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Filipino now fear being mobbed by angry Singaporeans in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on June 12, 2012

Hello, I am a Filipino working in Singapore. First off, I really feel sad that many Singaporeans now want us Pinoys to go back home and starve. It is also very hurtful having the Filipino singled out in this attack. I try to be a good visiting worker in Singapore, but nowadays, I no longer feel safe when walking outside on the streets. I’m scared of being mobbed by angry locals or something. I really hope this racial friction will stop in the near future.

The reason we Pinoys are here is to look for a better life, nobody has any right to hate us for that, provided the Pinoy qualifies for the job.

The reason locals are mad at Pinoys is because you feel that we took jobs away from you. Nobody can be angry at you for it, I for one understand your sentiments.

I would even go as far as agreeing to you that there are some Pinoys that does not qualify to work in Singapore. I have seen Pinoys who act as if it was their birth right to work in Singapore, or Pinoys who talk very loud in the bus or MRT, or Pinoys who smoke in non-smoking areas, or small brain Pinoys who give out stupid comments like ‘malays is a f*****g bastard’.

I assure you that there are a lot of Pinoys like me who do not like how some Pinoys are acting in Singapore. I am not trying to be a Singaporean or be timid about the whole situation, I am saying that I agree that ‘SOME’ Pinoys do not deserve to work here, but a lot of us do and a lot of us feel that the facebook page is unfair for us trying our best to proper in Singpaore. I just hope you will see that not all Pinoys are as stupid or arrogant as you think.

Thank you for giving us a chance to work here and I hope we can all live peacefully together.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


170 Responses to “Filipino now fear being mobbed by angry Singaporeans in Singapore”

  1. Andre said

    I will bet a million dollars that this is another one of Temasek Times ghost writer trying to instigate hatred and xenophobia. GREAT JOB TT KEEP ON FUELING THE NAZISM VIEWS of yours

    • Tan said

      Nazism is based on an ideology that the Aryan race is better then any other, and fueled socialistic view. And there is no link with the above post.

      If you’re Singaporean you would fight for your fellow countrymen. Its obvious that you’re not one.

      Do some research before commenting.

      • Andre said

        dude your an idiot uneducated fock shet

      • Compatriot said

        Its obviously this plea is comical deemed as a lame smoke screen to make acceptance of their presence and the mess they have created here in Singapore shitting around here and there

        Moreover,without any contrite,these pinnoys made themselves increasingly deplorably unwarranted,unwelcome of their stay when the relevant authorities imported them like herds of cattles and sheeps into Singapore from the Philippines

        “When you are in Rome do as the Romans do”

      • H3eYj72ff said

        Ignore this Andre dude. His unintelligent comments are unworthy of our attention.

        Shoo. Go away little pest. Run along now.

      • oso said

        Do Singaporeans have much talents in the Entertainment Industry???? Only Indons & Pinoys deserve 2 be entertainers & it’s a very halal job u know????

      • Mel said

        Absolutely true Tan, Andre shut the f**k up!

      • Andre said

        @Mel, go kill yourself

    • mri said

      and you feel the need to read a ‘nazism’ website..

    • MrBenCai said

      I don’t really see how this post is instigating hatred and xenophobia.

    • HGt65aKt said

      Nazism against Pinoys? Wrong. The Jews were actually intelligent and powerful.

      • Andre said

        would you kill youself If I can prove I have more degrees than you?

      • Carrie said

        yes Andre,
        PLEASE scan out all your degrees and show it to the world and DO NOT cover any names..
        Otherwise how sure can we be that they are not fakes?

        I can also scan any degrees and cover all the names and say these are mine..

      • Tru Blu Sinkie said

        Bogus degrees? Or degrees from some slum dog university??

      • H3eYj72ff said

        Erm, question, why should i? I have no doubt you may have more ‘degrees’, but they do not bear as much consequence as you think they do. You may have 500 One-cent coins, your value is still only Five Dollars.

        Besides you seem pretty confident that you are better than everyone else, with multiple degrees? Typical narcissistic behaviour that makes everyone despise you and your kind. This is what everyone is talking about.

        As an end note, your local college degrees do not mean anything. It is the standard of attainment that is important. If you think it is difficult, it only shows your intellectual deficiency; had your educational standards been good, your country won’t be in slums, and you will back there earning your means instead of pecking like beggars and scavengers at others’ doors.

        If you want to dangle your worthless degrees, there are plenty of us with much much better qualifications than you.

        Go away now. Stupid filth.

      • H3eYj72ff said

        Besides, how much did you pay to your past President(s)? Your top tier levels are rife with corruption and inefficiency. Pray tell, how much did you pay for these, multiple degrees then? And where from, again?

      • Pinoy Is Shitting Everywhere! said

        would Andre kill himself as well, if it can be proven that his bitch mother can fuck a lot more than he think…go work on your bitch mother first, you scum!

      • Mel said

        Andre, you can wipe your ass clean with all your papers man…I ran off one Filipino mechanic who claimed to have a marine degree, chief engineers papers bla..bla…bla.. and could not even find his way around the ship’s engine room. The foreign company that i worked for thought that this guy was ‘value for money’. Big mistake.

      • Many but worthless said

        More degrees? Are they recognised? Try applying PR in Aust, majority of your degree holders will not qualified. If you have no PR you cannot work in Aust but you can work in S’pore as long as you have WP, EP or PEP.

    • Tan said


      So what you have more degrees than others?
      Calling people uneducated shows how insecure you are in yourself.

      All the best.

    • With a name like Andre, I can only conclude that you are a Frog. Sorry, Frenchie. That is why the first that comes to that pea brain of yours is Nazism. In case you are indeed a Frog, you Frogs are no better during WW2. Did you not BETRAY your own Jews to the Nazis?

      Hypocrites of the highest order, the whole lot of you Froggies that your goodself have just proven yet again.

    • Tan said

      andre is a idiot. Believe in what you see. Andre must be blind to not know pinoys are everywhere and the way they work.
      Blind, ignorance and thinking “conspiracy theory”. Smart-My-Ass-Andre

    • Pinoy Is Shitting Everywhere! said

      nothing surprise about the comments coming from this Andre dog that goes round fucking his bitch mother as and when he desires, just have to get used to these pinoy scums mentality!

  2. P Koh said

    In any situation, in any place and in every contry, there will always be a few bad hats who will cause havoc and unfortunately as a result bring dishonour, undue fear and sufferings to their fellow countrymen. There is nothing anyone can do to stop or prevent such happenings and the next best thing to do is to stop the flow and refrain from writing any more than is needed and hopefully this matter will die a natural death.

  3. Friend said

    Juan, u’re right, there are all types of ppl even in yr group. Personally, I’ve nothing against u guys. Generally, u guys are better off & well-mannered than those China Fucks….

    In my line of work, I encounter numerous foreigners of all kinds…. The worst of the worst are the CFs…..

    On the other hand, I find the Filipino can mix well with the locals, especially in the service industries, I find them friendly & better qualified for the job they are in as compare with those CFs…

    Thumbs up for u guys…

  4. Singapuraboi said

    My advice to FT is quick get out before it is too late. Looks like the situation is about to implode. I don’t hate the foreigners just my govt for their failure to perform their duties as a proper govt. they have smugly transformed the govt into an MNC and have proudly gone round the world to promote the new style govt much to the disgust of many govt in the world. Making money at expense of the people and abusing their mandated right to fill their personal coffers is tantamount to corruption regardless how u sugar coat it.
    FTs, we r not chasing u away, but it is just that it presence makes it difficult for the citizens to fight our cause. Frustrations will soon give way to anger and then…who knows.

    • Mannylost said

      Many Singaporeans have already said that it’s not the foreigners we are against, but the polices. And those who are calling Singaporeans anti-foreigners or xenophobic are plain ignorant. We can be considered the most tolerant people on Earth towards people of other races and nationalities. That’s why the foreigners love our Country so much. But please, don’t ruin it for us.

    • Fanny said

      i 2nd your comments … we dont really dislike FTs, its not their fault that they are here to work for a better life … RATHER, i pissed on the ivory tower people whom introduced an open market concept of accepting Fts without proper checking stringently the kind of people that are allowed here.

      • IronMan said

        Agreed. Singapore has always been open to foreign talents. Previously it is highly filtered so as to accept only the best of the talented to reach our shores, thus safeguarding the welfare and interest of the locals. At present the filter is totallly removed, thus bringing in more foreign trash than talent. This is unacceptable. FTs….!! Behave when u r earning a living here. This is not your country, it belongs to Singaporeans and will forever belongs to Singaporeans. NEVER yours EVER.

      • FR said

        FTs are still in the wrong for behaving like they own the place. Telling our PM he has done a great job to bring more of them here and not to listen to us!

        Do you want this to be YOUR Singapore? Or YOUR CHILDREN’s Singapore?

  5. Why should he be afraid if he is innocent the problem is there are a few bad hats that is causing havoc. In one instance this Pinoy challenge the security officer to check her belongings delibrately but why must she acted the way she have acted to cause annoyance. This is totally uncalled for, Singapore does not accept such Pinoys with uncharactistic people like her workingn in Singapore, to make it worst she works at the front desk of a Resort in Sentosa. Just ONE of this BAB HAT is causing the whole community to be involve in hate.

  6. Majulah Singapura said


    With all due respect. Most Singaporeans are carrying sentiments about all foreigners in Singapore. Not only Pinoys.

    Foreigners take our jobs that fresh graduates ( Degree and Diploma ) yearn for.And that is not the only reason why we are carrying sentiments about aliens like you. We are annoyed because there is a large majority of foreigners in Singapore behave insensitively to the culture here.

    Taking our jobs from our low income citizen has sparked unrest among the native Singaporean population. We are now uncertain about the future of the next generation of Singaporean Natives. We work hard to support ourselves and Aliens like you come in an dilute our culture and behave insensitively towards our citizens here.

    Singapore as a country is able to run and function without aliens.

    I do apologize if I come forth a little harsh. But do understand our resentment and sentiments. Do behave in a desirable manner when you are in Singapore, that is if you want to remain here. We welcome a few aliens here. However there are just too many aliens here, thus causing resentment and sentiments among the Singaporean Natives.

    I wish you well.

    • Mannylost said

      I have a relative who just graduate from Poly. She claimed that she had applied as a bank teller with several banks but non came back with a reply. She’s a fresh grad, willing to work as a bank teller with a low starting pay, and yet she did not get the job. No prizes to guess who are taking up all those jobs away from Singaporeans. Hard truth.

  7. Mannylost said

    @Juan, why ur people will starve in Philippines since ur fellow Countrymen in Singapore keep saying that Pinoys are talented and has contributed to the economy of SG?? So why not go home and contribute and build up ur own Country??

    U just need a handful of bad behaving Pinoys to ruin the reputations of ALL PInoys living in SG. Just look at some of the comments posted on Facebook, taunting Singaporeans, threatening to kill us, insulting us. If this had happened in Philippines, how u think ur fellow countrymen will react?? Ask urself, why we don’t have the same conflicts on the same level with other foreigners, just Pinoys? U Pinoys have no respect for the host country, treating it as if Singapore owed ur people a living. Coming here with fakes degrees and getting jobs with that. It’s shameful and ugly. No Country will welcome cheats.

    Fyi, Pinoys have been living peacefully with Singaporeans for a long long time. It is until the recent influx of bad behaving Pinoys that is causing problems for everyone. My advise to ur people, keep a low profile, stop ur rantings online, stop talking loudly in public, stop forming cliques at work, stop going out in HUGE groups at creating nuisance, stop thinking that u guys are better than everyone, then perhaps things will get better.

    • Andre said

      No educated pinoy will say that they are starving, like I said this is a singaporean ghost writer by TT

      • Mannylost said

        The problem now is we have a lot of uneducated Pinoys working in Singapore and acting as if they are very educated! And pls lah, don’t say stupid things like educated Pinoy don’t starve, just look at the state of affairs Philippines is in now. If don’t starve then come SG work for what?

      • Compatriot said

        Then go back home.Philippines are in a rut.You boasted you have more degrees then help your country with all the degrees you claimed you have

        Why stay in Singapore if you pinnoy are not starving

      • H3eYj72ff said

        Therein lies the problem. Educated Pinoys and those who think they’re educated. You can clearly see their standards; don’t let their ‘multiple degrees’ fool you.

        The starving Pinoys back home are given world news coverage. One need only open their eyes and READ.

      • singaporean said

        Fuck you. Andre. Shut up and go home.

      • Andre said

        I don’t work in Singapore and no plans on going there

  8. Libra said

    I agree that many Pinoy are sincere about making good in Singapore by the same token you also have a part to stop those ingrate trouble makers Pinoy from making stupid and rude remarks. Let them know that their idiotic action will put the rest of you in trouble,

  9. stevenado said

    Hello Juan,
    To be mobbed by angry singaporean in Singapore is too exaggerate.Are you trying to stir something?Do you need to use such a heavy tone? We, singaporean are concerned about our goverment flaw policies.That’s all. If you claimed to be good visiting worker, what is there to fear?
    Do not try to stir and cover the prevent the smoke from escaping.

    • Compatriot said

      Kindly convey my regards to Juan
      Be a good visitor as long as you may.Doing good,be well and keep well

      There are two battlefronts for fellow Singaporeans to intercept:
      The unwarranted pinoys and the ruling government of the day that imported you and the rest from Philippines

      You can bet your bottom dollar
      Singapore,Singaporeans will fight for justice and equality that are meant for Singaporeans

    • i say what i think only... said

      we are also afraid of getting mobbed by pinoys when i walk past lucky plaza. please, i am a hardworking singaporean, peace-loving too. even though this is my birthplace, i know i no longer have the right to act like it is my birth-right to walk in this country free and happy, as though i truly deserve to be here, hoping for a better life (which is kind of hard). i hope i can mix well with your pinoy friends too.

      lastly, i am friendly and hope to integrate well with u. i understand it is my responsibility as a local to integrate with foreigners. sorry if i did not do a good job to make u write such a comment. i promise to integrate harder.

  10. Kelly said

    Blame PAP for bringing free-loading Pinoys here.

  11. tryme said

    is time for Singaporean fight Filipino and china locusts

  12. jack said

    Pls this unfounded

  13. tryme said

    If these Filipinos scums are so good, Philippines would have not been known as the sickman of Asia for so many decades. You guys remember how their so called “highly talented” police commandos stormed a bus being hijacked by a rouge policeman…well, they ended the saga but with 7 Hongkongers killed. Up till now, their scumbag president still refused to apologize for their dumb ass police commandos’ blunders, and still can afford to smile when making an official statement on the incident. So, if they have such a dumb stupid and highly moronic president being elected by a land of morons, what can you expect from Filipinos scums here!!!
    Filipinos trash in Singapore, you bunch of kulang-kulang better just shut your pig mouth and we might spare you some leftovers!

    • Andre said

      take your psych pill

    • Compatriot said

      The filipinos are undeniably an uncouthly people,forlorn,stigmatize and unprincipled
      They are their own worst enemy.They betrayed themselves,their own people and their fellow countryman as history can relates

      During World War II the Infamous Japanese Imperial Army conquered the Philipines and General MacArthur (I Shall Return) liberated their people and country
      The Americans had done very good and helped the philipino people and their country and built up their with their economy ever since, …..

      The philipinos betrayed and kicked the Americans out by closing Clark Air Base (Bastion) for the far east.thereby circumstances has led to the exodus of the philipino people turning them to become maids,waiters,waitress,massage parlours services,sex slaves,just to name a few

      Then the China Card came in.Philippines in a tussle with the Chinese naval flotillas where both of their sovereignty are at stake

      The Philippines President came running crying and behaved like a wee child who had dropped his ice cream to seek back the Americans for help in this saga

      The philipino people and its President kicked America out of their country and yet found begging and pleading the Americans for help militarily to thwart China with their tussle

      What I am trying to point out is as history has shown that these pinoys cannot be trusted.They kicked out those people and yet calling and begging the very same prople whom they had kicked out with a plea to help them with their internal problem

      These are a people with no principle or integrity and has already begun stealing and squatted the job industry that has harmed Singaporeans and their families and even into the future

      The ruling government of the day with its pro-employer policies to favour employers,imported these abhorrent breed with their creed into Singapore

      These forlorn people are stealing and squatted jobs from Singaporeans by accepting low paid wages orchestrated as a preconditioned to favour and enriched those unscrupulous employers,foreign or locals ( MNC/SME )

      This political ideology of the PAP to import more immigrants is one of an obvious expediency to redeemed their mortal sins and their careless myopic policies towards Singapore,Singaporeans

      I urged all Singaporeans to wake up and come forth from their towering slumber and stopped this malignant treatment from spreading further that has already brought dismay and untoward hardships into our mist by the despotic authorities

      ’tis I felt I share

  14. USS iowa said

    It is not foreigners we are arguing against, it is about PAP’s really Poor Immigration Policy. Lets not pit Singapore against Philippines, China or any other country.
    The unintended consequence of this great number of imported workers is antagonism that rests squarely on PAP. However, since there is no repercussions on PAP except through the 5 year ballot boxes, the daily friction raises its head through online exchanges that does a great injustice to our good relations with our foreign friends.
    And it is indeed true that PAP has lost ts competency; when you create situations whereby your citizens get paranoid about foreigners, and you explain that by saying some Singaporeans are xenophobic, PAP showed total inability to comprehend the actual brewing friction.
    PAP must show support for Singaporeans with firm reduction of foreign labor supported by minimum wage. And send a message of calm to both Singaporeans and Foreigners based on shared humanity.
    By stubbornly supporting its foreign talent policy, it shows careless regard to our friendship with our foreign friends. PAP will damage the people to people relationship with untold consequences.

  15. Tintin said

    If they disrespect us in the first, they don’t deserve respect.
    If they pick a fight, we are stupid to not fight back.
    If you stay silent, Singapore will fall apart

  16. The Editor of Temasek Times better watch out for your life if you start spreading hatred. I wonder why the Police have not arrested you and charge you for inciting hatred.
    Please do not send me any of your crap stuff.

  17. tryme said

    Hey pinoys!
    You are world famous for your skills as prostitutes and maids
    and gigolos! Nothing else!The Hong Kong government and people
    told you to Fuck off! Only the shitty PAP think your fucking
    abilities are anything!
    Live with it!

    • Compatriot said

      I just wonder do you dumbed as a herds of goats and sheeps that was imported into Singapore have any honour and integrity?

      I certainly dont think so,and if you did,your women wont sold their bodies as prostitutes or embracing paid slavery as a maid and rampantly stealing jobs from Singaporeans and accepting low paid wages knowingly that the COL is very high

      Stealing Jobs from Singaporeans with a low paid wages.These pinoys can be easily found on Sundays or PH with the behaviour almost just like a herd of goats and sheeps at Orchard Towers,Lucky Plaza and along Orchard Road just like easily picking flowers on the streets,

      You pinoys may I say,where is your honour and integrity being a people

    • PIGNOY said

      That’s so true..

    • Dr.Arsch said

      @Kenny Toong – Shut up whiney fcuk! You wife must be one of those Pinoy lapsap bargirls in Tg Pagar lol. Its time for the Pinoys to leave. You have overstayed your welcome and taken advantage of our hospitality. Take your filth back to fcukin’ Manila bitches!

  18. 369 Singapore said

    if Filipino are that good, then it is better for them to go back yo their own country and make it great
    don’t tell me that you are great on own soil
    if you are that great then prove it on your own soil
    don’t tell me your bullshit over here
    fark off and go back to where you came from
    if you do not like your own country
    then fark off to your former colonel master

  19. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Go home Pinoy bastard

  20. MrBenCai said

    Likewise, when you acknowledge that there are foreigners who are the bad examples, there are also locals who are the bad examples. There is no reason to feel unsafe. I believe that for most normal people in Singapore, no one will attack you just because you are a foreigner. So long that someone is kind and courteous, most normal people will leave you alone. When someone is asking for a beating, be it local or foreigner, eventually the person will get it somehow. So there is no need for worry as I believe that so far, no such cases have happened yet. Of course, not saying that we should wait until such incidents happen but Singapore in general is still a very safe place.

    Thank you for posting this here so that people know that not every foreigners behave unruly in Singapore. Of course, most of us already know that but somehow, this just cannot get into some’s brains as well.

  21. bernard tan said

    generally speaking with regards to FT, all construction, maids, cleaners, coffee shop attendants, karaoke girls, massage girls and the such are always welcome to our fair country…… what we don’t need are those who are competing for the jobs that singaporeans want to do…….

  22. It is against the law to incite civil unrest in Singapore – for SINGAPOREANS – we can get into trouble for “MOBBING FILIPINOS” ; on the other foot , Pinoys want to have representation in Singapore and replace Malays , Pinoys want to own Hong Kong – that’s fine, that’s called representation of interest

    • Andre said

      +1 a sensible and realistic comment

      • Mannylost said

        That’s a realistic comment?? To replace a indigenous race in SG and to own Hong Kong, a Chinese territory, u call that realistic?? LOL

        Want to have representation of interest then ask their own Pinoy embassy to do it. Try to take over a Country is totally not realistic at all and it’s doomed to fail/ What idiots both Yeeloong and Andre.

    • H3eYj72ff said

      Oh they’re afraid that locals might be “mobbing” them now? I guess we should apologize for hurting their proud feelings.

      Just like how we have to apologize for cooking curry in our own home for our own consumption.

      Believe you me, in this case, the civil unrest or hatred is not by any means ‘incited’. We are not empty minded, incapable of feeling anger or hurt by what is happening around us. It has always been there.

  23. Daniel Walker said

    Do not blame us for the friction. Look at your countrymen’s posts. Every rebuttal is a classic example and attempt at non integration. How foolish of them, who are based elsewhere to post such comments, without thinking of the safety of those here?

    We are simple; we only need respect to get along. Petty as we Singaporeans are at times, we still get along well with each other, always knowing that there are some cultural lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and never imposing upon one another. We’ve even had a head start at interracial relationships before all this nonsense.

    This is not a Western culture. This is a metropolitan that still holds Eastern values where everyone respects one another’s diversity; it means not imposing themselves upon others.

    Indonesians have a lot of pride. They pride themselves as Indo people, yet are humble enough to adhere to the culture and integrate well here. Your countrymen should do well to learn from them.

    Maybe then you will realise your shortcomings at being despised the world over; and i’m not even trying to offend, do a google search and see others’ sentiments towards you. If everyone thinks the same, probably it is a good idea to cut back and take a good hard look at oneself.

    • visitor said

      Then just ignore them. After all, people here are saying there are good and bad hats. Those people who post hate messages doesn’t represent the country as a whole. Their post are about their own personal view and not the majority.

      • Daniel Walker said

        Would you ignore people who come into your home and make a mess all over the place?

        We know a good hat when we see one, and we have no quarrel with them. Most of the infuriated messages here are aimed rather at these bad hats.

        If personal views across the majority are widely similar, then that will constitute the majority doesnt it?

  24. Jafri Basron said

    Singaporean would not hates the Filipinos, if they’re humble and well qualified in their jobs. Many are arrogant, racist and prejudiced especially toward the Malays and Muslim.

    • Andre said

      What you are saying is just the tip of the iceberg, come to Manila to experience real Filipino machismo and I’m telling you, you will be enjoying bending over too much

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        Reality check. We don’t like you here. We don’t want you here. We sure as hell would not want to go to whichever hole you came from.

        Classic Pinoy mentality. Going on and on about their own pride and machismo and everything. When really nobody gives a shit. Which part of get the fuck out of my country don’t you understand, Mr Multiple Degrees?

        What a nuisance.

      • Andre said

        You’re reading it, you give a shit then

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        Wrong again Mr Multiple Degrees.

        Simply reading your nonsense does not mean that i give even the smallest of fucks.

        You read people’s comments asking you to fuck off. Do you give a shit? Obviously not.

        This is too easy. Stating comments like the ones you just did, without any evidence and getting shot down so easily like that, really just shows your lack of intelligence.

        ‘You’re reading it. You give a shit then’

        Lol. That is the perception of Mr Multiple Degrees here. You’re really.. That’s really just laughably stupid. Shoo.

  25. Anthony Tang said

    It is said to say that because of a minority group of Pinoys and their uncalled for comments that made Singaporeans hate you all so much. We give you jobs and a good life, something that is missing in your home country. We welcome you to stay if you just get your salary, behave yourselves and contribute to our harmonious style of living together as one race.
    The trouble is your countryman shouted at Singaporeans to leave Singapore and that without Pinoys, Singapore will collapse. If you think you are good, return to your country and wipe out corruption, poverty and diseases.

    • Andre said

      The problem here Anthony is that this is an internet site where people from around the world can comment and Pinoys are all over the world. To make it a real singaporean only site then registration that includes IC and verification should be done, can you give this same comment with your IC on the line? I rest my case

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        Why should we listen to idiots like you? Can you even do the things you ask others to? Your IC? Served your 2 years?

        Go home lah. Really. Go back home. I think people will donate gladly to buy your ticket home for you.

      • Andre is Pinoy said

        hey andre. take your S-pass, Work permit or blue IC, break it, and go home.

        you dont belong here. go home.

  26. spotlessleopard said

    The Party ultimately responsible for this ugly situation is the PAp Leaders who let in foreigners by the millions causing all these anger towards Foreginers…To solve this problem vote out the PAP in GE2016

  27. gine said

    Hey is better for pinoys here than PRC at least the pinoys are more friendly helpful and caring not like PRC they’re rude unfriendly

  28. pussywagon said

    Andre which SS unit are u from?

  29. UpYours! said

    Look at the country’s condition and you can see how much value the people are. Philippines is a SHITHOLE and everyone can’t wait to get the fuck out and claim other countries as their own. Some of these Pinoy bastards need to wake up their motherfucking idea.

  30. George said

    Ahhh I do not believe it was a pinoy who wrote this !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. siangneng said

    Juan, your worry may be uncalled for for I know, relatively, only a small number of Singaporeans dislike the Filipinos if compared with those who hate the people from China. The PRCs are a much bigger threat to the locals not only in terms of robbing our jobs but also to the long term peace and harmony of our society. They PRCs are well known for their willingness to do whateher that will make them rich even through unscrupulous means. This undoubtedly will have a very negative influence on the future of our society.

  32. Fu_pap said

    Juan La Cruz,
    Stop acting as a victim here and trying to gain sympathy. Singaporeans are the true victims of job displacement by fake degree/diploma holders from the Pinoys. There are still lots of local grads here without jobs. We worked hard for getting our hard earned degree but in the end loss out because of you cheap and fake foreign degree/diploma holders with inflated CVs. Whether you are good or not, 99.9% of the jobs for pinoys here can be done better by locals. If you claim you are a good soul among the bad pinoys, may I politely ask you to leave this country and bring along your fellow country men if you still have the guilty conscience of the good soul you protray yourself to be.

  33. wolfglare said

    you pinoys go back home and starve is not our Singaporean problem….you starve it’s better than we Singaporean starve….you pinoys come here take our job and destory our future….go back we don’t want anymore FT (foreigner trash) here

    • voice fron the origin singapore said

      Well said

    • ChongGo said

      you dont’ want Foreign Talent, but you want foreign company? guys are screaming for Foreign Talent to get out of Singapore but you are silent about Foreign Company…Why? I wonder what will happen to singapore if all foreigners will pull-out including foreign companies. Are you gonna survive?

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        Because the main point of having MNCs here is so that they may invest and employ locals. But in classic MNC style, they employ ‘FTs’ to cut on costs since locals will be more expensive and rightfully so, as we have been a skilled workforce nation since the 80s.

        Unfortunately the policy now is to let the stream of ‘FTs’ in to substantiate the bullshit reason of declining workforce as people reach their retirement age. Voting and politically fueled reasons also make up the lot.

        We could have advocated for MNCs who hire too many FTs to leave too, if only we had the power. They do not add overall value to the local population at all.

        But case in point now is how the FTs are behaving out of line. That is why the push here is fr FTs to get out, first.

    • doofus_detector said

      Ignoramus alert.

    • Andre said

      All talk, when can you do it in RL?

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        Only the Law stops us from doing anything so. Singaporeans here are Law abiding citizens. Pls understand. Its not like in Manila or wherever.

  34. well , i had my fair brushes with pinoys. i find them great workers. As long as he or she is of good background and does not create trouble but works well and contributes well to the community, no one should chase pinoys away from singapore. Some are even very creative in their work. –

    • Mannylost said

      No one should chase Pinoys away?? Not even those who creates trouble and incites unrest in Singapore??

  35. Alan Lau said

    Learn from the Indonesians … Indonesia is a great country yet their people understand that once u are on someone else’s soil, you learn and integrate with them

    • TYt2Kup61 said

      Agreed. We do not have any troubles from Indonesians, Malaysians, Vietnamese, and the rest of the foreigners. They know how to behave and are always welcomed as long as they remember so.

      What does that say about Pinoys?

  36. Orang Laut said

    Thank you and now that you are aware , please go home. If you think Singaporeans will not explode you are wrong, and since you are very polite and understanding I am giving you a heads up. Leave before you are made to leave, by the people.

  37. voice fron the origin singapore said

    I am not hardcore anti Pinoy we must be alert what they have said to us.

    We can’t let them suka suka insult us in the fb

  38. Ron said

    I read all these hatred comments against the Pinoys. It is irresponsible.

    It is the government that has to address the issue of too many foreign workers in Spore. The general population should not incite hatred or even resort to violence. There are Singapore businesses in the Phillipines and Singaporeans also visit that country. The Filipinos are probably more united when it comes to facing an external challenge.

  39. Lew Sin Hoe said

    I am not aware what is going on between some Singaporeans and Filipinos. The Filipinos that I’ve met so far are all very nice people. I’ve been served by a Filipino doctor in a polyclinic and many service staff in food outlets and shooping centres. They are really very friendly people.
    The anti foreigner sentiment that is brewing now and getting worse each day could be due to government policy of letting in too many foreigners. I believe quite a number of Singaporeans are affected by companies exploiting loopholes in the employment act and replacing locals with cheaper paid foreigners. But not to worry, Singapore is a well policed country and I believe the government will not tolerate any racial riots or fighting.

  40. Jim said

    who cause the issues, you guys know. who make the policies, you guys know. Pls don’t take it all on the FTs who came here to make a honest decent living. The end results is simple. All local PMETs will eventually suffer. Now the floodgate already open for a long time and more will come. And you guys knows it is YOUR CHOICE when you vote the ruling party. Since you vote them, they have the right to decide! Why KPKB? So pls don’t act like a wimp. You’ve made your choice. Now pls put up like a man and compete with the FTs! Work harder! Get lesser pay! Increase productivity! Fuck to produce more kids! Complain less! Bite this bullet like a real man! Till the next GE.. the story, hopefully don’t repeat itself. Red pill, blue pill or you continue to take the white pill. is YOUR CHOICE! If you willing to bend again, you suck the sugar coated white pill, then continue to be screwed by the FT like a whore. You just continue to get insulted like this! And pls, take it like a man and don’t complain! Because you were given the chance to decide, and you’ve have made your choice. And those who rule you is cock sure you will continue to suck that white pill.

  41. True Breed Singaporean said

    i think seriously Singaporeans here replying to this posting are really a bunch of idiots… First of all i am a Singaporean working overseas for some time, you all are just too pampered and spoiled, the Pinoys have been working in singapore for some time already, back then i do not see anyone having problems with them. You singaporeans back home make so much noises because you fail to work harder for something you want, but choose the easy way out. I am not a degree student, i only have a “O” Level, and working in sales for number of years. Guess what… due to my hard work all the years, earn me a high position in the company managing the company P/L..

    seriously all these FT does not threaten me at all, as most of the employers that i have worked for, sincere looking for hardworking staff that will stood by with the company in good and bad times. However most of the Singaporean i see here, seems like they prefer to be spoon feed.

    If today Singapore is like Philippines where full of corruption and poverty is everywhere, will you not be like them? trying to look for a better life in other countries? will you not bring down your pride and ego to earn a income for your family, Yes they are cheap labors, but if it is converted back to their own currency that it is damn a lot and with that they are able to provide a better living for their family. what is wrong with that?

    FT stealing your job away? yes i agreed, but why? have you all ever think about it? If you speak to most of the well to do Singaporeans and business man. they will say that Singaporeans are too well pampered and not hard working enough comparing to FT in Singapore.

    which I agreed, everything also complain, and make noise. Please do make sure you think about the reason that why so many FT are coming into Singapore. Don’t keep pushing the blames on others and start looking at ourselves.

    I am born from a normal family in singapore. to be honest my siblings all are fighters and never give in to earn our career and living. I am proud to say that all of us are doing well in companies and they are also paying us pretty well. So please stop disgracing SINGAPORE, for it once was full of respect from all the countries.

    ** Some of you will say my grammar is very bad etc.. say whatever you want because i am expecting that you guys will start talking back, and use some words which are not pretty nice and also not forgetting to dig up my profile etc..**

    As said i am just a “O” Level Student and if i can achieve my career like today, and always have jobs offered to me with good salary, also not forgetting that if you want to fight off the FT in Singapore for your job… START WORKING HARD NOW… I assure you that if you prove that you are working harder than the FT you will have your job.

  42. Karias said

    The problem is that there are TOO MANY pinoys who believe they are SUPERIOR than us.

    When the corrupted majority stands out in the crowd, the crowd is deemed as a source of corruption. This means that when the majority of Pinoys give us attitude issues, we deem the entire population through stereotypes.

    I hope that answers your question. On another note, you said you are afraid being mobbed by angry locals on the streets. Allow me to tell you that Singapore is as safe as it can be, and there will not be ANYONE who is going to mob you(save for the exception of pai kias). The only place where bullying is on the rise is your own country. I have a Pinoy friend who has told me of his experiences being bullied, and some of them are surprisingly grotesque.

    • Pinoy Is Shitting Everywhere! said

      no worries, as you said, they believe they are superior than us…but take comfort that we don’t have moron policeman who let hostages get killed with their 3rd world stupidity during the rescue. They are also not superior at all especially when dealing with China in the recent Scarborough Shoal incidents…they just hide their tails between their legs and fuck back to their kennels!

    • H3eYj72ff said

      Yup. It is rather safe here as long as nobody steps out of line.

      Any perceived feelings of ‘xenophobia’ amidst the locals, is a result of their own actions which incite such responses.

      If you don’t poke at it with a stick, said beast will not rouse incessantly.

    • visitor said

      “When the corrupted majority stands out in the crowd, the crowd is deemed as a source of corruption. This means that when the majority of Pinoys give us attitude issues, we deem the entire population through stereotypes.”

      Did you mean minority? And about the bullying, there are bullying in all countries. Maybe the experiences of your pinoy friend are on the extreme side. I heard a lot of stories more grave in more “developed” countries than in the Phil. I agree on the mobbing part though that people won’t mob just because of issues like this.

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        Nope. The writer meant majority.

        It makes no sense to attribute a stereotype based on a minority.

    • Iai said

      I noticed no Pinoys here commented on their firebrand catholicism which is ridiculous to say the least. Nunnery frocks and habits kneeling on the street to protest against their government. Theatrical but no substance. They should tend to their flocks in a dignified religious manner in their place of worship and not spoiling the good religion by marching on the streets. If pinoys here dare to do that in my homeland, we will round you up and put you in Changi Prison with complimentary free meals. I love the law and order in my beloved homeland Singapore. My advise: don’t mess with our peaceful social harmony. Look at Hong Kong, their maids want permanent residencey as if it is a right, Luckily the supreme court made it clear it is the government to decide on this.

      Pinoys are opinionated as seen at all levels of their society. You ask a question, they give you non-stop verbal diarrhea of what they think of this or that. No wonder it is not easy to govern their people. All want or think like leaders. Where are the followers? Is this self-importance or a display of oneupmanship? A prominent Singaporean banker was quoted in the local newspapers that “I do not know how to do business in Phillippines.” When I read that I was puzzled as this person owes one of the local Big Four banks here and decided to branch out its banking business in the Phillippines. The overseas venture was a disaster and he made that statement. Coming from a respected banker, it says alot. I guess it was a headache dealing with pinoys even in business areas. I did not even touch on discussing their corrupt government there… read the newspapers and I rest my case.

      If I hurt any pinoys I am sorry, My motivation is clear: when you go to a guest country, respect the country’s norms and ways of life. Don’t overstep the boundaries and we are watching you on how you conduct yourself here. It is not too late to self-reflect for those who are guilty of this. For a start, a little toning down of the volume of your tagalog dialogue in public places will be much appreciated by us.

      • DnD said

        “Pinoys are opinionated as seen at all levels of their society. You ask a question, they give you non-stop verbal diarrhea of what they think of this or that.”

        I’m a Filipino (pinoy) but i agree. Everyone wants to give their opinion on something even if its getting out of line or even unnecessary. Some, errr most, opinions are trash but there are also some who gives very informative and good responses.

    • Andre said

      But they are superior than you anyways

      • Get a chill pill if you think Pinoy are superior………………………………how come the need for migration for the rest of your kind?

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        What a joke. Take a good hard look at your country first before ever believing you’re superior.

        Slums everywhere, rife corruption in politics, poverty, etc. And your people are begging and scavenging all over the world, to the despise of many. Your qualifications are a joke. And your mentality is immature, retarded at best, blind and unyielding to facts such as the above.

        Still think you’re superior?

        Don’t worry. You must be a really ‘special’ person. We understand.

      • stop buying doubles for pinas said

        That’s the trouble with pinoys like Andre, living in denial, only know how to wank and blow each other to feel good.
        Andre, instead of talking thru’ your ass, take a hike back to pinoyland and help your govt run at least one island….of course try not to turn it into a R and R like Clark Airbase, ok?

  43. anon said

    the problem here is that the article can fuel hatred against 2 countries.

    both countries have problems, For SG, they have different people, chinese, pinoys, indians. For PH, they have koreans, chinese and others.

    the only problem here is that the post about singaporeans observation of filipinos is a bit harsh and both parties reacts and starts to lambast and give degrading remarks.

    I do hope that authors/writers should be careful of what they post online.

    And from one comment on the facebook page,

    At the end of the day, we are all hypocrites. We all have flaws and there’s no perfect person/country.

    • Andre said

      Hatred in cyberspace is quite common nowadays, theres forum on hating gays, blacks, whites, pinoys and even sinkees
      most of the sanes one treat this a time waster some insanes one actually takes this seriously

      • Mannylost said

        From the comments that u have posted, it seems like u belonged to the insane group.

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        Doesn’t make the nonchalance one brushes this off with, less immature and idiotic.

        If there’s even one person who harps on you, you should already reflect upon yourself on what you’re doing wrong. If a lot of people are harping on you, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear simply shows immaturity.

        If you behave properly, no one will make noise against you. Singaporeans living harmoniously before this, is proof of that.

      • Andre said

        @Mannylost, I think its the other way around but thats my opinion and your entitled to yours as well

      • RealityCheck said

        Perhaps consider this version of a conspiracy theory. Ruling party considering “re-elected” strategies, one that will happen 5 years after 2016 as they know retaining power in the next election grows dimmer by the day.

        Singapore is known for its efficiency in the past, especially in stemming racial disharmony. Has anyone wondered why the authorities have yet done anything to stop this little fiasco between Singaporeans and Flippinos?

        I feel they do not wish to have a friendly neighbour by the time the next government comes into play. In fact I would expect more rakes and tears in Singapore’s standing within the international community before 2016 just so to create a situation that the next government cannot cope and citizens to beg for the “knights in white” to come back in 2021.

        They can afford 2016 a miss I feel………


        P.s. I am really talking about the wackos that feeds these racial sentiments online. Henchmen for the wicked?

      • TYt2Kup61 said


        Bro, no use arguing with retards like him who can’t hold a proper discussion. Really. Running out of ammo, they’ll only end off asserting that it’s their ‘opinion’ and cannot therefore be ‘wrong’.

        It doesn’t make their opinions any less stupid and senseless though. Lol.

  44. Vincent Ng said

    As long as all the pinoys behave and they contribute to our nation especially many of them are now in hospital taking care of our old Singaporeans, I’m sure Singaporean will accept and recognise your contribution!

    • anne said

      Thanks, Vincent Ng! Very well said! I hope Singaporeans will not take against us if almost all of your laborers are Filipinos. Yes, there are Filipinos in your country who are acting in bad manners, uneducated ones. But it doesn’t mean that you have the right to say bad words to my fellow countrymen. I’m not working in Singapore neither has plans to work there. But I have been traveling there for 3 times. So it means, not all Filipinos in your country are laborers, so please stop generalizing. Tourism is also important in your economy, so why unwelcome us? Or other foreigners? If you think, Filipinos cause high unemployment rate in the locals, blame it with your government or your laboring system. As said by Anon, no one is perfect. Let’s have peace and accept the fact that you really need foreign laborers in your country.

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        We need well behaved foreign labourers. We need adequately skilled and properly qualified workers.

        We don’t need people who are simply turning out to be a nuisance. We have other better behaved foreigners who are always welcomed.

        Do not make the mistake of thinking you are a determined choice, as a means of inflating your egos.

        You are only an option. And we have many.

  45. reinhard heydrich said

    Eh pinoy fuck you puta inang dont write sob story ok your race is pathetic MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Frankie said

    I had written before that “degrees” can be purchased in the Phillipines and I re-iterate that this was told to be by a Filipino draftsman working in the Marina Square construction site. Man…this was in the mid 1980s. Since then, millions of fake degrees must have be sold by the universities in the Phillipines… the foreign trash that comes to Sinkapore….only our government desperate for cheap labour is so trusting to accept the degrees face value. I would not be surprised that if checks were done to verify the papers, many of the degrees would be fake ones,as good as the paper I use to wipe my arse. Do something right, my dear government.

    • Andre said

      Verify all degrees then there are less than 100k pinoy in singapore if 1million fake certs were issued then probably all filipinos have fake degrees then how easy to catch that?

      • Anne said

        Hey, Andre. Stop na please. Hindi nakakatulong yang ginagawa mo. Lalo lang silang nagagalit. Everyone has their own opinion, if galit sila and hindi nila kaya tigilan ang pag generalize, so be it. Kasi habang nakikipag-away ka sa kanila, mas lalo silang nagagalit sa mga Pinoy e. If matalino ka talaga, and you think mali sila. Then stop na, nasabi m n lahat ng gusto mong sabihin. Wag mo ng dagdagan and palalain yung situation. As I said earlier, hindi ako laborer jan. I just care for our fellow Filipinos. So please, stop bragging them. Thanks.

      • TYt2Kup61 said

        What are you talking about, Mr Multiple Degrees?

        Punctuation, grammar, brain. Use them.

      • Concerned resident said

        To anne, andre’s just a troll fueling further hate. If he’s really a Filipino defending Filipino pride, he would have responded to you Tagalog. Clearly, he doesn’t understand what you just said.

  47. Flora said

    Go back. Duh come here snatch job with us. Duh come her seduce our father and take them away. Duh seduce our husband and spoil our marriage. Dub come here cheat cpf money then run away…

  48. Singaporeans say said

    Singaporeans only welcome pinoy maids, nothing else, understand?

  49. Whatajoke! said


  50. EPS said

    Ur fear is uncalled for. Singaporeans r law abiding. We won’t mob you la. We r not a nation of mobsters nor riotors. Ur country on the other hand has the habit of rioting and mobbing…. U should b more afraid of your own country then?

  51. Parity said

    According to ISA gathering of 4? Or more to talk politics or something like that is illegal. So if these guys gather and talk about us and them are they against the law? Is it sedition or is it under ISA?

    • TYt2Kup61 said

      Err. If gatherings of 4, talking about local environment and conditions are illegal, Orchard Road will not be so packed. Thank you.

  52. vincesgp said

    Definitely think that if writer and others are sincere to help fellow countrymen, there are either to get assistance of your embassy or form a core group to help incoming workers to adapt…I too experienced my neighbour’s filipino domestic helper ‘teaching’ the myanmar counterpart to fight for her rights…to ask for handphone, must go off on sunday, if not switch employer. I let go of mine, and she regretted leaving our household.

  53. ANDRE IS A PINOY said


  54. Tam said

    How did this started anyways?

  55. iai said

    I say and repeat again: Pinoys at all levels of society are highly opinionated. This could be due to their political culture: flag bearing, breasts beating, hysteria, mobbish show of sound and fury signifying nothing. Just look at their domestic politics: senator said this, judge overruled, police chief intervened and finally prisoner sent to live in “prison” with favoured amenities. If I am a Pinoy, I will feel so ashamed in the ineptness of my country. Fortunately I am Singaporean and we have to guard ourselves against the subtle and not-so-subtle infiltration of this foreign sick man of Asia citizens from being emboldened here.The TT said he/she felt threatened to be mob by Singaporeans. This is pinoy-talk at its best or worst? – making comments like this here – in Singapore, we are law abding society and we do not kidnap, plant bombs, protest in streets and certainly do not mob. Pinoys have a hollywood cowboy mentality – guntotting, cigarette smoking and imagined they are westernised. Be Asian for a start. Respect the host country that feeds you. We Singaporeans have to watch them closely on their behaviour – their covers are exposed now due to their numbers and behaviour. We are no longer daft and we guard our precious homeland with our loyalty and life it necessary. Majulah Singapore!!!

    • iai said

      At least the China embassy here issued a directive to its nationals working here to adhere and respect Singapore’s laws and customs.

      Can the Pinoy embassy issue a similar directive?

  56. shiroiluke said

    The younger generation may not understand the importance of respect, understanding and tolerance since they do not walk along our forefathers’ footsteps. The time when Singapore is not yet independent, the time when all our forefathers are considered foreigners, low in status, poor in finance and not as well off as the British. Many years after, our children have forgotten the ill-treatments, the humiliation and the poor benefits our forefathers had once been in, and are doing the same thing towards the foreigners now.

    I am not siding with the foreigners. In some cases which I have observed over a period of time, there are foreign talents that do not exercise respect and understanding towards the locals as well, which somehow rubs into the open wound, and increases the tension between the two groups.

  57. aussie blues said

    Wow I didn’t know singaporeans felt like this… Well, your country is known for being slick and efficient and not for being nice anyway. Sure, some Filipinos really are dumb idiots. I even wanted to hurt one or two of them bastards before. But not all of them are bad… Some really do exhibit some sort of old Filipino code, they used to live by long ago. Also, I know Singaporeans too… Some are great… And some just seem to not know how to smile at all. Stop hating your races… Southeast Asia is in turmoil right now… Fighting each other isn’t helping.

  58. Yuen Lim said

    boo hoo stupid, lazy singaporean peopl cry and complain ways, why? because compare to malaysian, philipino, indonesian, japanese, chinese and korean.. THE SINGAPOREAN ARE THE UGLIEST ASIANS EVER!!! look at those ugly faces… really you are very ugly asians man.

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