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President Tony Tan works hard to sell briyani to raise funds for charity

Posted by temasektimes on June 16, 2012

Though he had not expressed his views or made many public speeches on national affairs since he was elected last year, President Tony Tan has been working hard quietly in the background to serve Singaporeans.

When Singaporeans are spending their weekends shopping, dining and enjoying time with their families, President Tan was working hard to raise funds for charity.

President Tan joined 50 volunteers at Khalid Mosque located in Joo Chiat to sell packets of briyani and he even pitched in to put the final touches to the dish.

Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam on Saturday joined members of the Malay-Muslim community to raise funds for the President’s Challenge.

The dish was prepared by Chef Allaudin Mohamed, who is also chairman of the mosque. Each packet costs S$10 and will go to the President’s Challenge Fund for various charities.

President Tony Tan Keng Yam will be making a private overseas visit from 17 June to 20 June and during Dr Tan’s absence, chairman of the Council of Presidential Advisers, Mr J Y Pillay, will be Acting President.

Singaporeans are indeed blessed and should be grateful to have such a kind, loving and compassionate President to serve them.


36 Responses to “President Tony Tan works hard to sell briyani to raise funds for charity”

  1. Bapok Sissy Loong said

    “Singaporeans are indeed blessed and should be grateful to have such a kind, loving and compassionate President to serve them.”

    U S E L E S S Y E S M A N … is probably the more accurate description of this fellow.

  2. Sgrean said

    So hard working. Can go hawker centres and help aunties/uncles clear some tables, since they can be very busy at meal times, hoh?

    • Compatriot said

      Do you think Tony Tan wants to dirty his hands? His track record at Government Investment Corporation (GIC) has already been a disaster according to the Wall Street Journal,during his time as Deputy Chairman,GIC lost approximately $42 billion

      As one of GIC fund managers,he has spent gigantic billions of dollars of Singapore taxpayers monies to invest in Citigroup and UBS and made a very bad judgement

      This happened in early 2008 making it one of the worst years for the sovereign wealth fund since it was eatablished in 1981.

      The news was naturally censored by the Singapore media,but the Wall Street Journal reported that GIC suffered a loss around 59 billion Singapore dollars (US$41.6 billion)

      Now Tony Tan is Singapore president,an unpopular president ever, …

      • Jack said

        $42B??? He has to sell hell lot of Briyani @$10. why do we elect him as the President?

      • Compatriot said

        Do you think Tony Tan would be voted as president,if all Singaporeans knows that he made and suffered a loss of nearly $42 billion dollars of their taxpayers monies when he was the Deputy Chairman of GIC

        This happens before the presidential elections and news were reported that were doubts expressed about the capability of GIC’s fund managers,including Tony Tan

      • Singaporean said


  3. ng p y said

    It is a real pity President to sell briyani which one would think is a big big waste of time. One would think the President have nothing much to do but try to gain sympathy to let the nation think that he is helping to sell rice what a waste of resources. How much is gain and how much have gone to charity. What have gone to charity from selling all the rice is nothing much, even all given to the charity is nothing compared to his time spend. If he, he is so sincere, please consider his highly paid salary to be donated to CHARITIES, which can be more meaningful. The President should have consider serving a more important role in NATION BUILDING .

    • Please do your job properly said

      OMG, the most expensive president in the world selling briyani to raise funds. At $1.5m per year or $5000 per day, it would be more meaningful for him to simply donate one day of his pay to charity, instead of using his super-expensive time on this mundane task. The President should be using his expensive time more usefully to provide check and balance on the national budget and expenditure. What a mis-appropriation of his expensive time.

  4. jack said

    Sir thank you for spending your precious time selling brayani for charity at $10 per pack,.

    You have a lot of power, authority given by the people, and access to government investment data, would you think spending your highly paid time on guarding your Singaporeans hard earn national reserve would be more critical?

    Especially now that Temasek Holding is going against the other fund managers and engaging in high risk investment into Europe

  5. Singaporean said

    if i take millions per year like kfc man i also dont mind go collect rubbish go sweep floor at public areas. Tell you what, I dont even mind feeding old folks and taking care of disabled singaporeans.

  6. Ken Lee said

    sure? S$10 PER PACK!! 2 X THE PRICES!

  7. Exaggerated said

    millions a year to sell briyani. Nice!

  8. jaded said

    oh I get it, the writer is being sarcastic right?

  9. Naivety said

    Wah…Wayang Kulit ka?
    Everyone (by now I hope) knows that TT is related to LKY via marriage right?

    To: 35% of those blind voters who have simply voted blindly, those Daft & Naive similar to “Monkey see Monkey follow types” without thought, regard & consideration – please note this well hidden secret: TT is the Brother-In Law of LKY & they are related through marriage…Understand Ka?

    Favouritism, Nepotism & Cronyism of the highest order!

  10. abang said

    Last time president sell roti prata and now this one sell briyani!!! Wah lau! Go sell chicken rice lah, we need a chinese president leh.

  11. Mel said

    Why not his secret recipe fried chicken?

  12. weak justice said

    he would honestly prefer to sell KFC!!! he feels at home there!!!

  13. hachoiji said

    Gone is the Prata man and now comes the Briyani man, what’s next ?? Is that all they can do !! My goodness. Can’t they be more creative and make more impact with their statue and brain.
    I am shameful to be a Singaporean as my President can only do Briyani to help the less fortunate !! A FT can also do that and maybe better !!

  14. Steve Lee said

    I thought it was a nice gesture for a good cause.

  15. Birdie said

    Go tell the whole world. WTF!!! you earn more that a thousand an hour and you go sell Nasi Brani for $10 a packet.
    Please wake up MR PRESSident. You Know how many packet you have to sell in an hour to get $1000.00.
    Next…… please.

  16. Angry Singaporean said

    Too bad he is part of PAP “gang”….We need people like late President Ong TC that really care to speak for the people and not speak for PAP!

    When late President Ong asked to check some financial information, the government said it would take 56 man-years to produce……. this statement remembered by many people many years……from that on, many people started to doubt about the government claimed to be transparent and open…..

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      Hey Dude! Don’t you know that he is infact the Brother In-Law of LKY (refer to comment s/no: 9 above)?

  17. mikey said

    we have a prataman before, now its brayaniman!

  18. Sabrina Leng said

    Last one sells prata, this one sells briyani.. lol

  19. uss iowa said

    the is most useless man in Singapore

  20. fong said

    What charity? This is daylight robbery! $10 per pack? Will that make my shit smell nice?

  21. Kim said

    A good not nothing President. He should donate his million dollar salary to the mosque.

  22. Lawman said

    What do you think?

  23. al goldman said

    why not donate some of his money for charity? wonder how much he donates?

  24. FUCKPAP! said

    Knn, you look like KFC and you go sell briyani??

  25. Angry Bird said

    After reading the comments, many asked why didn’t he make a sincere donation from his FAT million dollar pay. exactly and instead he has resort to selling over priced briyani to the public in the name of Charity. Useless Daft President! Again dig $$$ from Singaporeans. Pui!

  26. amy said

    Most of the donation drives not even needed, it all stems from the no-welfare policies and thus pass the buck to the citizens.

    What needs to be fixed are those self-serving you die your business policies, not more donation drives.

  27. Bway song said

    Real charity is do without broadcasting . Do n broadcast is charity show which is not true from ur heart. If really truly for charity, shld donate ur own money quietly.

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