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Former CNB Director Ng Boon Gay charged for having oral sex with Cecilia Sue Siew Nang

Posted by temasektimes on June 12, 2012

Former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay has been charged with four counts of corruptly obtaining sexual gratification from a woman, who was a sales manager of two IT vendors – Hitachi Data Systems and Oracle Corporation Singapore.

Ng was accused of ‘allegedly’ having oral sex with Cecilia Sue Siew Nang on four occasions, between June and December 2011. It is not revealed if he enjoyed oral sex from her in a car like former SCDF chief Peter Lim Sin Pang as well who was charged earlier for similar offences.

In return for her ‘special services’, Ng promised to advance the business interests of the two IT companies represented by her in their dealings with CNB.

Ng pleaded not guilty to all four charges and posted bail at $10,000.

He is represented by Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng and Ms Melanie Ho from WongPartnership.


36 Responses to “Former CNB Director Ng Boon Gay charged for having oral sex with Cecilia Sue Siew Nang”

  1. This is corruption for business. You are not that good looking that Cecilia gave you a blow job. A FT may replace you.

  2. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha ha……all the shit starts floating to the surface liao….ALL THE SHIT!!!!!!

    Ha ha ha ha…… coke and popcorn ready…….waiting for more juicy news!!!!

    Wat kind of juicy news will we see next?? MIW scandals???

    Ha ha ha ha…..

    • Mike Zeng said

      MIW know how to cover their tracks…..these young naive nerts don’t and are easily seduced due to their lack of social and sexual experiences during their younger years.

    • cuntract advisor said

      The ex chiefs of SCDF and CNB are products of the MIW selection system.
      And the women who played with their cocks went in with their eyes wide open, knowing they will secure IT related contracts.

      To simplify things for Spore’s Legal system, perhaps CPIB should consider the word ‘cuntract’ as one where sexual favour is involved…….

      • Singaporean said

        (1) No one is above the law
        (2) MIW must be humble and admit that in their talent hunt, they had made wrong judgements about some of these guys. These guys let the government down. But whenever they discover any wrongdoings, MIW can no longer protect these people. It would be the demise of the PAP. There is no such thing as unquestionable faith in one political party anymore. MIW needs to be above board. The friends of friends’ recommendations and introduction to join the public service will give you more problems. Clearly, MIW has missed out talent with far superior calibre. About time you look outside of cliques.

    • Singaporean said

      MIW – May these 2 high-level scandals shake you out of your comfort zone. Point in case too – don’t make the error of giving the offsprings of your current ministers and office-bearers privileged positions. It is cronyism. Respect is to be won by meritocracy. Not helicopter them into high places. You’d be further condemned by the citizens of Singapore if you do.

  3. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    These are all the top elites & cronies of MIW holding senior positions in government bodies!

    At least this former CNB Director, Ng Boon Gay has got much better taste as compared to the former SCDF Chief, Peter Benedict Lim Sin Pang as Cecilia Sue Siew Nang is definitely much better looking than Esther Goh Tok Mui!

  4. Bernard Deng said

    Repent and be a true man. Face it squarely and save your family,wife and loved ones from further embarrassment and agony.

    • Singapuraboi said

      Comfort taxi here are 2 potential taxi driver recruits. Their careers r over and like the many IT engineers before them who were retrenched ungraciously when they hit 40 year old the next career move is to drive cabs. For the women, their career and value just went up as many lecherous MDs and CEOs may hire them. Of course now the women are expected to multi-task. LOL

    • Singapuraboi said

      Ha ha if I am his kid, I won’t be able to see daddy in the same light.
      No wonder I got no where in my career and now am jobless. WDA should provide upgrading courses in fellatio as that would be a better and more useful skill. My resume would read a WDA-certified and talented blower able to take more than 7inches without gagging. Guaranteed won’t moan or whine. Extremely compliant and willing to take any position suggested. A versatile team player, will blow out the lights of your clients too. Ok if the clients are female, then I am a cunning linguist and have a fat and long middle finger able to hit G-spot on target.

  5. Realist said

    “…Ng Boon Gay promised to advance the business interests of the two IT companies…”
    Question is did that really happened ?
    If the lawyers can prove no business interests were advanced then it’s just a matter of him extra-marital affairs.
    And that surely cannot be corruption, right ?

  6. UpYours! said

    Well done Cecilia!!
    Bring down all the scumbags.

    • ex prison guard said

      A more proactive sentence is to put both scumbags in the same cell and encourage them to blow each other or alternatively, put each in a cell with another hardcore inmate.

    • Singapuraboi said

      Indeed she went down and then brought them down. No wonder they say women are better at multi-tasking. So this is what they meant: bring them up to heaven and send them right to hell with one single blow. Oops, no pun intended there.

    • Jeff tam said

      Are you guys not aware that Cecelia has nothing to do with Peter.

  7. kaypoh said

    Wah looks like “”Oracle sex” is more addictive than any narcotics dats y so many top civil servants are hooked on it….if a few more cases come up mebbe govt will legalize it & tax it like all the other legal drugs?

  8. nihon said

    ado, so this is cecilia ? she pretty? eye got stamp to fall for this type of old chye.

  9. Realist said

    How come no MIW involved ?



  11. Ron said

    I think to prove corruption or intent to corrupt, there has to be a link to the sexual favours and irrefutable evidence of wrong-doing. Having a sexual tryst in the course of work may be an ethical issue and not a criminal offence. In private companies, this may lead to counselling, reprimand or dismissal. It is not a criminal offence. Details of the sex acts are not relevant. Sex is sex.

    Will verbal hearsay be good enough to convict? Perhaps there were sms, e-mails and voice recordings that nailed the case. Let’s see.

    His lawyer will argue and cross-examine. It depends on the testimony of the woman. Even if several women were involved be they subordinates or contractors, it may be no more than just a Don Juan having his fun. And sadly, these days, men and women do have extramarital trysts but it is not criminal.

    President Clinton had a blowjob right inside the Oval Office… that cigar incident. And the Hougang MP who resigned was alleged to have slept with party cadres. He was not charged for criminal offences.

    This makes for an interesting case. Stand by Your Man is my favorite old melody. And if I am the Mrs, I will also stand by my Man and give him a chance to re-make his life.

    • whatever... said

      a big part of this trial will depend on the testimony of the lady in question. If she suck him out of promises to get more business, then it will be corruption regardless of whether the corruption really took place.

      But seriously, look at his face, I doubt anyone is sucking him out of love.

  12. goodgirl said

    How come the prosecution can be so sure they had oral sex? Gay said so? Or the prosecutor was present when it happened? Or got photographic evidence?

  13. Ron said

    The size of the bail….$10,000 is a reflection of the relative light-weight nature of the charges. If the corruption had involved monetry gain, it would have been much heavier.

    It may also be a reflection of the punishment, should he be found quilty. The Senior Counsel is a also a good reflection of the determination to fight the case with the best legal eagle he can get. Most companies and I am sure government departments have Contacts committee and layers of subordinates to handle large contracts.

    In an MNC, it will involve having a Contracting Plan, Bid Evaluation Plan and two or three independent groups to vet the proposals on technical, execution and commercial grounds. And before the contracts are awarded, various disciplines must sign off… Legal, Audit, Accounting, Procurement, Operations, etc. And if the value is big, then the Board of Directors must also review and approval.

    In the public sector, there are higher officers like the Permanent Secretary or even the Ministry senior officials must review. It is not a simple matter that anyone can influence such a diversified group of scrutineers. It will be interesting what is revealed in court.

    There will be plenty of paper trails… e-mails, minutes of meetings, evaluation reports, bid evaluation reports, etc. A robust contracting system is not easy to be manipulated. In fact the CEO or in this case the CNB Chief is so high up he may not even see the details until the recommendations are drawn up. But if confidential matters are leaked, it is a different matter.

  14. loo said

    I am surprised. wonder who was the wistle blower. Ceclila?

  15. john said

    do you all think Ng Boon Gay is worse sinner than you? No. Unless you repent you all will likewise suffer the penalty of disobedience.

  16. Water Tan said

    What is so wrong when its based on her own Merti?

  17. hachoiji said

    Having a flint with his lover is not amounting to criminal offence, that will be his plea, provided all the tender projects are above board. Maybe he felt he has been made a scapegoat. Nonetheless, man of his status should know how to behave and not be ruined by a short term flint. What a waste !!

  18. patin said

    一個願打,一個願挨..兩个銅錢才能发出響聲…近年來..世界各地的暴發戶, 億万富豪, 裸官, 己退的政治者, 商者….都一股腦兒的移居新加坡..帶進來大量金錢..不論是..黑白.光暗..贪來的..搶來的..都存進入本地銀行..這些…巨鱷..在本地..有頭有臉..背後是怎樣的真面孔…沒人知道..知道也沒能理…受本地一張永久居民權所保護..這些巨鱷..讓本地人..又爱又恨..‧更有些人想跟, 想学..但他們沒想到..本地…只能养鱷..不准生鱷….要生也要学他們一樣…移居到外國生…..

    貪錢是貪…貪色也是贪 !! 貪字與贫字很接近…看來你离贫字不遠..好自為之…

  19. solaris8899 said

    2nd cases of corruption from the top ppl this year in the gov related bodies….more to come?

  20. Look like his Boon isn’t gay. YYYYEEEAAAAHHHHHHH

  21. kaypoh said

    hoho… later Jack Neo will make “Dat wan No Enough part 2” liao

  22. Mariah said

    Its difficult to prove corruption in this case. Ng boon gay could just be another fuck buddies of cecelia. Its almost impossible to prove that look, u fuck with me, i give u the contract. Surely ng boon gay is not the sole decision maker in cnb?

  23. torres oey said

    cilalllattt why aaa

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