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Polytechnic intern’s mother complains he works long hours, but boss accused him of spending time on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on June 20, 2012

Are young Singaporeans really ‘strawberries’ or are they being hard done by the harsh realities of life in stressful Singapore nowadays?

A mother of a polytechnic student who is currently working as an intern at a web design company complained to a local Chinese tabloid that her precious son was ‘forced’ to work long hours daily to the extent of skipping his dinner.

“When he wants to go home on time, his boss will ask him to stay for another hour. This often turns into another one to two hours,” she said.

After she asked her son to lodge a complaint letter to his school Nanyang Polytechnic, the authorities replied “that the design company is currently working on a project which would be completed soon and that there should not be any overtime after that.”

However, according to Mr Chua, the student’s supervisor at the company, the intern only stayed late on two occasions since starting work on 28 May and that was only because he could not finish his work on time.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Chua said that the student likes to spend time on Facebook, watch videos and download games to play at work. He had requested to go home early three times and the requests were given the green light.

“When he stayed late the second time, I asked him whether he wanted to go for dinner at 8pm, but he said no,” Mr Chua said.


33 Responses to “Polytechnic intern’s mother complains he works long hours, but boss accused him of spending time on Facebook”

  1. CKMPD said

    Internship is tantamount to cheap labour for some companies

    • Free Trolley said

      Agreed. 3 intern = 1 FT.

    • Francis Lim said

      Well to all employer who employ such interns, in future you can sack the intern so he fail his semester and repeat that semester. When that intern’s future employer ask why you repeated in your polytechnic? He can tell them that he play facebook and watch youtube at work thats why he was sacked and failed.

  2. Are you kidding me? Only stay back late for 2 days and complaining. I have stayed overtime for several times, but my employer will let us go for dinner at 6pm.

  3. fpc said

    rubbish. face book ? how? all blocked what.

  4. ho yue weng said

    welcome to the real world

  5. BMAN said

    Working life is like this. Have faith and finish ur tasks, in this way, no one can say anything (:

  6. Aaron said

    Singaporean moms nowadays are too much, a little hardship complain. every god damn thing also complain. how to survive in the real world even though i have to agree internship is tantamount to cheap labour. fact is, we still learn nonetheless.

  7. Foodforathought said

    Well.. Companies will have to do the “tachi” game and deflect responsibilities.. While few minutes of facebook a day during lunch break daily may seems hours or frequent to most Singapore companies who mostly “squeeze” your blood” till nothing is left to make every cent they pay you to its worth.. but the boy shoudnt have facebook on the office compt so openly.. its bound to create topics for gossips for people who envy others who dare to do it..

  8. pointblank said

    wth! my mum will tell me to go f*** myself if i wanna complain… seriously the student is too pampered.

  9. UnHappinessTowardsEY said

    Well my niece also working as Intent work till 12am, sometime 1am in audit EY, Her super

  10. UnHappinessTowardsEY said

    Well my niece also working as Intent work till 12am, sometime 1am in audit EY,
    She has request to go back on time on before 12am but EY’s senior, not supervisor, not allow her to go back. EY senior said she can only go back together with the whole group.

  11. knn said

    What poly intern so good. Y cannot take up any assignment?
    Polish results from Poly will bring us to our knees.

  12. pooi said

    at some point of my life, i was a poly lecturer. These stories are common, whether cheap labor or not, these students are lazy, irresponsible, full of excuses. asking to stay 1 hour or longer, complain mistreatment. want to come late, take frequent MCs, must work in air con room, air con room too cold. work abit of overtime also cannot handle. bad attitude, fighting, AWOL, work is too boring, work is meaningless, work is menial, boss is too strict, boss dun care about me. boss never on time, so i need to be on time. other employees can, why i cannot…

    and 99.99% of the time, the student is being a whiney spoilt brat.

    and the list goes on and on and on. And these are local students…. I’m afraid for the future of Singapore.

    • nivlek said

      If all poly lecturers think like you, then I worry.
      If you are a poly lecturer, I’m afraid for the future of Singapore

  13. singaporean said

    Mom may be a control freak, child had to resort to lies to get a few nights off.

  14. Ron said

    MOM should be aware that interns are being exploited as cheap labor by many companies. The truly big MNCs may provide value to interns. Smaller firms exploit them. Spore is terrible in terms of not having an ombudsman or venues to complain. In fact the entire setup of the government is not to encourage complaints.

    It is not right for the company to use an intern to work so hard. They are there to learn, to gain experience not be part of the big push. If they work late, at least tell them that they will be given days off later to compensate.

    I am not impressed with Spore’s MOM.

  15. Anthony Tang said

    There is always two sides to a coin.
    The youngsters of today are not used to the harsh life we elders went through during our internship.
    If he cannot serve his internship with a little hard ship, how can he go into the real world and face his peers
    Mum, stop tying him to your apron strings. For God’s sake, he is a man and will eventually need to take care of his own family one day.

  16. i5htar said

    “”Strawberries”” mum mum !!!

  17. Marc said

    This is a typical case where parent involvement does not help the young generation. On the contrary, it inculcates wrong values on the young ones.

    As a parent, I watch my children to ensure that they are not harmed or abused. Other than that, it’s good for them to experience outside world and fend for themselves, all for their own benefits.

  18. Steve said

    Let me know the boy name, and let the company be exercise caution in employment.

  19. Mariah said

    I work 18 hours a day n i have never comprained. Never. When i was in my 20, i used to work 36 hours without sleep with meagre $800 a month.. Now my hardwork has bore fruits. I work 12 hours a day and my income is $25000 a month… In life, one must be used to hardship in order to have a good life

    • Lollapalooza In SG said

      I agree.. You reap what you sow. You can’t expect $ to drop from the sky.

    • Elva said

      Mariah Mariah… You sound like a scam.. Totally! You must be either be working in the financial/insurance/property/MLM/online money making schemes/illegal trade. Lol!$25K a month? Why don’t you share your success to others because I am sure many in here already know about hardships and would love to know how you did it 🙂

  20. lau pheng said

    concurred with Mariah…

  21. Totally floored said

    If being an intern is so d*mn hard, what if he has to do 3 projects simultaneously and they are all approaching its deadline? Now tell me what is hard.

    In my company, we have interns regularly, and most clock out at 6pm like all of us. We understand that they are interns, so we only give them 1 project at most. But some, I have to admit, are made to take on more, but I see at as beneficial to their work experience when they finally graduate! They can say that they were truly a member of a project team.

    For this ‘child’ and his ‘keeper’, maybe he was on FB page all the while, but he should know that there are certain times u can access FB, and that is lunch time or before/after work. This shows he has no work ethics! How to ‘win’ in the real world? We are doomed! That’s why we need FT!

  22. verbal diahorrea said

    oh c’mon! don’t be a wussy! this is harsh reality of work life in Singapore and you want to complain? grow up!

  23. Edmund ching said

    in working life, nothing is conducive and one must be able to adapt to the working environment and learn the ropes of the trade.Being an intern, one has to start from scratch and have to learn as much as possible.He is only starting to work and if finds a full time job and complain of working long hours,then sorry for him.Nowadays,many companies employ a few staff to run the whole show and everyone has to chip in to complete the task before going home.Which job is not OMO nowadays – from low paying jobs to the top.If you cannot take the pressure, then FTs will take over from you.In my company, FTs work 16 hrs and got two OFF in a month.Times have changed and we must move with the times.

  24. roarke said

    In most countries, there is no such things as ‘getting paid’ for doing internship. The most an intern get is transport and lunch allowance.

  25. spotlessleopard said

    His Mother must have carried his school bag for him when he was going to school.

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