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PHOTOS: Pinoys in Singapore celebrate their ‘Independence Day’ in Suntec City

Posted by temasektimes on June 17, 2012

Filipinos in Singapore celebrate their ‘Independence Day’ in Suntec City with support from a host of Singapore companies and organizations such as SingTel and NUH.

Source: PIDC Facebook


60 Responses to “PHOTOS: Pinoys in Singapore celebrate their ‘Independence Day’ in Suntec City”

  1. BJJ Black Belt said

    Next these sg companies will also support PRC,Indian national & Myanmar days too!

  2. Rinko said

    If we do not fight now, we will be extinct like the Rhino.

    • Josh said

      Dumb fool, rhino’s are not extinct

    • Compatriot said

      Singapore laws do not condone any sorts of assembly of protestors

      Therefore I urge all concerned Singaporeans to exercise and practise means of “BOYCOTTING” immediately to all the place of work where pinnoys can be found

      Since we can’t have a legal assembly to exercise our Constitutional Rights to protest the myopic policy of the PAP government that imported these pinnoy goats (Speakers Corner is Impractical and Dead)

      This is the one way that Singaporeans can take and implemented with a spirited force to passed our resolved and resounding voice and message to the pinnoys once and for all

      I as one,have already begun to boycott all those merchants with philipino employees

      Come fellow Singaporeans make your day

  3. 龙的传人 said


    • SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

      Hey Troll!

      Since when did Chinamen become so good friends with Pinoys?
      Please stop fanning the flame over here!

      • Boon said

        PRC are well known double headed snakes…大陆人是过街老鼠,到处被人喊打!

  4. Ken Lee said

    President Tony Tan has been working hard quietly in the background to serve Singaporeans. President Tan joined 50 volunteers at Khalid Mosque located in Joo Chiat to sell packets of briyani and he even pitched in to put the final touches to the dish.

    • Compatriot said

      Every action there is a motive behind

      Tony Tan before he is president have lost nearly US$42 billion of our taxpayers monies including yours probably,when he was one the fund managers of GIC

      He is also the Deputy Chairman of GIC and made a very bad judgement to incurred and suffered a loss around $59 billion Singapore dollars of taxpayers monies to invest in Citigroup and UBS both,having toxic debts during the 2008 global financial crises.

      Reported by tthe Wall Street Journal which the Singapore Press Media bluntly censored this news therefore to short changed Singaporeans

      Currently,whats the ceiling of your CPF before withdrawals. S$139K?

  5. Wolfglare said

    Fuck these pinoy get out of Singapore we don’t want u here

  6. Boon said

    Now I beginning to feel why China have to sent almost 30 ships to chase those pinoys away from Scarborough Shoal…give them an itch and they would probably think they can have a foot next! We should continue to make these pinoys feel cheap in Singapore, since they came here as cheap laborers!

    Hope Suntec City will do a deep sanitizing of the entire area well to ensure shoppers can go back there to shop…BTW, did you people heard about the news that there is one pinoy acquiring HIV every 3 hours back in Philippines?

    • Dr.Arsch said

      Guess why China’s mighty navy had to stand off with the Pinoys for a full month instead of invading and squashing them though? Even the CPC of China knows there is a risk their soldiers and sailors would get infected with Pinoy disease and HIV.

      I would love for the PRC to annex that filthy Pinoyland and repeat Tiananmen Square in all their cities. Also drop a multi megaton nuke on Manila for good measure 😀

  7. King said

    Congrats to Phillippines and all Filippinos, I hereby hope that temasek times will stop obsessing over a poorer neighbour and focus on more important issues.

    • Boon said

      We are not obsessed with a poor neighbour, we are obsessed with destructive cheap labor which is equivalent to locust swamp…they leave nothing behind after each onslaught…and Singaporeans need to have their insecticides ready to deal with this locust swamp!

      • Dr.Arsch said

        Well said! You can count on those bloody locusts to start accusing us of racism though. Those third-world Pinoy parasites will not stop till they over-run our beautiful country and steal it from right under our noses.

  8. markey said

    trash !!!

  9. Congragulations on your National Day. IMMIGRATION is good for Singapore. Look at the Top 500 Fortune Companies in America. 200 of the CEOs are foreign born.

    • Boon said

      But pinoy trash and scums wasn’t considered talents in the first place…they are global cheap labor, a product that philippines need to export to deal with their massive high unemployment figures! Immigration is indeed good for Singapore if we have the right people, but pinoy trash are definitely considered to be locusts that will destroy the social norms of any countries they had infested!

  10. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Get lose & go home..pui

  11. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Get lose,

  12. ali said

    So what’s with you people if we celebrate our Independence day? The small Singaporean community here in Manila celebrates their NDP every 9th of August and we don’t care! We don’t make a fuss out of it! Ah Bengs here really have a small head, both up and the one at their crotch! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! I salute all open minded Singaporeans! TR wastes a lot of Singaporeans’ precious time! Get some life folks!

    • 60+ said

      What Ah Beng, f..ker, pui

    • Dr.Arsch said

      That small Singaporean community in Manila probably employs thousands of broke Pinoys who would otherwise be starving or rolling over in poverty in those slums. The Pinoy community in Singapore is packed with a bunch of parasites who contribute in no way other that leeching off our society. There is a difference!

      • ali said

        Dr.Arsch has a small head…. 60+ is a dried-up “uncle”…. Singaporeans also broke only government people are rich! Dr.Arsch is a big joke even in his argument… lame!

  13. Singaporean said

    “Puck your bug and go buck lah” = Pack your bag and go back lah

  14. ASDF said

    Please go wash my toilet now

  15. grandfather said

    get lose to all Pinoys locusts .. pack your bag and get fuck out Singapore ..

  16. Jack said

    `GLOCAL’ ? What animal is this?

  17. solaris8899 said

    dont they(our local host supporters) find is a waste of time and resources…organizing and celebrating their independence day in our land and public area…..what does this event got to do with us (our local community)? does this mean there will be other upcoming for other countries celebrations for their independence days in our public areas as well?

  18. Dr.Arsch said

    Get the f@ck out of our country Pinoy filth and keep your filthy habits and parading ‘hos’ to yourselves! Goddamned beggars!

  19. Singaporean said

    Are we going to have China, India, USA, Vietnam and Malaysia National Day celebration too?

  20. Duncan's filipina maid said

    Hack. It is becoming a little filipina land.

  21. SG said

    Halo……go home & celebrate !!!!

  22. joker said

    delete FT!

  23. Jo said

    And so are we going to have “extra national holiday” soon going by this trend?

  24. Congratulations to Filipinos!
    Singaporeans are very envy and jealous for you! In every news, they always put Filipinos in front… It only means that they are so much worried because Filipinos are more capable than them!
    Singaporeans are already out-of-market and obsolete because of their attitude and level of IQ!!

    I guess many Singaporeans will have a counter-comment on my post! (Not surprising though!)

    Don’t worry, I’m also a Singaporean! But I don’t possess a typical Singaporean attitude and education!

    • Dr.Arsch said

      You are what we’d call a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s obvious you are one of those PAP import Pinoy army. Pinoy-Singaporean is pseudo Singaporean my friend. No time for posers 😛

    • Boon said

      “but I don’t possessed a typical Singaporean attitude and education”…quite obviously, you’re not a true born and breed Singaporean, so you are not Singaporean at all. So, stop pretending to be a Singaporean when you are just a lowly shit-brained stinky 3rd world pinoy scum!

      And PLEASE OR PWEASE OR PREASE…don’t insult us by saying that we are envy of filipino trash and scums, especially not with 1) their high unemployment rate of 34.4% (13.8 millions have no job), 2) one pinoy acquiring HIV every 3 hours, 3) fat, useless and stupid police commandos who can;t even solve a simple hostage crisis, 4) they shit in their pants and hide their tails between their legs when confronting China over Scarborough Shoal, 5) electing highly corrupted presidents to cheat on their moneys, 6) have to export cheap laborers to overseas as the country main industry, 7) being known as the sick-man of Asia ever since they gained independence from USA and many many more which no sane person would be proud of.

      But we know Neutral Idea likes it a lot, he is a talented born-loser which you can find in any other part of planet Earth, except in a hell land known as philippines!

      • Oh common men!
        Your are very much afraid of Pinoys!
        It only means that they are much capable than you!!! That’s insecurity…

        Do you know that mostly Singaporeans have skin disease? Because they don’t even know what is hygiene….

      • Dr.Arsch said

        @Neutral Idea – So now we have skin disease eh? Good! Then stay the f@ck out of our country and go ruin someone else’s country just to feed your starving families. Better get your wife checked too :P. Poor woman might have contracted skin disease from us, all in an attempt to earn 20 bucks. Poor thing.

      • Josh said

        Thats funny, sinkees dont take baths, so true

      • Boon said

        Hmmm…that strange, never know Singaporeans have skin disease, but at least, it is still much better than to have one pinoy scum acquiring HIV every 3 hours…ha ha ha, hope this ratio will increase so all these pinoy dogs and pigs will die naturally, and the world will rid itself of one of the most lowly filthy animal on planet earth!

        And ohhhh, do you know why pinoy pigs and dogs stink big time compared to all other pigs in the farms or dogs on the street? Because they never know how to bathe…of course, dogs and pigs never bathe at all!

      • Boon said

        Not as bad as pinoy dogs like U that bathe with your bitch mother’s urine!

  25. Singaporen said

    Goal of 2012: To boycott all restaurants and shops who employ mostly pinoy. Neutral idea, I hope you get to experience what your fellow Singaporeans are going through.

  26. Dr.Arsch said

    @Andre – Go home Pinoy, before things start getting ugly and we make u go home.

  27. ching said

    so we can do it in other people’s countries but they cannot do it in ours.. im proud of the brimming hypocrisy in this thread.

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