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Tan Jee Say attacks PM Lee for using ‘incomplete facts’ to push through his pro-foreigner economic policy

Posted by temasektimes on June 13, 2012

Former presidential candidate Tan Jee Say has lashed out at Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for using ‘incomplete facts’ and ‘false argument’ to push through his economic policy of achieving growth with more and more foreign workers.

PM Lee had earlier warned during a speech made to the Economic Society of Singapore on 8 June 2012 that Singapore needs to have an inflow of talent and people for continued growth” as there is no country in the world where the population gets smaller and incomes rise at the same time.”

In a note posted on his Facebook, Mr Tan highlighted a dozen countries in the world with a declining population which experienced GDP growth including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

He added that “the experience of these countries including the Baltic states which are small open economies like Singapore, shows that there is no reason to believe that incomes in Singapore cannot rise even if reducing the number of foreign workers in Singapore results in a net decrease in the overall population.”

Mr Tan ended by expressing his disappointment with PM Lee:

“I am disappointed that the Prime Minister resorted to the use of incomplete facts and false argument to push through his economic policy of achieving growth with more and more foreign workers. If he does not have any new ideas to grow the economy without over-straining the physical infrastructure and destabilizing the social peace, he should step aside and let others lead the country with a new vision to take Singapore and Singaporeans forward.”

Singapore’s economic growth in the last decade has been fueled largely by the intake of foreign workers which has led to stagnant wages, rampant inflation and an obvious decline in the standard of living of Singaporeans.


113 Responses to “Tan Jee Say attacks PM Lee for using ‘incomplete facts’ to push through his pro-foreigner economic policy”

  1. Fairmont Hotel and Resorts said

    What’s your new vision then? Fables are not welcomed anytime.

    • want to know, vote him said

      He will share with you once he got into the parliament?

      • Puzzled said

        You want to vote him into Parliament and then see whether he has a better vision???
        Siow ah?????

      • boh siow said

        Why not? LKY and his PAP were voted into the parliament in 1959 and prior to that nobody knows whether he has a better vision.
        Are you trying to say that those who voted LKY then were siow people??

      • DIY said

        I would like TJS this question. If he is an economist why can’t he write an empirical formula to solve economic problems. With such a theory we won’t have poor nations at all.

        But instead he is an enthusiastic politician. Is it true that he is the follower of Dr MM (Malaysia). The former PM ever claimed that in politics everything is possible. But if you asked the Dr. now, he would said “I don’t remember saying such things”. It has become a fallacy.

    • Use your EQ said

      What do you think?

      • DIY said

        In 1993 I asked an educator the differences between IQ and EQ. He said they are both the same, except in EQ it is the ability to solve problems before it happens.

        Then what about MQ?

    • Busybody said

      Not to worry, TJS can do a better job anytime bcos he cares abt us… True blue Singaporean & he no need $millions salary.

    • Principia said

      You need no vision for damage control. First, you need to stop the damage. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry with half a brain can do that. After you rake in the damage that has been done, then assess the situation… talks of whatever grand “vision” comes last. Remember, even if we stop immigration 100% today, our population is *still growing* (check for birth and death rate to convince yourself).

    • singaporean said

      Fairmont hotel employs many FTs (FOREIGN TRASHS) ?

    • Compatriot said

      If Fairmont Hotel And Resorts do exist as an entity.Then I say its owner/s and management are hypocrites,biased ,with bad attitudinal perceptions and intentions towards local Singapore,Singaporeans

      I think what TJS has made is a given and taken as a fair comment statement with a vision to subscribe for a better living standards for the present and future of all Singapore,Singaporeans

      I believe he is a Philanthropist and has views for better living standards for all Singaporeans.He is also an ordinary person like you and me

      But then,he is the voice of/for the people and citizens of Singapore with laudable contributions,good intentions and suggestions which Singapore ran short of today

      Lets just say if you have a tangible or intangible product with good feasibility ROI and before launching would you display all your cards on the table.Obviously you wont or else your main competitor would take advantage and claim as his own

      Similarly today as it stands,the PAP government with their hare brain MP’s and their myopic policies that has placed Singaporeans in a quagmire will copy your plan and claimed its benefits.

      Just as you owner/s and management of Fairmont Hotel and Resorts you obviously has a view to setup your business in Singapore as a trader of Hospitality Services behaved and engaged and employed foreign immigrants as your employees with the acceptance of low paying wages which no Singaporeans can comply with when the COL is untenable

      The low paying wages that you paid the foreign worker is unfit as Occupation for Singaporeans

  2. pohtiongho said

    If some guy has that new vision in his hand, will he please come forward. Even Obama will need him.

  3. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Well said

  4. alex said

    Our PM and all his ministers are big liars. All they think is money not the people not the country. Just look at the facts that this country is moving downward with the PAP ruling this country. Go ask the citizens and u will get the answer.

  5. Zed said

    SO TRUE!

  6. Edgar Park said

    Mr Tan Jee Say is a very intelligent person.

    More Singaporeans trusts him.l

    • stevenado said

      Singaporean might be taken in by PM’s speech but thanks God we have singaporean, born n bred people like Mr. Tan Jee Say to enlighten us.Hope all ministers can learn something somewhat,somehow from someone(s).Do not have the “we know best mentally”.Its does not work anyomre,not now not futue!

  7. RU YI Gee said

    Do not fill the rich with the richness or otherwise more problem will arises…points to points is a good way to handle and make sure everyone is safe to the destination.

  8. N L P said

    You supporters of Tan Jee Say “very intelligent” makes me puke . He is stupid, idiotic shit stirrer ! Don’t just criticize , come with a solution. I don’t think you are intelligent to come with one.

    • jaded said

      dun worry, you will see these solutions in 2016

    • Tru Blu Sinkie said

      No solution better than LIES.

    • Singapuraboi said

      Hmm guess being a shit stirrer is better than us who have been shit eaters for years. The PAP dish out shit and we take it all in. And now we r upset with someone who is gastronomically adventurous? Hmm guess we r the typical green eyed Singaporean who can’t get a better life so we discourage others who yearn for it. Guess we can continue to wallow in mediocrity if we choose to and let those with bigger dreams and ambition realise theirs. Hopefully thru their efforts we don’t have to eat shit anymore. It is definitely not nutritious.

    • mahbok tan said

      Wah sei….so you cannot come out with solution and expect others to provide you with solution……smart thinking…..then hor the GOVT will hijacked your ideas and solution and get credit for it….!!!

      so TJS is stupid and idiotic…..any solid evidence to your personal attack towards him or just another Pro alien Party troll….!!!

    • Sissy Bapok Loong said

      “He is stupid, idiotic shit stirrer !”

      Hey N L P.

      Look at the mirror.

      You will find him there.

    • stevenado said

      By calling names proves one thing, you are biased! You should wait till 2016!!



    • Compatriot said

      Obviously this nlp is devoid of having a healthy grey matter,probably a foreigner

      Dont this (SOB) realize that the PAP government had done great damaged to Singaporeans and the population of Singapore with their grave myopic policy by stopping at two (2)

      With the enormity of S$10K bait to entice Singaporeans.Most Singaporeans fell for it,thats how the population fell short

      To redeem their mortal sins the PAP begins to import foreign labour and brought immense untenable problems to Singaporeans

      Singapore wont be having these unwarranted and unwelcome foreign workers who were imported like a herd of goats into our shores and accepting low paying wages that is ‘Unfit For Occupation” for Singaporeans

  9. Exaggerated said

    Sounds so familiar. Seems like a lot of companies in Singapore are doing the same too. Project increase in revenue through cost cutting and not increase revenue through real increase in business sales, yet top management are getting sky high salaries.

    No fresh new and efficient ideas and yet pay themselves with such obscene salaries. Sigh!

  10. Guyver said

    What do you think?

  11. King said

    Es-es-es-estonia…. where?
    as the saying goes…”If you can’t convince them, confuse them…”

  12. wmulew said

    He basically named 3rd world countries to compare the growth of a first world country. It’s like comparing growth in China and putting it side by side with Europe. Who U think is going to grow faster. Genius!!!!

    • Mel said

      yes and I thought we are already 1st world….why is our PM still making comparison with the said developing countries?

    • dave said

      which first world country? Spore is not there and far from it. The promise of a Swiss standard of living is still a dream. It is only a standard for the few. Our GINI index tells a different story. In fact, for the last 5 years, Spore regressed and stagnated. The progress has been wealth for FTs not citizens. Jee Say is not wrong. If the ruling party cannot come up with answers to issues in Spore and smoke us on the fact that these are hard problems that cannot be resolved, then they should step aside. Case in point: See what magic that Khaw can do when Mah Bow Tan step aside? Suddenly it is possible to find a solution to the HDB issue…thats because Khaw Boon Wan spent his waking hours looking into the problem, while Mah Bow Tan didnt know where to look or even think its a problem that can be solved.

      • hin said

        Cow is very smart, he knows that comes 2016, many GRCs and SMCs may fall to the Oppositions. It will not be the same anymore as previously related cronies can slowly eat. HOwever, now they need to glup as much as possible, strick the iron when it is hot, make hay while there are hot sun. These could be the reason so many flats are push up. Many Repair and Redecoration job are expedite. See the black swan???

    • See said

      Singapore is indeed 3rd world compared to 1st world countries like Latvia and Estonia.

  13. Angry Singaporean said

    Hope some hero like Hougang Cleaner take legal action against all these liars that claim “Singaporean come first” in front but open its back MOM doors to flood in all foreigners!

  14. spotlessleopard said

    “What do you think” will happen in GE2016?

    • GE2016 said

      Another 2% increase votes in Hougang…
      a 20% gain in other GRC and SMC
      see you in 2016, cheers

    • Compatriot said

      Nothing can or will happened if we Singaporeans dont closed ranks with eachother
      there must be some means of solid steel unity among us to boot the PAP out

      We all have our part to partake,big or small,focus on 2016 its quite a long wait
      Act now,nevertheless in faith we stands

      Then things will begin to happen as can be expected

  15. K N N said

    Please stop using Hougang cleaner, she did not even pass PLSE, have problem paying for housing and yet afford a lawyer ? You are just an idiot, stupid to the core not to know that the man behind is the no balls shit stirring lawyer using a penniless woman’ s butt to hide his face!

    • Compatriot said

      you are a sour grape,but dont contaminate your whole family they are innocent

    • C C B said

      This is called good strategy – “your enemy died but he didn’t even know who killed him”.
      You mean cleaner has no basic democratic rights just becos she is penniless, did not pass her PSLE and having problem paying for her housing loan?

  16. Wolfglare said

    The only solution is to kick all those PAP dogs out of government and return Singapore to someone who can look after it’s citizen 1st…..and not someone who worry abt his million dollar salary

  17. America became a great nation because of immigration. It is the melting pot where talents from all over the world contributed their expertise.

    • good for nothing PM said

      really??? with the highest debt on the planet ? with majority living on credit ? with the highest number of obese ? with the highest number of conmen masquerading as CEOs ? with the highest number of golden parachutes ? with the highest number of people polluting the planet ?
      you should become one of their citizens, volunteer for a stint in Iraq and help Bush find the elusive WMD, and thereafter to Syria, even Iran with the way things are going for your so called great nation.

      • YOUR GRAND FATHER said


    • Compatriot said

      That was once uopn a time America was, ….. a melting pot
      Just as Britania ruled the skies and the waves, …..

      But not anymore

  18. dave said

    And the population issue, I believe with the right incentives, and work life balance coupled with government policy, it can be solved. The fact is, the government is not willing to commit resources to doing it, and afraid it will compromise economic growth. The importing of foreign wombs is easier to do.

  19. mahbok tan said

    The problem here is that SGpore do not have many whistleblower , thus the GOVT can easily manipulate and issue propoganda on all their projects / policies….!!!

    The people feel betrayed by the day with our GOVT , due to all the suffering that they are facing daily and the GOVT are saying heaven and roses stories to the world…..!!!

    Better start preparing for GE2016 dear fellow SGporean….and VOTE FOR A CHANGE….!!!

  20. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    I think TJS is right to a certain extent as he is an economics man unlike the incompetent, useless & complacent MIWs who by now are already way past its expiry date & look like a spent force altogether (as evidenced by his Deputy Teo asking 17 Yrs Old kids for solutions, “What do you think?”) that knows only how to pay themselves obscene & fat salaries but not putting in an honest day of work at all!

    What is the correlation of attracting Foreign Investments got to do with FTs & Foreign Workers & do you mean that without these cheap FTs & Foreign Workers easily available in Singapore, Global MNCs & big companies will not locate their operations here in Singapore?

    If that is the only consideration & factor, why do these foreign MNCs & Large Companies would want to setup & locate their HQs, Regional HQs, bases & operations in Singapore in the 1st place when they could have easily locate them in populous countries with abundance of cheap labour such as India, China, Philippines, etc.

    The more than 2 million influx of FTs & Foreign Workers here in Singapore since Year 2005 comprises mainly of workers from these 3 countries:

    (1) PRC China (35%), (2) Pinoys from Philippines (30%) & (3) India (25%) & others (Bal 10%)

    BTW, do these 3 countries such as China, Philippines & India have a lot of foreign investments in Singapore?
    Do we see a lot of MNCs & big companies setting up bases & operations in Singapore from these 3 countries?

    Therefore, what TJS says is quite true that economic growth in Singapore for the past decade should also translate into higher standard of living for all Singaporeans not otherwise as you see now (not merely just thru’ relentless importing of cheap ‘Foreign Trashes’ & ‘False Talents’ over here to sustain growth which can only be a short-term fix!).

    If other 3rd world countries such as Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania & other Baltic States could increase their incomes despite a decrease in their overall population, why can’t Singapore follow suit?

  21. What do you think? said

    Mr TJS, what is your ideas please?
    Hougang cleaner is a hero? or somebody’s puppet? Only she knows 🙂

  22. Dogmeat said

    Income rises when
    1. productivity increase can be monetised
    2. less income inequality (fairer distribution of wealth)

    allowing mass foreigner invasion does nothing for those two important factors.

  23. C U NO UP said

    JADED, if TJS is intelligent and capable he would be our President now. At that point of time he doesn’t even know if he is running for presidency or as an opposition MP election ! How can you expect a confrontational idiotic super bitch to solve any problem?

    • C who no up said

      Are you trying to say that our current EP whom was an ex-MP and ex-minister is intelligent and capable? Can you ask him to answer to KJ’s questions on our nation’s reserve??
      Sorry to say that even primary school kids also know that if you get 35% in an exam means you have failed the exam terribly.

    • Compatriot said

      Singaporeans say U C Upside Down,you are unable to see anything good when you see things with a four-legged position

      Dont you know that in January 2008,Tony Tan (before he became Singapore’s President) track record at GIC as Deputy Chairman has been a disaster.According to the Wall Street Journal,GIC suffered a loss around 59 billion Singapore dollars of taxpayers monies to invest in Citigroup and UBS and made a very bad judgement

      The news was naturally censored by the Singapore media

  24. Y Y tell Me Y said

    I agree with C U No Up , TJS is stupid. why bring in countries like Estonia, Latvia, Luthuania and Ukraine which most of us don’t even know where they are to compare with Singapore .

    • if you know nuts, don't say nuts" said

      if you do not know where these countries are, please google it!

    • mahbok tan said

      how ridiculous you are….don’t tell me u all did not learned geography in school……oh I forgot….that singaporean are daft….dumb …but not stupid , only opposition are stupid is it!!!!!
      Wah piang if the GOVT compare singapore with other countries its OK….? but if opposition compare with 3rd world countries in europe its not OK…????
      So singapore must compare with taiwan la , south korea la , australia can… check the salary median of each country and compare with singapore…..????

    • dave said

      these were not the only countries brought up. The others are South Korea, Taiwan, Finland & Austria having close to 0% population growth. Btw, if you do not know where Estonia, or Ukraine, pls go back & read your geography. Ukraine is an upcoming economy, its a huge country. Even Spore has started to collaborate on Science/technology with them.They are also one of the 10 space program powers (they produce their own space vehicles & satellites) & has inherited one of the top nuclear arsenal in whole of Europe. More than 80% of gas pipeline goes from Russia to Western Europe through Ukraine. In GDP (PPP) terms , Ukraine is slightly higher than Spore. If its not in your radar, it doesnt mean these countries are not significant.

      • Compatriot said

        Dave you have disposed yourself to the whole world that you are living in a nutshell

        Singapore is a gateway to all around the globe accessibily through its Air,Sea and Land ( borders without boundaries )

      • Compatriot said

        A thousand humble apologies of my comment earlier to Dave.It was not meant for you bro,but for the pig head clown Y Y Tell Me Y (para 24)

      • DIY said

        Simple, visit Google and type – CIA, world facts and figures. I zoomed into Singapore drop list and studied at the statistics. For agriculture it is zero (0). We import all the goods for our needs. Amazing race that Singaporean is!

    • Y tell U Y said

      In this internet age, please do not give lame excuses for not knowing these countries, you are just being ignorant or lazy.
      You want TJS to spoon feed you?

  25. Boh Jong Kong said

    If an ex civil servant TJS can betray his ex master, he can betray anyone! So how can we trust him ? Even his own Hainan clan does not support him !

    • who has betrayed Spore ? said

      betray master can never beat one old fart who betrayed his country and people.
      can you figure out who this traitor might be ? if you can’t, go and check out the British archives before opening your mouth.

    • Mai luan kong said

      What a lame excuse to put TJS down.
      His clan is like wall side grass, sway in the wind direction?

  26. Realist said

    TJS has just upped the ante. He has criticized and I’m sure he has a solution but will it hold against a horde of PAP’s super brains is left to be seen. He would be foolish to unveil his solution just like what Lim Chong Yah did and thereby suffered the consequences.

    After having criticized, it left to be seen if the PM will react upon it. Probably not, as that would mean giving TJS more credit than what he thinks he is worth. And the result ? It will probably be an impasse.

    TJS may have thrown down his gauntlet abit too soon. Timing would have been perfect if done in 2016 weeks before the GE.

  27. KW said

    Why President & MP got election, Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister no election? Yes there is, self-elected…..

  28. Overseas Singaporean said

    Yes PM tells 1/2 past 6 story. I just came back from abroad for holidays. I pick up a paper called “today” and the PM ask sg ppl whether they wanted me to pay 57 % income tax if they wants sg to be want to be scandinivian country.

    What he did not mentioned is he plus all the elite rich all pays 57% and majority pays 15%. That’s good for majority of sg ppl becasue thay will entitle to free medical care, unemployment benefit, and aged pension and sg ppl will have right to work in Singapore. Do you see so many foreigners like Pinoy, PRC and Indians in Scandanavian countries.

    If PM you can do it pl resign and let others do it. The biggest problem you inherited is you have too many menteors. Uncle, father etc give different advices. In the end you don’t know who to follow so make all the wrong decision. It seems that you don’t make decision and if you do it is the wrong decision.

    In your whole carreer have actually applied for a job yourself filling forms, getting referrees.

  29. A Small Thought said

    I am a Singaporean wish to understand what kind of Natural Resources Singapore has and landscape compare to this four country? They can have their Natural resources to export.

    Please check the country landscape and refer to the folliwng natural resources;

    Estonia Natural resources: Wikipedia,
    Oil-shale, Sea mud (medical), Construction sand, Construction gravel, Lake mud (medical), Lake mud (fertilizer), Ceramic clay, Ceramsid clay (for gravel), Technological dolomite, Technological limestone, Decoration dolomite, Construction dolomite, Blue clay, Granite, Peat, Construction limestone, Limestone cement, Clay cement, Dictyonema flabelliforme[39], Wood, Technological sand, Lake lime, Phosphorite, Subsoil

    Latvia Natural resources: Wikipedia,
    minimal; amber, peat, limestone, dolomite, hydropower, arable land

    Lithuania natural resources Wikipedia,
    The republic has an abundance of limestone, clay, quartz sand, gypsum sand, and dolomite, which are suitable for making high-quality cement, glass, and ceramics. There also is an ample supply of mineral water, but energy sources and industrial materials are all in short supply. Oil was discovered in Lithuania in the 1950s, but only a few wells operate, and all that do are located in the western part of the country. It is estimated that the Baltic Sea shelf and the western region of Lithuania hold commercially viable amounts of oil, but if exploited this oil would satisfy only about 20 percent of Lithuania’s annual need for petroleum products for the next twenty years. Lithuania has a large amount of thermal energy along the Baltic Sea coast which could be used to heat hundreds of thousands of homes, as is done in Iceland. In addition, iron ore deposits have been found in the southern region of Lithuania. But commercial exploitation of these deposits probably would require strip mining, which is environmentally unsound. Moreover, exploitation of these resources will depend on Lithuania’s ability to attract capital and technology from abroad.

    Ukraine natural resources Wikipedia,
    Ukraine is relatively rich in natural resources, particularly in mineral deposits. Although oil and natural gas reserves in the country are largely exhausted, it has other important energy sources, such as coal, hydroelectricity and nuclear fuel raw materials.[citation

  30. bobby said

    We should welcome foreign talent, skillful one , not just a plain bloody bus driver is a china dude . Cause all the chaos here … Should re-implement the policy =)

  31. asd said

    Everyone please look at population fact list and you will find that is only 0.78(include new citizen) birth rate in Singapore. stop complaining about gov for solution if everyone want to just wait and see and talk about future then good luck. We(True blue Singaporean) will extinct in 2 generation time. if we can’t even bother it and expect our gov to do something then we are doom. Gov approach now is import ppl. we human are not production machine we can’t produce children like order Item in 1000bulk . we should combine our str and push the gov that we want this to be solve. once our birth rate increase foreigner will be reduced. if everyone just want to say wait till 2016 then by the time birth rate reach 0 then everyone be happy about it so be it. A Country is about its people.

  32. Boh Jong Kong said

    Show us, don’t talk ! Talk is cheap ! If someone is drowning you don’t tell him dont worry I have the solution but just wait. You all kena kong tau !

    • mai luan kong said

      pap also talk what, so their talk is cheap also?

    • are you bong kang ? said

      to Boh Jong Kong,
      Are you going to change your nick from great grand choh kong to “lumpar kong” ?
      Engage whatever brains you have first lah! I suggest you change your nick to your real name, “Bong Kang”.

  33. Great Grand Choh Kong said

    “Who has betrayed Singapore” if not for the “old fart” you will still be a colonial dog!!!! Who would want an Ang Moh Kow like you in other country ? You bloody INGRATE! Nag like a C C B !!!

    • don't you know where you came from? said

      You should know better that you crawled out from a CCB. So don’t insult your own mother, ok ?
      If everyone had behaved like the old fart, there would have been even more civilians beheaded by the Japs and very likely you would not have been borned, assuming you are one of those dumbass 60% So I say fark you ! LOL

    • got beard one is your grandfather said

      Go read Singapore history before 1959, it was David Marshall.

  34. C U No Up said

    C Who No Up , TJS only got 20% so as you put it he failed miserably, even play school children know it. So far TT is doing well, not like TJS who wanted to take out 60 billion to use even before the election. All the reserve is intact and growing. BTW I am not a PAP supporter , I have been thru the 40s onward. If not for PAP you think Singapore can be what it is today ? Wait until you get a Lim Yew Hock who sold our Chrismas Island to Australia for $1,000,000 and the unknown amount into his pocket.

    • don't insult women said

      hello “bong kang” for someone who claim to live thru the 40s you are none the wiser nor enlightened. By the way, if u are hainanese, then you have disgraced your hainanese clan, especially your women folks. When U say “nag like a CCB”, are you indirectly referring to your wife or mother ? or both ? LOL

    • ghost of GohKS said

      TT keeping quiet about our reserves and you claim he is doing fine. Do you have any idea how much we have ? And do you think it is fine to have 3 family members running our reserves ?

      Maybe your mind is still in the 40s but the PAP you see today is not the same PAP in the early years.
      For your info, Lim Yew Hock is already dead a long time ago and so is ex PAP minister TehCheangWan.
      How about other corrupt PAP buggers like PheyYewKok, WeeToonBoon, YeoCT, ChooWK, etc, etc. Has TJS been charged for corruption ? So you must be a moron to think he can be another LimYewHock. It is better you go up the lorry fast lah!

    • C who no up said

      At least I didn’t say TJS is not intelligent and incapable. Yes with 25%, he failed miserably too but at least he didn’t win with 35%, get my point?
      Of course no doubt about it, TT is doing well as an ex-MP, ex-minister and coming from a well to do banking family.
      How would you know or so sure that there will not be any future LYH? KJ from RP has recently asked many questions on our nation reserve, so did your TT or any of your pap reply him?

  35. C U No Up said

    Mai Luan Kong, are you saying Hainanese are weak , got no dignity but sway by the wind ??? You better shut up if you don’t mean to insult Hainanese

    • Mai Luan kong said

      I didn’t say they are weak, in fact they are very smart. What is wrong to sway in the wind direction as long as is in the right direction? Dun behave like a boy boy, only a loser will ask people to shut up.

  36. Clouddragon said

    Those countries he mentioned could also be starting from lower base so the rate of growth is higher. Need to study the differences and seek to understand the economics.

  37. Boh Jong Kong said

    ARE YOU BONG KANG , you get mixed up with the names ! Better sign your name as HOH NAN KANG .

    • don't disgrace the Hainanese clan said

      You just confirmed you are really “bong kang”
      Don’t come into this webste and disgrace your Hainanese clan.
      stop making an idiot of yourself.

      Look at the brown logo with pattern on the top right corner of each post.
      Does it not imply it is from the same email address? why don’t you confirm with Temasek Times admin?

      Now you can go back and let your wife and mother nag you, but don’t ever call them CCB, ok? Not a nice thing to say to women, especially for a old man like you who claim to live through the 40s.

  38. What Do You Think? said

    Sad to say, our PM Lee is born with a silver spoon and has neither the experience nor ability to lead the government. It’s becoming increasing clear our quality of life has gone down with inflation, sky-rocketing property prices, COE prices, increasing competition with cheap foreign workers, frequent MRT breakdowns, frequent floodings, increasing retirement age, stagnant wages, increasing unemployment rate, increasing crime and suicide rates, etc.
    I do not see a future here. I wonder why they think they still deserve to be paid millions.

  39. Great Grand Choh Kon said

    ARE YOU BONG KANG , why do you bring your Great Grand Choh Kong in your fray with Boh Tong Jong ? Do you know who your father is ????????

  40. Wake Up said

    All you bickering BALLS carriers, if you are so smart USA needs you ! You are so obsessed with TJS that you have forgotten Dr Tan Cheng Bock who I believe can win hands down in the next PE !

  41. C U No Up said

    Ghost of GohKS, thank you for your best wishes, I will surely bring you and all your close relatives with me when I go in the lorry. May you have a HUM KAR CHARN journey!

    • ghost of GKS said

      Don’t wait too long to go up the lorry and bring my relative LKY with you. Please make it a hum kar charn journey for both sides. I am waiting for the multi million $$ inheritance from him and I will use some to cover your funeral expenses when you hum kar charn. Don’t forget to let your family know that they can expect a joint hum kar charn with LKY and also my generous offer. So no worries ok? Because I will get a good taoist priest to give your hum kar charn a successful sendoff.

  42. Boh Tong Jong said

    Dont disgrace the Hainanese clan, what’s wrong with few retirees sharing one ipad while having coffee ? The sparing keeps us alert , don’t be disrespectful, you have old folks in your family too. One day you will also grow old too!

    • learn to grow old gracefully said

      you mean wanking each other keeps you morons alert…lol
      old farts like you don’t even deserve one bit of respect. of course every one grows old, but morons like you don’t know the meaning of growing old gracefully.
      so i say fark you ! LOL

  43. Bystander said

    Hey I think you are just a fucking shit hole, to show such disrespect to senior citizen, at least they know how to use the iPad . You must have been dumped in geylang when you were born. Do you know who your parents are ?

    • how about this ? said

      Hey I am sure you are a fucking lowlife bastard. You must have been born in geylang and still wondering who your father is. Have you found him yet ? And when you do, remember to fuck him upside down and inside out for making you a lowlife bastard.
      I will drink to that when you do find him.

  44. The old guys! said

    “Learn to grow old gracefully” we can afford to pay women to wank or blow for us. Hope your wife did not provide us the service from the many massage parlor and Geylang joints which she may be working in and may the BAD KARMA follow you throughout your entire miserable life. BTW have you found who your parents are ?

    • learn to grow old gracefully said

      Too bad old farts, I am a bachelor lah! By the time I get married, you chaps would have already been dead in geylang. Anyway both my parents are R.I.P so no need to stoop so low to talk about the dead, can ?
      We can curse each other but no need to bring parents into the picture.
      FYI I doing great and you can see how much free time I have. LOL

  45. Eng Kai Kan said

    Geylang born lowdown bastard , you will get many FT especiall from India & Bangla to fuck you and your family because it is so cheap. When you find your father he may have already fuck your wife, you pathetic old people hater!

    • LOL said

      You old bastards are just so goddamn stupid. LOL
      You don’t even know I am also a old man, collected my CPF already. LOL
      And here we are, a bunch of old men setting the best example for everyone. LOL
      About time one of us show not all old men are senile, only good at cursing each other instead of sticking to the topic. LOL
      If it makes you old bastards happy, I will say it for everyone here,
      “let’s hope We all hum kar charn together fast” so that other readers of TT can get on with the topic. LOL

  46. L K Y not wanted said

    Ghost of GKS, LKY not wanted because no one in hell welcome him . Invitation exclusively extended to you , your family and close relatives. LKY not related to you at all. You HUM KAR CHARN !

  47. Old guys said

    LOL and so called bachelor, you are same shit hole ” look at the logo on the top right hand corner” . Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you! END OF STORY .

  48. Pai Sei said

    Fellows, Ask Not what the country can do for u…but ask what u can do for the country!
    If u can’t now….then go for next GE.

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