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Technician charged for stealing SAR21 rifle from Pasir Laba camp

Posted by temasektimes on June 20, 2012

A contract technician has been charged in court with stealing a “SAR 21” rifle from a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) National Serviceman at Pasir Laba Camp.

30-year-old Mohammad Ridzuan Jamari was charged with one count of committing robbery while armed with a deadly weapon.

He was accused of stealing a “SAR 21” rifle from a 22-year-old NSF Kang Tai at the camp’s Standard Obstacle Course on May 8 this year.

Jamari was reportedly armed with a 20 centimetres screwdriver and has to be apprehended by a few people. The rifle was not taken out of camp.

It is not known what prompted Jamari to steal the home-made rifle.


33 Responses to “Technician charged for stealing SAR21 rifle from Pasir Laba camp”

  1. Ray said

    fail. All the bayonet fighting taught were useless. cant even defend your rifle against someone with a screwdriver…. fail…

  2. We don’t know the full story yet, apparently its a case of stealing so the NSF may not be aware. Plus Sar21 Rifle do not attach with a bayonet, all NSF/NSmen knows that.

    • Scooper said

      SAR21 can be attached with the bayonet.. just watch the NDP, and you can see SAR21 with bayonets..

    • Ray said

      Not all NSmen are young birds like you and got to use a SAR21. Many of us ROD before SAR21 was born lah, kiddo.

      • sadsingaporean said

        Show off. Come on, its the kiddo now protecting your @ss. Lol. Do remember that. Dear MR..

      • Ray said

        Doesn’t matter whether kiddo is protecting or not. That’s beside the point. the point is, I’m trying to tell him not all NSmen have used SAR21. duh.

  3. Ron said

    I thought possession of a rifle is a capital offence that can lead to life imprisonment and even the death penalty. Once the weapon is in his hands, it is deemed as illegal possession.

    And why they not shoot and kill him? See all the signs at military camps? You can be shot even for intrusion. It is a protected facility and extreme force can be used without warning. At such facilities, you cannot take the risk by asking questions.

    • paul said

      In the 70s we were using slr rifles
      father of the m16, heavy and if not handled
      properly gives you blue black shoulder

      we were issued with live rounds then
      not sure of the same standing order today

      one rainy night my camp sentry shot and killed
      a taxi driver outside the camp perimeter

      during investigation it was learned the sentry saw a man
      scaling over the camp fences and running toward the road
      he managed to stop a taxi and shot missed its intended target

      • Compatriot said

        If really the camp sentry is liable.Shoot only if there is life threatening,moreover the subject was outside the camp,and no danger to life and property of the Army.That was a local police matter

        Military Personnel are subjected to two Laws ,Military and Civil

        Common Sense should prevail

  4. FR said

    Sad that the enslaved NSF will be the one suffering and punished over all this.

    • lau pheng said


    • Compatriot said

      This sad state of affairs reflects to an episodical revelation in1965.When Singapore was a state of Malaysia during the confrontation period (WAR) with Indonesia

      The Singapore Infantry Regiment (SIR) deployed a platoon of its men to engaged and contained the Indonesian paratroppers infiltrators who had landed from the air in Labis,Johore.This searched,together with a platoon of British Greenjackets and Malaysian Commandoes from the (RMAF) were as planned

      Weeks passed the SIR platoon couldnt find those infiltrators,but the platton found a lake,(Malaysia is a mountainous country region with valleys and lakes)

      Though,through their exhaustive conditiion and situation they were in,all of them jumped into the lake and swam naked,without deploying any sentinels,but one of its soldier happened to look for fruits in the jungle instead and lived to see and tell the tale of all his buddies who were rounded up by the Indonesian paratroopers infiltrators without their assigned weapons and were all shot dead in point blank range

      To make this story short,I wonder was this episode censored so that the belated history of the fighting men of the SIR could not not be foretold to the existing and previous SAF personnels where lessons of the past can be learnt

      You tell me

  5. Tan99 said

    Heard that the NSF is a foreigner/naturalized, anyone can confirm this?

  6. FR said

    Temasek Times, can you dig up this technician was working for which company? I search high and low also cannot find.

    Even in this report also cannot find

  7. FR said

    If the NSF defended himself and hurt the technician, then he will say the NSF assaulted him and without proof, he will go to DB. Civilian or NSF, who will the army believe?

  8. loo said

    Wow, its been 15 years i guess. During my army days, i know an armsquat ( RI student) comes from a well to do family. He forged documents that the M16 was sent to armoury. But he took it home to protect himself from Ah Longs. Not only that he was had some live rounds with him also as I heard. Yes, life in prision. His parents were really sad. So this tech guy? i dont think life in prison. he only took gun but no live rounds. Maybe 10 yrs or 15 yrs….

  9. “It is not known what prompted Jamari to steal the home-made rifle.”
    What is a “home-made rifle”?

  10. Ron said

    It does not speak well of SAF that a NSF with a rifle can surrender it to another person with a screwdriver. Pardon the pun but a screwed up situation is this… a screw driver can overcome a rifle carrying soldier? The NSF can swing the butt of the rifle and knock shit out of this thief.

    I presume the NSF will spent some time in detention barracks. If we cannot trust him to protect his weapon, can we trust him to protect Spore later? I think they better start with Taekwando training even before rifle training.

  11. FR said

    If the NSF defended himself and hurt the technician, then he will say the NSF assaulted him and without proof, he will go to DB. A civilian or NSF, who will the army believe?

  12. Steve Lee said

    Oh boy. In a crisis, we might have to reactivate our older Singaporeans in their 50’s and 60’s to defend us. They were a tough lot and even in their advanced years, they might be tougher than our 4G generation soldiers.

    • :) said

      Well fuck you sir, how dare you be so callous towards your country’s armed forces? It is obviously a case of hesitation on the part of the NSF due to the threat of detention barracks for assaulting an unarmed civillian. Cos no one would seriously consider a screwdriver to be a form of arms. I suggest being more mature in your thinking rather than simply dismissing an entire generation cos its convenient for you.

      • Compatriot said

        Life on Earth is cyclical,all will die,humans,animate or inanimate.From dust we came to dust we return

        History is a circle and will repeat by itself

        The SAF,the successor of SIR (Singapore Infantry Regiment) as the soothsayer could recall is of a force with a broken spirit

        Singapore have fallen and surrendered to the Japanese in WW II

        At the Bersatu Padu Five Nation Exercise at Kota Tinggi,Johore,the SAF contingent got lost in the jungle and have had to asked for help from the Malaysian aborigine (good tracker) to bring them out from the jungle some of them were found to be crying

        The Confrontation with Indonesia where the SIF platoon were massacred brought by its own folly

        And currently the NS Servicemen and Ex personnel felt aggrieved and are vigorously complaining they are being treated unfairly of their status as a borne Singapore citizen facing conscription,with ill treatment favouritism,biased,bigotry and nepotism

        Now some of these SAF enlistmen of soldiers became with the rank of generals,past or present (hardly agreeable)

        Is the SAF a fighting unit to defend Singapore when there is litmus test

        I just wonder, …….

  13. lau pheng said

    must investigate further and tighten SOPs and the like…

  14. Yayrhah said

    How the FFFF can someone with a riffle and be robbed by another person holding a screwdriver?

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