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SMRT reminds passengers to ‘mind’ gap between train and platform

Posted by temasektimes on June 15, 2012

Train operator SMRT has sent out a ‘reminder’ to the public to mind the gap between the train and platform in response to a second incident in a week which saw a man’s leg trapped in the gap when he was trying to alight.

The incident happened on an east-bound train at Raffles Place at around 4.10pm and the man was extricated with the help of another passenger and SMRT staff after a few minutes.

A snapshot of the dramatic scene was taken and went viral in cyberspace, prompting SMRT to issue a response.

“The width we maintain in our system is one of the narrowest possible without compromising safety, and is necessary to accommodate the train’s movement. We would like to remind passengers to mind the platform gap when they board or alight from the train,” a SMRT spokeswoman said.

According to SMRT, the gap between the train and the platforms measure 10cm in underground stations such as Raffles Place and Bugis, and about 7.5cm for above-ground stations, and are there to “accommodate the train’s movement”.


8 Responses to “SMRT reminds passengers to ‘mind’ gap between train and platform”

  1. Wu Wenhao said

    so the platform thing mentioned earlier few years ago by polytechnic students are not feasible, because they will induce additional operational expenses? platform sliding door is ok, but not automated platform to close the gap? we need answers.

  2. Ron said

    Gaps exists in other countries. Sometimes very big gaps when the platform is very long and curves a bit. Passengers have to pay attention. In HK, there are reminders just before each station to mind the platform gap.

    Not the fault of SMRT.

  3. TGH said

    please la! look at those 2 people who fell through the gap. are they locals?!


    Are people’s feet getting smaller, the gap getting wider or it’s really so crowded that people get pushed and can’t watch their steps? if it is the third scenario, it can only mean that the trains are just too crowded! i hope those Ministers who are paid millions for their brains can ‘think’ about this? Incompetence and a bad dose of government seems the order of the day!

  5. TheOne said

    Oh.. I thought they meant mind the income gap.

  6. cydonia said

    first of all, stop playing with your smart phone while rushing to board the train. This can potentially remove 50% of such accident,,,,

  7. MY WORD said

    Instead of asking people to “mind the gap”, can’t the SMRT just spend some money to “close the gap”?

  8. Lim said

    ?gap for train movement!! PM Lee need call up other cities and asked if they have such frequent cases of legs slipping into platform gaps like our SMRT and if they have not – call the SMRT statement `bluff’ and order them to put it right like other cities’ mass transit. No more nonsense after COI

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