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PHOTO: Job ad recruiting Pinoy graduates as porters in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on June 11, 2012

A netizen spotted an interesting job ad on “Singapore jobs for pinoys“, a job portal dedicated to helping Filipinos find jobs in Singapore:


16 Responses to “PHOTO: Job ad recruiting Pinoy graduates as porters in Singapore”

  1. voice fron the origin singapore said

    I welcome Pinoy women work at geylan

  2. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Geylang got plenty of jobs for Pinoy woman

    • Anthony Tang said

      The low budget hotels in Singapore got plenty of transvestites and lady boys from Philippine working waiting for their arse to be used. Half boy, half girl mostly from Philipines in Singapore. Worse than real lady prostitutes

  3. irmancino said

    need a degree to carry luggage??? Omg

  4. LkySi said

    Qualifications-Candidates should possess a law degree and in addition must have a MBBS degree. Affiliations with the ruling PAP, a plus. Candidates from China will favourably be considered with a view to permanent residency and subsequent Singapore citizenship.

  5. Angus said

    What must i do to take this site down? this is showing the ugly side of Singapore…

    • Anthony Tang said

      This is the true picture of Singapore today with the influx of Foreign Trash. Why cover something real up?

  6. Andre said

    Stupid as stupid does, how many singaporean with a college degree will apply if the jobs requirement is to lift heavy items and still be friendly and presentable while doing

  7. Invictus said

    You need a bachelor degree to do heavy lifting work.. Might as well use that degree as toilet paper.

  8. Libra said

    Don’t compare pinoy’s degree with ours, my maid has university degree.

  9. ANGRY Bird said

    degree my foot. one can buy fake ones in Manila, China, India!

  10. Play Play said

    Of course, only the Pinoys have degrees and still don’t mind working as porters. This is all because their degrees, with the exception of those from the state’s University of Philippines, are all village standard that like Libra said, even his maid has one. No sane Singaporean with his much acclaimed University of Singapore’s degree would want to work as a porter. Imagine how difficult it is to even gain entry to our varsities not to mention the high standards required to pass and perform well. So if the advertiser wants a porter with a ‘degree’, he can only look to those from Phlippines, India or China. In the end, his investment in Singapore is not doing us any good with such requirement.

  11. wolfglare said

    what do storeman also need degree…..than o-level can only go waste toilet

  12. GE2016 said

    only papies have the same qualifications as them
    that is why, all these FT were let in to SG

  13. Anthony Tang said

    Degrees from Philipines are mostly all fakes.
    My maid has a Masters in Arts.
    They cannot run their own country and now they want to run Singapore…fat hopes. The govt is giving them too much face
    Soon we are becoming 2nd class citizens

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