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PAP MP Hri Kumar ‘surprised’ by $1,000 fine imposed on Woffles Wu for paying someone to take rap for speeding offence

Posted by temasektimes on June 16, 2012

PAP MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and lawyer Hri Kumar Nair has expressed his ‘surprise’ at the incredibly LIGHT sentence meted out on prominent plastic surgeon Woffles Wu (pic left) for paying somebody to take the rap for him for a speeding offence which shocked the entire nation, casting doubts on Singapore’s justice system.

While many others have been JAILED in the past for committing similar offences, Woffles Wu was only FINED $1,000 for abetting his employee 75 year old Kuah Yit Wah to take the rap for his speeding offence along Lornie Road not only once, but TWICE.

In stark contrast, a 51 year old sales executive Charlie Lim Chau Lee was jailed for six months for asking others to take the blame for his traffic offence in September 2010. (read more here)

Writing on his personal blog, Mr Hri Kumar wrote:

“I must admit I was surprised by the fine of $1,000 imposed on Woffles Woo for paying someone to take a speeding rap for him. Such offences are undoubtedly serious, as they seek to undermine the course of justice. Others who have committed similar offences have been jailed.”

Like many Singaporeans, Mr Hri Kumar was perturbed by the judge’s decision to fine Woffles Wu instead of sentencing him to jail:

“I do not know what the Judge took into account in making his decision, and I accept that no two cases are the same. However, I hope there will be an opportunity for the court to explain its reasons and how other cases where jail terms were imposed were distinguished. That will promote transparency and confidence in our legal system, and deal with allegations of unfair treatment, which have already appeared on the net.”

Despite the public outcry, the prosecution has not indicated if it would appeal against the decision which will surely set an unhealthy precedent for similar offences in the future.

Read rest of Mr Hri Kumar’s entry here


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35 Responses to “PAP MP Hri Kumar ‘surprised’ by $1,000 fine imposed on Woffles Wu for paying someone to take rap for speeding offence”

  1. Shame on you Judge. You shamed Singapore legal system

    • Hee said

      if this light punishment is the so called justice, then we are better off not following such rules anymore.. it is clearing (or blatantly) favoring a selected group of humans… esp the rich and powerful..

      the logic the penal code was changed before the date the speeding offence was committed is ridiculous.. and offensive (treating the rest of singaporean as idiots)

      what is the deterrent for “hiding” the fact that he has committed the offence for so long?..and getting someone to take the rap (to cheat on the law..including that stupid judge).. and if no one had complained, he would have gone scots free…. isnt this the very law which we want to protect against abuse and get away scots free just because they are more educated and supposedly be more responsible??

      if law is managed by a bunch of idiots (and call them selves judge or lawyers and MP ).. I am all for throwing out the law and these idiots down the drain.

      it has becoming more and more apparent that law served as a tool more for the protection of the riches .. and in this case clearly re-illustrated the dire need to revamp the law or the perhaps world the we live in

      • mahbok tan said

        All th shits starts to float is because our Lee Kuan yew have not repent ….!!!!

        So how to die like that with a smiley face…..????

        so wad du u tink…????

  2. Mike Zeng said

    Well done Mr hri Kumar……first time I’m praising a PAP MP..
    Now for sure the AGC has to consider appealing the sentence.

  3. FR said

    It’s no use going after the Courts regarding the disparity in charges that were preferred against Woffles and Ang Kim Hong: Judges have nothing to do with framing charges,

    The correct public body to direct your ire towards would be the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), who decides on what charges to proceed on.

    Mod’s note:

    Please do not post links from lesser blogs here. Thanks.

  4. uss iown said

    kumar u only action la ..think happen so many days. now u starts to talk cork and sing song ..

  5. Lee Kuan Kong said

    You mean ‘finally’ some people are waking up to the facts? Don’t wayang la!
    What about the foreign bus drivers who killed people? The foreign workers who assaulted locals? Wasn’t their sentences light? Were they deported? Was there transparency?

  6. what is one thousand dollars to him? A normal dinner on a weekday perhaps.

  7. Steve Lee said

    Bravo Mr. Hri Kumar. You have done us proud. Perhaps the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau should investigate this case. Justice must be done impartially and evenhandedly.



  9. F**K_THE_PAPigs said

    There is so much of injustice happening, esp those where S’poreans are injured, maimed or even killed by foreigners, how come this fcuking indian pussy only wants to talk about this case? Fcuking bastard just trying to put on some act to ‘show’ his concern over a tiny possible miscarriage of justice. What happened to the 2 mother-fcuking white bastards who fled while on bail for assaulting S’poreans??? Are they such hardcore criminals that interpol finds it so difficult to nail down or is it that SG gov can’t be fcuking bothered to follow up on the case. Please la Kumar, get this into ur fcuking thick skull – S’poreans are not daft!

  10. Kelvin Lawrence said

    You may be totally surprised that how many Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari etc drivers are really booked for traffic offenses compared to other drivers like taxis, commercial vehicles and motorcyclists. They got scot-free very often even in parking offenses but when a taxi dropped passengers near a bus-stop in Beach Road at 1.30 am got a ticket from LTA!

  11. ng p y said

    This is to tell and inform the WHOLE WORLD that in the First World here in Singapore that we have Multi Standard Laws and penalty meted out will base the STATUS OF EACH CATEGORY OF PEOPLE.

  12. jaded said

    wayang only la, talk is cheap… these PAP MPs can talk and talk but the most important thing is that will things be put right? if not, dun waste ink and bandwidth

  13. solaris8899 said

    This is our fair legal system – a fine of $1000 to walk away from crime?

  14. Rollseyes said

    PAP minister don’t know how your own kangaroo court operates? Mai kay kay la….

  15. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    Justice?? My foot!!!
    Clearcut case of discrimination, favoritism, nepotism & cronyism!

    The point of law here is there is a definite criminal intent to undermine & pervade the course of justice…so how can the sentence be so light just only S$1,000 fine & some more he had asked his employee to take the rap for him on 2 separate occasions not just once which is tantamount to repeated attempted cheatings twice???

    Something hanky panky is definitely going on here & let the whole wide world be the judge…such blatant miscarriage of justice desu!!!

  16. abang said

    Maybe he did plastic surgery for the judge, like enlarge his p***s. That’s why the judge don’t dare to sentence him jail. Otherwise he will reveal the secret and we will all know how short is his cookoo.

  17. Jupiter said

    If this offence is committed by a taxi driver, they will fine him, jail him, revoke his vocation and driver licence and terminate his taxi hire agreement with the cab company!!!!

  18. whatdouthink said

    It’s a given
    Late Ong Teng Cheong’s nephew!

  19. Ron said

    With due respect to the learned judge, this sentence is a causing a major uproar. It is not justice when another similar offence was punished so differently. Was the judge ignorant? Or is there a sentencing guideline of Light, Medium and Heavy depending on the social status of the offender?

    We have to guard against Singapore being called names in the international press. Our Judiciary has to a maintain a high standard of consistency when meting out sentences. The government should explain and put this issue to rest.

  20. Wolfglare said

    Can CPIB pls go investigate these judge….maybe he took money from Woffle Wu….so what do u think

  21. spotlessleopard said

    The good sign is that he did not pop this now infamous question: “so what do you think?”

  22. George said

    I share the same anger as all the above. If it was a opposition party member , you would know the penalty would have been a different situation. After this esposide , we may not get any more “covered / favoured ” penalties.

  23. Bernard Tan said

    Citizens of Singapore by birth, blood, national service & sacrifices. We all know what justice prevail in Singapore. Come 2016, show your mental strength to put things right. Only when we have more then one power in sitting, we can expect a likelihood of a check & balance system. While we think & work hard for 2016, now until then, work smart, wise & importantly, take care of your health. FREEDOM SINGAPORE 2016

  24. boyadine said

    oh for goodness sakes, have a sense of proportion, this is something in which no one was harmed, don’t forget the fine was paid, the punishment for speeding is a fine for which WW paid six years ago even though it was attributed to someone else, speeding is like anything else, not black and white, that’s why we allow ambulances to “break” the law, I am not saying that I know whether he was speeding because of a work related matter, but we have to remember that on many occasions, especially when we are the patient we EXPECT the doctor (on board an aircraft for example) to treat us in an emergency, why should the judge not have taken this into consideration? traffic laws are for the benefit of society and society owes something to certain people in society who because of the their jobs are more likely to need to break traffic laws just as an ambulance driver, why should we expect Doctor’s to be helping us outside hours and not be prepared to take this into consideration?

    Also there is another angle in this case, the Singapore medical tourism industry is a significant part of the economy, many peoples livelihoods depend on it, and there is no denying that WW is one of the top world class doctors that help to give Sinagpore a good reputation as a medical centre, should that not be taken into account here?

    There is no truth in the allegations that the government went “easy” on WW because if that were the case then he would not have been dragged into court for a six year old matter on the behest of a disgruntled employee, who was btw was jailed for stealing from WW! when you consider it all the factors I think it is quite fair

  25. mahbok tan said

    Singapore are going down the drain or sewer…..with all the bad image being put to perspective by the people with authorities…!!!
    Let’s VOTE for a CHANGE dear fellow SGporeans.

  26. whatdouthink said

    What about criminal intimidation?
    Wonder if Mr.Kuan was coerced in any way?(Woffles was his boss then)
    Think he will be the fall guy again?

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