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PHOTOS: SingTel celebrates Pinoy independence day by giving out FREE goodie bags to pinoys!

Posted by temasektimes on June 13, 2012

Nowhere in the world do you hear of a national Telco celebrating the National Day of other nations? Do we see Telstra or China Telecoms celebrating Singapore’s National Day?


62 Responses to “PHOTOS: SingTel celebrates Pinoy independence day by giving out FREE goodie bags to pinoys!”

  1. Ray said

    Boot licking, Singapore style!

  2. Anthony Tang said

    because more than half of their staff is foreign trash from Philipines

    • NOT! said

      50% TRUE, 50% FALSE. TROLL.

      It is all about money, mofo. It is marketing and having sales in return, thus more earnings, thus more dividend to..

    • YES!!! absolutely RIGHT!!! whenever i called to SINGTEL to check on my status of my Subscription etc, 10 out of 10 times was being picked-up by those “STUPID” PINOYs and they ARE NOT totally TRAINED and DIDNT know what i’ve asked/want/checked for!!! Even if i asked for a LOCAL staffs to attend to me but i was yet indoubt to hv one!!!
      “Hello SINGTEL…what have you DID for US??? WE as a GENEROUS LOCAL SINGAPOREAN whom has SUPPORTED YOU throughout your years in SPORE for many decades…your Shares etc… WHAT HAS YOU GIFTED US???you are VERY lucky as by that point of times, there’s NO STARHUB or M1 available; orelse MANY could have switched to subscripte them !!!”
      AM lucky too… as my RES. NOs was subscripted under other TEL. provider!!!

    • Singtel Pinoy Employee said

      Sorry Sir, I’m a Singtel Pinoy employee I don’t consider myself a foreign trash

      • i say what i think only... said

        pls faxk your resume to me so i can check it out latta

      • wanker10 said

        You don’t consider yourself a foriegn trash? Then what? Leeches? Locust? Parasites? Oh yes…A Fucking Trash! Lol…

      • cheap FT said

        Why Singtel employ you? Becos you are a foreign talent or no local has the talent to work in Singtel??

      • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

        Hi there!
        I am a local graduate seeking for employment opportunites & I have attended job interviews in SingTel @comcentre (opposite Orchard MRT Station) but unfortunately, SingTel refuses to give the job to local native Singaporean like me?

  3. stevenado said

    eh? who own singtel???

  4. Thomas101 said

    I am not surprised that singtel wants a piece of the lucrative pinoy market because the population of pinoys in singapore has already exceeded Eurasians as early as 2010 by 266%

    from the singapore census:
    Filipino – total 39,918
    Eurasian – total 15,581

    (Table 7 Resident Population of Other Ethnic Groups by Age Group, Ethnic Group and Sex)

  5. philipore

  6. Free Condoms, Not Fee Goodie Bags said

    Should give free condoms instead to pinoys for use when they go out with their Bangla boyfriends !!!

  7. Just jealous. They are good employees like those Filipinos in Canada. Be big hearted and NOT KIAsu. SINGAPORE IS A GREAT COUNTRY and stands out with other third world countries around your region.

  8. Lee Chee Bee said

    This is really disgusting. I don’t see Singtel giving out goodie bags or holding such promotions to Singaporeans on 9th August.
    We Singaporeans are being marginalised in our own country by our local telco.

    • Tintin said

      The rule of Singapore Democracy is simple, ruling party rules for five years, then they will be judged by singaporeans on polling day for their performances.
      Please note: Past performances does not equate to future results.
      PAP maybe a household name, BUT not their individual members. New members should be judged on a case by case basis individually !
      Do not assume auto renewal for the coming GE2016!!
      I can sense opposition tsunami is on its way !!

  9. Eurasian Dude said

    This ad was probably created by Pinoys in their marketing division.

    • they are everywhere said

      Due to too many pinoys in s’pore? When you have a huge community here the marketing people will target this kind of community.

  10. an island open to evil foreigners said

    singtel earn money from them, pinoys gets freebies, Singaporeans get what siah?

  11. foreignposter said

    The prepaid cards used for overseas calls is big business. This is just advertising to a select group. Nothing to see here . Move on. Unless this article is another pretext for another round of Pinoy bashing.

  12. FarkSingtel said

    They will do anything in order to earn a few bucks. Fark u man Singtel.

    • gave up singtel line said

      When M1 came in, I straight away terminated my line with Singtel.
      When starhub came in and despite all the goodies they threw in, I didn’t switch to it simply becos it was owned by you know who.

      • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

        All 3 main Telcos namely, M1, StarHub & SingTel are partially owned by Temasek Holdings in different share proportions.

      • which is less "evil" said

        This left us with not many choices, ok then will choose the less “evil” one.

  13. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    Pinoy..\go home

  14. Sissy Bapok Loong said

    Fark Singtel.

    Switch to Starhub or M1.

  15. Foxy said

    We shall see how Singtel celebrates national day!!!

  16. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    Terrible ! This is just too absurb even though it is business making.

  17. Kuku said

    Singtel owns the operator Globe

  18. Jardel said

    Dun vote PAP lo. Stop them from sending their own people to Singtel la. Action not NATO please. Btw, Singtel is doing business….so I guess this is marketing gimmick?

  19. elite said

    just goes to show there are too many pinoys here in sg, thats why got this type of promo

  20. NoMoreSingtel said

    better singtel to pinoy

  21. NoMoreSingtel said

    better sell singtel to pinoy.

  22. Buddy said

    This is not a national campaign, furthermore it is a collaboration with the Philippines embassy and Globe. There’s nothing wrong with it. There are other SingTel promos and events which is exclusive to Singaporeans. What’s wrong?

    • asd said

      Singapore host thing for Singaporean isn’t a norm? if other country host thing for another country of cause it is unnatural. Actually this is just the company take advantage of Monopolies market and seizing on people like Singaporean who doesn’t have much choice. if all Singaporean cancel their plan in Singtel what happen? There will be tons of event freebie for singaporean.

    • 34HGHG said

      Whats wrong?

      This promo encourages the target audience here. When the targeted market segment does not in any way improve overall welfare.
      Yes get your dollars from them while you can. Before they replace you as being the cheaper alternative. ST boost profits, give more to import even more of their ‘talents’.

      Disgusting capitalism at its best.

  23. RU YI Gee said

    One of my friends ..friends sign a contract for a new phone on some plan ,which I’m not sure and supposed to restricted limit call and some oversea..the 3 month bill went up to $2,000 ,wan sen…so what they do is went ,follow up bill after bill and then send you a termination letter to chase for the cee bye phone back..what a cee bye sheet…

  24. SG said


  25. sfng said

    Aiks.. have to avoid Suntec for those days. Gonna be crowded there! Thanks for the headsup TT.. not for the provocation but for the dates.

  26. Jaded said

    Utterly disgusting! SG National Day also dun have promotions like this!

  27. I am a Filipino Engr working here in Kobe Japan for 6 yrs now. Back in 1996 I went to Singapore to apply as Engr in the Semiconductor industry… back then Singaporeans where a very proud people being the envy of its ASEAN neighbors. NOW… if the comments above is what Singapore is now… this country has fallen to such a low level of humanity … it’s a Pity…

    • Steve Lee said

      @Too many foreigners too quickly without giving Singaporeans and ft time to adjust to each other and learn about each others cultures and ways.

    • GE2016 said

      @Jun De Lira
      We, Singaporeans are always friendly and always respect any visitors to our country as long as they do not create any social problem here

    • whose fault said

      Why compare last time? Last time S’pore police wear shorts.
      People change with time and circumstances, it can be better or worse depending on the current situations.

  28. Singapore For Singaporeans ONLY said

    I am changing Telco. Thanks Singtel for the memories.

  29. abv said

    They just reduced your data from 12Gb to 2Gb. Now they have excess money to splurge on foreigners 🙂

  30. bobby said

    The anit-foreigner hit is strong and buring within us , but sadly singapore is not like other country , cannot speak freely and media all one sided to the powerful one …

  31. BJJ said

    Independence from what ? Spanish slavery? Americanism ? Everyone knows that you Pinoys like to suck up to the Americans . You guys are a cultural joke. You have Spanish sounding names and try to slang like the Yanks. No identity and complete lack of self confidence.

    • Bottle said

      If you look up Philippine history, we are a colonized country. Spaniards “replaced” our names hundreds of years ago, and they also burned our culture and heritage when they left leaving us to depend on the current system or else we suffer. To make matters worse, Japan and America tried to colonize us soon after. How else can we recover our lost ways a hundred years ago? Pls. Do tell us.

      • F**K_THE_PINOYS said

        The philippines a colonized CUNTry, hahaha…everyone knows that. It speaks volume of the sub-human breed that pinoys are. Even tho now freed from colonization, it’s still as fcuked up a 3rd world CUNTry as it was when it was an “american colony”. Why is that so? Pinoys are a sub-human breed that can NEVER govern themselves. In fact, they are v much like those foreign trash from India. ALL TALK BUT NO ACTION. Everybody wants to be the chief but no one wants to do the work. All are just so fcuking lazy, corrupt and incompetent. Just look at the pinoy men – their women hv to slave abroad as whores & maids, yet they rather sit at home, womanize and wait to be fed with. Sub-human breed like the pinoys are a threat to SG. They will only ruin & destry SG. Eventually, they will be made to fcuk off from SG. The same thing has happened to many of the foreign trash from India. In the past, one could see many indian trash getting into internet “fights” with locals but now they seemed to hv vanished into thin air, many sent packing after their work permits were not renewed. This will happen to the fcuking bastard pinoys. Just watch.

      • Such foul language you are using… I hope you represent only a very small minority of the Singaporean people. Otherwise these puts Singapore in a very bad light in the International community. Maybe because you are using aliases and pseudo names you dont feel the responsibility of what you are saying. if you are using your real name you won’t be using such foul words.

      • ali said

        Singaporeans are pets of Ang moh’s

  32. Tintin said

    When in Rome, do as the Romans soon were be same in SIngapore

  33. 369 Singapore said

    About 15-20 years ago, Singapore passport and pink IC was literally worth its weight in gold. Singapore had a great reputation for prosperity, efficiency, integrity and good security.
    Now, with the huge influx of foreigners, with foreigners abusing their PR and new Singapore citizenship to bring in more foreigners, the pink IC and Singapore passport is no longer a valued item. It is now seen as toilet paper – common, cheap and easily available

  34. icefire said

    i hope a series of volcano tusnami clr out php . i would love to see how much the pinoy send back to help their own countryman. only know how to conplain about the anti FT feeling of singaporean … when these basta*d nerd help then they know that Singaporean are kind heart … what wrong with singaporean simply dont like u pinoy ass to stay and dirty our land ?? u idoit are here only because the selfish n corrupted PaPaya wan to get richer themslves at the expense of the locals wellfare …

  35. F**K_THE_PINOYS said

    My dear fellow Singaporeans, why don’t everyone do this : whenever I call a service provider eg. telco, bank, hospital etc. and I hear a Pinoy pick up the call, I will without fail demand that a local attend to my call simply by saying I can’t understand what the Pinoy is saying. And without fail, my call will be passed to a local. And I do the same whenever I receive a call from a telemarketer. If every S’porean can do that, gradually over time, the companies that employ Pinoys will find them redundant and maybe stop hiring these 3rd world, low-life bastards.

  36. Betrayers of Singaporeans said

    indepdpendence from american cork sucking

  37. Anthony Tang said

    NOW, NUH give free medical and dental check up to Pinoy in their Independence day.
    What do Singaporeans get when they see doc at govt clinics._ A big fat bill
    The present PAPayas practice what we call, Finger bend out, not in. FT first, Singaporeans second.
    All the good old PAPayas have gone, and we now face a new breed. So sad.
    Vote wisely at the next GE and rid yourselves of this shit

  38. Steve Lee said

    Rebadge of Singtel. It will now be known as Pinoytel.

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