See how our government treat us.

    • Zam said

      They are very selfish people…they don’t care about their future generation

    • What so great abt pink IC said

      If PR is allowed to vote in S’pore, that is the day when we can all throw away our pink IC.
      Anyway it already has more liability than benefit particularly for male citizens.

  23. Libra said

    CANDYGIRLZ, u must b a very stupid ignorant person ! How can PR vote ?

  24. Libra said

    Stop talking rubbish, no PR allowed to vote!

  25. Mike said

    weird people.

  26. Nut up or shut up said

    The company is just being meritocratic, what’s the big deal? Blame the corporate world that is hungry for the best talent, not the job-seekers who outperform you. Not their fault they’re more competent.

  27. N L P said

    I find many contributors in the segment are very shallow in thinking . Their I Q is so low , I don’t think they understand the issue. Par sat ah sohs are more intelligent , logical and intellectual. Here someone makes stupid illogical, unsubstantiated claim 7 pinoy – 1 local in interview and many jumps in to support. Do you think work permit holders can job hop ? Why are pinoy’s looking for jobs outside Philippines ? It is because they can’t find decent paying job or none at all. Most of them are very poor especially job seekers, so how can they afford to come for interview without any guarantee of getting one ? Read how difficult it is for SME to get work permit to employ FT or skilled workers and labour ears. DON’T JUST COW PEH COW BU !

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