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PHOTOS: ‘Sticker Lady’ Samantha Lo

Posted by temasektimes on June 11, 2012

Below are the photos of the infamous ‘Sticker Lady’ Samantha Lo taken from her Facebook before it was deleted.

The 25 year old was arrested by the police last week for painting graffiti on several roads in Singapore, including the tongue-in-cheek “MY GRANDFATHER ROAD” on Maxwell Road directly facing the Ministry of National Development.




10 Responses to “PHOTOS: ‘Sticker Lady’ Samantha Lo”

  1. LkySi said

    Your next Grandfather Road – Changi Womans’ Prison

  2. Alex Xela said

    She looks cute and innocence…i dont think what she did is a crime she did it out of imagination and creativity. I think the authority should let her a warning and be lenient to her. Please people of Singapore please have mercy on her. May god bless us all.

    • LB said

      If you allow 1,then you must allow 10. . . . .if you allow 10,then you must allow 100. . . . .if you allow 100,then you must allow 1000. . . . .She should get no leniency!

      • mahbok tan said

        Why the police cannot take action against those that sticker advertisement on your door gate….??? is it because we are not making a police report…???? If that is the case , I will make a police report on all the flyers and locksmith stickers that were pasted at our door gate and HDB walls……wad du u tink…????

  3. Hot Rot Nils said

    got guts. Not the typical Sg girl.

  4. Foxy said

    She seems love to eat ‘tou fu’ lesbian is the correct word.

  5. wmulew said

    Just because she looks cute doesn’t mean what she did was not a crime. The xiao zha bor who went drink driving with no license and knock down + kill an old man was cute and was not out to commit a crime either. Should we be lenient with her too?

  6. x said


  7. A Singaporean Abroad said

    If the Law does not let Michael Fay go scott free, why should she be treated any different? Don’t forget, it seems like the current trend in Singapore is to persecute the locals even for miniscule conduct like passing a remark “go home”.

  8. Sam Feng said

    As a warning to all those for sympathising or supporting Samantha Lo, I hope to see her put in jail and caned the maximum amount permitted for her heinous crimes to our nation. Anybody trying to think or act out of line or bend the laws like Miss Lo, should be dealt with severely.

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