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Massive outcry over NUH offering free health screening to pinoys to celebrate its Independence Day

Posted by temasektimes on June 15, 2012

A massive outcry has erupted in cyberspace at NUH’s offer of free health screening and dental checkup for pinoys this coming Sunday at Suntec City as part of its celebration for the Filipino Independence Day.

According to an announcement made by the Pinoy Independence Day Council (PIDC) Singapore on its Facebook, NUH will be providing doctors to provide FREE basic medical consultation and dental services for the pinoy community in Singapore.

The ‘kind’ gesture by NUH did not go down too well with some Singaporeans who wondered why no similar health screenings were organized for Singaporeans on National Day in the past.

Kevin Goh asked on Facebook if public resources are being used for the event:

“To MOH : If NUH is a fully private hospital, “I don’t care” If not, Pls account for the cost of this generous gesture…”

Chris Tan was not impressed:

“What the hell is this? Creating a event in public for their own independence day, and now NUH is giving them free check up. Did i see all these on singapore national day? This is singapore!!! Not yr pinoyland.”

Liu Zhanhong asked why NUH is not helping needy Singaporeans instead:

“Even if its a community service initiative, does it makes sense to do community service for foreigners in your own land instead of serving your less-privileged countrymen? I’m confused. Please enlighten me on the rationale behind this initiative.”

Meanwhile, Singaporeans are ‘advised’ to stay clear of Suntec City this coming Sunday as it is likely to be converted into a ‘mini-Manila’ with large number of pinoys expected to congregate there to celebrate their ‘Independence Day’:


48 Responses to “Massive outcry over NUH offering free health screening to pinoys to celebrate its Independence Day”

  1. Steve Lee said

    Relax guys. It’s probably for STDs so we all benefit.

  2. vin183 said

    Agreed. Why is NUH doing this for this free medical screening only for the Pinoys? Was this ‘clever’ idea from one f their Pinoy FT employees?
    If NUH still decides to go ahead with this, then Singaporeans should similarly expect free health screening this upcoming National Day.
    And also for those FTs from China, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh on their respectivecountres’ National Days – otherwise it is blatant discrimination !,,,,,,

  3. bernard tan said

    now, why should we stay clear of suntec city? last i heard, suntec city was in singapore…………this is not manila…….. as for nuh, wtf are they doing? like singaporeans don’t need free medicals……..

  4. sfng said

    “Meanwhile, Singaporeans are ‘advised’ to stay clear of Suntec City this coming Sunday as it is likely to be converted into a ‘mini-Manila’ with large number of pinoys expected to congregate there to celebrate their ‘Independence Day’”

    Aiyoh, TT.. WHO advised the singaporeans?? You?

  5. goodgirl said

    Pinoys don’t do NS. Pinoy PRs make great effort to evade NS. Pinoys play politics at work and hire their own kind. In return, Singtel offers Pinoys goodie bags and NUH offers Pinoys free medical checkup. I guess it doesn’t pay to be a Singaporean in Singapore these days.

  6. Anthony Tang said

    First they take over Lucky Plaza on Sunday, now they take over Suntec City. When are they taking over LSL’s office?

  7. Anthony Tang said

    Don’t tell me this is also a donation from the Rotary Club like in Hougang

  8. Sky said

    2016, The Uprising.

  9. spotlessleopard said

    The Maids will benefit and the “Employers” will benefit……..

  10. Peter said

    Grow up guys. Don’t be so petty. You have a much better life than these people. Why begrudge them a day which they can celebrate by being cared for by the people who employ them.

    • yong choon kiat said

      Hey fuck u. Do u noe how many old plp r working at foodcourt n hawker centers? Do they fucking get health screening?

      • Peter said

        Swearing at me will not help. You guys are barking at the wrong tree. Why taking up your grievances with the maids? They never ask for free checkup. It is offered to them. If you are unhappy that our fellow Singaporeans who are working in hawker centers are not getting the free checkup, then take up this issue with the organisers of the event or better still the government.

    • F**K_THE_PINOYS said

      Hey he’s trying to get fucked becoz u r telling ppl to not be petty, to grow up. They r voicing their opinion, what’s wrong with that? Who r you to tell them that? If u can’t take the opinion of others, best that you shut the fuck up.

  11. FR said

    Their embassy power. Got pull.

  12. Ken Lee said

    this thing also 97% are brainless! quote today, i sprain my back i told my TL, i need to go visit the Doctor cause my back pain! guess what the brainless thing say? are you trying to run away from ISO audit? how can this kind of question come out from a front line customer service staff. what should this brainless thing said if he or she is you?

  13. David said

    I hope Singaporeans are not subsidizing this kind of events indirectly. Recall an incident that occurred to me recently. I had to send my 70-year old mother to NUH A&E (by taxi) as she developed severe diahorrea in the middle of the night. I was told that due to her age, she had to be warded in the observation ward for a day. Guess what? After more than a month, I received the bill from NUH. It costed us 400 dollars just for that visit.

  14. Speechless said

    y cant conduct this outside Captial Tower?

  15. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    For Pinoy’s FTs in Pinoy Paradise lah…lest all men here will be infected with STDs, HIVs & AIDs!

  16. Steve said

    bye bye PAP

  17. KW said

    Why no Free Health Screening for all Singaporean during our National Day?????? This is so called: “吃里爬外“。 Chinese says: “肥水不流外人田”,our government are the only in the world doing the opposite, no wonder foreigners look as us like “Stupid”…

  18. don’t you know that singapore has paradise also?
    read the latest news? Old Auntie is a geylang whore!!!

  19. dave said

    Could this be just a commercial marketing to target this new group of potential customers? Just a biz decision and nothing else?

  20. Lee Shu-Anne said

    First of all, this is a sponsored event. Secondly, why must we stay clear of Suntec City? Filipinos are human beings too. Terrible.

  21. Justice?? said

    Meanwhile, Singaporeans are ‘advised’ to stay clear of Suntec City this coming Sunday as it is likely to be converted into a ‘mini-Manila’ with large number of pinoys expected to congregate there to celebrate their ‘Independence Day’:

    This doesn’t make sense. Why should we avoid a SINGAPORE PUBLIC PLACE because Pinoys are having National Day there? This celebration shouldn’t even be allowed. Wtf? This should logically, be politically wrong.


  22. Enough Nonsense said

    Too many Pinoy doctors at NUH A&E. Watch out becos they do NOT know a shittee about anything. STOP employing Pinoys as doctors there. Either they repeat years 3 to 6 in NUS medical school at their own expense or as a study loan with interest & stop sponsoring them. Once they graduate, their pay would be high enough to cover their study loan & start paying interest. Their skills are not competent enough.

    Shame on you NUH!!!

    • thinkagain said

      I went to a family clinic last time i was not feeling well. The local doctor did a check on my blood pressure using sphygmomanometer. He let the mercury drop only until 100 then stopped and removed the tool around my arm. Guess what? He read my BP as 120/80 which is normal. I asked, how did you come up with the 80, u only stopped at 100? He said, i listened to your pulse rate. I was like… “ohh okay”. I am not a medical graduate but i know how to use the tool and i know that pulse rate is not correlated to blood pressure.

      So u think all singaporean doctors are competent?

      • kulang kulang said

        still much better than pinoy scums doctors who probably have fake medical degrees!


    We need the Health Minister of SINGAPORE to answer the question on why public resources are used to offer FREE screening to this group of foreigners. If it is free, please explain why ALL SINGAPORE CITIZENS are not given this PRIVILEGE?

  24. Kukupinoy said

    When Singapore national day should we hang Philippine flag and sing Philippine national anthem? Pinoy only good in sxxking dick. I know why they have free health screen because they alway serviced Singapore man.

  25. ali said

    TR “fans” are so narrow minded! The Philippine government is not stupid enough to “persuade” or even “threaten” a foreign hospital owned by a foreign government just for this hospital to provide “free” services to its Filipino migrant workers. Of course, our gov’t. paid for it from the tax money of the Republic of the Philippines, not from the burses of the people of the Republic of Singapore!

    Next time don’t be too stupid to post racists comments. Having a democratic society should not be abused. That is why even an Ang Moh Aussie criticize you for your actions people! You want a promo for migrant Singaporeans during your National Day? Ask your nearest Singapore embassy! This event are for Pinoys because our government paid for it! The Philippine embassy would not call that as “our” event if they didn’t pay for it!

    • Kulang Kulang said

      You mother-fucking stupid shit-brained moronic pinoy…your presence here had contaminated Singapore with all your fucking stench here…after the party, Suntec City would have to really do a thorough cleaning-up and de-sanitization of the whole area in order to get rid of the strong smelly BO, stinky stench and deadly germs + viruses left behind by you pinoy scums!

      Spare us your dumb dumb pig brain as well, Singapore government organized many Singapore days around the world for Singaporeans every year, if you do not know, why don’t you just shut your stupid stinky filthy pig mouth!

      • Ali said

        Mr. Kulang Kulang is an Ah Beng from the zoo on the loose! :)))))

        Kulang kulang really makes sense as your name! It is an another term for stupid :)) SG embassies organize events for SG people around the world? yes i know such events! I even attended one of them! I’m not innocent about your culture!

        Another thing, have you seen a germ-free place in the world? And who has BO between SG’s and Pinoys???? Plus, was there any party place or event without rubbish??? STFU for you brother!

  26. Kulang Kulang said

    LOL, maybe NUH is getting only the veterinarians to Suntec City for the day…they are the right experts to take care and check on animals!

  27. FR said

    Avoid Suntec this sunday, otherwise media say drew a big crowd of locals and pinoys alike.

  28. Tan young ren said

    A lot of pinoy women are sexual promiscuity. This is the main reason why a lot of Ang mo’s companies love to employ pinoy woman.

  29. wtf is happening here.. said

    This is a Phil Govt Sponsored celebration, paid and funded by Phil Embassy. TT is notorious in stirring any news that will result into hits, but still many gullible netizens are falling in this kind of cheap tactics.

  30. kjhkjhkjguy said

    As long as they pay for the venue, they can celebrate their day.
    But if SINGAPORE PUBLIC ENTITIES using PUBLIC FUNDS give them FREE things, then I see red.
    Another thing that would make me see red is any NEW CITIZEN go celebrate. If you convert to my citizenship, you celebrate SINGAPORE NATIONAL DAY with US as ONE OF US. If you want to remain a Pinoy, then don’t take up my PINK IC. Simple as that.

  31. seah said

    .Must Ankap them .if not all of them pack up and go back .how will our spore going to survive.all of us will die of hunger .HOW?.they are god send to help spore

  32. tintin said

    Independence Day is 9314

  33. truthopensecret said

    im terribly disappointed with the pap. you have been sitting in your ivory tower for too long.

    please start investigating the outsourcing hiring firms. the hiring practises are so wrong. preference is given over ppl of their own kind, BY their own ppl.

    so many questions have gone unanswered.
    you owe singaporeans an explanation.

  34. Goodness Gracious Me said

    Isn’t NUH a public hospital? How come they are providing free checkups to Fillipinos?

    • Ng said

      I suggest they can have free medical check up if they agree to return by free blood donation. it would be a good gesture, to proof that you are here not only to take but to give.

  35. hohoho said

    yesterday I just saw a female PIGOY got arrested at one of the hotel. Hired a maid is good they can do house chores and also clean your balls… one stone kill to bird. They are really cheap.

  36. solaris8899 said

    why have such event organize from NUH?

  37. kulang kulang said

    Actually, NUH might be doing Singaporeans a favor, as I had just read this horrified news about “One Pinoy Acquires HIV Every 3 Hours”…wow, that’s one new weapon for the pinoys to conquer Singapore!!! Read the link below:

  38. thinkagain said

    Yeah these local netizens are so gullible and posted some racist comments without even thinking first.

    This is a Phil govt sponsored event. So Phil govt paid for your doctors to be there and provide service for pinoys! Singaporean doctors from NUH got paid for the service. Singapore govt got paid for the event. Food shops at Suntec will get lots of customers. So what’s the fuzz?!

  39. kulang kulang said

    @Thinkagain…so typical of a stupid shit-brained pinoy scum, aren’t you? You so sure your fucking poor phil govt paid for the services of these doctors, care to show us the receipts first before we believe you?
    Didn’t a shit-brained like you read even your own embassy’s invitation letter that the services was provided by volunteering doctors and housemen in NUH for scums like you?
    Typical stupid mentality born right out from the womb!

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