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Rising anti-foreigner sentiments in Singapore is an issue of culture, not race

Posted by temasektimes on June 17, 2012

What other country in the world has foreigners making up approx 48% of the actual number of people within the country at any one time? I believe this figure might not even include transient passengers on planes or ships.

Singaporeans are one of the most open and accepting people in the world. They have been, for the most part since the founding of the country, made up of Indians, Malays, Chinese, Eurasians and a smattering of others. Social cohesiveness did not however, miraculously occur without early birthing pains and sacrifice on the part of all. Singaporeans are also used to visiting expatriates flying in and out of their lives and accept this without any fuss.

Recently however, foreign nationals, whom many Singaporeans have not had much to do with socially or at work in the past, have been foisted onto them by the powers that be in large numbers. They have unfairly (no minimum wage/fake or easily achievable qualifications/ no NS obligations etc), competed for the bread and butter of ordinary Singaporeans. This has caused social unrest and desperation amongst native Singaporeans.

This is not a race issue but one of culture. After all PRCs and Singaporeans Chinese, for example, share the same ancestry. However, Singaporeans, after generations of living side by side with their Indian, Malay, Chinese and Eurasian brothers and sisters have succeeded in forging a new culture, sharing much of the old from their ancestral homelands but forging a new and unique distinctive Singaporean culture in so many more ways from shared experiences. Newer arrivals will have to bide their time, contribute in full to Singapore and adapt to the rich tapestry which is our Singapore.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times


17 Responses to “Rising anti-foreigner sentiments in Singapore is an issue of culture, not race”

  1. Regime Changesal said

    The first step is to make it compulsory for PRCs in service industries such as 7-Eleven and restaurant staff etc. to pass a conversational English test before their work permits can be issued/renewed. It pisses me off to be served by a non-English speaking person as I can’t speak Mandarin. In many countries (Australia for example) you have to speak the country’s language before you can be an immigrant or guest worker.

    Secondly, all shop signs and outdoor advertising should be restricted to our four languages and scripts restricted to the Latin alphabet, Tamil and Chinese. We now have signs in Burmese, Tagalog, Thai, Hindi and Korean.We are beginning to see ghettoes forming and if nothing is done we will have the equivalents of Bradford and Leeds.

  2. sweetee said

    Are you delusional?

  3. kulang kulang said

    Concurred totally with Steve Lim…foreign trash and scums should not bring their dirty laundries to Singapore and expect us to tolerate their filthiness!

  4. sweetee said

    The word prejudice refers to prejudgment: making a decision before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case or event. The word has commonly been used in certain restricted contexts, in the expression ‘racial prejudice’. Initially this is referred to making a judgment about a person based on their race, religion, class, etc., before receiving information relevant to the particular issue on which a judgment was being made; it came, however, to be widely used to refer to any hostile attitude towards people based on their race or even by just judging someone without even knowing them. Subsequently the word has come to be widely so interpreted in this way in contexts other than those relating to race. The meaning now is frequently “any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence”.[1] Race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and religion have a history of inciting prejudicial behavior.

    A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities differing from his or her own, and bigotry is the corresponding state of mind. Bigot is often used as a pejorative term against a person who is obstinately devoted to prejudices even when these views are challenged or proven to be false or not universally applicable or acceptable.

    Racism, by its definition, is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. People with racist beliefs might hate certain groups of people according to their racial groups. In the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits, or get preferential treatment. Racial discrimination typically points out taxonomic differences between different groups of people, even though anybody can be racialised, independently of their somatic differences. According to the United Nations conventions, there is no distinction between the term racial discrimination and ethnic discriminiation.
    They all mean similar, yet different things as you can see.

    • Sweetee is Foreign Trash said

      1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
      2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
      3. tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.
      4. annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio.
      5. in a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

      1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an idiot.
      2. senselessly foolish or stupid: an idiotic remark.

  5. Ron said

    Applause, applause. Well done Steve, well written indeed.

  6. FUCKPAP! said

    Yeah, fucking PAP and that old fuck! See they can breath or not when we vote 48% opposition in. Those cancer ridden fuckers!

  7. afgy6h said

    Copy from Reach Forum.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Why Singapore need NS or SAF? Because this is the best deterrent to would be aggressors. I agree. We want peace that is why we build a credible deterrent to aggression. None of us wish war. But if it ever happens I need to trust the guy holding my weapon to fight with me, to protect the people the old uound and womenfolk of our Republic. We cannot have a case where I need to think twice whether I will be shot from behind or our vulnerable held hostage by a group of new citizens who value their old connections more than our allegiance to each other.

    This is why citizenship cannot be just a number for economic growth. It cannot be just a piece of card for benefits and ease of employment. It is a commitment, a responsibility, an undying allegiance to defen Singapore with our lives.

    Prospective converts who still want to celebrate their old country’s national or independence day is not only provoking citizenry sensitivities but also a security rise. On a world of intercontinental ballistics any country can go to war with any country. If this person is not going to be defending us no matter what, we cannot risk this person becoming a threat amongst our ranks. Especially to our vulnerable young, old and womenfolk in times of war and anger. Their old countrymen who persist in inviting our new citizens I their national or independence days re plain insensitive and could amount to sedition.

    I hope our country stays strong and cohesive whole remaining open.

    Majulah Singapura.

  8. Damn said

    We served NS for 90 dollars A MONTH. Now d shake legs immigrants are working in PUBLIC SECTOR siaming responsibilities and collect more than 4K a month by doing NOTHING. We R not ANTI Immigrants. We R pissed with d POLICIES.

  9. hoho said

    SAF taught me to use my byonet on FT invaders.

  10. tay said

    There are alot of immigrants to australia….the foreign numbers overwhelm the locals in sydney and melbourne. throughout history, major cities always attract immigrants. I’m not supporting our govt i’m just painting the reality. the difference between us and australia though is the foreigners take the unwanted jobs. the locals are protected by the minimum wage requirement…

    • Steve Lee said

      @Tay. Immigration to Australia was also conducted over decades, not 6 years. First to arrive in the 50’s and 60’s were the English/Scots/Irish. They were followed by western Europeans like the Germans, Danish etc. The next wave of migrants were the southern europeans, the Greeks, the Italians etc in the 60’s and 70’s. The white Australia policy which prevented non whites from migrating to Australia was only removed in 1976. This then opened the doors to Vietnamese, Singaporeans, Malaysians etc. The next wave were migrants from the middle east and the latest wave are migrants from India and some from Africa. Importantly, the percentage of migrants to native born Australians is much less than Singapores.

  11. Tony said

    Singaporeans are not anti-foreigner but rather anti pro-alien PAP.

  12. is international culture, is common culture, is human culture said

    is international culture, is common culture, is human culture

    Antiforeigners is common in countries like USA, Chian, and many other countries.
    It is international culture, it is common culture, it is human nature, so please do not blame on Singaporeans, but the wise government must know how to do it!

    Singapore is ruled too “politically”, and not socially.

  13. steve said

    i have seen singaporean train and give away outsourced job to india now that they are trained they are back in singapore offices and to take local job simply because our immigration ft policy fail to address such fundamental issue. (no minimum wage/fake or easily achievable qualifications/ no NS obligations etc). it is not about arguing against immigration augment local workforce its about can we be so generous and tolerant and blind to unfairness. we want to be home but we are becomkng a great hotel for those who dont treat us so.

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