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Hitachi Data Systems ‘not aware’ of ex-staff Cecilia Sue offering ‘fellatio’ to Ng Boon Gay

Posted by temasektimes on June 13, 2012

Hitachi Data Systems claimed it is not ‘aware’ that it was the subject of a police investigation, following the shocking revelation in court yesterday that its former employee Cecilia Sue Siew Nang (pic left) was implicated in the corruption case of ex-CNB director Ng Boon Gay.

Ng Boon Gay was charged for corruptly with four counts of corruptly obtaining sexual gratification for Cecilia Sue. He was accused of ‘allegedly’ having oral sex with her on four occasions, between June and December 2011.

In a statement released to the press, Hitachi Data Systems said any alleged inappropriate behaviour attributed to Ms Sue during her time at the company was undertaken “without the knowledge” of anyone at Hitachi Data Systems.

It added that it does not condone the alleged behaviour, and that it was not in a position to comment further as the case is currently before the courts.

Ms Sue’s current employer, Oracle Corporation Singapore, declined comment when contacted.


70 Responses to “Hitachi Data Systems ‘not aware’ of ex-staff Cecilia Sue offering ‘fellatio’ to Ng Boon Gay”

  1. Wow said

    very hot chic, good taste!

  2. FR said

    If this is the right person, thank you very much for printing her photos.

    I firmly believe if SPH can run photos of accused, everybody should be held to the same standard.

  3. Clowny said

    now im confused..
    Ng Boon Gay tio charge, so Cecilia witness ?

  4. Boo Lai said

    Interesting article as Justice MHA has exposed the hidden hands and players behind this sordid power struggle. However, it has missed the mark. The issue here is simply self-preservation and revenge…

    There are many who have worked and dealt personally, on a professional level, inform me that Ng Boon Gay is a straight arrow and has been known to constantly remind his men that they must always do the right things right, meaning if SOP dictates that one needs to scratch one left ear with his/her right hand then that is the correct way. However he is not your typical authoritative Senior Police Officer type. If any he is always willing to seek feedback from the men on the ground and looking for ways to improve the way things are done.

    Ng Boon Gay was investigated by CPIB but no evidence of his alleged crime/crimes were uncovered but it was merely a case of “guilty by association “. At end of 2010, he took over the helm at CNB from Ng Say Liang. The then DD CNB, Ng Ser Song also left CNB to be Director CID. My sources also tell me that whilst Ng Ser Song was DD CNB, it was he who was running the whole show at CNB (including collating drug statistics) and not Ng Say Liang as the latter was already on retirement mode.

    Some CNB officers I spoke to, say that Ng Ser Song did not have a healthy relationship with the men in CNB due to his authoritative nature. In fact Ng Ser Song was himself a target of several petitions made by CNB Officers one of which was that he would make the CNB DO drive to his home on Saturday mornings so that he (Ng Ser Song) can sign DRC Committal Orders in the comfort of home instead of doing it in his office. As a result, Ng Ser Song stood down as DD CNB and took over as Director Police Intelligence Department (PID), these seems rather odd as he himself was once DD PID. IMHO, it was a lateral move.

    When he was Director CNB, Ng Boon Gay discovered that statistics were wrong and that drug arrests had increased instead of decreased. Being a straight arrow, he ordered a recount and found out the drug situation had made a turn for the worse, not only for 2011 but for 2010 and 2009, just about the time Ng Ser Song was DD CNB. Ng Boon Gay forwarded this information to then new MHA Minister, DPM Teo Chee Hean. Sources also inform me that, Ng Boon Gay had gone over then outgoing PS MHA Benny Lim’s head to report this straight to DPM Teo Chee Hean. With DPM Teo’s blessings, Ng Boon Gay released the correct figures and informed of the “error” to the people. Needless to say, DPM Teo was also very peeved with the former Dir and DD CNB and most importantly outgoing PS Benny Lim regarding this fiasco.

    Informed sources, say that DPM Teo then realized that there was clearly an endemic lack of supervision not only in the CNB but in MHA itself, such that the PS, Dir and DD CNB failed to notice such a GRAVE and SERIOUS ERROR. DPM Teo was also upset at the lackadaisical manner at which these 2 men handled their duties and responsibilities.

    Alarm bells went off and immediately these 2 men and other interested parties went into self-preservation mode.

    From what I gather, Benny Lim is NOW not exactly a favourite among the current Cabinet, this is due the fact that his brother Raymond Lim and his former boss and in many ways, benefactor former DPM and MHA Minister Wong Kan Seng had stood down from their Cabinet positions, partly in due to their dismal performance and growing public sentiment against them. DPM Teo was appointed Minister of Home Affairs and took over Wong Kan Seng’s portfolio as Minister in charge of National Security & Intel Co-ordination (NSIC) Secretariat.

    In short DPM Teo was tasked to bring about sweeping changes to MHA, which in the past years, has performed poorly. There is some talk that DPM Teo was advised by certain parties in MHA & Mindef to remove PS Benny Lim and those who were in his camp, if DPM Teo was indeed keen to revamp the culture and mindset in MHA and restore public confidence in MHA. Truth is, Benny Lim had already formed a cult of personality among several top MHA HODs. In fact, prior to DPM Teo’s appointment as Minister Home Affairs, MHA was virtually being run by Benny Lim, as even the then Minister Home Affairs K Shanmugam was “wise enough” to leave Benny Lim to run MHA the way Benny Lim saw fit.

    Some say that Benny Lim was due for posting to NSIC Secretariat as early as 2010 as he had hoped to work under Wong Kan Seng. However, this is not founded as many are aware that Benny Lim intended to remain in MHA till he officially retired. However, DPM Teo was a man on a mission, and with Ng Boon Gay’s revelation it sealed Benny Lim’s fate. Thus DPM Teo swiftly removed Benny Lim sending him to a redundant post as a PS PMO/MND in charge of NSIC Secretariat. It is in effect, merely a posting to placate Benny Lim, as he was after all Dir ISD and PS MHA and knows where and in whose closets were and are the skeletons still hidden in.

    Fortunately for Benny Lim, his protégé, Eric Tan is Dir CPIB which also comes under purview of the PMO. Eric Tan is a very close and loyal friend of Benny Lim. In fact, Eric Tan has been overheard as saying that he will gladly lay his life down for Benny Lim.

    Like an Intel Black Ops, together Benny Lim and Ng Ser Song roped in Eric Tan, Dir CPIB, to be the hatchet man that will strike Ng Boon Gay.

    All of a sudden, the closed CPIB case on Ng Boon Gay is reopened as fresh “evidence” emerges which reveal as the official line goes; “serious personal misconduct” by Ng Boon Gay.

    In December 2011, Ng Boon Gay was picked up by CPIB and the rest as they say is history.

    Subsequently, in January 2012, Commissioner SCDF along with 6 other SCDF officers were, also picked up by CPIB for alleged corruption.

    Please bear in mind that recent media reports have confirmed that the CPIB probes on both men are separate investigations.

    However, acting on a mysterious tip-off, on 24th January 2012, 2nd day of Chinese New Year, MSM reported that both SCDF Commissioner and Dir CNB being investigated by CPIB.

    This seems very odd that our MSM, known for their “responsible and factual” journalism had decided to run this story to print. In fact, the spin then that the CPIB probe had something with sex and money – a lethal if not bestselling combination.

    Immediately, alternative media and even TR Emeritus, the self claimed online Voice of Singaporeans lapped it up and ran similar reports regarding the CPIB probe.

    One thing did catch my eye though, during the interview of DPM Teo by MSM media, his body language indicated that he had been caught unawares akin to the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. All DPM Teo could provide was the standard well scripted Govt Minister response, which in my observation, was ill prepared.

    The next day, MSM tabloid ran story that both men linked to mysterious philandering adulterous woman IT executive. Again the public lapped it up.

    Also revealed both Mr Ng Boon Gay and Peter Lim were to be removed from their appointments. I was not surprised for the latter. Subsequently, the greatest shocker came, Mr Ng Ser Song, who was then Dir Police Intelligence Dept and former DD CNB will be taking over as Dir CNB on 1st Feb 2012.

    Wait a minute, I wondered was it not during Ng Ser Song’s tenure as DD CNB that CNB got their figures wrong and that the drug abuse situation had actually took a turn for the worse?? But sad to say, not many of us noticed this, instead we were more interested in sex and scandal.

    This my dear friends was the classic Intel Black Ops, the mysterious lady is akin to the hidden hands acting as the cameraman to make us watch the fictional birdie as they tell us to “Say Cheese” and feed the hungry open minds of the masses.

    The moment Ng Ser Song takes over, CNB seemed came clean by revealing on 2nd Feb 2012 that drug arrests were up. Nevertheless, Ng Ser Song has assured us that CNB will work closely with the Task Force on Drugs led by MOS MHA Masagos to fight the drug scourge.

    In this final act, the players are keen to potray Ng Ser Song as the white knight in shining armour to rescue CNB from the “evil and corrupt” Ng Boon Gay who ironically during his tenure as Dir CNB stepped up anti-drug enforcement action leading to more arrests.

    However IMHO, Ng Ser Song, is coming back to CNB to erase and whitewash all traces of his monumental cock-up. Who better to clean up the mess than the person who created it in the first place??

    As for Benny Lim, I now liken him to a Cheshire cat, who is now grinning widely at the thought that he has just showed his former master, in this case DPM Teo, how one can kill the pet canary and get away with it.

    • Edmund said

      Wow, interesting facts being written here…I believe there are some truth in it, else how can one prove ng boon gay is guilty? Unless there are photos or videos, why would anyone admit to having or engaging in oral sex? If there are photos and videos, then how did the cameraman captured them? Strange indeed.

    • dirty politics said

      Others have come out to defend Ng Boon Gay in TRE as well (was it you? I wonder if TRE will dare allow your comments on their site) Definitely more than meets the eye. Unfortunately, it was Ng’s own indiscretions that brought about his downfall. Unlike Francis Seow whom garmen spent close to millions trying to dig up dirt on, this one stuck up like a sore thumb. Hopefully true justice will eventually prevail.

    • V said


    • go said

      an upright person won’t have this kind of hankypanky to be caught in

    • Kaypoh said

      Wah, Infernal Affairs part 4? Rated PG. Very creative plot, whether true or not. Wonder who will be taking the main roles?

    • YNWA said

      There should be more postings like this instead of the usual slamming and childish remarks displayed

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      This shows that our Dear DPM Teo is not capable of managing the Ministry Of Home Affairs Portfolio with so many internal conflicts and strife among themselves…what a useless & highly paid minister!

  5. Jack said

    why would she tell the company? asking for appreciation of the effort of the additional fellatio service??

  6. Rollseyes said

    Celilia : BOSS! I will close the deal, prepare my promotion!!! I just sucked the guy’s cock in his car and I swallowed his load like a Zoe.

    Hitachi, are you expecting something like this??

  7. Better for you to migrate to Canada. Whole of Singapore aware of your sex life, Monica Lewinsky would be proud of you

  8. Charles said

    I did not know ORAcLe corporation provide special services….must try…..

  9. Bernard Deng said

    Best advert for Hitachi. Ha ha ha. How ungrateful of Hitachi to say this after she gave her company so much publicity. Ha ha ha.

  10. It takes two to fellatio…..

  11. Realist said

    Why only fellatio ?
    Why no cunnilingus ?

  12. haha said

    She’s definitely good, even the man in the sticker drawing behind her gave the thumbs up!

  13. Geo said

    Very clever, cannot get charge on corruption, charge on the illegal act…….
    Ridiculous …….

  14. stevenado said

    Singapore weather is very hot….so “ice cream” is very popular…She is hot…sway lah get caught…if not more to go for lolipop.!

  15. Dripping wet said

    Mmm…I like her luscious hair. I can imagine holding her head and running my fingers thru those curls as her lips enevelope my “other head” before I shoot my hot load deep inside her throat. Ahhhhhhh… satisfying.

  16. Ron said

    This is Spore, no nonsense. You are exposed. All your friends, associates, customers, etc. see your picture. Where to hide? Family, friends, etc. all know already. I wonder how many women are now worried sick whether they too will be exposed. I do not believe these are the only cases in Spore.

  17. Yayrhah said

    She is Hot… would love to engage business with her!

  18. ah meng said

    Her company should treat her like gem as she sacrifice her CB n her mouth to suck.C**k to get e deals. If I have a company I sure hire her. My company sure prosperous.

  19. Jack said

    Fellatio is an act of crime by itself in Singapore law, correct?

  20. Adam Tan said

    Now know why she has chosen to work in her new workplace Oracle……LOL

  21. Dragonyear said

    No one has a right to condemn others. You ain’t so good yourselves.
    What is so good about you? As though none of you have erred and gossiped, lie, watched pornography, lust in your head, hate, slander, plot and do evil, set others up, steal, threaten, blackmail [emotional etc], scrutinized a woman/ man from head to toe, fail to love parents and show filial piety. Everyone of us have committed deplorable acts, said unkind and murderous words, and breed thoughts, which, if exposed to the world on a DVD, would have caused shame of an equal, if not greater magnitude.

    • are you talking abt yourself

    • c said

      Dragonyear said. fully agree with you. dont condemn someone so soon till one of their loved ones get into such situation. I always say dont laugh at others when they are in such situation as you never know when your siblings, children got intosuch hell. have compassion although they may be wronged now. who knows you relatives may do more and severe wrongs

  22. dawnonthedeck said

    Damage already done ! Too much talking on nonsencical statement is just like adding salt to injury. What do you people out there get to benefits by saying all this. I dont see anything funny and making fun out of this. Take this as a lesson to us all to avoid such thing from happening in future.

    • Dragonyear said

      well said.

    • emergentThought said

      dawnonthedeck, dragonyear, Thank you for having the courage to stand up to the baying mob. It appears that Singaporeans delight in having their own brothers and sisters thrown to the media wolves. The conduct of many contributors to this blog is truly Medieval – if this is how you treat your own people what hope to foreigners have?

      • Dragonyear said

        What an uncouth, ungracious, and ungraciously society we live in! Some people seem adamant about killing these perpetrators with their venomous words and won’t let the matter rest until they see headlines of these perpetrators taking their own lives!

      • Dragonyear said

        What an uncouth, ungracious and UNFORGIVING society we live in! [edited]

    • c said

      emergent and dragonyear fully Agree with you, never and dont think your own relative will ever end up like this one day. In this case, I am not supporting cecilia but I sympathise her( she is going through tremendous nightmare, I am not related to her nor do i know her) Imagine if your own sister or daughter get caught in this situation(yes she may be wronged as an assumption) how will you feel. Please have compassion, I am not trying to be an angel nor trying to be god but have a sense of thought.

  23. Gaba said

    The ex-CNB guy clever defense, says it’s an affair and not corruption. CNB doesn’t buy anything from Oracle and Hitachi was an indirect vendor. Hah see what the judge says. Wife defend him some more..
    No charge for fellatio? Thought in Singapore is illegal? One of those joke laws that the gahmen should just drop… sheesh.

    • corruption is not only monetary basis but can also be thru sexual gratification in this ase a cock sucking cecilia sue. the husband must be a cuckold man.

      • kiev said

        Some might not understand ! need to tok in lay man’s term ! in short, he is using his gov position to gain sexual pleasure !

  24. dawnonthedeck said

    I strongly agree with “Dragonyear”.No one is perfect.So lets put the matter to rest until the Court decision. The defendant is not guilty until he is proven.

  25. 16yr old said

    I need advice on oracle database , any one can help?

  26. Singapuraboi said

    Understand from some former staff of Hitachi who were Cecilia’s colleagues that while there she already displayed unacceptable behaviour and inappropriate professional wear. No one went into details but guess they were referring to horizontal negotiation skills.

    • Jefferson wong said

      Pure heresy

    • c said

      Singapuraboi said, please you hear from whom and where, if you ever questioned them, they will say, dont quote me. Everytime this thing happen, I hear from this and that but please come out with concrete evidence and dont heresy, I heard you are a ………can i prove it, come out with concrete evidence, doesnt meant a woman dress scantily she is cheap, look that are woman on pretext with a lot of coverup but they may be worse(what we call hypocrite).

  27. Ken Lee said

    o!! they didn’t give him high pay so got corruption!!

  28. artfuldodger said

    In total disbelief! I met her through a personal friend who was her then-colleague at IBM!

  29. TeReSa said

    How to put this specialization skill in resume discreetly when applying for IT jobs?

  30. the logo of the shop behind her shows a cartoon character with his good thumb meaning she’s a good c…sucker. what an irony.

  31. the next newspaper headlines cecilia sue ng boon gay for giving her aids.

  32. kiev said

    1stly, i confirm ex cnb director is highly paid, its not abt the money for him !

    2ndly, this girl is very smart to jump ship over to Oracle, as shes confident to bring most of her client over for higher comm! Hitachi Lan Lan dont want to up her comm !

  33. stevenado said

    Hope she can come to my office for sales job interview, preferably after 9pm.I will hire her by crook or by rooope.

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