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Foreign student splashed with hot curry from angry residents

Posted by temasektimes on June 18, 2012


In a sign that tensions are growing between native Singaporeans and foreigners, one foreign student from India was scalded by hot curry thrown from a flat by angry residents, according to a report by a local English tabloid.

Residents living in Silat Avenue in Tanjong Pagar GRC have long complained about increasing noise in the night coming from HDB hostels in the vicinity.

A few HDB flats there have been converted to hostels for foreign students studying in Singapore and they were accused of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood.

One Indian foreign student Sukhjinder Singh found himself the target of abuse when he was scalded by hot curry thrown down a flat above his hostel located on the ground floor of Block 149, Silat Avenue.

A police report was lodged and the police is currently investigating the matter.



84 Responses to “Foreign student splashed with hot curry from angry residents”

  1. P Koh said

    Give me some bread quickly, I really like curry with French Loaf. I trust it is not overnight curry or one that has run rancid. Hope the police can get to the root of this problem.

  2. graftblement said

    HDB rather rent it out to students than to low income families that need the flat. And hence such long waiting time of a year or more. What is HDB role now? Landlord? What is HDB’s mission now?

    • singaporean said

      spot on graftblement….i wrote wat was on my mind…..i knew of the couple , wife in singaporean husband malaysian…they hv a son whose schooling in sg…they had tried so hard to get a rental or a hdb flat from hdb but to no avail..the boy has to travel from JB to sch everyday..he has to b up by 4am to get to sch here..he even attempted suicide once…i heard becos of the fatigue from wat i was told..not sure if they gt a flat already or not….sad real sad…

  3. spotlessleopard said

    So what do you think Prime Minister?

  4. tan kiang said

    Fart back to your country….asshole

  5. Dr.Arsch said

    That’s the way Sinkies! Time to give it back with interest! 😀 F@ckers who don’t know how to respect the locals deserve what they get!

  6. Frustration said

    I totally agreed and understood the resident for such actions, not because I am a racist or what. It’s just that nothing can be done to noisy and inconsiderate neighbor. Right on top of my unit, live a fuxker that everyday make unnecessary noises. Complaint to HDB and make 999 does not seem to help or improve the situation. Tell me, other than splashing curry or dog shit at him, what else can I do…….

    • Compatriot said

      If the law dont take any action and the landlord played mum,engage a hitman with a camera share and download the subject’s photo brand him as breaking your peace

      I am quite sure you are not the only victim,consult your surrounding neighbours and seek their opinions and suggestions

    • Angry Bird said

      go to your town council and get your MP to solve it, make sure he did his job. they are taking $15K for doing a part time job, so make good use of your residential rights.

      • Sashaqueenie said

        Our MPs won’t do a thing. They will merely brand us as complaint kings and chide us for not being understanding. Flashback to the case of Block 608, Choa Chu Kang Street 62, whereby the pinoy family whose teenage son likes to play drums. The MP (Alex Yam) even said that the teenage is a “Special Needs”child, even though pinoy is currently studying at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

    • Sinkaporean said

      What do you think????

  7. Anthony Tang said

    Even though, I do not like the foreign talents in Singapore, we should not do this as this poor guy is only a student. We must go for the people who take over our jobs and condemn our country

    • Sinkaporean said

      Wait till u have one of them get into your nerve and then you say the same thing..

    • Sashaqueenie said

      This “poor guy” might one day be responsible for taking jobs away from you, your family members and friends. Compassion cannot be littered like garbage. Choose wisely.

  8. Voice from the Genuine Singaporean said

    limit the foreigner to our country..many are talent,many are termite ,many are cockroach

  9. good said

    The society is really pissed off now. Remember you paid 90 dollars a month to all Singaporean Male Citizens for NS.

    • Mel said

      yeah, i remember that….$90 and after buying SBS bus stamp not even enough for one daily meal at the canteen. I heard they paying the fts much much more to study here these days.

  10. yong choon kiat said

    Thou i m not a fan of violence but sum part of me is pleased to c tis article. We citizens haf been complaining (papertalk) since GE, finally sum1 has the guts to do it. I m proud of u

    • Sinkaporean said

      me too!

    • Kenny Yeo said

      You call it guts? Throwing “curry” and hiding in their holes like cowardly mice is courage? I think you and a lot others on this forum need to grow some balls can come out and confront the person who you think is creating a nuisance. If you have a problem with someone resolve it the right way. Singapore is a country which protects the rights of all its residents through its meticulously crafted laws. If someone else is being ignorant and does not respect it take the right action. DONT resort to violence!

      • Compatriot said

        I just wonder what the growth and worth of your balls will be like when knowingly rather your CPF savings together with the taxpayers monies were invested and suffered a loss around 59 billion Singapore dollars

        This monies were invested by Tony Tan who made a very bad judgement as a Deputy Chairman and a fund manager in GIC before he is Singapore’s president in 2008

        Naturally and obvioulsy the Singapore Press Media censored this news to blackout Singaporeans reported by the Wall Street Journal

        You claimed Singapore through its meticulously drafted laws which protects all its residents,being yourself as one,I should like to see that you with the gall and balls to take the lead to confront this unjustifiable wastage of the peoples monies and hard earned savings for a reimbursements

        Would you also like to say that what is the ceiling of your CPF savings will be after withdrawals,….. S$139K? .This wont take place unless you are dead

  11. This nonsence has to stop. Imagine white people attacking Singaporeans in Canada.

  12. hoho said

    locals should capture some FT make them do NS for 2 years before releasing them.

  13. Mikey said


    Reclaiming Singapore.. one curry pot at a time!!

  14. abang said

    Maybe he ordered hot curry from upstairs?

  15. ken said

    investigate for what they deserve it.

  16. I loved singapore said

    This is bad..Not good. Singapoeans shouldn’t do that.

    However if one day when the foreigners and Singaporean have a street fight over a trivial matter. Do you think the police will support foreigners or Singaporeans?
    I don’t even want to think about the outcome. I hope what painted in my mind won’t happen.

  17. Ashok Gupta said

    I know these students from the sub-continent.

    Many drink and get drunk way into the wee hours of the morning.

    I think that the residents took matters into their own hands because no action was taken against these rowdy students despite many reports.

    Anway, I wonder how many residents here are now regretting that they didn’t vote for change in 2011.

  18. Andrew said

    Did you guys know that there are 1 MILLION PRCs in Singapore?

    Then want to target the Indian STUDENT.

    Solve the big problems first ma.. The small ones will solve themselves.

    Even though I have a very deep hatred toward our locusts in our midst,

    I feel very sorry for this young Indian student.

    We have a good educational system in place, not perfect, but still good. He has come here to benefit from it.

    Ah tiong and pinoy PMETs on e other hand, have come here in large numbers knowing full well what they are doing to our labour market.

    What is our government doing? What are our Labour Unions doing?

    I hope we can direct our hate more appropriately in future.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      Bro, u have no idea what these foreign Indian students are capable of. They can get real rowdy and unruly in big groups and tend to get drunk and misbehave on a regular basis. Used to be mainly within University hostels, but now the problem is spreading to our HDB towns.

      But really guys, this is hardly nothing to get excited over. They just threw curry on that dogshit. You have no idea what the Indian students were doing in Australia just 2 years ago. Do we all want to see such times come to pass in Singapore?

      Check out this link.

    • Sinkaporean said

      Please lah.. Recently, I saw an ah nei(from india ones), trying to change her baby’s diaper in toast box at changi T2.. I was having my kaya toast then..
      Well, I hv to do what I hv to do..
      But, I do regret for not shitting right in front of her..

    • WHAT DO U THINK? said

      What do u think? our labor union chief is minister?
      What do u think?

  19. WHAT THE HACK said


  20. oso said

    Poor Indian Guy, please pray, so that God & Japanese Soldiers will punish the Locals….

  21. Ron said

    I was on a train many weeks back when a group of Indians, perhaps FTs, were making a big racket, laughing loudly, speaking loudly as if the train belonged to them. No consideration that other passengers may wish to have a quieter ride. We do not pay to be in a noisy disco when we ride the MRT.

    In Japan, everyone is so quiet, even phone calls are whispered. Even in HK, there is decorum in not turning the training into a noisy place.

    So, if the noise racket becomes a torture, it may lead to an angry outburst such as this curry rainfall.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      I ‘kena’ yesterday in the train also, on the Circle Line. Wanted to hantam the b@satrds. But scared kena masuk inside remand after that.

    • BADass said

      Oh yes, because a train should follow your decorum. Because in a public place, everyone should sit like dummies and be wired to their iphones/ipods. But I get your point about the noise. But I hope you heard when a group of white people come in and make noise, you probably don’t even want to comment cos you worship white skin! Oh and don’t even get me started on secondary school kids (locals, for sure), talking in terrible terrible English (Oh ya, Singlish).

      If you really can’t stand up against your govt., dont try to point fingers at the common man. Maybe instead of being wired to devices all the time, you guys can make babies, so that you don’t need foreigners to help run your country.

      Ok la, enough aa.

      • Ron said

        I have yet to encounter noisy, loud mouth ang-mohs on trains. Have you been to Japan and rode their trains? Have you done that in HK, Shanghai, Paris, London, Amersterdam, etc. Have you travelled enough to see the world and see how others behaved on trains and buses?

        And what makes you think that I will kow-tow to White Skins? I am not bigotted like you. I am citing my experience. In all my years of travelling on Spore trains, I have not encountered a noisy group of Malays or Chineses or ang-mohs. A Chinese may talk loudly on his phone (which is rude too) but not an entire group of noisy passengers that what I encountered.

        I grew up with the Indian community and I know they can get boisterous. No problem with that when you are out in the open and we can move away but not when you are in a train and has to bear with the noise.

    • P Koh said

      In every country, every society and every environment there will always be the misfits who will upset the applecarts.
      Therefore, there is a lot of give and take and especially patience and tolerance in order to avoid clashes. Neighbours’ complaints regarding noises are very rampant in Singapore especailly amongst the HDB dwellers as no two persons are ever the same and the level of tolerance for noise differs that is causing the many disputes among neighbours..

    • Boon said

      The problem is Japan don’t allow such lowly stinky uncivilized 3rd world Indian scums and trash into their country…whereas Singapore welcome any mother-fucking scums from India!

    • Jac said

      Singaporeans must not be afraid to speak up and educate these foreign barbarians.

  22. SINKIE said

    In b4 racist posts targetting all Indians Foreign or Local in T-5,4,3,2,1..

  23. Jardel said

    The perpetrators, prepared for the most harsh punishment from the SPF.

  24. Singaporean attitude le…
    Not shocking at all!

    • Boon said

      like wise lor, those foreign students are typical foreign dogs and pigs attitude lor…have to prepare for more foreign dogs and pigs coming into our housing estates!

    • Boon said

      Natural Idea,,,why are you still not back home playing with the tails of your parents har?

  25. LOL said

    Tg Pagar GRC under who?? prepare for harsh punishment

  26. tintin said

    next time u were get pigs head ..hahahah

  27. Singaporean said

    DPM Teo, PM Lee, What do you think?

  28. Fu_pap said

    Silat Ave is the second little India in Singapore. Property price is sure to drop in no time.

  29. solaris8899 said

    what is HDB, town council reply?

  30. Daft Peasants said

    kar lei hou hou mei……..

    Ha ha ha ha…… Indians from Indian like curry also……

  31. mahbok tan said

    I guess the owner are playing computer games of ANGRY CURRY and he missed the bird but not another target….LOL

  32. When the foreigner students make noise, when the landlord rent out their HDBs illegally to foreigners… the people in-charged didn’t investigate…. when the residents retaliate then they come and investigate the residents…. hmmms… Singapore…..

  33. stevenado said

    HDB flat is suppose to be public housing for singaporean.Eversince when it became hostel?
    What next? domitory?budget hotel?

  34. icefire said

    now the ah neh student only need to spend $1 to buy a big pack of white rice to complete his meal … a good way to help them to save money so they can buy beer or go geylang visit their country woman standing in the street

  35. ching said

    my god, the comments that most of you people have posted make me feel so ashamed to be a fellow Singaporean. if some white people attacked a singaporean (who are, in the eyes of the aussies, also flooding their country btw), you wouldn’t be saying all these heartless bullcrap. you guys are just hypocrites whose xenophobia has reached a really sickening level.

    there is reason to be resentful of the influx of foreigners into our country, but the things that you guys say are not only irrational but also horribly rancid and callous.

    • Dr.Arsch said

      No , we are not being irrational, rancid or callous! You have to look at things from our viewpoint as well. The Australians are blessed with an island the size of Continental USA, heavily underpopulated and have the ability to build entire new cities in the middle of nowhere to cope with their expansion. Yet xenophobia levels there are high, despite all these. Our island on the other hand is real small and this constant influx of foreigners only leads to an overburdened infrastructure and extreme levels of discomfort due to overcrowding. Foreigners who refuse to integrate would be less of a problem if we have less human to human contact, but the average Singaporean probably meets way more people on a day to day basis than the average Aussie ever does. We are having to deal with people who refuse to integrate, people who stick out with their bad manners and habits increasingly on a daily basis. And no matter how hard we try, for the average Singaporean, we can’t avoid it, whether we like it or not. Not like it is in Australia, where they can still move out to more ‘White’ areas should they feel stifled by rising populations of immigrants. Our levels of stress and our discomfort levels are bound to be way higher than the average Aussie. And by the way, Australian immigration laws are not as loose and open as Singapore’s. Its not as easy for newcomers to start working over there as it is for them in Singapore. Yet, the attacks on newcomers in Australia have been far more vicious than anything we have seen in Singapore. Whether you would accept it or not, most of us have been way more tolerant than the Australians have ever been. So please, lets stop comparing. It’s two entirely different countries, two very different situations.

      • ching said

        I would love to hear you present your argument to a white Aussie citizen, I really do. I agree with you on the pressure that the influx of foreigners is causing our country and our people– I feel it myself and yes I concede that sometimes I feel frustrated by it. But I simply do not think that the ‘different circumstances’ that you have raised can justify the way many Singaporeans here have reacted to this terrible incident.

        Resentment is understandable. But it seems that many Singaporeans don’t know where to draw the line anymore when it comes to expressing their resentment. The intolerance exemplified in this thread is both dangerous and sad at the same time. Please remember that Singapore began as a multi-cultural society and that our forefathers did not automatically adopt a Singaporean identity the moment they stepped onshore. Integration is a process that takes time, not 2 years or even 5. I fear the day that our national identity becomes shaped by this sort of xenophobic hatred, whereby we all become intolerant and ugly bigots.

        What I’m simply saying is, I empathize with the frustration that many Singaporeans feel towards the whole immigration problem– but I do not think that gloating over some foreigner’s injury and supporting hate crime is the road that we should be embarking upon as a society.

  36. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Good job.. next time don’t need to waste the curry. Just pour boiling water at them.. bunch of trashes

  37. bb said

    In Australia some of these students were killed by Aussies.

  38. Arnab said

    Is HDB hostels a Singapore school approved hostel?

    Many scholarship packages come with hostel for example GIIS scholarship.

    I would like to know if GIIS is also in HDB hostel.

  39. Coconut said

    I’m a resident staying in Silat Avenue, currently there are four shophouse hostels in blk 146,147 and 149. Life has been peaceful in the past in this small estate till hdb allows them to convert into backpackers hostel, most of the guest are from Pakistan and North India. Normally they will go for free meals at the sikh temple nearby and won’t loiter around in the daytime which are we fine with it.

    Problems start when nightfall, they will come back drunk, fights,talk loudly and peeing at the void deck. We have feedback to our mp, Ms Indranee and the reply we got is we have to be understanding as they are just foreign workers working or maybe waiting for work injury claims and getting free meals.

    Ain’t backpackers hostel suppose to be allow in commercial areas?

  40. I love curry ;-) said

    Hey, next time another happy hour curry session happens there, call me. I will be there waiting! Yummy!
    But please, not too hot 😉

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