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NUS PRC professor: Small doses of hallucinogenic drugs can make students more ‘creative’

Posted by temasektimes on June 15, 2012

Small doses of hallucinogenic drugs can make students more ‘creative’, wrote Shi Yuzhi, an Associate Professor of Chinese language and linguistics in the Department of Chinese Studies at National University of Singapore on his personal blog.

[Source: NUS]

Prof Shi, who graduated with a PhD from Stanford University in 1999, quoted the example of the late former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs who had famously described taking LSD as a “positive life-changing experience”.

The post caused a stir among netizens with many disagreeing with him.

In response to queries from the media, NUS said it does not endorse the views espoused by Prof Shi and it will be ‘investigating’ the matter.


21 Responses to “NUS PRC professor: Small doses of hallucinogenic drugs can make students more ‘creative’”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Let the good “professor” say his piece…why stifle creative speech. …and thoughts?

  2. Ken Lee said

    wow how creative!!! surname SHI in Singapore very rare! some-more come with pinyin. wow like love very like!!! our talent our hero our GOV so call high IQ EQ talent!!

  3. Go and proposed to your China government said

    Go and proposed to your China government, and not in Singapore.
    Please do not use Singapore as your testing ground!

  4. Is your idea proven? said

    Is your idea proven?

    Foreigner try to proposed many ideas, as his stand is foreigner, and what he does will have impact on other country and not his country.

    If his idea work, he gain credit; if his idea does not work, his country is not affected and he will not be blamed on it, on the other hand, people will laugh at “Singapore” as she is stupid to listen to foreigner idea.

    I am not anti foreigners, but please suggest some proven idea to us. Not using Singapore as your testing ground to get yourself famous!

  5. Steve Job is not a good example said

    Steve Job is not a good example!

    Steve Job is a special person and is a talent, use him as an example is not appropriate.

  6. Morphine is used in medicine to ease pain; so is opium, I believe.
    Unless Prof Shi is encouraging the smoking of pot or drug abuse, he’s merely stating a point that has yet to be proved. Nothing wrong, and no need for ‘hooha’ as Steve Jobs is widely publicsed to hv made his ‘infamous’ statement on LSD that Prof Shi reportedly quoted.
    The authorities shd leave Prof Shi alone for merely stating a fact that was widely reported in news media.

  7. This kind of creativity is not within the control of the user and we sometimes call them “siao kia”.

    • dave said

      If we say we have academic freedom and such ideas from an academic is stifled, how is Spore to answer to the Yale-NUS initiative? It shows there is no academic freedom. Why is a remark or any remark so damaging? Is what he is going to say going to bring mindless hords of NUS students to try out? Do we really think our students are without brains or so impressionable? I think there are far more radical ideas on the internet for the young today – they are much more exposed. The idea that an academic’s words carry a lot of weight is really in the Jurassic era….maybe its the authorities, who is made up of those much older that still think like 20-30 years ago.

  8. Realist said

    Drugs and orgies go together.
    Maybe the prof wishes to test this out ?

  9. dave said

    And the title should not play up the FT issue-he bing a PRC has nothing to do w the issue. The issue is academic freedom. Can an academic say what he thinks? Or Spore is still an extremely conservative place as far as ideas are concerned. We boast of wider moral acceptance (e.g gay, lesbians, even a lax code implementation on gay sex) and a more inclusive society but fight shy of academic freedom? So much so we need to “investigate”? Do the authorities think our youth are so innocent and brainless? I think the authorities should wake up to the fact that today’s youth are much more well read, much more exposed and are much more street wise than their forefathers. An any academic or printed word should be discounted and not take as gospel truth. Its only when we are free of “appealing to authority” and “sacred cows”, that creative ideas and the “why must we do it this way” starts to flourish and we can begin to solve our nation’s problems.

  10. Kaypoh said

    Hmm, interesting viewpoint…. considering China is the first country to fight 2 drug wars against the dastardly western powers, can we perhaps investigate the innovations arising from China during the period of the Opium Wars?

    Also, an innately talented guy like Jobs might draw inspiration, but how about innately uncreative souls? Might they become even more boring? Do we really want more “creative” ideas like COEs, ERPs, COVs, ABSDs, pegging of MPs’ pay, etc etc popping up?

  11. That is so psychadelic! I really want some of that stuff.

  12. Satani said

    Give the guy a break jobs did LSD bill gates did weed to some ppl it’s useful not to all.

  13. bunga said

    Stfu he should keep his “ideas” to his own motherland.

  14. Geo said

    No big deal. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill? He is just a language Ass. Professor, not fom science and research faculty. Give him a miss.

  15. pngkueh_forever said

    Prof..please get your children and all your kinsmen to start off with that small dose of yours. Obviously, you have forgotten about the Opium War and the annexation of HongKong to the British.
    What a shame !!!!!

  16. dean said

    Another Ah Tiong professor who talks crap.

  17. wat the said

    come on. for those who says its academic freedom just because he is an assoc. prof? being an assoc. prof does not give him the freedom to express something inappropriate. then ANYONE can say it and say its academic freedom. being a “prof” does not give you any special rights.

    if he wishes to express something without using his ass brain, go back to china to do it.

  18. tintin said

    CNB Better check if he is also a drug abuse …

  19. RC said

    Is he trying to tell us that he takes drugs before going to work everyday ?

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