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PHOTOS: NUH doctors offer FREE medical checkup to pinoys in celebration of their independence day

Posted by temasektimes on June 14, 2012

NUH doctors will be offering FREE medical checkup for pinoys living in Singapore to celebrate their independence day this coming Sunday.

The event will be held at the Tropics Atrium, Suntec City on 17 June from 2 – 5pm.


68 Responses to “PHOTOS: NUH doctors offer FREE medical checkup to pinoys in celebration of their independence day”

  1. Jardel said

    Where will these funds be coming from? Verus how much tax are these pinoys paying?
    To be honest. we are really selling our asses to get screwed by these pinoys.

    Had we organised any free medical check ups for our dear Malaysian brothers and sisters before?
    Not in my memories….

  2. Compatriot said

    It will be mostly appreciated if you NUH doctors in return offers free med-checkup for Singapore Singaporeans on our National Day

  3. papsmear said

    Thank you NUH. Thank you singapore. I can bring my maid for free checkup.

  4. Jaded said

    this is really sick… are Sinkies really so worthless?

  5. james said

    Instead of this unhealthy obsession with pinoys, why don’t you concentrate on the real bread and butter issues?

  6. Anthony Tang said

    Shame shame shame and most ashamed to be called Anthony Tang same as that Dr in NUH

  7. icefire said

    why national day singaporean not given free check up ?
    Government should ban this event … they want Singaporean to treated foreign thrash fairly the SG government should learn to teat the locals fairly first
    if not the ruling PaPaya should leave with the FT

    • P Koh said

      For foreigners no need money, for Singapore must pay money. What type of policy is that.? I had always been taught from young that Charity begins at home. I think that they are afraid to offer to Singaporeans, the queue may stretch all the way to Manila.

    • halo said

      Didn’t you read? It’s for maids not all foreigners, I don’t think they can even personally afford medical checkup for a pay of $450 a month.

      • 34HGHG said

        Alot of locals also not enough money for medical checkup. How come not free for them?

        Vote garnering. So later voting time you pinoys know who to vote for hor. Ccb.

    • Kate Monster said

      Maybe because we can actually speak and write proper English; unlike the semi-literate drivel we see here.

  8. dr anthony tang and dr jun jie ng should be investigated by cpib for organizing this free medical check up for pinoys

    • Anthony Tang said

      Ashamed that the doctor has got same name as me.
      Why, why, why? Pinoys and not singaporeans
      NUH is Singapore Govt Hospital, why service the FT and not locals?

  9. wtf is shappening here.. said

    All of these “free services” is paid by Phil Embassy so its not really free..

  10. singaporean said

    i just called cecelia…initially she told me its for the filipino & indonesian workers in singapoire…when i questioned her as to how come NUH which is govenrmnet hospital provided such services to non singaporrans then she told me its not exclusive only to filipinoes…she told me that i could come too…
    hmmmmmm shld copy n paste on Lee hsien loong FB..

  11. Exaggerated said

    So……… why is the people in Phillipines so special? Are there special advantages happening between Singapore and Phillipines? Strange. Maybe it has never been broadcasted but I have not heard of anything like that for other citizens from other countries happening in Singapore.

  12. goodgirl said

    Singaporeans already enjoy cheap healthcare at polyclinics and cheap membership fees at SAFRA clubs. That’s good enough.

  13. Andre said

    Doctor usually provides free services as part of their physicians oath

  14. YNWA said

    Is it wrong to extend our “Singaporean hospitality” to people regardless of race, language or religion? C’mon everybody, stop this “foreigner-bashing”! Take your frustration elsewhere. We need them (foreigners) as much as they need us. We know how racial riots were started in Singapore and all it takes is just a spark. In the end, NOBODY WINS. I suggest we don’t read too much into all these “independence day” celebrations by NUH or Singtel – there are a sizeable community here in Singapore and there are good commercial reasons to have these “celebrations/promotions”. If one day you or your close ones work overseas and gets treated like an outcast in a foreign country, you’re not going to like it. (PS: I’m a true-blue Singaporean and I don’t become “more Singaporean” by riduculing foreigners. Hope I’m not the only one feeling this way…).

    • seah said

      u known why? wait one of this day your boss find that u are too expensive.u lost your jod to them u will understand

    • 34HGHG said

      You wait lah, later they replace you with someone who has ‘more degrees’ and ‘cheaper’.

      Sizeable community? If promotions aimed at them, its just capitalism. Profits go where? Tax. Then go where? More initiative to import. Then there goes your job.

    • Anthony Tang said

      Hello, get your facts right. They started it first. We are just retaliating.
      Jobs Singaporeans reject can be given to them, but now they are fighting us for our rice bowl.

    • Bullet said

      Wait this the pinoys gang up in your workplace and form their own meetings where u are not allowed to attend. Wait till the report against you to your boss, and he dismisses you so as not to lose chaep labor. Then you will be cursing them and bashing them double hard.

  15. Why said

    This is getting sickening. Why when those low income locals need free check up, the gov body need them to apply this and that, and might not grant approval. Even granted might be subsidized only. Why these NUS doctors give free check up to pinoy. Which hero’s idea is this?

    • 34HGHG said

      They need all the help they can get for 2016 wadddd

    • It is only for Pinoy maids who are paid $450. To supplement they have to sleep with boyfriends. Need free check up to ensure they dont pass STD to bosses, some of whom maybe NUH staff. Got it. Dont believe. go to all the budget hotels on sundays and you will see it for yourself. If you are lucky you will be the samelady with another guy in the afternoon.

  16. Hachooi said

    Why no free check up for local Singapore not just on National Day but on any day. My elderly parent goes to clinic every week for check and have to pay and pay !!! What is this ??

  17. Macha said

    Limpeh all free but me singaporean want to buy house as i cant afford the cov but i can afford downpayment and installment, ask for any favour coz my family are homeless, nobody is willing to help!

  18. Betrayers of Singaporeans said

    and who is paying for these?

    its taxpayer’s money. stop wasting tax payer’s monies on foreigners u NUH a22holes!

  19. Zhang said

    Info For all the Singaporean nutcases: PIDC SIngapore organises this. PIDC stands for Pinoy Independence Day Council and its the department in Filipino embassy. All the money spend from Pinoy embassy.. its not your freaking tax money. so all of you shut up!!! Morons

    • Lim boon tiong said

      To mr Zhang,

      Please go back to your country and don’t come here anymore

      The day will come when one of the cheap labour replaces u in work and u don’t even has money for your family.

      Then u come back here n update us. And u will know how we feel

    • Qqq said

      Fuck you lah.

      Equipment personnel everything all embassy pay ah? You think their incentives and subsidies to companies like singtel, fr them to organize special promo all from where? Your backside?

      Think la. Use your brain.

    • Andre said

      Would you think it would matter for this biggots? Someone even has the balls to call the number in the ad

    • Angry Bird said

      you bloody TRAITOR DOG (if you are Singaporean). don’t ever call your countrymen ‘Morons’. If you are a FTrash, shut your damn shit mouth, IDIOT!
      Get lost!


      Zhang Bastard, you r to one to shut your mother-fcuking mouth up. In the first place, no foreigner shd be allowed to celebrate their national day in another sovereign country. U shd tell the Tibetans to go Beijing, wave their Tibetan flags and declare their own national day and celebrate at Tiananmen Square. Fucking Chinese Moron!

    • i say what i think only... said

      if NUH is paid, i doubt there is any thanks! to them. don’t think the doc are allowed to freelance and get paid by the simi PIDC. in short it is free. try calling NUH say u organise this health event, u want them provide doc, u pay. for gov boards, u either do it for free or don’t do. very hard to justify mysterious revenue stream.

      in short, NUH farking give services FREE ok? i not saying singapore gov rent the suntec atrium for them to use. sponsored or not by suntec is another issue.

      PS: if i am suntec reit shareholder, i will throw away the shares for such sponsorship (if any). waste of manpower, space, resources for 0 benefits. unless of course suntec wanna be lucky plaza 2

  20. Annoymous said

    Even the person to call for queries also not local. LOL!!

  21. Singappines said

    In no time Singapore will be part of Philippines if this continues. First it was Singtel and now NHU.

  22. Me said

    Why should govt hospital living on Singaporean tax pay for another country people this is outrageous

  23. AngryBird said

    People are taking Singaporean for granted. We are been screwed. It’s the fact. Let face it.
    Not interested in the coming NDPs, don wish to see all the miw cb face. Waiting for 2016 patiently

  24. spotlessleopard said

    The Maids need this free help…..after all many of them really got screwed by Unscrupulous Agents ..and then end up working for miserable salary…..It is time We really pay them decent wages…at least to HK level……Shame on the PAP for collecting Maid Levy……which rightly should be part of the Maids Pay…where did all the levy collected go to? “What do you thin”?

  25. tkdx said

    i’m a singaporean btw.

    before anyone jump to conclusion, perhaps we should get the facts right.

    1) this event is not free as it’s sponsored by the Phillipines embassy (their money)
    2) it’s offered to pinoy maids, indirectly it helps singaporean. think about it, who’s going to pay for their medical expenses should anything happens ? it’ll be the employer, singaporean
    3) it’s the Phillipines’ independence day and they’re merely trying to help the maids (refer to point 2), which indirectly helps singaporeans ?
    4) those doctors and students from NUH/NUS respectively are being paid (refer to point 1), hence they are not offering a free service actually.

    • i say what i think only... said

      u really think they are being paid? fulltime staff of NUH allowed to freelance during working hrs? pls ah don’t dream.

      lastly, u think only got pinoy maids in singapore ah which part of the ad says it is for maids? more PMET than maids here already.

      • Net said

        “FREE CLINIC PARA KASAMBAHAY” means “Free Clinic for Maids” – “Kasambahay” means house maid in Tagalog.

  26. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    why we make ourselve so cheap skate…Pinoy is just our servant

    • Bullet said

      Pinoy keep harping it is paid by their Embassy. How to believe them. 2 Corrupt Presidents and I Corrupt Chief Justice. They have creditability???? For the sake of cheap labour our leaders say accomodate them. Do we need such shady people in our midst. Can NUH clarify???.

  27. seah said

    this is the reason they become so big headed.saying without them spore cannot survive.

  28. ali said

    PIDC is an office in the Embassy of The Philippines. Taxpayer’s money? It’s the money of Filipino taxpayers which was spent there…. Money of the Republic of the Philippines! Now if you want free healthcare ask LHL or LKY! Filipinos didn’t ask for your so-called “free” healthcare…. Filipino FT’s pay for their own healthcare services that they avail much like every natural Singaporean!

  29. Singapore is Heaven on Earth. Thank you Singaporeans you have a big heart. Well respected all over the world. I love Singapore but I am not a free loader. I spent over $7,000.00 over a period of 3 days in April 2012.

  30. Steve Lee said

    Look guys, it’s probably for STDs so chill out as we all benefit.

  31. Singapuraboi said

    Hey this is not nationalistic. Our govt has always stressed that nothing in this world is free and here we have a govt hospital going against the govt. or r they telling that nothing is free for locals and it’s free for every other nationalities. Down with NUH. Boo!

  32. Mr X said

    Hi there, the event is organised by the PIDC (Singapore) and our doctors are part of the volunteers. The organiser has clarified that the event is opened to the Filipino community and participants of other nationalities are welcome too.

    this MESSAGE from National University Hospital

    • Bullet said

      How to know if this message is from NUH. We dont trust Pinoys. 2 leaders and Chief Justice swindle from their own people. If officail reply from NUH why use Mr.X. State your name, appt and Dept.

  33. Wanderer said

    This event is organise by Philippine Government to celebrate their independent’s day. NUH senior doctors and junior doctors volunteer because they want to and not by force. There are free health check up available for Singaporeans esp the oldies. This blog is upsetting many people in NUH – please beware of your words and do your research well before publishing anything.

    • P Koh said

      If this is true, then I think there is no point for anyone else to comment on what the Philippine Government does for its citizens based in Singapore. Furthermore, it is offered to one and all on First Come First Served basis and those who
      complain can therefore also take advantage of this kind and generous gesture. Likewise, it would be wonderful if the
      Singapore Government could offer this servce to Singaporeans abroad on National Day too. Cheers to all.

  34. seah said

    shame on you ,why must carry them NUH.worry they will leave spore.they came in to take over sporean jod and depress our wages,sporean most of us having a hard time,with so many of foreigner here,and yet u want to carry them.Next are u going to free medical services on china PRC.or else they complaint it not FAIR’. Some of them already comment without them spore will sink down.most of the company dont like to employ sporean because of wages problem.foreigner is very much CHEAPER.We are Singaporean.look after us FIRST

  35. Singapore Rock Anthem said

    I think I could not let my finger stop typing the comment on this blog since so many stupid, oxymoron fellows tried to vomit out their no brainer comments. First of all, can you all imagine if all foreigners leave our country at the same time? (I’m sorry, although I’m a Singaporean that I can be so proud of myself that I might be more Singaporean than all of you who left all the non-sense comments out there, but I think I need to utter out my two cents just here). How much economy growth we can expect from our country that only host around less than 4 millions native citizens? Who will create the demand on grocery, housing rental, public transports, sport facilities, shopping malls, even our hawker centers so significantly that be able to boost our annual growth if we just rely merely on our own population.

    May you all guys imagine, how many foreigners to whom can our hard-working aunties and uncles in our very own hawker centers be served per day? They contribute significant enough purchases to keep our hawker center running.

    If we just chase away all those fellows out from our country, then all the economy growth will slow down, less people taking cabs, less people pay for our room rental and of course most of our shopping malls will get their sales degraded further.

    Come on, my bros and sis, you know that we are a country without any natural resources and now even our very basic natural resources, i.e.. our fertility rate is also plumping down each and every year.

    Then if you guys keep continuing the sentiment to our fellow foreigners than I believe one day our economy will collapse. Our founding father and the government now are very smart, they all know this problem, which is why. although you guys keep doing the black campaign of foreigners, they still maintain the certain standard of immigration policy.

    Do you know that recently our rank as one of the nicest place to stay on planet earth has been dropping? Do you think that our export has been slowing down due to Europe and US economy crisis? Do you think that without the boost of domestic consumer’s demand we can sustain the global economy melt down without going into recession such as greece, portugal and Spain (although their football team is still a great contender to write a history as one of the first country to win three major matches in a row)?

    I personally have experience when I am helping my company for hiring. Our fellow Singaporean is really so picky. Fresh graduate requests for certain minimum pay, certain days of leave a year and certain hours of working. Meanwhile our fellow foreigners will be happy to work long hour with less pay. Why not, instead of condemning foreigners, we do contemplate ourselves and introspect into our very deep heart. Do we really become less competitive nowadays? Do our younger generation, so called strawberry or Y generation is more pampered than ever. Do you really loose out our competition edge and only be able to blame foreigners and behave like a close society such as North Korea.

    Have we been already forgotten about our root that we separated ourselves from Malaysia to get the independence just because we were treated like a ‘shit”, we were bullied because of our ethnicity and race? Why now we start to attack other people, race, ethnicity and country origin.

    To sum up, my brothers and sisters, let’s wake up now. We simply won’t be able to content globalization. Like it or not, borderless country, as been outlined by ingenious Thomas Friedman in his groundbreaking book, ” the world is flat”, will and have surrounded us today and it’s unsurmountable to stop it. What we can do now, instead of condemning all the foreigners, why not we try to ask ourselves and get back our pride that we used to have before, hard-working, intelligent, never give-up, introspection and blame nobody but ourselves when the situation get though. And then we will be able to get our head up again in the nearest future as one of the Asia Tiger or even World Lion….


  36. WHY all the complaints,not HAPPY go elsewhere to be a foreigner.

  37. Bullet said

    Singapore Rock Anthen, you are right to a point. But we dont need them to an extent where we are jobless because they gate crash at low low rate.


    This is my country. I did NS to defend it. Why should I leave. I wil make them quit from my land. Wait till you lose your job, bus seat, husband to them then you will know.

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