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40,624 Malaysians become Singaporeans since 2002

Posted by temasektimes on June 16, 2012

40,624 Malaysians gave up their citizenship to become Singaporeans since 2002, revealed Malaysian Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein told the Dewan Rakyat on Friday.

Hishammuddin was responding to a question by DAP MP Er Teck Hwa on the number of Malaysians who relinquished their citizenship in recent years.

47,769 Malaysians surrendered their citizenship from 2002 to May 2012. Besides Singapore, Australia (1,906), Brunei (1,350), United States (724) and Taiwan (711) are other countries they have emigrated to.

There are large number of Malaysians working in Singapore, many of whom are Singapore PRs.



15 Responses to “40,624 Malaysians become Singaporeans since 2002”

  1. abang said

    Welcome to spore!!
    Maybe you think bak kut teh is really originated from spore, tat is why u decided to be sporean?
    Or maybe u think our govt is sexually ethical as we don’t engage in homosexual?
    Welcome!! Remember to cast your vote properly in next GE!

  2. yen l y said

    some of these Malaysians converted Singaporeans have snatched away men from the families with kids and wives…. some of married Malaysians with Malaysian wives committed adultery and had affairs with Singapore women

  3. yen l y said

    some malaysian converted singaporean high level mgmnt personnels only employ malaysians, indoneaians and pinoys, not giving any priority to the homegrown Singaporeans. Its such a bias system.

  4. sweetee said

    Just so everyone here is aware – in singapore’s first cabinet – ALL except LKY was Malaysian born.
    ALL singaporean aged 49 and below are e-malaysian also.

    • sweetee said

      Just so everyone here is aware – in singapore’s first cabinet – ALL except LKY was Malaysian born.
      ALL singaporean aged 49 and below are ex-malaysian also.

  5. That figure does not include those settling down in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. UMNO must be extremely happy now? Did those people leave because they believe PAS will putong them when PAS comes to power?

  6. LkySi said

    All the 40,000 odd Malaysians who settled in Singapore must be Chinese, to boost the local Chinese population from current 76% to projected 95%

  7. Steve Lee said

    As we all know, it’s to do with the bumiputra (son of the soil) policy in Malaysia. Apart from that, Malaysia and ordinary Malaysians are wonderful people and we share much in common.

  8. Compatriot said

    The PAP government and their cronies with deafening ears are listening with what has been going on conveniently put through as an arena by The Temasek Times

    So much so are the WP and other political parties.Carry on continuing and contribute

  9. Ken Lee said

    wow Malaysia going back Malaysia also call migrant? o Singapore are Malaysia also!

  10. Clare said

    Well i dont mind at least they have PR, unlike foreign talent. Earn SGD send back home .

  11. Geo said

    Hello, we all forgot we are a migrant nation, our forefathers all comes from somewhere else…….eh?

  12. Virgorian said

    All Malaysian Chinese r welcome !malaysia is a shit hole which bias and protect melayu !the police lazy n corrupted !the government is worst then those pig with thier low down Babi brain !everyone knows the Chinese on Malaysia help to boost the economy but those pig will not appreciate !

    • sweetee said


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