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Chai Chee resident complains to Tan Chuan Jin: My father got stuck in lift after lift upgrading

Posted by temasektimes on June 13, 2012

Upgrading of lifts to land on every level of old HDB flats have been dangled as a ‘carrot’ during every general election to ‘encourage’ Singaporeans to vote for the PAP.

PAP wards will get ‘priority’ in lift upgrading while non-PAP ones like Hougang will have to wait ‘patiently’ for their turn to arrive, if ever.

Yet, lift upgrading is not free and residents have to fork out some $2,000 per household to ‘co-pay’ for the ‘upgrade’ which is said to be heavily ‘subsidized’ by the government.

However, even after upgrading, they may cause more inconvenience than good like what Chai Chee resident discovered when he was stuck in a newly ‘upgraded’ lift.

In a comment posted on Marine Parade GRC MP Tan Chuan Jin’s Facebook page, Chen Jialing wrote:

“Mr Tan, Fyi, the lift upgrading at block 57 chai chee drive has completed and already in use but on sat night 9 jun the lift broke down at abt 2330hrs. My father stuck inside and we waited for the technician for 20mins. pls look into this and square this matter up with the project team.”

Mr Tan has yet to reply to the netizen at the publication of this article.


19 Responses to “Chai Chee resident complains to Tan Chuan Jin: My father got stuck in lift after lift upgrading”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Yet Opposition Ward Hougang lift upgrading is FREE….hmmm..why?

    • Jardel said

      Hi there, becoz the wansui ye had said. “No Free Lunch” before so if you vote PAP, get prepare to pay. If you vote opposition, maybe it’s free!!!

    • Puzzled said

      Still opposition mah! If WP is the government, will there be free lift upgrading for all HDB flats? Hm……….

    • Auditor General said

      Because PAP wards always kena chop by their contractors? Because they want their balance sheet to look good? Because part of the lift upgrading budget was spent on other items?

    • Heed said

      You sure or not?? Dun anyhow say say only. Show us the proof that hougang lift upgrading is FREE. Or else it just all in your head only..

    • i say what i think only... said

      because it will not stop. u need to pay the technician salary also

  2. Walls have Ears!! said

    I heard some part of Hougang got Upgrading of lifts FOC??

  3. voice fron the origin singapore said


  4. Puzzled said

    Aiyoh, Lift breakdown complain. Wait for 20 mins for technician also complain. Are we becoming a country of complain king / queen? Next time new TV in CC breakdown also complain to MP? Can’t we grow up and stop complaining about trivial things? How can we get the government to listen to us if we kow-bay-kow-bu about every damn little thing!

  5. Ben said

    My lift at yishun has constant problems with the buttons, lift issues. So much for upgrading. Like SMRT, we’re downgrading.

  6. Limpeh said

    Dun understand y muz pay for upgrading! Lousy govt..dunno how to take care of own citizens..only know how to make us pay n pay n work till we die!

  7. Heed said

    Like that also must see MP. You really got nothing better to do..

  8. Fu_pap said

    @heed, Hougang lift grading is FREE!!!! : See it for yourself

    (from 5:40 to 7:00)

    60% please wake up!!!!

  9. seah said

    how come yours so cheap.mine in marine parade pay 2600

  10. lift upgrading said

    is lift upgrading another way to suck money from the people??

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