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PHOTO: MBS and RWS pay $50/day to hire Singaporean dishwasher cum cleaner on 12 hour shift

Posted by temasektimes on June 18, 2012

Anybody interested?


67 Responses to “PHOTO: MBS and RWS pay $50/day to hire Singaporean dishwasher cum cleaner on 12 hour shift”

  1. Mrs Smith said

    What? Is it a typo on the Header? Should be $50 per day instead of per hour… if per hour.. I also want.
    If per day… that equals to $5 per hour… Oh mann…

  2. Marc said

    It actually reads $50 per day, that slightly over $4 per hour…

  3. kaypoh said

    LOL…interview in Geylang!

    BTW OP, $50/day lah, not /hour, works out to $5/hour excluding breaks, so dun go rushing to Geylang (unless u have more stimulating things to do). ;))

  4. Walls have Ears!! said

    Per Day or Per HOURS…….???? Please

  5. Jobless said

    It’s $50 PER DAY!!!!

  6. Piratetoon said

    It is S$50.00 per day not per hour. 12 hours split shift with 2 hours break – S$5.00 per hour with food provided.

  7. Errol Tan said

    Hello ,it’s for $50.00 per day And NOT $50.00 per hour as stipulated in your news heading.

  8. Penny Wong said

    It’s $50 per day, or $4.16 per hour!

  9. Jaded said

    wah, need experience with dishwashing machine some more. Guess majority of population won’t qualify

    • mahbok tan said

      wah piang that kind of salary arh got “SWISS STANDARD” or not….!!!

      U ask EMERITIunaSeng like dis hor where got road ……how to achieve the “SWISS ROLL STANDARD”

      Some must go geylang for interview…… so if my wife saw me walk2 in geylang how to answer hor…ha ha ha…u go fishing is it at geylang…????

  10. Protestor said

    Poor ENGLISH and misleading ad..should got a copywriter proofread!!!

  11. Singaporean said

    they very clever hire singaporean to wash dish and plates for $50/day for 12hrs so they get the quota from singaporeans to hire foreigners for better jobs in other function of their business.

  12. Arshad said

    This is exploitation.

    How can it happen in Singapore?

  13. Law said

    Looks more like disgracing us instead.
    Not too surprise if it was an Idea Created from the FT Within.
    i am not targeting FT, but it sounds more facts & logic after all the happenings this few months.
    The Word SINGAPOREONS Only is gd enough… Cleaner/dishwasher putting up the AD so big to everyone to see.

    what a move, making us hate u even more. already divided, tis time shattering our Pride.

  14. C.H. Tan said

    Servicing in the army is already the lowest paid per man hr. This outlet which make million of dolloar only pay S$4.17 an hr. with no medical, leave, no CPF and other benifit. and only for S’porean only

  15. Singaporean said

    他妈Sick Times, please grow some REAL balls that can produce self respect & dignity + pride to perform reasonable due diligence and tighten your editorial process.

    Whatever brain did YOU, the poster, have to infer that MBS/RWS is hiring dishwasher cum cleaner?

    Is your command of English so atrocious that U have to resort to be a lackey for 他妈Sick Times?

    1st : It is NOT MBS/RWS who are hiring dishwasher cum cleaner

    2nd: The pay is $50 for TWELVE HOURS of work. That’s $50 ÷ 12 hours = $4.166666666666667

    3rd: You solidly qualify as a CUM cleaner dishwasher with your imbecile multiple cerebral genetic deformities inherited from your DNA predecessors.

  16. spotlessleopard said

    IT OBVIOUS THE RATE IS $50 PER 12HR. DAY….Where is the labour law protecting workers?
    I have question for Minister for Labour and also our Prime Minsiter “So waht do you think? Will $50 12hour shift be an incentive for Singaporeans to take the job? or it is a disguised ruse to employ Cheap Cheap 3rd. World Countries’ Slave Labour?

    So PM. what do you think?

  17. Richard Kuah said

    LOL, I dont think it true………….
    S$50 per hour, better then rob bank. and i didn’t know RWS and MBS ever hold hands together to recurit worker…………………..

  18. Why go through agent ?? said

    Recruitment agent earn $50 per day using his mouth & those that take up the job earn $50 per day using their hands & feet. Why can’t MBS & WBS just recruit direct & pay them $80 per day + another as incentive ? If they pay as such no need to worry no taker !!!

  19. went to lorong 32, paid $50 instead.

  20. Daft Peasants said

    KNN !!!!!

    Are you sure is $50 per hour??


    RMS, MBS……….HERE I COME…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. twohootz said

    It’s still a job nonetheless. One that rightfully belongs to us, and not foreigners.

    • seah said

      working hour spit spilt mean u came to work from 8 am to 2pm then work again from 4pm to 12 midnight.50 dollar Happy?MEANS U HAD TO BE OUT OF YR HOUSE BY 7AM REACH HOME 1AM.HOW LONG CAN LAST?

      • Elva said

        Split shift is a split between 24hrs to 12hrs each. Meaning either you do for eg. 10am to 10pm or 10pm to 10am. Come on, this is like a retail jobs out there. Worst still, retail jobs does not provide meals. So open your minds!

    • KP said


  22. Bleep said

    What’s so shocking about this ah? Macs workers earn less right? Before the invasion of foreigners already got such things wad

  23. Singaporeans, this job advertisement is already calling for you!
    So what are you waiting for? You are complaining about unemployment, here it is…

    Maybe the employer knows that this is the position Singaporeans are suited for 🙂

    • Troy said

      Even foreigners will shun away from such jobs. Only jobless Singaporeans will jump at the offer! Sad.
      Such ‘high-paying’ jobs are specially reserved for Singaporeans!
      Who says Singaporeans have no job offers!

  24. NL said

    Recuitment agency’s ads lah…

  25. Shafiq said

    And MBS and RWS is not paying $50.00 per day. Obviously this is outsourced. The outsourced company is paying. Get your facts straight.

    • KP said

      Agreed to one contributor above.. If they do direct they can pay more…into the pocket of the ‘staff’. Not to the middle man (outsource company)

  26. KP said

    Eye playing tricks.. Read as $50/ hourly. LOL.

  27. KP said

    Yeah I was right. My eyes ok. Email header typo. LOL. It read $50/hourly!!

    It’s a 18k monthly job. Sure many Singaporean would mind at all.

  28. Mylo said

    haha… $50 per day!!! they think they will attract some talents washing dishes and cleaning

  29. Native Singaporean said

    as our minister’s sons or daughters to apply during their school holiday. This would let them know how bad normal Singaporeans are treated. Or Bad Karma be upon them…

  30. Cancer said

    The pay is low for 12 hr shift :((

  31. thecakeisalie said

    I need this job! NOW!

  32. 龙的传人 said

    Prc $50 x5++= $250++X30 =$7500++
    Can earn , good $ , work ten yrs ok can go back ! U not want , many ppls Q up !

  33. hoho said

    no matter what , it is still one step up for local males who must do 2 years of NS for free.

    It is really shit luck to be born a singaporean male.

  34. EPS said

    Seriously guys?! When ads like these appear you slag at it. When they employ foreigners u guys also slag it. WTF do u guys want? My distant aunt is happy that she got this job! At least it’s not some foreigner taking yet another job!?

  35. seah said

    what is 12 hour slit shift mean.working hour from 8am to2pm n 4 pm to 12 am.mean for 50 dollar u came to work from 8am to midnight 12am.this is spit shift.Can?

  36. Fu_pap said

    I would suggest our LEEder LHL to be the dishwasher for a day and tell us how he feel. This working condition and pay is obviously not fit for human in a first world cuntry like SG where our LEEders are paid millions in salary.

  37. Fu_pap said

    Since our President Tony Tan is so good at selling nasi briyani for charity, I would suggest him to also wash dishes. I would suggest he wash dishes for 12 hours and then donate $50 to charity.

  38. Alva said

    Why not? I’d do it if I needed money and didn’t already have a job.

  39. kaypoh said

    Wahsai… go Geylang $50/hour cleaning CUM…..any fellatio involved? lolz

  40. Sage said

    So sad, obviously this is about hiring at $50 a day and we have people asking if it’s $50 per hour. It’s also obvious that it is a cleaning contractor that’s hiring and not MBS.

  41. Steve Lee said

    What sort of degree do we need?

  42. Cal said

    S$50 x 22days= S$1,100
    Haizzz… No CPF, No Leave, No MC….

  43. LocalAlwaysRight said

    Singaporean only.

    That explains everything.

  44. Bway song said

    This is a DIRECT INSULT from FT. Fine if they want to bring the unhappiness to the next level! I hope who the FT are, they better don’t regret it. If this a true FT intention of insulting the local Singaporean! We will kick your sorry arse.

  45. corruptpapies said

    KNNBCB , odd job/cleaner goes to Singaporean. Clerical/white collars jobs goes to FT.
    Singaporean is worst then a dog.

  46. poor Singaporeans said

    Poor Singaporeans

  47. Dogmeat said

    That’s double of what shit cleaning pinoy maid gets for salary.. not bad for a Singaporean.

  48. Elva said

    Singaporeans, $50X30Days = $1500. Certainly worth the money for a job that focuses on physical labour. You get to work-out, transfer the skills and habits to home use, work at prestigious places such as RWS/MBS, meals covered and more significantly, a weekly income to look forward to. How on earth is this not good? Btw, 12-hr shift is common nowadays. Eventhough this may not be a long-term job, it is surely a good investment for those looking for stop-gap measures. So jia yu!

  49. Bway Song said

    Are we local being treated like BEGGERS now in our own land? I certainly feel so! Even beggers can make more than this shit….We are now Local Trash, all thanks to u know who…. Sad sad sad. No wonder malaysian are laughing at us where we used to be more superior than them, now we are kick back to the beginning…. proud of who we are??? Dont think so anymore….feel like beggers that what we are now. Sg no. 1 here, no. 1 there, but its ppl are treated like nuisance….

  50. LkySi said

    MBS conducts interview at Geylang – it is into prostitution as well

  51. Fed Up Singaporean said

    PAP MP’s should apply for this job! Since they say $850 one month can survive..

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