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Tan Chuan-Jin urged Singaporeans to keep the ‘kampung spirit’ alive

Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan-Jin has called on Singaporeans to keep the kampung spirit alive in order to promote community ties and effort.

Speaking during a community event in Yishun on Saturday, Mr Tan said the spirit of the kampung, which is the Malay word for village, can serve as a source of strength and a unique way to anchor Singaporeans to their country.

“To me the kampong spirit really is about getting together as a community, rather than on your own playing with your PSP or XBox or your iPad. … I think a lot of these games and the things you see here is about hands on experience, building your own toys, making your own games and actually playing it,” he said.

The carnival features kampung games such as “five-stones” and “capteh”, as well as a mini-exhibition on kampung life. Singapore was a Malay fishing village before Sir Stamford Raffles founded it in 1819 and turned it into a thriving port of call.

Mr Tan added that it takes a lot of ‘patience’ and ‘discipline’ to cultivate the kampung spirit:

“A lot of it is about patience. It’s not instant gratification and you need time, you need discipline. Which is something we don’t have a lot of. It also encourages children and adults to be more disciplined and to actually spend time building something.”


23 Responses to “Tan Chuan-Jin urged Singaporeans to keep the ‘kampung spirit’ alive”

  1. Lim said

    I think all these kampong thing is merely a distraction from the real problems of income disparity, high costs of living and a smoke-screen for the continued influx of foreigners – we have to integrate them in kampong spirit?

  2. SD said

    What a joke. After killing the Kampong lifestyle and spirit against advise, they want to resurrect it now. A good laugh. Stop playing God.

  3. Bernard Deng said

    Put it sweetly,talking cock again.

  4. hachoiji said

    The kampong spirit has already its charm and shine long time ago since. It was made worse when our local Indian comrades was advised to cook their curry at certain times just because some FT find it unbearable. So TCS, where was the discipline and patience on this matter. It was already deemed as old passe.

    Perphaps, you should organise an Integration Party whereby all FTs are invited and shared their cultured or uncultured practices among other things. After all, they are the future of SIngapore as deemed by the policies set and behavour of our leaders.

    STOP your hypocratic NONSENSE please. ! Concentrate on the real issues while you still have some time on hand !!!

  5. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    MIW are already destroy it, allow thousand of bastard pinoy into our country,Many pinoy are racist & trouble maker.

    at the worst,many are giving PR & citizenship…

  6. Angry Singaporean said

    Yes, what a joke!

    If you want Kampung Spirits, then you should start to share your millions and goodies to all “kampung friends”!……… if you do not willing to do that and still keep the distance from us due to your “status” and your “world highest salary”, then, kindly shout your mouth, please!

  7. Oscar.

  8. sad said

    What do you think can be done? I will ask all of you(MP) the same question… …

  9. mahbok tan said

    This is another “wat du u tink” minister with his kampong spirit….!!!

    allo minister can you read english or not…..???? read below can….????
    Singaporeans outnumbered by Filipinos by 7 to 1 in job interview

    Posted by temasektimes on June 10, 2012

    Yesterday I went for a job interview. Out of 40 interviewee, about 35 are Pinoys. After they filtered off to 5, only 1 Singaporean (me!) shorlisted, the rest four are Pinoys. Got to wait for second round of interview.

    I really felt like I was in the Philippines yesterday when everyone talked in Tagalog. And when they realised that I am a Malay, they claimed that Malays look like Filipinos and they thought I am a Malaysian.

    They asked why are Malaysians preferred over other foreigners. I simply said thats because Malaysians have been us since independence and can speak our languages. And I am shocked to know that even up till yesterday the government is still issuing out S-passes to a newly graduated Pinoys to look for jobs here. Some are PRs yesterdays.


    * The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook
    OK now my question , why are the FT allowed to work in SGpore when many of our citizen are still unemployed…????
    Don’t tell me becoz they have golden cock ….???? or silver pussy????

    or you expect all fellow citizen to ROC is it….ROC in taiwan or HDB pigeon hole….????

    KNNBCCB talking about kampong spirit but job wise call other people to come and work here…!!!

  10. Facts said

    Let’s do the kampong thing, be united and vote out the PAP.

  11. X' Ho said

    Does he know what he’s saying? Kampung spirit is where ah-cheks & ah-peks gather to discuss, pretty much like scary “new media” to Tan’s masters, leh. Oh, kampung-spirit under Hitler-ian rule! Silly me.

  12. MediaMan said

    An inexperienced politician cum ex army general telling us what to do?? Is this a joke?? I’ve never been to a kampong before with China people and Pinoys in it.

  13. Ken Lee said

    kampong of ChiPinpore?

  14. Wolfglare said

    We Singaporean don’t want to play with your imported FT….so rather stay home watch tv….nowadays go out everywhere FT I see already want to vomit

  15. samlimts said

    Ha…ha.. They urged us to keep that, but on the contrary, with the FT policies they have monster. Tell me, how to keep the Kg. spirit?

  16. Disgusted said

    Nato Tan. You can talk only but no actions. Look what you have done to the man power matters.. allowing so many FTs to replace PMEs.
    Sorry, it seems you cannot connect. We are voting you out come GE2016.

  17. Jack said

    I lived in a Kampung until I was uprooted by the government and now stay in a bloody expensive Highly Dangerous Board’s flat. Pls don;t tell me about Kampung spirit anymore.

  18. Only one left said

    The only kampong spirit that you can still find in S’pore which is still very much alive and getting stronger since 1991 is HG SMC.

  19. one and only one said

    The only kampong spirit left in S’pore can only be found in HG SMC, they have ignited it in 1991, uphold it in GE2011 and most recently they have keeping it up in BE2012.

    • Jack said

      Yes, I moved to Hougang SMC, after my Bradell SMC became part of Marine Parade (when Opposition achieved 49% of votes). I hope Potong Pasir will still remain as a SMC in 2016

      • Dun think so said

        Unfortunately, the recent electoral history since 1984 has shown otherwise, hence PP SMC is highly unlikely to remain as a SMC in 2016.

    • lewlianong said

      You are absolutely right!
      Hougang can be said to be the only housing estate that has the true kampong spirit.
      True kampong spirit is about not condoning liars, cheats, greedy ass-holes, and those who think they can intimidate others….and Hougangers have shown the way.

  20. Willie Tan said

    Ha ha…do they know what is Kampong Spirit? Most have them have never lived in a Kampong before

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