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EXPOSED: Woffles Wu is a nephew of late Singapore President Ong Teng Cheong

Posted by temasektimes on June 17, 2012

Prominent plastic surgeon Woffles Wu, who was let off with a mere ‘touch’ on his wrist for asking his employee to take the rap for him in a speeding offence is a nephew of the late Singapore President Ong Teng Cheong.

Woffles was fined only $1,000 for abetting Kuah Yit Wah to take the rap for him twice in 2005 and 2006 after he was caught speeding along Lornie Road instead of the usual jail term.

In contrast, a 51 year old sales executive Charlie Lim Chau Lee was jailed for six months for asking others to take the blame for his traffic offence in September 2010. (read more here)

The shocking verdict caused a massive outcry among Singaporeans who were perturbed at the light sentence imposed including PAP MP Hri Kumar Nair.

According to an article published in The New Paper in 2006, it was revealed that Woffles Wu is a nephew of Ong Teng Cheong, Singapore’s first elected president who passed away in 2001:

[Source: Pacific Holdings]

We have also received some unverified tip-offs from anonymous sources that Woffles Wu is ‘well-connected’ and knows quite a number of prominent figures including PAP MPs within the establishment.

Meanwhile, the government and the state media have gone into a propaganda overdrive to convince Singaporeans that the verdict is ‘fair’ with Law Minister Shanmugam saying that a fine is the ‘norm’ for such cases and that investigations are still ‘ongoing’ into Woffles’ speeding offence which will probably cost him a few ‘peanuts’ and demerit points.


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31 Responses to “EXPOSED: Woffles Wu is a nephew of late Singapore President Ong Teng Cheong”

  1. What Do You Think? said

    The MIWs would like Singaporeans to think they are are honest and clean and possess the highest standards of integrity. However, is reality really so? Do you think ppl like Teo Chee Hean have integrity?

  2. Anon said

    So I was his Uncle’s road. So where should put the next sticker or stencil?

  3. Ray said

    Then why was PAP MP Hri Kumar so surprised by $1000 fine imposed on Woffles Wu?

    • Mimi Lee said

      My guess: Hri Kumar’s “social status” isn’t as good as the other MIWs, so he might not share their views. In every political party, there will always be class divides, and PAP is no exception. But seriously, I feel sorry for Mr Ong Teng Cheong for having such an irresponsible nephew.

    • Singaporean said

      Use your knee to think, wayang mah.

    • aloysius12 said

      It is stage!! otherwise how could one get the Minister to cut in and “soften” the “roar”. Would you question your boss?(both are in legal business)Wayang/wayang!(WWE)

    • Mel said

      Just act surprise….they are known to be good actors.

  4. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    Hey TT,

    So what if Woffles Wu is the nephew of the former Singapore elected President, Ong Teng Cheong, are you suggesting that he should be let off easily without any charge?

    No one is above the law okie!

  5. solaris8899 said

    a simple question: committed a serious fraud in front of sg law, others go to jail, he can walk away with just fine… think is fair?

  6. Ma Piu Por said

    Foreigners here may be busy laughing at the news nowadays on Singaporeans which is hot and sensational…. meanwhile, I prefer to focus on the ferarri incident, would be nice if any capable media can find out how he got so rich from his wisdom in money management, like what some news mentioned 🙂

  7. Clara said

    Which is why I will never vote for people with no integrity. $1000 fine vs 6 months jail. Come on.. Don’t lie to citizens, especially the 60.1% who voted for you. If not, why would they vote for you again in 2016? Getting from bad to worse.

  8. Marton said

    What do you think?

    As long as the white in power, there is nothing much to say.

  9. studentinsg said

    He might have known the prosecutor, else I can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t have pushed for a heavier sentence.

  10. Ron said

    The issue is not who his relatives are. The issue is about consistency in sentencing. Of course the choice of sentencing ranges from a lightFine to a Jail Term. When two cases are almost identical, it is natural for impartial observers to draw some negative conclusions. And it does not do the Judiciary any good for such disparities in meting out sentences.

    Either we are consistently lenient or we are consistently strict. Not both ends of the spectrum unless there are strong mitigating circumstances. And for someone who can afford First Class travel, he can certainly afford being chauffered around in a Rolls Royce and be truly First Class on the road too. Why break the law and worse pervert the law?

  11. pitbull said

    It’s my grandfather’s road, stupid. Abywat, the 1000 bucks is just enough for my petrol bill.

  12. crappy said

    protect the rich. Protect foreign thrash. FUCK U PAP AND THE GOVERNMENT

  13. joe said

    Then how is our Law Minister related to Woffles, if any

  14. Invictus said

    Smells like stinky nepotism to me !! Country no longer guided by meritocracy and equality to all

  15. Leong Singapore said

    Read the lates update please, you can’t enforce a law that does not exist when the crime is committed. Anyway for the record, PAP doesn’t like Ong Teng Cheong. He didn’t even get a state funeral as a President when he died. Where other lower ranking people got state funeral, because has been roumoured he question PAP about the sale of POSB to DBS and about the the Singpore Reserves.

    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      That is why PAP now suddenly realizes that their supports are waning fast & they now felt the need more than ever to win over the late President, Ong Teng Cheong numerous supporters to tip the scale & balance back in their favour, understand?

      PAP are a very deep & cunning party & they will always think long term to win back lost supporters/votes at whatever ways, cost & means which explain why they are still very much the only sole dominating party to rule over Singapore after more than half a century still…simple tactic & logic!

    • SashaQueenie said

      You mean there was no law prior to 2008 against LYING TO THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. my grandfather time said

    And they say there is no corruption in Singapore.

  17. joker said

    need equality!

  18. SashaQueenie said

    If connections and wealth can make a difference when it comes to sentencing, then let’s call a Spade a Spade. This is a corrupt system.

  19. Singaporeans like to see justice and fairplay.

    To lie to the police is a serious offence. It is not a simple light traffic offence as we are led to accept. We like to see that this is not to be overlooked whether he is related to the president or not.

  20. archie said

    It’s an insult to intelligence . When Orchard Rd got flooded the first time blame the public . When foreigners are creating social problems blame on Singaporeans not integrating. When there is doubt in a fair judgement for a traffic offence we are fools to read except the truth from the judge. Dont forget to blame the rroad for allowing to speed beyond 70km/hr. Anyway feel short change paying to read news of those 45 sex offenders for the next 40 days ! Wah lau

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