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Business graduate with First Class Honors unable to find full-time job after being displaced by a foreigner

Posted by temasektimes on June 13, 2012

I am in my forties & have a 1st Class Honours Degree in Business, I too cannot find a job after being displaced by a FT in my last job. Need to train the FT up some more & ended up the FT eventually replaced me & took over my responsibility.

Been searching relentless for a job for the last 7 months, but so far not a single job & offer received yet due to the intense competition faced from many “qualified” FTs in Singapore market currently and many more jobless PMET Singaporeans.

I have even tried to apply for junior level & non-managerial jobs but most of the time after I was shortlisted & had attended the respective job interviews (the interviewers themselves are mostly FTs), I was told that I am not suitable for these roles as I was from a more senior capacity previously even though I’m prepared to accept a very much lower salary & pay structure!!!

This is all thanks to the heartless PAP Pro-Foreign Talent Immigration Policy which had seen more than 1.8 Million of them till date since Yr 2005 flooded our tiny country which further much aggravate the job market & situation here!!!

Am contemplating now to obtain a TAXI’s License to drive a Taxi for a living instead.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


79 Responses to “Business graduate with First Class Honors unable to find full-time job after being displaced by a foreigner”

  1. singaporeans said

    EX-PAP SUPPORTER, that’s the funniest part of your story…

    “Need to train the FT up some more & ended up the FT eventually replaced me & took over my responsibility.”

    • Jaded said

      nothing funny about this, this is a very common practice nowadays

    • Bengy said

      it not direct order from the top management of his company whose also trained by the P?P style..

    • Walls have no heart said


      Maybe it’s funny be’coz IT DIDN’T HAPPENED TO YOU

    • mahbok tan said

      Dear fellow SGporeans ,
      Do not blame others or FT’s especially , we are just their collateral damage , in order to achieve their mission.
      Go to the root of the problem….its the GOVT POLICIES.

      Been there and done that…so its not a nice experienced but life have to go on….do not cry over spill milk instead towards a better tomorrow and VOTE FOR A CHANGE…..!!!!

    • Shit singaporeans said

      Nothing to do with the govt actually…& I myself is not a pro PAP supporter either honestly.

      True that their policy may have given companies excuses to bring in more foreign people to work but do you know many people here although they possess the qualifications, they cannot work up to their expected standards as of their company expect them to.

      This is just one of the policy or tactics so called used by companies since long before to eventually replace those deemed ‘useless’ management workers instead of straight-faced ‘you are fired’ British style.

      Anyway it takes a lot & long more for people here to actually wake up….
      Wake up to their living nitemare they are creating for themselves.
      So wake up kids & stop complaining & start doing what you shld do.

      FYI, I’ve a comfortable job yet I quit it to start everything from ZERO.

      • good luck to you said

        That is your own adventure, may be you are a rich man’s son or you have alot of savings or you dun have any commitment at all?
        One man’s meat may not be another man’s meat too.
        Hope you can sustain until your retirement.

    • Mel said

      Funny? Will happen to you soon….then you can laugh your heart out.

    • Eight Yew said

      That is the outcome of selfishness and self centered of most Singaporeans. In Cantonese “needle don’t poke on own flesh and you don’t feel the pain” You deserved it lah Ex PAP Supporter!!! Vote with both hands and legs come 2016 for PAP!!! Never learn lessons!!!

  2. voice fron the origin singapore said

    More such cases to come.

  3. Jardel said

    Sorry to hear that. All the best!!! Please vote the right party who cares for us in the next one.

    • Jardel said

      Btw, you might want to get that driver’s license asap. As PAP tends to open up any market once it gets too competitive and with profits dropping, and the only way, actually PAP’s way, is to inject cheap FTs to bring down the cost, I think taxi market will be opened up sooner than later, and FTs will be allowed to become one. I mean FTs, not PRs.

      • singaporean said

        You are 100% correct. I have reliable source that LTA/COMFORT are looking into having Filipinos as Taxi Drivers bcoz they can speak ENGLISH. Trust me my info is from a very reliable source. I am also a Taxi Driver that is why i am very worried.

    • Puzzled said

      I would like to vote the right party who cares for us but can this caring party really run a country? I don’t want to end up having a caring party but a shitty government! By that time, our FT will leave for greener pasture and we will be stuck in the shit in SG.

      • mahbok tan said

        Then stay tight with who ever u wish to be your leader…..!!! But by then the damage have been done…good luck to you ….try think for your children future….!!!

      • with you people s'pore has no hope said

        You are not alone to think in this way, the rest of your fellow 60.1% also think like you, that’s why becos of you people, pap has returned to form the govt.
        S’pore is not ready yet to have a new “shitty” govt so that the army will not be called to send in, what you people should do in 2016 together with 39.9% is to deny pap a 2/3 majority.
        If you are aware of S’pore political history prior to 1959, pap was an opp party but majority of S’pore people still give pap a chance by voting in pap to be the govt, if majority of S’pore people think in your shitty way in 1959, pap will still remain as an opp party today.

      • Angry Bird said

        You are among the 60% KIASEE (afraid to die) & Selfish “me me and me” citizen. Call yourself a true breed Singaporean?

    • singaporean said

      Frankly speaking the remaining 61% might not actually like them but think for yourself, if you are running a business you do not want to offend people with POWER. So you lan lan vote for them to make sure LTA, NEA, SCDF, …….and all the powerful bureau dont come and kacau you. Just look at some establisment, one example….SPIZE at river valley road, causing traffic congestions, self establised illegal smoking zone, tables on the pavement by the roadside with cars zooming down, which is an accident waiting to happen site. So why the authority never shut them down? ?? Why? Only GOD knows. But other sites, Yio CHu Kang prata, Sembawang A & A Restaurant was stop issuing license to operate 24 hours. So these tatics might win them some more votes. Vote me, you are protected… the biggest GANG..ERS in SINGAPORE.

  4. Jaded said

    vote wisely in 2016, and get everyone around you to do the same for a better future for us true blue Singaporeans!

  5. All the best!

  6. EPS said

    Dunno leh, maciam just propaganda. How real is this comment?

  7. spotlessleopard said

    I believe He is not the first nor the last of the “Ex PAP Supporters” to be marginalised……GE2016 is cruxial….Will the people see to it that PAP sits in the Opposition Section Benches come GE2016?

  8. PMET said

    huh! now drive taxi also difficult liow.
    Recently the Transport Minister suspects that people are using cabs as private cars.

    they just don’t make things easy do they?

  9. dan2429E said

    ….once over 40’s your job hunting days are over….
    ….if you’re serious enough to accept an under-paid job…..
    ….why not offer to sign a contract to work for at least 5 years… ?
    ….in this way, you can show sincerity in not to job-hop…….

  10. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    Serve you right for being the Pro-Alien Supporter!

    And because you are already in your forties which is almost past the “expiry date” of your life span and age discrimination by employer is rife/rampant in Singapore & this is despite the fact that the compulsory retirement age has been extended/increased recently by the Pappies from age 62 to 65 yo (The irony is that you are encouraged to work as long as possible until you cannot physically work anymore by LKY) but most singaporeans nowadays found out that they could not secure any good & decent job once they hit 40s & above.

    So what if you have got 1st Class Hons, as nowadays, the incessant & relentlessly influx of these FTs as greatly encouraged by our Pro-Alien Party comes with higher degree certificates such as Masters, Doctorate & PHDs transcripts from some Indian, Chinese, Philippines Universities, etc…& at a cheaper cost than you!

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      In addition, you will also find that street walkers that walk the streets of GL, JC, etc & imported FL Prostitutes as advertised in various forum groups such as SBF & LSB, etc also claimed got degrees nowadays!!!

      Therefore, these FL Prostitutes (with degrees) as imported by the Pappies also can be classified as ‘Foreign Talents’ as well!

  11. Ah Lau said

    You think being taxi driver is safe, taxi drivers will also be displaced by foreign workers, it is a question of when. Bus drivers is getting displaced already,


    • soon very soon said

      If PMETs can be displaced by FTs, why are taxi drivers? They are nothing since most if not all taxi companies are owned by you know i know…
      Akan datang, abang.

    • soon very soon said

      Very soon will be taxi drivers after PMETs opened floodgates to FTs.
      All professions will not be spared.

  12. Veritas said

    This person got to ask himself whether he had hired FT at the expense of Singaporeans. I am cock sure 100% of Singaporean managers sinned against ourselves. Many of our management class prefer FT not because they are smarter, but because they are guarded against Singaporeans who are more vocal. FTs are generally more meek.

    Our management class is effectively denying our children a job.

    After these years, many management jobs are taken by FTs. FTs are generally more united as they are still minority. They bring in their own kins. When FTs gain power in companies through promotions and through bringing in their own kinds, it is the time whereby they kick out these useless Singaporean managers.

    • we will not pity you said

      You reap what you sow – serve you right, somemore got the cheek to say you were ex pap supporter, go ask your pap mp for help lah.

  13. Iris How said

    Dear ex pap supporter,

    I understand how you feel. Frustrated and angry sentiments fills the atmosphere. It’s not easy for you and your family. And it’s probably the lowest peak of your life.

    I can understand how it feels like to be paid $60,000 annually and suddenly, lose this paycheque to some FT who is paid 50% lesser.

    But the hiring sectors are as such that one cannot rely on retrenchment benefits to live for life.

    Would you be open to earning a passive income? You heard me. Traveling benefits applies. Travel and be paid. Paid to travel.

    PM me @ via facebook.

    See you at the TOP.


    • sfng said

      Hi Iris,

      Sounds good.. what’s the catch? 😛
      Can you give us a heads-up (what’s the role) before we email you?

  14. Pissed said

    Dun need to wait till 2016. Everyone here know how to either shoot/operate MG/ field artillery/ tank? Raid the goddamn armouries and take over Parliament in their next seating by force. Force the fucking PAP to step down.

  15. Chocolate said

    Unfortunately there is no such right party can help Singaporeans with such predicament.

  16. Eddie Teo said

    The question would be, who is the right party? We need much stronger candidates than what WP can fill.

    I too have been out of job since last May. My case is different, I am not a first class honours, I still cant find a job.

  17. wmulew said

    Manager still read this kind of website = shows what kind of lousy manager the loser is

  18. Sissy Bapok said

    Should post this in Tan Chuan Jin’s facebook and ask the useless bugger what is he going to do about it.

    TCJ and the PAPpies Ministers seem to be more concern about the welfare of FTs than they do of jobless / displaced Singaporeans.

  19. Anthony Tang said

    All this is in the governments plan, becaue FT are a obedient lot, whilst ingaporeans are becoming smarter by not voting for the PAPayas

  20. Dan said

    Intense Competition = Cheap & Young means Good & Better

  21. sfng said


    How about becoming part time taxi driver and part time private transport? The latter being used to carry commuters to few office locations in the morning (or after office hours). I still don’t trust MRT and it’s so crowded that I wish my area has such transport.

    Hope you can consider! 🙂

  22. Prometheus said

    I’m sorry but for someone who is in his forties still harping and relying on his 1st class honours that was obtained 2 decades ago to justify his qualification for a job, the person is already misaligned with the current job trend. I’m a Singaporean and also in my forties and I’m still working. I keep myself relevant by continuously upgrading myself. I keep myself relevant to my company and I keep contributing. It doesn’t matter if the competition is an FT or not. When you are in your forties, your competition will also come from a fresh Singaporean graduate. Do not ride on the wave and blame the FT. Look at yourself in the mirror. What have you done to keep yourself relevant in the job market.

    The current global trend is such – the survival of the fittest.

    • share with us said

      Tell us how you upgrade yourself and keep yourself relevant to your company, we are interested to know and learn from you.

    • Eddie Teo said

      It is due to the competition, I agree. It could be FT or fresh local grads. You seemed to be very full of yourself, you are not the only one who makes himself relevant all the time, I hope you do not lose your job one day and the company who employs you currently stays in business.

      If you ever lose your job, you will then understand why you are NOT chosen over FT and/or fresh grad when you go for a job interview. You will then understand what some are going through.

    • Mally said

      You’re damn right…
      And I would also like to ask where’s the 1st class honors from? Many FTs have masters degree from their own countries too…

    • Andre said

      You can be relevant by being cheap, for all the upgrading that you have mentioned, can you say with a straight face that you are earning at least 70k per annum. The TS is in management are you in the same boat?

    • Only fools vote in a government who does not represent them. said

      Typical, “your problem, not mine. I think I’m so much better than you even though I know nothing about you” reply. The exact mindset the PAP exploited to get to the position they are in now. Devide and conquer is a technique bullys and barbarians have been using since time began.

      I’ve got a master’s degree and numerous professional certificates that I acquired by constantly “keeping myself relevant” as you put it. I attend seminars and constantly align myself to current and emerging technologies. I too was replaced by a China guy my previous company brought in and had me train!

      In the end, it still boils down to who can accept a lower pay!

      Months now of daily job applications and only replies from agencies with no follow up after that!

      You think you are so great? It will catch up to you too sooner or later.

    • tell us said

      How you upgrade yourself, how you contribute and stay relevant to your company?

  23. Anonymous said

    When you buy yourself something, you decide what product to buy based on the “cost efficiency “, the same the companies do when hiring. Think again why you, a First Class Honour Graduate, lose competitiveness to those FTs

  24. hachoiji said

    I know a guy who was a grassroot leader and was retrenched recently and has been complaining about his ex-party for allowing cheap FT coming to work in SG. He has a Master Degree from a very recognised local Uni and was replaced by FT that comes from an unknown overseas Uni. I guessed he is one of the 60% that have converted recently.

  25. Alan Lau said

    Singaporeans should learn how to save their own countrymen first then the FT will be deprive of jobs

    • Andre said

      Verify all FT’s diploma physically, if it takes 6months to have a work passes approve then the better

    • a man said

      but that has been how we were brought since young. The meritocratic system we run means someone who is less capable has to bite the bullet and be trampled upon in the face of more competent rivals. Even in army we keep this system very much alive by ‘arrowing’ somebody else. With such callous and self-centred mentalities, how to save own countrymen first?

  26. OMGKIA said

    OMG , frm hearring ppl say jobless having degree , then wat the point for me to study sia ? It time to save $$ to go other country

  27. Willie Tan said

    I share the same experience in year 2000 when I was retrenched. Sent more than 600 application, got only 12 interviews…but all of them turned me down claiming I am over experienced or they cannot afford to hire me despite application for a junior position. I noticed that they are hiring inexperienced FTs with high pay. Don’t understand the rational behind it

  28. Mike Tan said

    Go take REA Exam to be a real estate sales person better earninng

  29. singaporeans said

    So you guys think it’s not funny? Hehehe…

  30. Ron said

    Why hide behind a nickname? You are in distress. Tell us your name, tell us which nationality was the FT. Start a website to collect similar distress stories and publish them. I am not doubting you but we need names, companies, dates, etc.

    And finally, with your qualifications you can apply to Worker’s Party and prepare for the next GE. An MP salary is quite good actually.

    I read stories like this in Temasek Times. Sometimes I am not if all are true or just planted to stir up emotions. I suggest the WP or some groups organize a session to collect data and then dialogue with MOM.

  31. KP said

    You are certainly not alone dude! Got to innovate and find new ways or channel to land yourself in a job again. Take it as a phase in life.

  32. Now Then You Feel It said

    I don’t pity you. You voted for them and now you become a victim yourself you are venting your frustration? 7 months is not long enough to be jobless. Your beloved party thinks you are capable to take care of yourself. I knowp people who have been out for years and could not get back into those previous line of work no thanks to the PAP policies. I don’t wish you bad but you have to figure this one out yourself as to what type of country you want for yourself and your family.
    I know many PAP supporters. They are kiiasee So now you have to pay the price I am afraid. Vote wisely but you have to wait another 4 years to vote again.

    • Enjoy It said

      I agree. I want to ask the author why he voted for PAP in the past? Why? Did he agree with the PAP’s saying that people who lost their jobs because they were not competitive? Is that why he voted PAP?

      So why vent now? Aren’t you being uncompetitive now? Can’t have the cake and eat it. Why repent now? Where was your sympathy in the past?

  33. loo said

    I guess to improve the situation over night or even in a year is quite impossible. Take a look at how long a policy can be passed. Ok i am not against women. I recall many years ago, goverment encouraged women into the workforce. Since men is usually the sole bread winner in the family, how about considering reducing the female workforce. This indirectly could stimlate the females to be housewide and have children which would resolve the population issue. And thru this it will also solve the dependence on foreign workforce. Come to think of it, could the policy of encouraging women into the workforce not be such a good apprach as its effects were not monitored and fine tuned. Since Foreign ivestments are not consistent and the global financial situation isnt getting better plus or PM say Singapore not very good for the next decade, this may be a step to reverse the process. If its the cause maybe its the solution. Of course, i agree that this suggestion wont even solve the current problem. Anyway, my guess is our govt should not be taking any action as they will likely have a minimum uneployment figue in mind thru years of data collection from various countries that indicate that Singapore is nowhere near the critical stage where social nrest will breakout. Perhaps the only sign that we havent seen for a long time is beggers on the street and if that happens it should alarm the govt. Anyway, i know how it feels to be not working for a cope of months and would like to suggest that during these months go do something that you dont uually do, volunteer to help old folks, go be volunteer at botanic garen, learn about orchids and make everyday a meaningful day in our lives.

  34. Disgusted said

    I have being to a HR event today and confirmed by many HR professionals that their companies are not willing to hire Singaporean. Especially when the hiring manager is not a Singaporean. They feel hiring their own kind is better.

    We need LAWS !!!!

  35. John G said

    Your paraphrasing gives up a lot about you. Bitterness, I can condone – you are human after all. However, your vindictiveness and miasma of underlying, almost pathological ills clearly shows a deeper morass of character flaws.

    You open your statement with the overbearing self righteous swill of how you have been wronged and your lead and only defensive argument is that it ought not have been because of your “1st Class Honours Degree…” Son, there’s some value to that fresh out of college but at your age in the quadruples, the antecedant value diminishes year on year, to be ideally compensated with wisdom from professional endeavour and experience. Senior management material will show in those where the net effect is a net gain in positive attributes. Summarily, if you harp on this, as you probably would to all and sundry, it shows you have not developed and are clearly of an over self-entitled bent.

    On that trait, you give confirmation to your character malaise of being that self-entitled, brat-stomping-on-the-floor when you blame others for your own shortcomings. You blame the government, you blame foreigners. Perhaps you only wish to blame those that are easy targets? Why not blame God too? I guess you wouldn’t because you’re a coward and dare not publicly lay blame on a target that would yield you a return of higly polarized responses.

    The nail in the coffin of the charge I levy on you of being a self-entitled brat is how you sign off an “EX-PAP SUPPORTER”. Pathetic. That smacks of scorn and nothing else. Hey, I am apolitical. If anything, a libertarian so I detest all regimes that are smothering in nature so do me a favour and don’t wheeze a weak retort at me for being pro-PAP or some other juvenile attempt at swatting the hurtful psychoanalytic profiling of you. Hurtful because it is plain vanilla true.

    Probably what is most damning of your incompetence is your self-incriminatingly, equally damning confession of your professional uni-dimensionality by resigning yourself to driving a taxi as your only remaining option after being shut out of all job interviews.

    It goes to show how crap you are. You have a 1st class in business and don’t know how to leverage any of those theories at all? Here’s a suggestion – apply some of that 1st class knowledge into a microbusiness with seed funding, build it organically and make something of yourself. Excuses aside, if for whatever reason you can’t do it, then teach it – even tuition. That is rather lucrative in Singapore.

    I can’t get over that you brag over the epitome of a 1st class honours in biz yada yada yet everything about that can’t help you do anything about your current unemployability. It’s not as if you were an over-specialised PhD in archaeology.

    Blame yourself for your own failure. You can’t eat your academic qualifications. But what so? You shouldn’t rely on a Bachelor’s alone to feed you in the first place! Look deep into the mirror your next morning shave and ask yourself if you like what you see. And be honest. Brutally honest. Start small. Babysteps. From socially maladjusted work your way towards adjustment. Use the lifted spirits from accomplishment to raise your game even higher. You would be surprised what an intense 5 minute glare in the reflection can do for you and your future.

    5 mins better spent that your wheezing bitch-stink vent of a rant that was your post. Grow up. Grow a pair. And lordy, don’t post that kinda crap again please. You make us look bad.

    I wish you well.

  36. Speedy Gonzales said

    “Am contemplating now to obtain a TAXI’s License to drive a Taxi for a living instead.”

    Please keep safe and watch out for those speeding Ferraris.

    Taxi driving actually earns relatively more if you can tahan the time and the monotonous work.

  37. Ken Lee said

    by the time 2016 big big big damage have already done! hope they don’t sherd crocodile tear again! cause got million extra votes for them.
    cause new citizen scare new gov will chase them out of Singapore! good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Kaypoh said

    Eh, maybe the FT got Fellatio Talent leh? You got or not? :))

  39. Kaypoh said

    The underaged pros oso earn >$100k no need First Class wat, no need pay tax, fully supported by PMET clients somemore, no need show face on TT, protected by law… career change?

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      Haha…that’s a good one, Kaypoh

      Fully agreed with you just like the underaged 17 YO social escort charging the 48 men @ $600 per hourly session can easily grossed more than S$ 200 K yearly.

      • Steve Lee said

        Why do you think the government is so adament about protecting her? This is to encourage enterprising young Singapore girls to join the profession. Very high starting pay, lots of spare time, no incurring training costs, education loans etc and prospects for managerial positions in IT sales when she grows older. Wow!!!

      • Kaypoh said

        Later can peg Minister pay to her income…..
        Lesson learned : if u give free like Annabel Chong u not welcome…
        If u exchange for IT contracts ur details will be published…
        But if u charge full price, and start young…. lol no wonder Spore birthrate is about lowest in the world, guys are shooting their loads into the wrong target???

  40. Pai Sei said

    Hmmm…Kong Fu master only taught u 9-step n keep 1-step. That’s a smart master. In reality, u got to be smart to beat others.

  41. A G Young said

    Too late! You should had kept at least 30% of your knowledge to yourself. As the old Chinese saying “Teach your disciple all you know, you will have no Master!

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