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PM Lee: PAP’s 38% result in Hougang by-election is a ‘good’ result

Posted by temasektimes on June 20, 2012

In an examination, a 38% score will be considered a failure, but not for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who was delighted with the PAP’s performance in the Hougang by-election.

During a closed door meeting with PAP activists, PM Lee said it is a ‘good’ result for the PAP to obtain 38% of the votes in the Hougang by-election, an increase of 3 percent from the previous year.

The Workers Party candidate Png Eng Huat won the election by 62.09% of the votes.

In an interview with the PAP mouthpiece PETIR, PM Lee said:

“Hougang is different from the rest of Singapore. It has been an opposition ward for 20 years and Low Thia Kiang has established a strong foundation there. Most Hougang residents cast their votes for him and not Yaw Shin Leong or Png Eng Huat.”

PM Lee added that the PAP will continue to serve Hougang residents despite the defeat and praised the PAP losing candidate Desmond Choo for his dedication and hard work.


38 Responses to “PM Lee: PAP’s 38% result in Hougang by-election is a ‘good’ result”

  1. Boon said

    Die die also want to win…are they really interested in listening to the people with such attitude?

  2. Lim said

    Why not ask why they cast their votes for LTK and not DC? Why not face the hard truths why peoplle are so unhappy with them? Keep obsessing with the 3% is like contemplating on the navel when the cancer has spread to the rest of the body and in terminal stage.

  3. cc chia said

    Haha, Pinky Lee’s wish will come true in the 2016 GE when he and his party get 38% of all the votes. It will certainly be a “good result” for all of us.

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Looks like our PM aka Pinky refuses to face reality and prefers to live in the twilight zone.
    2% more votes (257 votes) than GE 2011 and the loser PAP MP wannabe Desmond Choo, nephew of disgraced fmr MP Choo Wee Kiang declares…I believe change has started in Hougang SMC and his boss agrees with him.

    These 2 guys dunno nothing about statistics of significance.
    Ayoh, guys, 2% is neither here nor there and deft insignificant. 10% or more would be significant…understand or not? Go read up a stats book and focus on the chapter on significant statistical numbers.

  5. CKMPD said

    Self consolation and self denial will lead to pap’s fall from power. Let all Singaporeans work towards that at the next GE

  6. Lois said

    Dear PM, in the next GE I will be interested to hear from you again on that when the results turn out to be 32% for pap in terms of overall votes. Please say it is a good result for pap to be able to garner 32% of overall votes. LOL.

    • Angry Bird said

      Netizens, lets make Pinky’s dream come through or rather his nightmare. PAP 32% OPPO 68% for GE2016. LETS DO IT!

  7. weak justice said

    exactly like that aunty’s attitude in the mrt!!! stubborn, ungrateful, quick to blame and always right!!!

  8. Will he say the same after the next GE about Aljunied GRC?

  9. Sgwanderer said

    I agree. I’m sure many elderly folks cast their votes for your father and not you and your lackeys during the last 2 GE.

  10. Singaporean said

    This is the typical character of “Dragon” man wanted to “win at all means….” especially PM Lee is Dragon Fire man….

  11. 龙的传人 said


  12. SaiKangWarrior said

    Then why not decrease all the examination passing mark to 38%?

  13. Jack said

    Give that man 38% in GE2016

  14. Makando1973 said

    Huh? Aiyoyo! Anything shy of 38% score is still not considered a failure by LHL? Does that mean that this will be the revised new benchmark set as PAP’s aspiration for success and achievement from now on? So tell us what type of score should be tantamount to failure? LMAO

  15. Failed result said

    What do you think?
    Is 35% considered a “good” result in PE2011?

  16. kums said


  17. icefire said

    i really hope worker party send someone to rescue the pple in the west … pls save us out of the evil hands … we pple in the west have suffer long enough !!!

  18. Middlepath said

    If you are the boss of a company and your competitor beats you flat. What would you do? Call defeat? Throw white flag?

    Or, as an employee, the company is making huge losses and is unstable. Do you expect your boss to tell you, “Gentlemen, our company s doomed, we are defeated.” If so, how would you respond?

  19. Ron said

    I think Desmond tried very hard and put in lots of efforts. Unfortunately the vote was against the PAP and not against him personally. The WP candidate appeared from the woodworks and just walked into the job on the reputation of Low TK. It shows the voting pattern was WP vs PAP and not about which candidate. Even if a top Minister had stood HG, the results would not have changed.

    And the WP is personified by Low TK. He carried Aljunied and it will be interesting to see his strategy in 2016 whether his charisma can win other GRCs. I am sure he is plotting that already. He is the guy to watch. Low TK keeps a low profile publicly for good reasons. Less public talk, less of a target for the PAP to shoot at. Be the Ninja and not the Rambo.

  20. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Breaking News, now you no longer need 50/100 to pass in any Singaporean exams. Now you just need to get 38/100 to no only pass but get ‘B’ grade.

    ‘A’ – Excellent
    ‘B’ – Good
    ‘C’ – Average
    ‘D’ – Pass
    ‘F’ – Fail

  21. naivety said

    Hey Looney!

    If 38% is considered a good results for you, we shall then ensure that we will give you only 18% overall vote count come
    GE 2016!

    Since 38% is already considered too good for your standard, understand ka?

  22. Anthony Tang said

    Although your dad is senile nowadays, but he did what he did for Singapore, when he was at the helm.
    I cannot say the same for you. You have not inherited any of his wisdom. with your current attitude and mind set, this will be the demise for the PAP. Reminds me of a story where the father built a multi million dollars business empire, whist the son destroyed it in one generation

    • Law said

      YAP, fully agree!
      Use to love the “Management” during LKY time, though sometimes certain stratigic dun look nice to some people, but we must understand that is Part of the Chinese saying “ZHI GUO ZHI DAO”.

      He success, so he did what he says during his helm.

      But everything just went wrong after his XX taken over…
      he dun seem to understand his dad wisdom to stick to certain plan.

      take the casino as example will do, LKY very against it in his time. coz he foresee like what is happening now…
      Trees getting cut down everywhere, we are short of more fresh air, madness of number of people growing, u even can sweat in the night…

      Very disappoint with the current MIW. all about $$$ / statistics, but not much for quality of “Normal” people in our land.

  23. Realist said

    Think of this possibility.
    What if LTK quits WP and joins the PAP ( & Sylvia Lim takes over the helm).
    Do you think PAP will win ?
    I don’t think so.
    Hougang will always be an opposition no matter who their leader is.

  24. ng p y said

    Lets be fair and not get personal. Singaporean should deal more on issues which is not proper and not one person. Singapore Citizens should see the CORE of problems, thats to say WHO REALLY MOOTED OUT ALL THE STUPID RULES AND REGULATIONS WHICH IS NOT PRACTICAL AND UNACCEPTABLE. But I am of opinion that Desmond tried his best and lost graciously. Pleased don’t be pesonal but face the facts, it is not a matter of win or you lose, but whether it should be favorable to all and all matters to be done in a more acceptable manner TO BENEFIT ALL THE PEOPLE OF SINGAPORE.

  25. kaypoh said

    38% good, let’s reduce Minister’s pay by 62% also, I’m sure 99% Sporean will agree…

  26. dan2429E said

    …”…praised Desmond Choo for his dedication and hardwork…..”
    …sure, that’s what he says….
    …in next election, Desmond Choo will be replaced by another lackey…..

  27. LkySi said

    LSL should resign his AMK GRC and contest Hougang. He is scared that he will lose his election deposit

  28. someone said

    38% is good? Then might as well get 38% for all the GRCs during 2016GE

  29. pngkueh_forever said

    I never knew that 38% is the new normal for a good passing mark ?

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