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Retrenched Singaporean marginalized by foreigners during job interviews

Posted by temasektimes on June 16, 2012

My husband’s company is downsizing, so they have been asked to leave.

My husband was called in for 2 interviews which he went for. 1st one, the receptionist was a PRC, the guys interviewing him were from Taiwan based on my husband believe.

Secondly, HR is a filipino..He’s a senior in his field Logistics executive…

Many firms have called him but they are asking if he can lower his expectation..And he’s only asking $3k, a guy with over 20 yrs of hes in a delimmma.

Now firms don’t pay for experience foreign they can hire them for half the price..its so saddening where Singapore is heading..we have a family to feed.

I work freelance, we have a pair of twins which we had through fertilty treatment..we have maid to help out..hv to pay levy for her..there are so many problems I have with the ruling party..many things are just not right…

Even his current company his colleagues are from the Philippines and Myanmar..I understand we need foreigners working but its just too much…



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  1. RU YI Gee said

    Many Company firms need to understand ..Singaporean should be look first.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      if they understand, Singapore will not be in this sorry state. These damn employers are out there to exploit workers – Cheaper, Better & Faster.

      • Only fools vote in a government who does not represent them. said

        The primary objective of any business is to cut overheads and increase profits. The primary role of any goverment is to run the country for the people, this includes looking out for the local workforce against exploitation through effective legislation.

        The PAP on the other hand is leading the charge of exploiting the Citizens to increase their own personal profits.

        Who voted the PAP in? So want to blame anyone, blame the right people.

    • 龙的传人 said

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$ look fist ! GDP look first ! Singaporean look 1st ?

  2. Lois said

    I am sorry for your plight. But, really, you have voted them into power for the past few elections. So, you must have been in support of their policies. Tbh, you have to bite the bullet. Sorry. Remember to do the right thing in the next election. I think you know that pap no longer cares for singaporeans any more. Subsidies are just smoke screen as they always get the whole lot more from you back in some other ways like HDB price and CPF min. amount. Thks. Take care and hopefully your hubby will not get retrench again.

    • ANGRY Bird said

      if you continue to vote for PAP, I can assure your children and their children will suffer even more than you now. So think and vote wisely in 2016.

  3. I sympathize with you, but it is better not to call them the trash because if employers can use them to make profit, the question of trash doesn’t remain anymore. If an apple costs 40 cents in one shop, and the next shop is selling at 80 cents, and the apples are from the same tree, which one will you buy? The secret is the trash are able to complete the projects on time, within budget, without accidents, and also without rework.

    • wtf is happening here.. said

      counting the no of rebuttal in




      Fire……. 🙂

    • Mel said

      This is the root of the matter, people like you who think that running a country is like running a business using your stupid ‘apple theory’.

      • Don said

        YOu must be one of the FT, NO DOUBT.

      • Yes I am but you are not able to compete so just bow out and perhaps start running another political party from today and perhaps after the next GE we can pack up and go home. The world is a huge playing ground, and I have met people who are very good in twisting the facts and figures. There was once one society president who issued cheques to his friends who never carried out any work for that society. For your info, he also calls himseld Don on the internet, but he was later kicked out by a Chinese and today he harbours hatred toward all the Chinese, local or foreign.

      • ken said

        Fully support. Do not run a country like running a business. We live in Singapore, not in Singapore Pte Ltd.

      • yong choon kiat said

        Fuck u mel. I completetly agree wif his apple theory. Fuck u. U understand

      • Mel said

        Yong Choon Kiat, dont need to be vulgar, just take the apples and shove it up your a*s….or maybe Mr Poh can do it for you 🙂 since you are of the same kind.

    • Julian LUm said

      Mr. Poh, I may not totally agree with your comparison between apples from the same tree. For me, I’d rather put it as cars of a different make. People do buys cars like Tata Nano, and there people do willing pay for the likes of Bugatti Veyron, without a blink. Cars are still cars, but you must never forget it’s true functionality, which is to transport you from your point of departure, and arrive at your destination.

      Some goes, and if we are talking about employees, from an employer’s point of view, employees regardless of nationality, all of them still performs a given job / task. But at the end of the day, the question goes to the employer, is he / she satisfied for every cent they paid for for the employee’s day of work? Therefore, I would say that for every penny you pay, you get a penny worth.

      I would like to use your statement between the 40cents and 80cents apple, to make a simple comparison. Let’s make an example that the difference in price is quality. If a fruit vendor sells you an apple at 40cents, but it’s obviously a quality of an 80cents apple. What would you do?

      1. Would you pretend nothing has happened, and count yourself lucky?

      2. Would you return and tell him: “Uncle, that apple you sold me the other day is worth 40cents more, so I’m giving you the extra 40cents worthy?” And if you are able to do so, I sincerely applaud you if you are an employer who have such integrity.

      But on the other hand, if you are being sold an apple for 80ents, which only has a worth of 40cents, how would you react? The answer is obvious.

      • For some reason, an apple worths 80 cents might be sold at 40 cents because the seller may be able to make more money at the end of the day.

      • Julian Lum said

        If you are running your business that way, it would be puzzling to see how you could even make any profit selling your apples at a loss, after considering the cost of amount for their seasonal harvest, farming, pruning, etc..

        And to return to the subject proper. Simple. Let’s say if your son or your future generations are made to compete with others in their own country. Due to the intense and competitive job market, in order to stay employed in their HOMELAND, he / she unwillingly accepts an income so low, which could neither make his end meet, nor support his / her family, due to the ever raising cost of living.

        With that, I believe that you are to see the entire picture clearer.

      • LEONG Singapore said

        Bravo Julian, some people just don’t use their brains when they speak and will probably not live up to their own words and principles. Why don’t Poh Tiong Ho, go out to the market and start a business in Singapore selling 80cents apples at 40cents. Or sell anything at half the price all the shops in Singapore is selling! Come on!!! Put your money where your mouth is! I run a business in Singapore. I know how it is. Not many Singaporeans consumers are not willing pay for quality, they are all just cheapos. You want to buy a 80Cents apple for 40cents. And expect the shop to make money selling 80cents apples for 40cents. Err is it by hiring a Singaporean who is willing to work for half the salaries the FTs are getting? Or by hiring a Singaporean who speaks good Singlish and excellent customer service for double the pay the FTs are getting. I just couldn’t solve this equation. May be Poh Tiong Ho can enlighten all of us how this could be done in a business. I am willing to start a business like that if it works to be patriotism to the nation for the benifit of all Singaporeans. Can you help? Mr Poh Tiong Ho? Please give us a solution, thank you.

    • David said

      If the apples are from the same tree and one shop is selling at 40 cents and the other at 80 cents, then one should question why there is a difference and if the govt is involved in this difference?

      • @David
        govt is smart – for work permit worker (low wage type) govt get to collect levy but if job go to s’porean, no levy to collect. for high wage type, will help MNC, GLC to increase profit since cost of labour is lower (FT willing to be paid less) and can collect more money for tax even tho’ our tax % is low.

  4. well said

    Singapore gov must tackle the issues of foreigners employing foreigners here. Many higher-post foreigners are exploiting their position to get their fellow country people to come over to work. This is so unhealthy when blown up to hug proportions, the locals would be greatly marginalized in terms of fair employment. MOM will never find the right statistics to such ill-practices unless there’s whistle blowers. In my strong belief that not Singaporeans are against foreigners but it’s due to such practices that fuels the dislikes against foreigners more & more.

    Stop trying all means of social integration especially thru monetary forms. It will never works as long as Singaporeans mentality never change.

    Just follow the people’s sentiments & make them happy, the rest would be taken care of in due time.

    No strong GDP or any form of growths could withstand the blows from euro meltdowns. Singapore would be the worst hit as claimed by analysts.

    I sincerely hope by then, not Singaporeans workers be asked to go but the foreigners first if retrenchment exercises are topping the main list.

    Singapore gains credibility acknowledgement from the world but loosing it bit by bit from her own citizens.

    Something is really wrong there!

    • MJS said

      share the same sentiment here , hope those in charge will do something soon or Singaporeans will have to select leaders who care for Singaporeans

  5. foreigner said

    If foreign thrash can do your job for half the price, maybe you should introspect why you are worth 2x of those “thrash”. Where is your superior bloodline and intelligence? If companies agree that the job is fit for thrash to do, you should find something else.

    • BJJ Black Belt said

      Hey,moron ! It’s not abt the job for the half the price,it’s abt being a S’porean citizen.I bet you’ll scream if the same happens in your own country,unless of course you come from a thrashy third world country yourself. .

      • LEONG Singapore said

        Why should citizenship have the privileges? Why don’t we create a law to allow us to buy slave workers from 3rd world countries like the US a few hundred years ago? Like the old apartheid system in South Africa?

        If a Singaporean does not do a job that’s worth more than his own salary, the business will lose money and will close down. Then should we pay the FTs peanuts so that the profit made by the FT is used to subsidise the high pay of the Singaporean? And if send fire all the FT trash and send them all home, will the business in Singapore survive the high costs of operations by hiring all Singaporeans with double pay? Can? If can you should start a business. Take all your credit cards borrow money for your capital. You will make it big, Mr BJJ Black belt … Go for it!

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      Hey Foreigner,

      This is a simple economic demand & supply function & theory as there are now overwhelming supply of FTs + FWs (over 2 Millions of them) since Yr 2005 but demand (reqm’ts for positions & jobs to be filled-up) is only at a low of 500,000 positions which ultimately led to an glut situation or over supply of Labour (FTs + FWs) in the current market situation therefore, salary levels for various positions will drop & fall drastically…understand ka?

      Too many jobless people chasing over too few jobs & vacancies created…which bring to my next question for the MIWs why the hell need to import so many Foreign Trashes & False Talents of 2 Million in the 1st place & what is the real fxxking rationality & objective behind this flawed & dysfunctional policy??? Anybody cares to explain & illuminate on this?????

    • helsin said

      When Singapore is attacked by the enemies,, you’ll take the first plane out right BOZO!.. Gratitude and loyalty are not prerequisites in foreigners’ employment contracts.

    • David said

      I can offer one explanation. The quality is different. I believe readers here have experience talking to a Filipino salesperson from Singtel. Most of the time they can be hardly understood. In other words, the company just want to cut cost giving no regards to the quality of work done. Of course there are other reasons which are already widely discussed on why Singaporeans need to ask for higher pay. One need not say more.

    • yong choon kiat said

      Fuck u foreigner. I m worth double cos we r citizens. We nit to buy hdb n raise n support our families. Wtf u plp do is leave aft u haf earn enuff. Fuck u u.understand

      • foreigner said

        It is not what you “need”, it is what you can DO. Foreign thrash, by definition, are deceptive, lazy, worthless, uncultured, rude, and cannot talk good singlish, so they are likely much more a liability for important positions that pay more and befitting only for a true blue blooded Singaporean.

        You Singaporeans should be happy that we lazy shits are doing your dirty work for you at a cheap price that only help to improve the bottom line for you Singaporean slave masters. You hire slaves at home for 300 a month, it is only natural that you hire foreigner slaves at work doing your manual labor work.

        I don’t understand it when Singaporeans are crying over slave jobs “lost” to foreigners.

      • LEONG Singapore said

        Foreigner is so right! Yong Choon Kiat doesn’t use his brain when he talks. If Yong starts a political party will any of you vote for him? I being an local employer will not hire him just because he is a Singaporean but rather what he can deliver as a worker. On the part of his bad attitude and unrealistic principles, I will not even call him for interview. Anyone here want to hire Mr Yong for double pay? I won’t. Will you?

      • Mel said

        Yong Choon Kiat, what is wrong with you? Just now, you support Mr Poh and his ‘apple’ thing and now you’re cursing and swearing at foreigners?? Are you for or against….or maybe you are just a dumb fool 🙂

    • it’s a war between the citizens and the govt, just vote out and change govt and these thrash will be out.

      • LEONG Singapore said

        The thing is most Singaporean have brains and won’t vote out the PAP. Most of them know FTs is not the problem. The fact is Singapore got NOT enough talent, no talent at the top end and the bottom end. Singaporeans cannot invent good products, not enough creativity in works yet not willing to do the dirty low end jobs. Fact is the entire Singapore economy will collapse if we cancel all the work permits of FTs tomorrow. Fact too is even if you vote out PAP, the WP or SDA will also NOT FIRE ALL THE FTs. Coz they too eventually will use their brains, they may sell you the IDEA that they will help you pitiful Singaporeans, how exactly I don’t know but the FTs are here to stay. PAP is already trying to reduce the FTs numbers but really we can’t run this country without FTs. But PAP also knows FTs will eventually run out of supply. 3rd world countries will develop and prosper and one day the workers salaries there will go up. One day they won’t come anymore for the price we pay them today. Just look at Malaysian workers, less are coming to Singapore compared to 20years ago. Today FTs are fom China, India, Phillipines etc. eventually they will want higher salaries or they won’t come at all. Trash will cost more to to dispose. See you tash bills in 15years time. $200per month can be a good estimate. Why PAP is focusing on PRODUCTIVITY, coz we are trying to cut the dependency of FTs where future supply is not guaranteed. Some things just can’t be improved much more, like a waitress serving the food to the table. May be we can install walking robots? If you are the Minister, you too will be in this dilemma. Don’t just talk! THINK. and think HARD!!!

  6. A question to TT readers: Would you want a life as we had now, enjoying life without the burden of children, or would you prefer to live in a less-developed situation?

    A high standard of living comes with its cost.

    • Use your EQ said

      Are you draft? Please read and understand this discussion since when are they talking about a higher standard of living?

      Open your eyes and read properly

  7. Arshad said


    I guess you and your husband know who to vote for in the next GE?

  8. Unhappy said

    Why not suggest that our minister can be also foreigner?So we do not require to pay them for millions a year.

    • 龙的传人 said

      Vote for pap,only they can help u .

      • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

        Hey Dragon People,

        Don’t understand what the hell you’re trying to say???
        Aren’t PAP the ruling Govt & Sole Decision & Authority governing Singapore now & what help are you talking about???

        By importing over 2 Millions FTs + FWs here in Singapore to fight for only 500,000 job vacancies which literally means 4 persons fighting over 1 job vacancy (not including the many other jobless & unemployed singaporeans available in abundance), PAP is trying to punish & terkan all native Singaporeans, Understand Ka?…you Daft is it?????

  9. i say what i think only... said

    your husband obviously is 40+ since he got 20+yrs experience and u went through AI to get your twins hence they should be quite young. losing ANY job is unimaginable now. obviously as u mentioned, experience do not mean anything now. despite any ads stating needing how many yrs exp etc, the pay is always top priority. good luck, hope all goes well. pls do exercise more prudency from now on in your spending as losing any stream of income would be disastrous.

    sometimes i wonder where some organisation get their quotas, having a full company of foreigners or even waiter waiteress. i saw it first hand at junction 10 bbq chicken, ALL pinoys. pls do not tell me u give high paying admin jobs to locals and the frontline staff are all pinoy. usually it’s the other way round or ALL foreigners. MOM blind is it?

  10. paul said

    Make things worst, some of my friend was ask if they still have reservist, and what position and how often. When they ask you such question, you know your chances of getting the job is low.

  11. Mel said

    seen and heard too many of these sad stories but seems like the govt just refuse to do anything other than giving out hongbaos and instant noodles on tv.

    • voice fron the origin singapore said

      Well said

    • LEONG Singapore said

      What do you do for people who are jobless but choosy of the jobs offered to them? They say, this job too low pay, I don’t want to do. This job too long hours I don’t want to do, this job work 6 days I don’t want to do.

      If you are jobless just take ANY JOB, ANY SALARY, ANY WORKING HOURS? You rather sit at home, do nothing and earn no money. The choice is yours. Therefore live with the consequence of your own decision and choices.

      I’ve been to MP meet the people sessions, I see many people like this. All they do is complain complain, complain. Everything he has an excuse. So how can the govt help. So what do you want the govt to do? Cancel all FTs work pass tommorrow? Pls don’t talk kok with no solution. Easy to blame! It’s very difficult to solve.

      I may not like PAP too, but not for their economic decisions but rather their under hand methods to stay in power, like dissecting Hougang making most parts of it becoming parts of other constituency. Like parts of Hougang is now under Punggol. Like Tanjong Pagar last GE, forfeiting the opposition team for some technicality, so become walk over for LKY. Fight like a man. Be a gentleman. Doesn’t mean I take sides. I like a govt that is reasonable. Some of you here too are no better being too extreme. You will not make good leaders in a govt.

      PAP definitely made the right decisions to make most of the population prosper in terms of individual assets and net worth. A small minority may have slip through the cracks. And sometimes these people are in this plight because of their own actions and choices.

      All I can say is, people out there, work harder, think harder and don’t depend on anyone. Not your children, not the govt. Work harder and save money for yourselves today and your retirement.

  12. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Singapore born citizens is at a corner.after foreign termite received special treatment from our Miw

  13. patin said

    本國一間著名..保安機構..有幾千名保安人員..馬來人.印度人.占75%..75%中馬來西亞人占20-25%…華人占总员工25% ..其中80%為馬來西亞人…每小時$6, $7
    薪水.但在馬來西亞..R$15-R$17 所以他們能每天一大早從新山趕到本地工作..如果給新加坡人每小時$15,$17 薪水..我想他們也会更勤奮的工作….同樣的一份工作..领了薪水後…質量总覺得不一樣…..
    怎麼樣..難道叫這些人不能進來本地打工嗎 ? 誰能作到 ???? 起馬..勞工部辦不到…

    • 龙的传人 said


  14. Walls have Ears!! said

    Sad But true……

    I sympathize with you, but
    The secret is the trash are able to complete the projects on time, within budget, without accidents, and also without rework.

    • jaded said

      you must be either blind or a foreigner. those FTs I have seen are all incompetent and lazy

      • You are the one who is blind and jealous. If the FTs are incompetent and lazy, why do the employers keep them? Are the employers cowards? Are the employers not able to terminate the services of the FTs? Then the employers must have lots of things to hide, and by terminating the FTs, the drums of shits will surely leak out ?

    • Use your EQ said

      You got it wrong, they are just cheap… more efficient and hard working…. I seriously doubt those claims.

    • LEONG Singapore said

      I employ both Singaporeans and FTs in my business. FTs definitely works harder than Singaporeans, at least in my company. I tried many Singaporeans, all of them got excuses. Oh my son is sick I cannot come to work. I even customized a timing for a Singaporean to work. Start at 10am go home at 5pm. 5 days work week. Work less than one month MIA. What kind of attitude is this? If Cannot do, say cannot do. If cannot do don’t even start work! What kind of workers is in Singapore now? Is this what you want in your employees? Pls no thank you for me. I have nothing against Singaporeans, but it just these useless people now apply jobs when I advertise.

  15. Play Play said

    I can empathize with Ms Megalawani. The Govt should at least help us, the citizens by simply putting a quota to the no. of foreigners employed in all companies, just like in any other nation whose govt cares for their own people. In this way, our citizens can be assured of a job before others. When my son graduated from an Australian university, he was told that to get a job there, he must at least be a PR which requires at least a few years’ stay., otherwise he could be sponsored by his employer. But who would want to sponsor a fresh grad with no connections? So, to land a job, you need to be a PR, and to be a PR, you need a job!!! Both ways, we’re stuck! So, he has to return home. Imagine, if our own country can’t even give us a chance, where can we go? And who says Singaporean does not want a low end job? In fact, I’ve applied to MBS when the advertised for a job in the kitchen a year ago. But they have not replied me. Instead, I understand from friends working there that they have hired many PRCs and they are having a good time with staff free meals. Should I say ‘Cry, my beloved country’?

    • ANGRY Bird said

      Don’t need to make any guesses or don’t need to ask why our government is not looking after its citizens first. It has already been proven in our face that our government is self-centered, greedy for money and power at the full expense of its citizens. Enough of their apologies and crocodile tears. Just ask yourself this question, do you still want them to lead the country or do you want a change for the better! Drop the Kiasee, Kiasu and Kiabo mentality and save our Singapore come 2016.

      • Play Play said

        Yeh, I know, Angry Bird, I am from Aljunied and I have already done my part to boot them out. It’s only up to the others to do their part in the coming one.

    • dave said

      The majority who voted the present govt w 60% are either not on the internet( their staple is SPH newspapers) or they are mostly in civil service. What u say here will be of no use as most of them either do not participate or read forums such as these or they are happy to get a regular job in civil service w no disruption. Those who seems to post in these forums are actually in a small minority…though it looked like general widespread fact are the work of just a few forumers….and those in private sector affected…mostly SMEs. That is the real fact.

  16. wtf is happening here.. said

    This is obviously the problem on some of us, sometimes we cannot accept the fact that its a jungle out there, survival of the fittest is the name of the game so we should be ready for all the challenges that lies ahead.

    i was once a casualty of the 2008 meltdown and its a bitter pill to swallow having a paycut of almost 50% of your current salary then subsequently retrenched. But being a normal average dude who accept the fact that this is part and parcel of life, i accepted a job that merely paying me $10 an hour just to make sure i have income until i find a suitable job for me.

    2 months have passed and i was offered a job in a governement sector who’s pay is only 30% of my last pay. 4 years have passed and now im back in private sector with pay as before the recession. Its a matter of falling and bouncing back. If you can prove your worth, company will always choose experience than cost.

    • MJS said

      think you dont understand why Sporeans are not happy about, its the uneven playing field , employers dislike disruptions like reservist training , and FT come cheaper as they are supporting their families back home with strong sing dlrs , but S’poreans unable to accept this due to the high costs in supporting a family here, as such MOM should ensure S’poreans should have priority over FT. This should be way of a caring government. if not who wants to defend the country ???

      • Leong Singapore said

        How do you suggest MOM ensure Singaporeans should be given priority. Can you write out a workable policy? What law you want to enforce, which MOM is not already doing? MOM now says, ie for every 10 Singaporeans you hire you can hire one PRC. So what do you say?

        You want what new law? Like this?
        If got Singaporean apply for this job, die die must give to Singaporean, regardless of how incompetent or how much salary he wants. He must get the job, or else fine $100,000. Is it like that?

        If really like that I will close down the business and retire in a 3rd world country.

        How? Please suggest.

  17. ex-PAP supporter said

    I was supporting PAP for decades until I was replaced by foreigner.

    It is really sad to have such a government that never protect his own local leaving them jobless and poor while they are earning the world highest salary!

    I will never ever forgive this government!

  18. Angry singaporean said

    Hope there us some Hero like Hougang Cleaner to take legal action against MOM for failure to perform it’s duty according to PM’s order of “Singaporean come first!” and accepting all application without throughout check the company application ( many giving false info in order to apply S-pass/EP)!!

  19. Jac said

    @Poh Tiong Ho……. please note Singaporean workers are not apples. If employers can import cheaper foreign workers, likewise Singaporeans should be allow to import cheaper cigarettes, petrol, medicine, cars etc from Malaysia and from whichever source!

    • LEONG Singapore said

      Hey Jac, of course you can import cheaper things from all over the world. Cigarettes is not good, so tax is high to discourage consumption. Do you want your children to smoke? Petrol and cars are also taxed to control traffic congestion. Do you want our roads to be stuck like Bangkok and Jakarta? 3 hrs jam to drive to work? Medicine no extra tax. You can definite import from Malaysia and anywhere in the world. Medicine here is more expensive because you buy them from the clinic you see the doctor. The doctor wants to make money. You can ask for a prescription and buy it from a pharmacy in JB or Singapore. But of course the same medicine will cost lower in JB, due to their lower operating costs. Lower rents, lower salary. Please don’t just babble your mouth without thinking.

  20. Ken Lee said

    chinaponoypore! even our own trade union does not have the heart to employ us what you aspect?

  21. Leong Singapore said

    We live in a highly competitive world! We don’t just compete with FTs here but workers from all over the world. I use to run a software services business, where my local workers salaries ranges between $2k-$4k. My competitors are from India. They hire workers at US$200 per month. The fees the charge my customers are cheaper than my cost! I shutdown my business. I do sympathize with you but all of you out there better WAKE UP!!! There are many people in the world that needs more sympathy than YOU. Everybody has problems. Singapore is a country based on meritocracy, not discrimination. Open competition, not protectionism. We are to compete with the world, not the few FTs perceived taking away your job. These businesses in Singapore are competing with other companies in China, India, Thailand and all parts of the world. They need to produce, operate at the lowest possible cost. If I make something in Singapore and for the SAME QUALITY, Priced HIGHER than another producer from India, will the customer buy my product?
    It’s not how many years of experience you have, but rather the VALUE and PRODUCTIVITY you can add. It’s also not about the number of hours you have worked, but rather how productive you have been and the results you produce to improve quality, sales and profits. If you have the right attitude, and able to deliver to your employer, I’m sure your employer will be willing to pay you more. Start with any salary they offer you. Start working first and prove to them that you are indeed more valuable than the FTs competing with you. But then if you are no better than the FTs doing the same job, and want higher salary just because you are a Singaporean, if I’m the boss, I’ll fire you as soon as possible.

    • Ma Chi said

      Lim Beh dare to bet U are one of those bloody bosses who only employ PINOY thrash!

      • Leong Singapore said

        For the record I do NOT have a single Pinoy working I my company. My workers are from other countries and Singaporeans. There are good Singaporean workers too. Just too hard to find now. I’m sure June(34) can respond, if her workers retire, does she think she can get new Singaporean workers today with e same level of commitment. I’m having a very hard time finding good Singaporeans to work regardless of salary. No one even write in. I advertise Singaporeans only may apply. I get thousands of FTs a few Singaporeans(quite useless people not willing to work). So where are the good Singaporean workers? MIA. Never apply How I hire them? Come one live in the real world.

  22. Native Singaporean said


    Did you vote PAP in last GE2011? If yes, I am sorry I will not sympathize. If not, I am with you and pray that you get a job soon.

  23. Birdie said

    As long as the YAYA PAPaya is in power, the inflow of FT will continue cos their target for collecting workers levy must always go up and not down, Otherwise how can they get such a rediculous high salary. Whenever they implement something, the first thing on their mind is revenue.
    One good example is when they wanted to ease traffic jam and lower the population of cars. They implement COE. When that doesn’t work they implement ERP and worst of all it operated till night. Wont be surprised you will ask to pay entrance fee to the parks and beaches.

  24. Be for what you can do NOT for who you are.... said

    In reality most jobs in the F&B, hotels, cleaning, construction Singaporeans DOES NOT want to do. For Play Play, you may be the very few Singaporean wanting a kitchen job. Let’s go count all the kitchen staff in the whole of Singapore!!! If we send all the FTs home, are you sure you can even fill all the positions in the kitchens? Come on, don’t kid ourselves. The Singapore F&B industry will totally collapse when we send out all the FTs. For an employer to hire, it’s a matter of matching the skills with the salary. You probably didn’t get that job because you didn’t have the skills and ability, not because you are a Singaporean. Besides skills, you may probably have a bad resume or track record, ie you job hop showing your lack in commitment or having the wrong attitude towards work. Many people here who are against FTs already started on the wrong foot. If you have the mentality that being Singaporean YOU should be selected for the job, then I wouldn’t hire you because your attitude and work values is not I would look for in an employee.

    • Play Play said

      I never implied that they should send home the FTs. I’m only saying they should employ as many qualified Singaporeans as they can over an FT. I don’t have to justify here how capable I am for the job, but I know myself and my own abilities, and certainly my work attitude. I am just disheartened that they did not even give me a chance to present myself despite sending in an impressive resume, testimonials and track record of being an entrepreneur in the food industry. I still don’t think I’m not better than any of the FTs there.

      • There is a mountain higher than this mountain. said

        Do you think you are the only one around with an impressive resume? They may already hired another Singaporean better than you. Or may be you are over qualified and not suitable for the position. Do you even know for a FACT who got the job? A Singaporean or FT?

      • Leong Singapore said

        Have you succeeded being an entrepreneur? That shows your track record. How good you really are… If you are that good that deserve to be hired, then you would have made it in your own business.

  25. Be Fair said

    Why are you not approving comments that does not support Bad Singaporean workers attitude?

    We live in a highly competitive world! We don’t just compete with FTs here but workers from all over the world. I use to run a software services business, where my local workers salaries ranges between $2k-$4k. My competitors are from India. They hire workers at US$200 per month. The fees the charge my customers are cheaper than my cost! I shutdown my business. I do sympathize with you but all of you out there better WAKE UP!!! There are many people in the world that needs more sympathy than YOU. Everybody has problems. Singapore is a country based on meritocracy, not discrimination. Open competition, not protectionism. We are to compete with the world, not the few FTs perceived taking away your job. These businesses in Singapore are competing with other companies in China, India, Thailand and all parts of the world. They need to produce, operate at the lowest possible cost. If I make something in Singapore and for the SAME QUALITY, Priced HIGHER than another producer from India, will the customer buy my product?
    It’s not how many years of experience you have, but rather the VALUE and PRODUCTIVITY you can add. It’s also not about the number of hours you have worked, but rather how productive you have been and the results you produce to improve quality, sales and profits. If you have the right attitude, and able to deliver to your employer, I’m sure your employer will be willing to pay you more. Start with any salary they offer you. Start working first and prove to them that you are indeed more valuable than the FTs competing with you. But then if you are no better than the FTs doing the same job, and want higher salary just because you are a Singaporean, if I’m the boss, I’ll fire you as soon as possible.

    Be fair !

    • Tabby said

      Well said. Only you have a viewpoint of an employer … if you could not increase the price and have to maintain the quality of the product / service, you have to find ways to cut the cost of production … that’s it …

      • Be Fair said

        I used to be a worker too. I started my job as a trainee at $300. I don’t have qualifications, but I can deliver. I work hard. My peers at that time was getting $1300 per month as a Poly/NUS fresh grad in computer science. In 9 months, I got my salary increased to $1500. If you deliver you get paid. I have done it, you can too. That was in 1988.

  26. abang said

    Hey! U should also show example yourself!!! Why u still employ a FT (maid) ???

  27. dontlookhere said

    without rework? Ha!

    not in my trade.

  28. Exaggerated said

    while others do not need to wait till the term to end, we have to suffer for at least another 5 years.

    Bring in more cheap labour and you get 3rd world product. Time will tell if cheap labour is really what we need and if cheap labour is really going to help SIngapore to progress. By that time, it will all be too late.

    Do we really need to wait for five years for changes to take place?

  29. Geo said

    Make sure we vote enough opposition members if the ruling party do not correct this problem by then. Older people cannot find jobs….FTs given priority over Singaporean in middle management and other jobs Singaporean wants?…..unbelievable!

  30. David said

    Ms Megalawani, I just want to tell you what happened to your husband is not unique. Many Singaporeans face such marginalisation and I was one of them. I went for an interview recently, on the panel, there were two ang mohs, one Indian FT and one Singaporean (I think is a sgporean, but it doesn’t matter cos she was just a lowly HR executive). It doesn’t take a genius to guess that I was not successful and the job went to a foreigner.

  31. Ron said

    If the firm is owned by a foreigner, they have the right to hire who they want subject to meeting the ratio of so many Singaporeans to one FT.

    However, I think many firms owned by Singaporeans are hiring foreigners at lower costs. MOM knows the answers as they can get the data easily from visa / permit applications and from CPF / Tax Office, etc.

    If Singaporean-owned firms prefer FTs, there is little chance that Singaporeans can change the situation except …..

    • LEONG Singapore said

      Have we all asked ourselves why Singaporean employers prefer FTs? I’ve employed Singaporeans before. most Singaporeans have bad working attitude. They want more pay, less work, more off, less hours a day! FTs are not that particular about these. Not all Singaporeans are like that, but statistically MORE. If we cannot work on our own working attitudes, then we will lose competitiveness not just in Singapore but the global economic arena. When I was young, I work till midnight in the office almost every day with no complains. I’ve ever engage in a migration project in a bank where I was there without going home for 48hours. How many Singaporeans have such commitment today? These days the new workers want a life!!! There is always a price to pay to excel. Are you willing to put in everything into your job? Maybe not for most Singaporeans, but FTs seem to be more willing. We don’t just compete in Singapore, we compete globally. If Singaporeans here is looking for the government to do everything in their favor, are you looking to turn Singapore in to a socialist country? Are we try so hard to become Greece, soon will be bankrupt!!!???
      Let’s say we fire all the FTs and give all the benefits to Singaporeans. Let’s say we give everyone a raise, and set minimum salary to $3500. So all cleaners, security guards, cooks, waitress will all get at least that salary. Let’s say we give all Singaporeans 30days annual leave. What else you want the govt will give! What do you think will happen?

      I can tell you this, all foreign firms will move out of Singapore. Products and serives in Singapore will be so expensive compared to its competitors. Singapore exports will plunge. Tickets to the zoo will now cost $120 per person and a plate of chicken rice will cost $20 in the hawker centre. Tourism revenues will fall, hotel occupancy rates will fall below 50%. Many shopping malls units will be empty and vacant. Nobody will want to do business here. The rich business man will just move elsewhere to stay. How about free medical for all? And free money to the poor and elderly like western social security. Cheap HDB flats say, $50k for a 5room flat. Will you then love this new govt? Oh how is the govt going to pay for all these, hmmm I think you’ll need to pay at least 30% income tax rates. Err gst rate need to go up too maybe 12%??

      For those who doesn’t understand simple economics, please think before you speak. You don’t even understand what you will get yourself in to. Its so easy to speak you mind. But do you really know the impact?

      In reality, in the long run, you can only be paid for what you are worth. If we collectively as a nation cannot generate a value proposition to the world, no one will buy SINGAPORE products and services. We will not make it as a nation economically. Just look at the West countries now. Who do you want to model after? USA with TRILLIONS of foreign debt? Or GREECE in the verge of bankruptcy? The people there all get the last word, the last decision and they got what they want. Is this what you REALLY want?

  32. Singapuraboi said

    The situation will only get worse. Time for talking is done. Talk has gotten us no where. We have to be proactive. The govt is giving the FTs the impression that they r better than the locals. No govt in the world does that not even when their own people have no experience or are really crap. and no govt in the world would further incense an already angry citizenry. All this is a wicked ploy to bully the citizens into voting for them at the next election. The fearful and the coward amongst us have voted for them the last election but greed is insatiable. Bullies are cowards and as long as the people band together we will win the day. We will win back Singapore with one GRC at a time. We have taken Aljunied and Hougang, let’s win back Potong Pasir and another GRC. Send a message of your unhappiness by celebrating this National Day at the opposition wards. Let’s cramp these wards and make a great noise. For many of us over 40s, retrenchment is a career death knell. We may be down but we are not broken. Likewise for the fesh grads who can’t find work, let’s make tomorrow a better day for u and me. The future for Singapore is sunny and the skies are blue. Let’s chase away the stormy weather.

  33. singaporean said

    Hi sympathize with Megalawani, yes we agree we need foriegners in singapore…but pay them their due salary…its really no more about experience…its bout hw much ur willing to go…yes we need a strong govrernment but but we r not paying the ruling party millions to giv us solution that even a layman will know….i mean ruling party’s job is it maintain a strong economy and at the same time put singaporeans 1st….if ur doing wat the rest of the world is doing then u do not need a 1st class salary do u? im sure every1 will agree wif me..

  34. June said

    I am a employer, have never employed a foreign worker. My staff are like my family, few auntie worked for years.

    I know I pay peanuts, but they still work very hard for me. I wish I can pay more too, but times are tough. It’s very good that they are v understanding.

    But does it means that I do not employ foreign worker then I get more business?? Answer to me is a clear no. Singaporean in general dont care…. we whine about employers giving jobs to foreigners.

    So far, I am lucky, I have v good local help. I had been asked to employ foreigners as they are cheaper… but where their loyalty lies?

    I know my local staff are still with me not because of pay, but they really care for us and the company. I dont know how long can the business last given the adverse climate but I know the stafff and I are united as one

    • Leong Singapore said

      Hi June I’m an employer too, I CANNOT find good Singaporean workers. Tell me, if half your staff have retired or quit, do you have the confidence to hire new Singapore workers with the same level of commitment and work attitudes?

  35. spotlessleopard said

    So “What do you think?” Will you continue to vote the PAP in GE2016?

  36. seah said

    Lost yr jod after working for years in the company,it retirement time.very low chance of re employment because of load of FT waiting to grap yr jod on low pay;they spend half on themself,the other half they send back home,that wise they can except low low pay because of the exchange rate.Those country which have a higher than spore they wont came in.

  37. BB said

    Is time to increase Taxes on all Immigrants owning private and public housing and channel the tax benefits to the LOCALLY BORN.

  38. Quote:
    send fire all the FT trash and send them all home, will the business in Singapore survive the high costs of operations by hiring all Singaporeans with double pay?

    Well said, brother, you sure have high IQ.

  39. jung said

    When incumbent is taking the center, the left shifts to the extreme end to attain differentiation. So, we are looking at reforming our cheap labour system. Kick out the FTs, and govt can make put up some slush money with the purpose of raising people’s pay. Sorry, actually, raising pay for people who *really* influenced the govt. The rich and politically powerful take the first cut, then the politically represented unions get their share, public workers on govt payroll will do well and lastly the average, least represented, private sector voters get what they bargained for, a good conscience.

    People need to be reminded that more money and less real work done can happen concurrently.

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