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PHOTO: Inconsiderate ‘FT’ occupying two seats in a bus and throwing litter on the ground

Posted by temasektimes on June 16, 2012

An angry Singaporean lady Susan sent us a photo of a ‘FT’ occupying two seats in a bus and throwing litter on the ground:


28 Responses to “PHOTO: Inconsiderate ‘FT’ occupying two seats in a bus and throwing litter on the ground”

  1. FadedGlory said

    Im not pro-FT but come on..the bus does not seem to be crowded. And anyone would do the same if there are extra seats ard.

  2. super informant said

    Temasek Times, this is nothing. All the FTs also shit and pee near the door in full public view. Why didn’t you report all that? You need to work harder.

    • Thirumoorthi said

      Obviously an ” FT ” will comment such …… go back to your country…. if you want to display or comment in such abusive and irresponsible manner … it shows their ” couldn’t careless and country bumkin attitude

  3. solaris8899 said

    I do see such ‘FT’ inconsiderate scene in the mrt as well.

  4. Losers! said

    Lau aunty Susan!

    Go over and give her 2 slaps across her cb face if you buay song, take one lanjiao photo and complain online, you expect which authority to punish her for you???

  5. abang said

    Looks like a maid to me. So FT include maid? And expatriate include blangadesh worker? I am confuse! Can govt define properly? Is it white color skin is call Expat or FT and black color is maid, labourer?

  6. singaporeans said

    FTs very fierce these days. Saw in a foodcourt a FT couple tried to occupy a table meant for 4, and told others to go away. Created a scene.

  7. singaporeans said

    Their beloved puppies should have told them what to do in this place.

  8. Protestor said

    obviously the person who posted this picture had enough and fed up of FT around in Spore cos there have been so much of commotion lately

  9. Ron said

    Temasek Times is acting like a racist, xenophobic forum. There are many Singaporeans who also litter, who are inconsiderate, etc. Why not show some pics of those selfish acts too? Given that there are already the publicity on inconsiderate acts by foreign workers, TT should exercise some editorial responsibility.

    This is a popular site now. And TT has to exercise some control. Be careful about inciting racial disharmony via frequent exposures of FT actions. Some are worth bring out. Others may be trivial. Once published on TT with pictures and words, it will help to pour more oil onto the fire.

  10. jimmy said

    I will fuck him..kick him..fuck FT

  11. Singaporean said

    Hello Writer,
    Please don’t assume all foreigners are FT

    • Sinkie said

      FT can either mean foreign trash, or foreign “talent” our so beloved Gahmen would want us to believe in. Either way, they are rightly called foreigners!

  12. Wong Fei Hong said

    stop complaining… can’t deal with it??… go organize a protest or something. All you keyboard warriors are a bunch of asshole… KPKB nia.. bo action… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. kums said


  14. 龙的传人 said

    Why alway must be prc ? So sad !

  15. weak justice said

    we do it, kena jialat maximim…prc do it, no problem!!!

  16. passing by said

    Hey, that’s my neighbour! Very friendly people.

    Anyway, she’s indian muslim and she’s a true and blue Singaporean from her grandparent. She had a fracture some years ago and ever since then always complain that she can’t stand. Not that I’m siding with her, but I see no evidence that the litter is from her.

    I wish Susan is more discerning when posting photos. If Susan doesn’t have any clue, it’s not fair to put people’s picture up in a public forum and incriminate the person.

    • Sinka_poor said

      Hell …. passing by …… we are only talking on issues of FTs and not by RACE…. don’t create a RACIST Blog ….. as your nick appears …… why don’t you passing by back to your country of origin …… you can be arrested for this kind of RACIST Blog….

  17. LocalAlwaysRight said

    Of course, she wore FT uniform so it’s so easy to spot that she’s an FT.

    Stupid locals.

  18. Gerry said

    To stop FTs being inconsiderate Singaporeans should be bold and speak up. The problem with Singaporeans is that they have been cowed into silence by many years of PAP oppression. Singaporeans should speak up (particularly against foreigners) for their rights. Make sure the foreigners know this is not their country and that only the PAP is pro-alien, not Singaporeans.

  19. me said

    She’s a Singaporean. The litter is not from her. Susan must be sure before posting people’s picture in public to incriminate the person. It’s very irresponsible to make up stories.

  20. Singaporean said

    There was once a pinay told me off on the bus that she reserved the seat for her friend who was boarding right behind the queue.
    To take note that the bus was already full then but she said something like “errr… my friend is…”.
    Then i just walked off and gave her a “go buck” face.
    Welcome to Singapore, FT.

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