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More than half of JC students expect to earn $3,000 monthly for their first job

Posted by temasektimes on June 15, 2012

In a survey conducted by BrightSparks, a scholarship, higher education and career portal 55.4 per cent of ‘A’ level and IB graduates said they expect to earn more than S$3,000 per month while 10 percent expects to make more than S$4,000 per month after they graduate.

Four in 10 students voted Business Administration as the most popular course of study, followed by Accounting (28.8%) and Engineering (28.6%) based on findings of the same survey which covered some 2,700 students.

The top five most popular industries to work in are banking and financial services, airline/travel, public service, healthcare and auditing/accounting.

The survey also found that students prefer scholarships issued by local universities to those awarded by government agencies or companies.

The National University of Singapore retained the top spot as the most popular scholarship provider followed by NTU.



35 Responses to “More than half of JC students expect to earn $3,000 monthly for their first job”

  1. Singapuraboi said

    What are they telling our students? I am a foreign grad and when i came back to work, I keep hearing how unrealistic our grads salary expectations are. Then a colleague who is a local grad told me how they we given the impression that grads (at that time) should be making $2,200 per month for starters. And the profs were drilling that into them. Today, we know that with FTs the start pay is back to 20 years ago when I started out, $1,200. Is is obvious that our education is out of touch with reality. Worse, teaching things that are not true and real. They should teach the students the real world. So how can we be a work class education system when they at so ignorant of salaries scales out there. When I was studying overseas, the profs all know what is their key rate for their grads.

    • SgGuy said

      It is ‘good’ that the students have such high expectations. Wait till they graduate and get hit by the real world. Then this new generation of voters will definitely do something with their votes to sound their unhappiness. Our new generation will be the new force!

      • Medvedev said

        So you’re thinking of voting against PAP to ‘sound your unhappiness’?! What good will that do?! Wake up your idea.
        Destabilising the government will only cause the economy to be worser and make it more difficult for people to find a job.
        And can I ask you why people are blaming all these things on PAP? They are not god and cannot do everything for you. They are just a few people managing Singapore and trying to get our economy as robust as possible so we don’t have to suffer. You want them to give you money?! Where does the money come from?
        They cannot be responsible for your every suffering, but just think of how many luxuries you have that they are responsible for. A good education system, HDB, a clean neighborhood, low crime rates and a healthy economy.
        Seriously they are not god. Stop blaming every trivial thing on them they have enough on their hands.

  2. richard wong said

    now I can understand why so many jobs goes to foreigners if our youngsters expect to earn big salary just after graduation without any job experience !!!! how you expect our local small companies afford to pay them such salary !!!!

  3. Steve Lee said

    Reality check please. Don’t they know they’ll be undercut by FT’s?

  4. whut said

    expects to earn more then 3-4k as a fresh out of school with no experience, they are going to be extremely disappointed.

  5. Jaded said

    hahaha, these students are still living in their dreamland thats why can see so many of them posting pro-PAP comments on Facebook. Time to wake up and smell the guano baby!

    • Ryan said

      You do know that the current generation of university students are not exactly pro-PAP right? Why do you assume they are the very ones who post pro-PAP comments? And just so you know, a significant proportion of those students from those mentioned courses do go on to earn near that amount. Jealous much?

  6. JamesCK said

    Good luck!!!

  7. F**K_THE_PAPigs said

    Well, good that young S’poreans have aspirations and goals that are realistic and pragmatic. If anyone is to say they’re too demanding, how do you think they can cope with the rapidly rising costs of living as a result of the influx of foreigners? How else can they ever afford a roof over their heads? And, at the other end, there are the fucking PAPigs who demand millions in salary just so that they can continue to screw up Singapore & Singaporeans.

  8. i say what i think only... said

    don’t dream la and F the business admin course. sorry i dont know what course to recommend since all is being squeezed by foreigners, including nursing. i grad from nus business admin and working for 4-5yrs outside, havent seen 3k, not to mention starting pay. dont zo bang (dream) please. the mentality that kills most is that “i am cut out for big things in life” attitude. not to mention JC students only, not even inside uni.

  9. Why not? said

    If you have a degree with good honours 3k is still possible. My friend is a fresh diploma grad and he is getting 2.3k as IT support . I don’t see why fresh uni grad cannot make more. Also one of the big investment companies (starting with ‘B’) pay interns 5k a month for internship. I have friends from uni already securing that internship. So a long term job that pays 3k is already very realistic assuming he/she has a decent degree.

  10. Clowny said

    Expectaction and Reality. Of coz i also expect to get $10k after grad… but in reality its around $2.5k ?

  11. unknown said

    That is unrealistic figure of $3k for fresh starters!

  12. alex said

    This survey is nonsence some of my fren fm poly cant even get a decent job and takes few months to land one and when they are offer a job all they get is merely between $1500 to $2000…This are all bullshit to lie the people.

    • 2000 is the right pay for poly students. Do you know why your friend cannot get a decent job? This is because the company can hire a university foreign graduate with the same pay.

      • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

        @Freetrolleysingapore, Most of my friends who are fresh polytechnic(s) graduates only get paid S$1,500 per month only working in SMEs & they were told to take it or leave it as there are many unemployed poly graduates around.

        You were right to say that FTs armed with foreign universities degrees are also being paid S$1,500 per month only especially those from China, Myanmar, Philippines, etc…(And these FTs would gladly take up the jobs on offer leaving no jobs left for singaporeans!)

  13. Singaporean said

    Wake up Please!! No experience and just freshly graduate expect to get $3K??? you day dreaming..

  14. spotlessleopard said

    They will discover to their dismay taht 7 out of 8 jobs goes to foreigners who get paid less than half of the going rate….Maybe these young people do not know that in the lat several years the PAP has imported 2million Foreigners…and consequently many of these students’ parents were laid off….Good luck to these dreamers..

  15. Veritas said

    Blame PAP, don’t blame our young boys. It is PAP who seek to paint rosy economics picture by hyping up our salaries, distorting reality. Today, almost all civil service are paying above 3k, way above private sector.

    And PAP keep using rigged statistic to prove that our wages are on the way to infinity.

    Our young minds are corrupted by PAP’s social engineering way back. This is just tip of iceberg.

  16. JASON CHOW said

    poly lecturer’s pay with 10-15 years holding a degree in NTU earn only 4k plus.

    what is our kid mentality nowadays

  17. wmulew said

    No wonder suddenly have so many opposition supporters. Those morons came out expecting such high salaries, don’t get it and just assume it’s FT fault. Those buggers need a reality check

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      @Wmulew, It is the Pro-Alien Party’s fault for painting a distorted rosy picture of high starting salaries for graduates from our 3 main universities (NUS, NTU & SMU) which we often read about from MSM of graduate’s salary surveys!

      Now who to blame? Especially, when they are the ones to mass import in FTs in huge container loads to increase the supply base therefore, when supply of talents are much more than demand (req’mts) naturally, their salaries will fall/drop!

      Take for example, doctor or GP profession -with so many General Practitioners & doctors being imported from overseas (Sri Lanka, India, China, Philippines, Myanmar, etc) nowadays, the starting salary of a new houseman had fallen by 20% as compared to his peers who had graduated 2 batches earlier as one of my friend was complaining to me!

  18. Ken Lee said


  19. Mike Lowery said

    yup, as usual, blame PAP. they are the cause of everything that’s wrong with this world, from ferrari’s running into taxi cabs, to maids falling off ledges, to grads wanting a high salary, to the problems in Greece and Syria. why bother posting if all you are going to do is blame everything on PAP. it’s silly.

  20. newhik said

    Students get unrealistic pay expectations simply because the tertiary facility always gives the wrong impression. They invite the top earner graduate from the previous years who are top scholars and high flyers, who are given high pay scales due to their abilities. However, students being naive, would assume that since this guy is earning 6-8k when he is a top flyer, so they should be getting 34k which is never the case.

  21. newhik said

    Students get unrealistic pay expectations simply because the tertiary facility always gives the wrong impression. They invite the top earner graduate from the previous years who are top scholars and high flyers, who are given high pay scales due to their abilities. However, students being naive, would assume that since this guy is earning 6-8k when he is a top flyer, so they should be getting 34k which is never the case.

  22. pngkueh_forever said

    Yeah, fat hope. TAN KU KU

  23. kjhkjhkjguy said

    Guys, why did not anyone asked the reason for expecting that pay range? The amount of “investments” into education has increased steeply since a decade ago. Just look at the “compulsory” tuition from primary school, now spread to even pre-school. Then compare the uni fees to a decade ago. Are these grads just asking for a comparable “real ROI”?
    Or are they also forced by the wonderous rise of HDB prices to need that pay, or otherwise be condemned as “unproductive selfish childless” people? Don’t judge before asking WHY!

  24. true blue said

    I didn’t bother reading the whole piece. I’d say dream on JC! over 3T is pff! All the best. LOL

  25. ineedsecurity said

    Too many rich kids around… These ppl are ‘richer’ when they are studying than when they go to work. Parents should learn to teach children the value of money.

  26. What Do You Think? said

    With a meager 3K – salary and they want to get married, own a car and a house? No wonder so many of our SG girls are now looking for the easy way out to earn extra money.

  27. Medvedev said

    Instead of using the word expect, what about ‘hoping’? Don’t tell me as a kid you didn’t hope to be an astronaut, lawyer or some big and rich businessman.
    Besides 3000 is a reasonable expectation for JC students as most of them will become graduates. A fresh law graduate from NUS, I presume, should be able to get around 5000 within the first 6 months.
    As they still do not know how their results will turn out, it is reasonable for them to hope to become a lawyer or doctor and command much more than 3000 as their starting pay.
    Stop trying to picture the youths nowadays as spoilt brats to make yourself feel better.

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