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Students in Singapore international school spread video of teachers having hot sex in school

Posted by temasektimes on June 16, 2012

Two teachers recorded a video clip of them having hot sex in a classroom for their own viewing pleasure, but ended up becoming ‘porn stars’ after it went viral among their students.

The 20 minute graphic video of them having sex was chanced upon by students while browsing files on the school’s computer server and it soon spread throughout the school as well as their friends in other schools.

The two teachers who are believed to be Caucasians have since left the school. One of them was a man in charge of ‘school discipline’. It is not known if they were asked to leave because of the video.

Speaking to queries from an English tabloid, a spokesman for the school said:

“We are not in a position to comment on the personal life of ex-staff as these are private matters.”

Given that the supposedly private video is now in the public domain, it can hardly be considered a ‘private matter’ anymore.

* Illustrated photo


34 Responses to “Students in Singapore international school spread video of teachers having hot sex in school”

  1. Daft Peasants said

    Ha ha ha ha……………..shit float up again……ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Steve Lee said

    Typical western behaviour. We should learn the good from the west but for God’s sake please, please, please give them back the bad with a polite but firm “thank you but it’s not us”. Don’t blindly emulate western customs or put western ways on a pedestal. Some people, especially the young think that to be westernised is cool. However, the East has so much to offer, in terms of morals, social unity, reverence for our elders and respect for others and society. If we honour our own traditions and hold ourselves with pride, others will in turn honour us. Don’t simply copy bad western behaviour. Don’t be a copy cat banana, yellow on the outside and white on the inside. The ones you copy won’t respect you.

    • Jon Ashley said

      Eastern morals of debt bonded slavery and the pursuit of money at all costs?

    • nerosink said

      It can happen with asians also

    • Rj Stuck said

      Wait, did you say typical western behaviour? with recent news about Singaporeans, prostitutes and sexual favours for business? Really these acts are just Human stupidity inherent to all races, East and West. Don’t think you are that special, because we are all human and no matter what you think, we haven’t evolved enough to be 100 percent perfect.

    • YY said

      Perhaps, the greatest idiosyncrasy of the east is the notion of self-perceived traditional eastern morals. Paradoxically, such “morals” as portrayed by Steve stereotypes pornography to being a “typical” western trait. This view is not only xenophobic, it is also unsubstantiated.

      Making a porno tape is not a typical western behavior, although it is a highly organised and regulated activity. It was estimated in 1994 that, between legal and illegal videos, around 14,000 AVs a year were being made in the Japan, in contrast to about 2,500 in the United States[1]. Since pornography is more prevalent in the East, making porn, according to your statement, should be more “typical” in the East. Therefore, if making porn is “typical” in the West, making porn is 5.6 times more “typical” in the East, assuming we use the AV video ratio as a benchmark for typicality.

      [1] ^ Diamond, Milton; Ayako Uchiyama (1999). “Pornography, Rape and Sex Crimes in Japan”. Pacific Center for Sex and Society; University Of Hawai`i. Archived from the original on 16 February 2007. Retrieved 2007-02-18

      • Wah hap said

        Your big English words mean nothing here.. That is for your lecturer to judge you.. Here, it only proves that you are an elitist bigot..

      • YY said

        Hi Wah Hap,

        How does presenting a coherent argument qualifies me to be an “elitiest bigot”? Surely, intellectual discourse is permitted in this website.

      • Steve said

        Well Wah Hap you dont like big English words so here goes. You are a wanker. Is that simple enough for you.

  3. Andrew said

    That’d be nice to watch! 🙂

    Hope they didn’t leave the school because of the video though. Isn’t that big of a deal, considering the kind of porn teenagers are exposed anyways.

  4. who next ? WC got choke !

  5. i say what i think only... said

    must be some international school since is ang moh.

  6. yes said

    silly TR hehe.. if it’s so public matter already then what for ask for more comment then?

  7. jamie said

    Good opportunity for MOE to hire the 2 teachers ……to pioneer sex education.

  8. May Ng said

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  9. derrick said

    NO Video No talk! haha

  10. joker said


  11. Lee Gong Gong said

    Ahem… ‘private life’ in a school (public place) they worked in..?

  12. Ken Lee said

    wow hot talent! no wonder PAP want us to integrate with them! cause we got old mind, we should be sex free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Foreign Talents!

  14. abang said

    Hey! Its part of sex education curriculum! What the big hoo ha? Never watch blue film before meh?

  15. Darren said

    where is the link?

  16. Bai Hu said

    Oh please, these white-men are really too open-minded. Please kindly do their ‘stuffs’ at the privacy of their own homes la, not in school man.

  17. Foreign Talent escape publicity and law again! said

    Foreign Talent escape publicity and law again!

    Why are they not publish in News Paper, and why Ministry of Education did not take up action for foreingers!

  18. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people for this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  19. sex is a basic human instinct, and whether East or West we are human.But this is not the issue. The issue is that teachers and educationist are expected to adhere to a high standard of morality as they are models for our children.

    It is a bad reflection on the school. It behoves the school to demand a high standard of behaviour of their staff worthy of them to teach our children.

  20. Penelope said

    The teachers DID NOT records themselves in the classroom. The whole things was an accident with technology. Get your facts right. Also, the picture you have posted is completely misleading with what the issue is actually about.

  21. Julie Ong said

    I am reasonably broad minded. These teachers should have controlled themselves and now they have lost their jobs. Sex is natural. Normal. ‘Mian Kian Siaw’. Frankly if our parents hadn’t ‘misbehaved’ themselves where would we be?

    Lesson: If you are going to do it make sure you won’t get caught! I must admit it can be difficult because the sexual urge can be simply overpowering and the sense of urgency ‘above everything else’.

    Be wary. Ah, before I forget don’t forget to rubber up (use condom).

    Know what you are doing.


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