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Dr Ng Eng Hen to Singaporeans: Maintain multi-ethnic harmony in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on June 18, 2012

In the midst of rising tensions between Singaporeans and foreigners in Singapore, Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen has called on Singaporeans to “maintain racial and religious harmony in Singapore, no matter what changes the country undergoes.”

Speaking at a Duan Wu carnival held at Toa Payoh Central Community Clubyesterday when Filipinos in Singapore celebrated their ‘Independence Day’ in style in Suntec City, Dr Ng added that it’s also important that the various ethnic groups preserve their own culture, heritage and values without realizing that there are many more ethnic groups in Singapore now as a result of the government’s ultra-liberal immigration policies.

Dr Ng said the Duan Wu Festival helps Singaporeans to appreciate Chinese culture and heritage and it’s also an opportunity to reach out to other races, to strengthen social bonding.

“We have to help them preserve what we find is valuable so that when they’re in charge of Singapore, they will take Singapore in the right path and in the next higher step – so that all of us can make sure that Singapore continues to progress and become the Singapore that we want,” he said.

Unfortunately, with the influx of large numbers of foreigners to dilute the nascent Singapore culture, future generations of Singaporeans may have no ‘culture’ to speak of.


28 Responses to “Dr Ng Eng Hen to Singaporeans: Maintain multi-ethnic harmony in Singapore”

  1. Anthony Tang said

    A foreigner given Singapore status will still behave like one and give his home country first pririoty. Singapore_dream on

  2. Mikey said


  3. P Koh said

    Poor planning is the cause of the present social problems and the Singapore identity is now very much fragmented and it would take a considerable time to reattach the pieces together now that the core of our local culture and heritage are in peril.

  4. Tony said

    Dr Ng Hen Hen should go back practicing medicine. His comments shows his lack of understanding of the problems facing Singaporeans as a result of PAP’s pro-alien policies.

  5. spotlessleopard said

    Good luck to PAP in GE.2016

    • dave said

      Very out of sync with reality. How does he expect Singaporeans to preserve anything when the govt is advocating and adding to this social mix pot in large uncontrolled manner? How to keep any harmony?? What is he saying? Its becoming clear that the PAP govt is quite disconnected with reality….

  6. Jaded said

    “so that all of us can make sure that Singapore continues to progress and become the Singapore that we want,”

    Become the Singapore the PAP wants or the people?

  7. LkySi said

    What racial harmony are you preaching when you import 5th World trash/feaces from China

  8. goodgirl said

    Hen is saying that foreigners will one day, be in charge of Singapore???? Will they then openly fire all Singaporeans and replace Singaporeans with their own countrymen?

  9. Kelvin Kwek said

    Please don’t deviate nd deny! No ethnic or racial! It’s about Nationalities which doesn’t conform to our Singaporean culture and moral value in social and economic that these people infused into our life. Why keep on harping on harmony on racial and ethnic when the problems is immigration policies? Period.

  10. wat$ said

    to the PAP, a singaporean identity/call singapore home/we are one/ etc etc, is not only for supporting PAP. if everyone just elects them everytime, they could care less about anything else.

  11. mahbok tan said

    Wad de FUG mr minister…..u talking about ?

    I say phuck to you la….better ma…!!!

    Rather than to feel sick and tired because of you and your company let me FUCK YOU first…can…KNNBCCB

  12. Singaporean said

    what? Sir, you said ‘when they are in charge.’

    Singaporeans should be the ones in charge of Singapore. Not the aliens.
    They shouldn’t even be in parliament.

  13. tintin said

    The trouble with these pinoys is that they don’t know how to serve the Singaporean public.
    i call banks, pinoy answer
    i call service centre pinoy answer
    i call sgh, tts, kk pinoy answer
    i call whorehouse pinoy answer
    i call the devil pinoy answer
    i dont know what i call pinoy will not answer
    even perhaps pap, pinoy will answer”

  14. Protestor said

    “maintain racial and religious harmony in Singapore, no matter what changes the country undergoes.”. -WTF!!

    How to when these FT:
    1. Took our jobs and accept low pay while we spend time and money studied so hard and Ended up singaporeans become jobless cos of all these bumps? The cost of living standard is getting higher and with full of commitment for the amount of money we have to pay for these and that, how do u expect us to accept low pay?

    Shouldn’t govt should set a quota to how many FT are allow and qualify to come o spore?

    Most of the FT really unable to perform the most customer service jobs over the phone as they simply unable to understand our simple English and super slow

  15. yong choon kiat said

    What the fuck is this BASTARD talking about? He thinks dat our main problem wif FT is cultural difference? The main prob is they are taking our jobs inflating property prices etc. We are livng here 4ever and we need to support our family n parents whereby these FTs work here, earn enuff n FO back to their own countries.

  16. hoho said

    the bastard Dr Ng kill Singapore males with NS while openin the floodgates to the entire indian continent , philipines and malaysia and china.

    what harmony ?

    SAF taught us to kill off all FTinvaders.

  17. xiao fam said

    Put all in one umbrella to foster harmony!

    Cases of good harmony:
    our good harmony policy in housing, that
    certain Chinese and non- Chinese ratio is maintained to provide more harmony in living

    Cases of not harmony:
    – NS system only applied to male and not female
    – Certain job like police officer or traffice police was taken up by Malay in majority,
    Can the government follow our good harmony policy in housing, that
    certain Chinese and non- Chinese ratio is maintained in some sensitive job?
    – other cases that could not recall or may be sensitive to mention

    I could remember one time that one of our minister propose Singaporean marry to foreigners, why not propose cross marriage between different races (within Chinese, Indian, or Malay) for Singaporeans. Marriage bureau should be opened to all races, and any help scheme should be opened to all races, and not some scheme for Indian, some scheme for Chinese, Sinda or CDAC or Malay asscociatin ….or …. should be put under one organisation.

  18. mahbok tan said

    When the minority are hungry , the majority smile and deny all that the minority have been shouting about.

    Now the minority have become the majority as they now feel that hunger starts to bite their stomach thus the “majority that smile” have become minority …. you think they can afford to smile…??? No but they are smiling in pain coz the end of the road is in their horizon….!!!

    Now let see who will have the last laugh……even the senior Lee cannot rest in peace with all the events takes place in SGpore NOW….!!!!

    Hopefully all SGporean the 39.9% and the 60.1% can work together to change SGpore to be a better place not like Swiss Standard but like the normal Sgpore atandard that we had from 70’s to 90’s.

    And to the junior Lee , I do not know whether u have learn a trick or two from Malaysia or its the otherway round , even our AGC and minister are playing politics with their own citizen…KNNBCCB!!!!!

  19. solaris8899 said

    why you said ‘when they’re in charge of Singapore’? should it be in charge by our own ppl? we born here, we grow up here, we educated here, we NS here, we fight for our own country, how come we let outsider in charge Singapore?

  20. Julie Ong said

    Dr Ng, you are the Defence Minister. Look outside the box like they say. How about you defend the rights of Singaporeans? Also have the ability and courage to dissent with your party’s policies when it is evident that it is the wrong one.

    I believe many Singaporeans are quietly supportive of you, but this will quickly disappear if you are only a minister who kowtows to the PAP line. As a doctor you will certainly know what pain is and that is precisely what many of the people are feeling now. How about giving us a prescription to effectively ease the pain and restore us with a clean bill of health, i.e. give back to Singaporeans Hope and Confidence that is presently just not there.

    Look forward to your follow-up words and most importantly action.


  21. Anthony Tang said

    NO foreigner even after getting Singapore status will be a true Singaporean.
    If he/she has to make a choice, we know for damn sure which country they will chose. This is only a natural choice.
    We are wasting our resources to train them as eventually, a great percentage will return to their homeland, and some will denounce their Singapore citizenship too.
    Singapore-Dream on

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