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Singapore ranked 90th ‘happiest’ place in the world

Posted by temasektimes on June 17, 2012

Despite all the propaganda churned out daily by the state media to portray a rosy picture on the ground, Singaporeans are not that exactly pleased with life in PAP’s ‘paradise’ after all.

According to statistics from the latest Happy Planet Index (HPI), Singapore is ranked a lowly 90th out of 151 countries in terms of ‘national happiness’.

The index measures how governments from around the world provide long, happy and sustainable lives for their people, based on three factors: life expectancy, happiness and environmental sustainability.

Singapore scored well in life expectancy and well-being, but did poorly in environmental sustainability. Overall, it scored 39.8.

The result mirrors that of Singapore’s income inequality which is the highest among the thirty most developed economies in the world after Hong Kong.



15 Responses to “Singapore ranked 90th ‘happiest’ place in the world”

  1. So that means the 61st most unhappy country la ?

  2. kulang kulang said

    I think Singaporeans will have their happy index up when we have more foreign trash and scums leaving Singapore…I meant, how can we be happy when we are attacked again and again by so many destructive locusts swamp from foreign lands!

  3. Ron said

    I am on extended stay in Brisbane, Australia. Happiness is the nice, cool winter weather, sunny days, scenic Brisbane river, rich abundance of fruits, groceries.

    Within two hours are extensive outdoor natural scenery: great ocean views that rival Hawaii with its surf, the deep blue ocean that stretches to the horizon and not crowded (am avoiding Surfers Paradise), quiet reservior parks, etc.

    Take the river catamaran into the City and sailing past nice riverside properties.

    I can go on… this is happiness that far exceed what I can get in Spore. Spore is still home but I intend to come back for extended visits more often.

  4. patin said

    我真有点對這国家..感到痛心. 失望..35, 40歲後就很難找到一份較好的工作..本地人多年來辛苦经營的成果..却要與外來人分享..更可能自己工作多年的崗位..被他們所佔有..本國人與外來人同等待益..同等薪資..但往往外來人的收入換成其祖國的錢..却是一笔不小的收入..
    新加坡人的禮貌..熱心..服從..友善…也將会為此而改變..看著吧 !!!

  5. ng p y said

    I thought our country is the most pleasent a happy country to live in. How could a First World country rank the 90th country out of 151 to be a happy to live. So it must be the GREATEST JOKE OF THE CENTUARY IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.

  6. voice fron the origin singapore said

    How can we be happy if there are so many Pinoy arround

  7. this is a true report said

    This is the true report! Singapore life expectancy scored high point is because of our quality health service but also expensive service, hence prolong the life of old people. If you are rich, you can use “money” to prolong your life, mean that you could live longer by medical application.

  8. Of course, all these “indexes’ are useful for the political games. So, if we take another (and in my opinion much better organized) index, the Human Development Index (HDI) we can see that Singapore is performing extremely well but of course I doubt that the Temasek will report it.

    For those whom may be interested how to navigate among these indexes, and makes their own minds (beyond the political game) you can read this interesting paper

    This does not mean that Singapore should not go through a deep reform and trasformation socially, politically and culturally. It should.
    I hope that this can be useful
    Dr Gabriele Marranci

  9. abang said

    YES! I am very happy because my HDB got lift !!

  10. Wolfglare said

    Singaporean will be super happy if all those PAP monkeys all go to hell….these PAP are the one who is causing all these unhappiness and suffering

  11. Tony said

    Singapore may rank 90th in term of “happeist” place in the world but is it number 1 (by a wide margin) as the “most screwed” by its own Government.

  12. spotlessleopard said

    Our Political Leaders from PAP are paid the highest salaries in the world from taxpayers funds…and yet singapore ony managed 90th Place….shame on the LPAP money grabbing politicians…shame shame shame…..

    “So What do you think?” PAP?

    so what do you think will happen in GE2016?

    • joseph said

      What would happen in GE2016?

      call me being negative or pessimistic, but i’m afraid nothing much! we tend to be all-talk-no-action complainers who also tend to be easily satisfied once our own individual need/wants are met and fulfilled. our establishment knows that and they can just go all out to please us just to win our sympathy votes. may i ask, who would really dare to rock the boat when all along you have your 5Cs and all?

      please dun get me wrong, i for one did not, do not, and will not vote for the current establishment.

      unless our people are willing to voice out reasonably, with conviction and courage, i don’t think much changes would occur during the next GE!

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