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Singaporean complains of attitude problem of pinoy staff at Ministry of Food (LENAS)

Posted by temasektimes on June 17, 2012

A Singaporean went to Jurong Point Ministry of Food (LENAS) for dinner with a group of friends only to end the night in anger after being peeved off by its pinoy staff!

In a post on Hardwarezone forum, ‘ducky_88’ recalled his unpleasant experience of being ‘served’ by a pinoy waitress there:

“On 16th june 2012 at 21:00 hours, My friends & I went to jurong point Ministry of Food (LENAS) to had our dinner. While browsing at the menu, we waited for 10minutes to be served. However none of the waiter/waitress did approach us, so I went to request for a table of 3 & was told they are already taking the last order. So I said ok. This pinoy waitress directs me to the table. After choosing what to eat. We place our order with her, I had to repeat my order 3 times, yet she still don’t understand so I open the menu & show her what I’m ordering,”

After waiting for a good 30 minutes, his orders still had not arrived:

“Clock still turning, 30minutes later I approach the pinoy waitress where is my 3 cup of ice water. She said “Oh, I go get it now”. How the hell can you forget what we ordered from you? It is just merely 3 cups of ice water & you forgot. I knew this waitress not only had attitude problem, but also communication & not really providing a good service, what the hell I paid for the service charge & I had all this nonsense from you.”

He also observed the pinoy waitress replacing a dropped table knife on the floor without cleaning it:

“While eating I been observing how this outlet operation works, the waiter/waitress are joking around with the chefs & causing delay to the chef making the foods for customer. I notice the same pinoy waitress sitting at 1 corner cleaning utensils, she drop 1 of the table knife on the floor & actually pick it up & place it back into the tray without cleaning. I took a picture of her. Please check your utensils before you used them. After our meals, we had desserts with sauce that is diluted. Its taste is weird & awful. Don’t really care much, so just take a photo and post it here.”

Before he left, he was treated to another unhappy encounter:

“While having dessert they serve every customer their bills, I understand they are closing soon. I paid by cash. To my horror the changes they return are all 5 cents. I told him, can you change this 5 cent coins to some other coins. After 10minutes of waiting, I ask the waiter “where is my change”. He said I can actually approach the cashier if I want now. At this point of time, my friend told him off “Then why we pay service charge for? Can we don’t pay service charge?” He kept quiet & walks off.”

The angry Singaporean swore he will never patronize the food outlet again:

“This will be my last time patronize Ministry of Food (LENAS). The pinoys waiter/waitress had problem understanding customer language & attitude full of themselves. Speaking to some outlet part time local waiter/waitress, I don’t experience such communication problem & attitude problem.”

Source: Hardwarezone forum


62 Responses to “Singaporean complains of attitude problem of pinoy staff at Ministry of Food (LENAS)”

  1. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Pinoy go home fuuk off

  2. Boon said

    It is always difficult for these 3rd world trash to learn how to serve human beings…we should boycott Ministry of Food for employing 3rd world trash to serve its customers!

    • Your level of IQ is same as with those third-class world!
      The way you speak reflects your IQ!

      • Play Play said

        These people are not fit to be in the service industry. Pinoy’s English is horrible. They should just go home!

      • Boon said

        Don’t see how your IQ is better in anyway…we called it 3rd world service, not 3rd class world, dumb dumb stupid moron!

        People like you probably don’t even know how to shit into the right hole!

      • Laney said

        You probably dont know Singapore. Stop behaving like a fucking dog here, pack your things and go back to where you came from.

    • Abdul Jacol said

      Are you a human being ?

  3. David said

    Thank for the post. I think I will just give that restaurant a miss.

    Given the low pay, few Singaporeans would want to take up such jobs. In order not to rely on foreign workers too much, I think Singaporeans have to be receptive to some changes to their lifestyle. When I was in Tokyo, I was so impressed with the productivity of the restaurants ( i am not referring to the high end, but a restaurant no doubt). They only need two persons (at least the restaurant only had that many staff when I was having dinner there) to run a restaurant that can seat around 20 people. One cook and the other serve. With such high productivity, I believe the restaurant should be paying their staff good salary (have to right since the cost of living is so high there), hence the restaurant is able to attract people to join them.

  4. Ken Lee said

    our PAP beloved talent!

  5. Treat people with respect and you will be given. Nothing but whining gets you nowhere. Time to grow up mama boys.

    • Boon said

      Never know pinoy trash like you know how to treat people with respect? I thought it was never in pinoy’s vocabulary to respect others? Did the pinoy waitress and waiters have any respects for their customers in the first place?

      • Sche said

        Boon, Kenny Toong is not pinoy. If I am not mistaken, he’s also from Sg. Please do check first and treat Kenny Toong’s opinion with respect, which is in line to what you want to be treated. Thanks.

      • Boon said

        Really, than he must have love fucking pinoys so much that he is always defending them!

      • Laney said

        Boon, so glad to know I’m not the only one who think Pinoys are full of themselves. I got labelled as racist for hating them, but they dont know how fucked up they are. Come to Sg act like bigshots.

  6. Geo said

    Who is the owner of this venue, better sack or train the staff or close down the business. Take note all on the Internet the name if this “rest all ran” of waiters and waitresses.

  7. aloysius12 said

    You asked for this..after so much on going in the net, you still persist in patronising these stalls? Communication problems?…with these talented creatures, possibly they cannot comprend you, thus do not patronise “joints” where they work.

  8. Suaybuay said

    Typical Pinoy attitude – act blur like they don’t understand – you have to order over and over again but they typically boy chap – maybe they think if they look at you and pretend they cannot understand then you won’t bother them – they probably already getting ready to go out and sing and dance after work because it helps them deal with “stress”…

    • Iai said

      It is a group dynamics kind of thing: put a group of trash they become emboldened. We customers can teach such businesses with our pockets. Boycott them!

      • oso said

        Pinoys & Indons speak better English than u all….

      • Boon said

        Sure, they speak better english that only their own lowly kinds can understand…that’s why they are 3rd world scums and filthy pieces of shi+…no doubt about that!

  9. waffles who? said

    Count your lucky stars that you’re not served by homegrown Singaporeans.

  10. Missy said

    Send this in an email to the management, otherwise they’re in the dark about this.

  11. Eee said

    I discovered finger nails in my pizza at tampines mall pizza hut. Just wondering with the ongoing cyber war wif the pinoys, and many of them working in the f&b industry, are they feeding us things that shouldn’t be in the food?

    From now on, I would just avoid patronizing eateries manned by them.

  12. kaypoh said

    Pinoy Independence Week wor !!! They boh chap u coz the independent liao :))

  13. Anthony Tang said

    I would like to share a almost similar incident of Singtel and their Pinnoy customer relation officer.
    Already in frustration as my Singtel line has been giving me rp[eated problems, I called 1688.
    After pressing several buttoms, I had to wait for a good 15 mins, listening to repeated messsages that they are busy. Finally, a Pinnoy who speaks with a very heavy Tagalog accent answered my call. From the very beginning to the end of the conversation, I cannot understand half of what she is mumbling.
    I told her to speak slowly and in proper English. She told me that she is speaking Englsh. I told her to speak English, “English”, and she rudely replied me that she is speaking American English. On hearing this, I scolded her by telling her to FO to American to work if she wants to speak American English. Told her this is Singapore, and that kind of slang and accent is not understandable here.
    Singtel is going to the Pinnoys

    • Josh said

      Replace all pinoys in Singtel with locals, I rather pay $560 per month for my post paid plans instead of $56

    • kaypoh said

      I ever kena the same from Singtel so called Customer Service. Same with the banks, now seems 99% pinoy, aso at the most inconvenient time always kena telemarketers calling to sell stuff…

      very soon become Singapinoy!

  14. Josh said

    Sack all pinoys and replace with locals, I rather pay $50 for my chicken rice set

  15. KPO said

    Does Lena Sim the owner even aware of all the bad press her branches are getting? What is she busy with?

    • Angry Bird said

      busy counting $$$ and you think she really cares? otherwise she would not employ so many cheap workers!

  16. Singapore Researcher said

    pinoys give bad service. because they are born lazy, they are not willing to go the extra mile.

  17. i say what i think only... said

    try out bbq chicken at junction 10. it’s a whole new world out there. why on earth they call it korean… because pinoy chicken do not sell as well?

  18. spotlessleopard said

    Obviously We have a major problem of poorly trained cheap labour from 3rd. world countrie…so “What do you think”

  19. Jurong West S'porean said

    Also at MOF(LENAS) jurongpoint…
    I actually waited for 45mins and what i ordered did not arrive. so i asked the manager and he didnt offer any compensation, just said i did not have to pay, i just left.
    Went to another restaurant nearby and had my first plate of food 10 mins after i ordered….

  20. Must have faith! said

    I had a similarly bad experience in a thai restaurant in Vivocity. Although I was not sure if the waitress was a pinoy or not, I told them off and told the manager I refuse to pay service charge for the following:

    1) waiting for over 20 minutes to be served and when we waved at the waitresses, they saw through us as if we were invisible. They were not exactly busy as they were pranking their colleagues and laughing away.

    2) when drink was being served, she asked ” milk tea?” and we pointed to the person who ordered it yet she just put it at the edge of the table and walked off. If you asked and we told you whose drink it was, shouldn’t she at least bother to put it at the right place? otherwise, just don’t ask!

    3) when we called for the bill, we waited for another 10 minutes even though the restaurant was not crowded and the waiters and waitress were laughing and “playing” with each other. We had to remind them another 2 more times before the bill came and the waitress holding the bill was giggling to herself.

    I am not advocating that we should be unreasonable but don’t be afraid to fight for your rights when you get such lousy service. I really did not pay them service charge in the end as i was FURIOUS.

    • Angry Bird said

      next time summon the manager and let him/her know what happened. then tell him/her you are not going to pay for the service charge. one stone kills 2 birds.

  21. ChangKe said

    I am a local Chinese and patronise Lenas at Serangoon Nex regularly. My experience at Lenas Serangoon Nex has been consistently good which is the reason why I keep returning to dine there. I am very impressed with the attitude and service standard of the Filipino staff at this outlet, who are attentive and speak good English, especially that from a lady called Elaine. Having worked in the hospitality industry before, I am very particular about service standard and attitude of the service staff and seldom pay compliments to service staff as I would consider their service rendered to the customers as given. However, Elaine at Lenas Serangoon Nex has a professional deposition and is always respectful and would go an extra mile to remember my preference for my orders and take suggestions positively. My point is not all Filipinos are bad in their service attitude, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Didn’t we use to complain about the bad service attitude of our owns Singaporean service staff too?

    • Play Play said

      Ya, I agree with u. MOF (Lenas) should observe their staff’s work performance and sack those not up to par, and try to hire as many qualified Singaporeans as possible in replacement.

  22. pinoys love to suck cock said

    Pinoy are as worthless as a speck of dirt, even shit are more useful than those cunts, at least it can fertilise the soil

  23. SG said

    Wow , good news now we got one more place to boycott !!!

  24. dogmeat said

    Singaporeans are facing a great deal of pressure in their every day lives competing with foreigners. The last thing we want during our lunch hours is to interact with pinoy snobs! For goodness sake, put your pinoys out of sight in the kitchen!

    To the Singaporean employer, we understand that everyone needs to stretch their bottom line, but it is just not good business if someone has to learn a new language just to eat at your restaurant.

  25. Cancer said

    After reading your post, I dread to think what ‘extra ingredients’ were put in your food/dessert

  26. wan yi said

    erm i think u r overreacting. u mean u hav not experiencr worse attitude by our fellow locals? u hav not been ard much den dude… ur lengthy complaint only proves hw shallow locals hav become. its really trivial dude. if u wanna complain, complaint sld be abt grave mistakes..

    • Ong Luico said

      Yes I totally I agree with u!..

      I think the thing here is “DISCRIMINATION” and “HASTY GENERALIZATION”, we should not associate food’s taste to the Filipinos working in a particular establishment. And also we should also bear in mind that in every good there is bad, meaning may it be a Pinoy or Local S’porean, they have their fair share of the good and the bad.

      Let’s not be so close minded and judge mental, because it crumples our morals and clouds the mind of our young generation.

      GOD BLESS everyone!

  27. Singaporen said

    The fruit juice stall at takashimaya basement are also not really good. There are a few pinoys there. I was quite angry that she placed the order in wrong sequence. The donut shop at Tampines 1 are quite blur too. In the end, I did not buy from them. The only way to let all the restaurants and shops that we are unhappy is to boycott those who employ too many pinoys. I have reduced the number of meals in restaurants and stalls. Good, I get to save money too.

  28. Jon said

    From a different perspective, I actually have something positive here. I patronized the Lenas outlet at Tampines One recently. Their service was great, food was served within 15-20min despite having full-house, the quality was great and I understood what the waitress said. Yes, there may some Pinoys who do not seem well-trained enough to even serve or wait tables, but at the end of the day, it’s the manager who’s mostly responsible. Perhaps they weren’t given adequate training? At the same time, i’m not implying that the Pinoy servers are not at fault either. I do agree that some of them need to learn some manners and real commumication skills before taking up any job. Please do not insult or think of them like shit because from their perspective, they’re in a foreign country! So calm yourselves down and give ’em some leeway before actually

  29. Jon said

    ……planning on a boycott. They’re a great bunch, to be honest.

  30. kaypoh said

    Funny, every weekend i see the pinoy maids & their bangla boyfrens go jalan-jalan everywhere… no communications problems at all !!!

  31. Bong said

    come on guys you are what you are, act what you want to be treated. the way the comments youve write is how you want to be respected…

  32. Diana Prince said

    I am Filipino and I am ashamed of these countrymen of mine who behaved the way they did. I do not know what their reasons are for being the way they are there in Singapore but then again, we Filipinos are born, bred and raised to be respectful. Even the young ones here in the Philippines are quite respectful. And when they go out of the country, Filipinos are even more so. So, methinks there must be an underlying reason for their uncouth behavior. And as far as knowing the English language – people should remember that yahoo posted an article about the Philippines besting even the US and UK in being the best in the world in business English. Also, I do not believe Singapore would accept Filipino workers whose English are terrible. Therefore, I think, there is something happening there that we do not know the story of. It would be nice if someone from the press do a story on it so we can all find out for sure.

  33. Filibustero said

  34. Slimie Eel said

    To my opinion the Filipino people are hard working people and the Singapore people are lazy bastards…

  35. PROPINOY said

    seems like the story was being twisted… last time I check, compared to Singaporeans Filipinos are more fluent in english (better that Brits and Americans), with the correct pronunciation (accept the fact that Singaporeans have the tendency to speak in “SINGLISH”) i don’t think that waiter will not understand what the costumers are ordering that time… sometimes story telling is misleading… so before judging think at least twice.

  36. PROPINOY said

    *better than Brits and….

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