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Local polytechnic student calls for foreigners studying in JCs and polytechnics to serve NS

Posted by temasektimes on June 15, 2012

I read this article ( with jealousy as a full time local student studying in a local polytechnic.

Having the opportunity to continue to study in local university NTU after graduating from local polytechnic or Junior College without going through NS is truly a blessing for him, thanks to our PAP Pro-Foreign students policy.

Foreign students in Junior Colleges and local polytechnics has the privilege of not serving NS after graduating and directly gain entry to local university if they do well. Unfortunately, local poly and JC students have to be disrupted for either one year ten months or two years to do their compulsory National Service.

This is indeed an irritating disruption to many local male students as some students has developed an entrepreneurial or commercialized business model for companies or for themselves during their Final Year Project. After working so hard and developed a feasible project for the industry, the poor male students have to go for the compulsory NS while their ideas are taken away by companies, not be able to patent their own ideas or to keep track the process, but, only to see companies used their feasible and hard-work ideas to turn into huge profit and in the end, they gain nothing.

I do hope to see the government could come up with some policies to allow foreign students to serve NS. Many foreign male students are taking the advantage of schooling in our local polytechnic and junior colleges, while pending their citizenship as foreign student while preventing it to be converted to Permanent Resident so they could skip doing National Service.

As our population is increasing, our defense forces could not solely depend on Local Male Singaporeans. We need to increase our defense forces ie. soldiers to defense our country. PM is so concern about our economic growth, and encouraging more foreigners to work in Singapore, but, why does he not concerning the figure of our soldiers, should’t that once our population increase, our defense force should increase too just like China is increasing their defense forces annually.

Due to our limited number of male singaporeans serving NS, should he recruit young foreign male students after studying in local JC and poly to serve NS too after they graduate to tally our increasing population with our defense forces? How could our current defense forces manpower protect the increasing population in 5-10 years down the road?

Should our soldiers include foreign students too instead of allowing them pending their citizenship and gain entry to local university after graduating from polytechnic and JC or follow their parents to other country for further education right after they graduate when their age is also same as our local male student age 17-20?

What do you think?


*The above is currently a full-time student in a local polytechnic


27 Responses to “Local polytechnic student calls for foreigners studying in JCs and polytechnics to serve NS”

  1. Ken Lee said

    maybe wait for 50 60 year later GOV will change!

  2. spotlessleopard said

    My sons 3 of them were similary disadvantaged by the PAP policy…now all of them has indicated they will emigrate…(in fact one has already done so) and two more will follow suit…Good luck to PAP and their foolish policy of importing 2million foreigners in the last 10years…..PAP will grow the economy at all cost …at the cost of marginalising Singaporeans…Grow the GDP at the expense of Singaporeans so that they can still be the World’s highest paid politicians…

  3. hachoiji said

    I agree that any potential citizen or already PR must serve NS if they are between age 18 years old to 35 years old. My previous suggestions;

    1. Issue Long Term Pass for all new potential citizen with limited period to 3 to 5 years.
    2. Limit existing PR status to five years and renewable upon expiry. Convert PR into citizenship if not they will be converted into Long Term Pass limited to not more than five years.
    3. PR with age bewtween 18 years old and 25 years old to serve NS.
    4. PR with age between 26 years old to 35 years old to serve NS ( limited to Police Force or CIvil Defence division).
    5. Existing PR holding more than 10 years to be converted to citizenship

    Intergration must work both ways, NS is one very good way to integrate tham into our community.

    Government cannot continue to be one-sided and expect the local born to sacrifice for the country and allow potential to enjoy a free ride anymore. Our local boys deserve to be treated fairly. Enough is enough !

  4. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    This is so unfair as during my time after completing polytechnic studies, I had to serve 2.5 years of Full-Time NS first before continuing my university education and it was 2.5 years of Fulltime NS then instead of only 2 years of Full-Time NS duration now regardless of rank attained!

    No wonder, these foreign students could obtain 1st Class Honours Degree so easily, no distractions & disruptions to their study life & they have got continuity in their pursuit of excellence with much focus & concentration knowing that they are safely & adequately protected by native singaporeans serving full-time NS!

  5. singaporeans said

    I think scholarsips for FT and NS for singkees.

  6. FUCK SAF! said

    Fuck this National service shit and SAF and PAP.

  7. Jaded said

    Jobs for foreigners, NS for sinkies!

  8. brokenspacebar said

    i grew up in sg and applied for NS but rejected. That was then. If i have this option I’ll take it. Serve NS then tertiary eduction.

  9. wishiwasn'tasingaporean said

    I believe you have failed to understand the basis of National Service. NS is a conscription to allow Singapore to maintain a reserve force of citizen soldiers to be called up during times of crisis (i.e. war etc). If Singapore were to make conscription mandatory for foreigners, it would have no benefit for the country as these people are not even native citizens who will live in Singapore for the remainder of their lives and protect Singapore when the need arises. From what I understand from your article, it seems you are just trying to make lives of foreign students more difficult so that you will feel justified for having to serve NS. Even if they serve NS, I see no tangible benefits this will have on the lives of us Singaporeans. Furthermore, conscripting foreigners would simply just mean a waste of 2 years of their lives, which would be better used to serve their bonds in their scholarships. So for the issue of NS, it doesn’t make sense for a country to conscript foreigners (other than mercenaries, whose sole job is to protect a foreign country). Unless of course you are referring to permanent residents who will advance to become citizens, however I wouldn’t refer to them as foreigners.

    • Anon said

      there are many retarded people out there coming up with their own pseudo policies that will “do justice to Singaporeans”. this is purely a case of sour grapes. Singaporeans are regarded some of the most highly educated people in the world. If you are a capable Singaporean who is willing to put your mind and soul into your studies/work, I dont see how you will be obstructed from clinching what this indonesian has achieved. do not blame it on your mandatory service to protect your homeland.

  10. Jae said

    sorry my friend.. it’s sad to say the authorities will tell u now: we r a 3rd gen fighting force.. we use technology efficiently. we use less manpower now and use less humans for every machine.. hence, no need for foreigners to serve ns. it’s a sad n depressing fact we all have to face.

    and don’t forget, it’s not only 2 years of NS. it’s another 10-20 years of NS re-service that not only disrupts your career every year, but also your family plans. 1 second worth of time today is worth a hundred times more compared to 20-30 years ago. time is precious. don’t waste our precious lifetime.

  11. Telling unwilling foreigners who are just minding their business to serve NS? You offend me.

  12. Annoymous said

    Don’t waste time and hope that PAP will change, they can’t wait to lick these GDP talents balls to hope they will grow their fat bonus(GDP) and support them in future elections.

  13. Kate Monster from Bukit Timah said

    Gawsh. I think your entry is so riddled with grammatical errors I wonder if you’re really a polytechnic student. And you wonder why we foreigners are squeezing you out. At least we can write better English than that; whether we’re from China, Zimbabwe, the UAE or Sweden.

  14. Leo said

    Good to see our youths voicing their opinions. To start off, foreign students should not go for NS as they are not Singapore citizens. If you are in their shoes, would you feel the same too? I personally feel that foreign students’ school fee should be without concessions and limit the scholarship. We should offer more scholarship to our local students. I used to study in Australia and the fee i’m paying is much much more than what the locals are paying. That should be the way. Our education policy has been treating this group of students like GODS….it is unavoidable to see them (generally) being arrogant.

  15. Unknown said

    Foreigners do not have the privileges like how government give to the Local. The local have not a single right to force Foreigners to serve NS for the country. In fact, it is a MUST to be an optional to them whether to serve or not to serve. If the government still insist on foreigners serving NS, it is only an act of Selfishness. They did not get all privileges like local and yet must serve NS. The percentages of Foreigner who coming for work and education will reduce by a huge numbers. And Singapore will be the only country in the world that Foreigner Must Serve ARMY for the country, not even their homeland. And Singapore will eventually offended many countries in the world by this policy of making Foreigners to serve Singapore Army to protect the country. Many countries will completely against it.

  16. hmm.. said

    Hmm.. Mr Chan, I ask you.

    Without NS, can you get the same honours as him or not?

    If you go to a foreign language top university, say Germany, can you do well like him even with the language issue?

    Mr Chan, it’s the easy way to give lame excuses when one is jealous. The more difficult way is to prove yourself despite your alleged so-called “excuses”.

    If 20 years ago, God put your birthplace as Indonesia or Philippines or Vietnam with no NS, will you now be in Singapore to prove yourself with a first class honours? Now, God has placed you here in Singapore but you complain about NS. Maybe you should try being born elsewhere for a change to prove your abilities.

  17. MKH said

    Before you wrote this article, you should have gone for overseas and studied. Therefore, you can understand what being a foreigner student is like. We Do pay our school fees more than your locals and you still want us to serve NS regardless of serving NS in our own countries. In addition, we don’t get the privileges as you guys do. Grow up, man!

  18. Vira said

    Well… Before you write this article, you should open your eyes…Being a foreign student in a local polytechnic is not easy.. We need to pay higher tuition fees than a local student & yet 90% of foreign students will be working part time.. to earn money to pay room rent, to buy food, to pay for transport, phone bills all… Our families are not here in Singapore & after we graduated.. we still need to do NS? What the hell is it?

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