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VIDEO: Aunty berates sexy young chick on MRT train over priority seat

Posted by temasektimes on June 20, 2012

An aunty in 50s was recorded berating a sexy young lady on a MRT train after she gave up her seat for her. She also accused the lady of staring at her after doing so.

The incident on an East-West Line train that was heading towards Pasir Ris on Monday at about 6.30pm was captured on video by Mr Muhammad Khair, 21, a student, on his mobile phone camera.


180 Responses to “VIDEO: Aunty berates sexy young chick on MRT train over priority seat”

  1. Annoymous said

    USELESS aunty who thinks she is big F***. That’s how slowly Singapore has become.

    • FR said

      She is not even old, disabled or in need.

      • agree

      • Joshua said

        well apparently she claimed in the video that her leg was injured, but the girl- wom some call “ah Lian”- said she didnt see her leg but gave up her seat for her.
        The seats should be named “priority seating” rather than the currently-used “reserved seating” simply because reserved means that nobody but the ones listed can sit on those allocated seats.

    • Meowie said

      I think the aunty just got uncomfortable after being given the seat and unconsciously thinks that the girl might be cursing and swearing at her, and maybe because how uneasy she felt thats why she started scolding the young girl for staring at her. The more rude the aunty is the more the girl would stare right? Silently hinting the aunty to stop her nonsense in the train. But then again looking at the situation now, maybe the aunty was the one who asked for the seat to be given up to her with a bad attitude first. I won’t be surprised if the girl stares at the aunty what. Either that or maybe the girl was having a bad day or whatever thats why maybe she gave the aunty a stare for demanding for a seat. But at least she has the courtesy to give up the seat to the aunty already. So why must aunty be like that?.. after watching this I would just think that aunty is being too much. 😦 No doubt the girl use f word, but when it comes to situation like this and to whomever, when your patience is being provoked, whatever language and types of vulgarities maybe used or to replace the f word anyways.

      • Angry Bird said

        This aunty is unreasonable. Be appreciative because that girl gave up the seat. No one owes her a living or indebted to. Intentionally taking a photo of someone without permission is wrong. Wonder why no one stands up and reason with this “bully” aunty? Bo chap or none of my business attitude?

      • Joshua said

        about the photo, maybe she wants the 50 dollars from stomp Hahaha

  2. leung said

    Shame on that rude aunty.
    The girl has been patient with her, gave her the seats and ignore her yet she bark like a mad dog.
    the aunty face should be published on the paper instead.

    • KP said

      Yeah, but lady shouldn’t use the f word too.

    • Not Singaporean, Not PRC, Not Pinoy, Not Bangla either. said

      when she uses the F word, she loses the elegant which otherwise could be a perfect score. She has nothing to lose, anyway. She displayed kindness and courtesy by giving up her seat. She also remained silent (initially) but the elder lady just couldn’t stop babbling like a loose canon.

    • 60+ said

      old bitch started first, call her China lady, old bitch must hate China woman so much, this lady is definitely Singapore girl. nothing wrong using f when you are confronted with such a position.

  3. Speechless said

    this auntie is obvious picking up arguements. the gal (no matter got stare at the auntie or not) already chose to ignore her and the auntie keep scolding…

    some old ppl (not all) are taking the priorities seats for granted thinking it is for them. haiz..

    • Kow said

      The auntie was really being insensitive accusing the lady of ‘most probably coming from China’. Though she doesnt seem to come from China, what’s the big deal even if she did? That was a really insensitive, country-ist comment.

      The video above might have been biased as the argument probably started before the person started videoing the ruckus down. But even so, it can still be obviously interpreted that the older auntie was at fault. It’s a courtesy to give up one’s seats to others. The act of giving up one’s seat to a more needy person is merely a courteous act, not a compulsory act. The young lady has the right to not give up her seats if she wants to and yet she gave it up to this rude and extremely unappreciative elderly.

      It’s depressing seeing how the elderlies in Singapore are now acting. They might have more life experience, among other achievements but they do not have any right to act like they are above the rest. In an argument between someone of the younger generation and someone of an older age, the young are commonly victimized as the villain. Honestly speaking, someone on scene should have stopped the fight and asked the auntie to keep quiet as she is at fault or simply ask the young girl to move away to avoid anymore conflict.

    • Zara said

      U will not be fined for sitting on those reserved seats anyway and we pay more than snr citizens.

  4. rockyan said

    Sexy?Writer must be blind.

  5. Realist said

    The aunty was ultra-sensitive and must have been in a bad mood whereas the young woman was relatively tolerant until provoked by rudeness of the aunty. 70% of the blame should be directed at the aunty as she relentlessly provoked the situation.
    The correct response from the young woman should be just to walk away and treat the aunty as a crazy old woman.

  6. i5htar said

    so HOT so SPICY!!!

  7. The first sentence: “YOU PROBABLY FROM CHINA”. *sign.

  8. bb said

    PM pl take a look at this video. PPl gets angry with each other cos the infrastructure is unable to cope. Can you talk to United Nations that you need to ship 2 million sg ppl to other countries such as Canada, Australia etc so that sg ppl will not fight with each on the train.

    Even a nice looking lady is regarded as coming from China.

  9. Cute said

    That why even there is seat available in the MRT, I still prefer to stand to prevent getting scolding from nonsense people.

  10. Ron said

    This young lady is not from China. She looks more like a Singaporean or Malaysian. So rude of this Aunty. She is not that old either to be given the respected greeting of Aunty. I call her a nasty Bitch. And she made a fool of herself.

  11. KKK said

    Cherian wrote that the kampong spirit that we Singaporeans are cultivating is kay-pohish petty-mindedness, a small-town mentality that tells us that no event is too trivial to turn into a national issue.’

    Temasek Times, please reflect. You are stooping to a stomping standards. Why is this even newsworthy?

    • coco said

      Don’t read lor.

    • chryses said

      Since when was temasek times ever considered news…rubbish and one sided as always…even in this stupid article

    • ~.~ said

      at least the newspaper got something to write about. better than writing nonsense. its about making money. and ya, if you are not happy. dont read lor.

    • kaypoh said

      Eh front page on Chinese newspaper lah, go reflect on your Singkaypoh spirit

    • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said said

      @KKK … cast your bleeding eyeballs away. No one force you to read this. Not happy? Go start a webpage of your own and let’s see how newsworthy it can be.

  12. hihihi said

    haha… what’s wrong with coming from china?

  13. kaypoh said

    Fugging aunty deserve to be pushed down bus by the bully… who can tahan the ugly bitch still so fierce…. shut her mouth & give BJ to all the uncles, STFU biatch. I damn hate this type of biatch.

  14. patin said

    我这兩位女士..老的 , 少的..都有錯…不讓位..錯…..得勢..不饒人,,,,更錯

    • 龙的传人 said


  15. Reblogged this on exclusively dev and commented:
    I give props to the young lady for maintaining her cool and not become yet another Alex Ong. Because no matter who is in the wrong, the young will always been cast as the villain if they retaliate overly much.

    Seriously, if it were me, I’d go as far as to help the old, crazy aunty to locate the camera on her phone and take the picture of me, myself. At least I’d take a good shot.

    “Lai, aunty, lai. You want take photo izit? Come I take for you. So troublesome.”

    • LOOOL said

      ya. just ridicule the auntie further.

      “Come ah auntie. Let’s take pic tgt!”

      • I know, right! If you can’t fight fire with fire, then do the direct opposite. Better than all those people saying, “If it were me, I’d -insert violent move of your choice- the auntie!”

  16. George said

    I am a old guy & I have encountered by this kind of ‘aunties’ in the buses & trains. What can I do or what can we do when one face these unresonable people. Sometimes I see ministers ( when their salary were the highest in the world ) getting police protection for themselves & their families. I am pretty sure the minister’s family never encounter such incidents. There are using tax payers for protection. The police won’t make any move as no “VIPs” are involved.

  17. naivety said

    Aiyah…what to do & who is to be blame for all this mess?

    All thanks to the pappies for relentlessly mass importing in more than 2 Millions of FTs + FWs to our tiny little country since Year 2005 resulting in over-population, over-congestion & over-stretching our small country facilities, infrastructures & resources!!!

    Can all these issues be prevented if we did not over import so many FTs + FWs to our tiny country in the 1st place at such short timeframe??

    What do you think???

    • Sherman said

      hello naivety, why talk about FT here? it is obviously that both the ladies are singaporean or malaysian. Do you think that the MRT can accomodate sitting Singaporean alone? (assuming that no foreigners in Singapore)??…

      • June said

        not all can sit but confirm better situation lol

      • What do you think? said

        Would you agree that if less one million of foreigners here, singaporeans will have high chance of taking up the seats in MRT? Same for jobs but not NS??

    • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said said

      You wish to live alone on this island, do you? You seems to anti-all-foreigners. What racist are you. Tell you what . . please do not go for holiday outside SG and don’t even contemplate to send your kids to study in oversea in future. The natives may scold you for taking up their space and breathing their air. How’s that for an exchange?

      • naivety said

        @Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. Said, then in this case, you must be a Pinoy Pig, an Indian Prick or some kind of Foreign Freak!

        May i know why are you even here in the 1st place as i felt so low responding to you?
        Aren’t you a destructive source of cheap labour, equivalent to locust swamp, parasites & leeches who will not stop till you over-run our beautiful country & steal it from right under our noses?

        Trash & scums like u wasn’t considered talents in the 1st place…just Global Cheap Labour & why don’t you just go fark back to our own country? Puck you bag & get the fark out of Singapore as quickly as possible…lah!

      • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either said

        @Naivety . . .

        You felt so low responding to me? You should because you are low .. low self-esteem, low common sense and low EQ perhaps? I am not sure which one are you, probably all of them or even more. Dude, did you just lost your job recently? To an FT or FW? Hence the deep resent? Try taxi driving. You might fare better.

        While many SGporean whines about their job being snatched away from them these days. I do not want to dig too deep into that because that is not what being discussed here and would only deviate from our actual topic. If you read this forum from its beginning, you could see some SGporeans nonchalantly uttering unfriendly remarks about other race. The best example? The aunty (the villain) who scolded the young girl “You must be from China!”. I mean how can she be so sure the girl is from China? Then, it turns out to be obvious – the young lady speaks in heavy local accent. If that is not a racist slur, i do not know what is it then. So, the half truth now is – if you are lousy, you must be from China or Philippines? I can see this sentiment is getting so bad and hatred is spreading like wild bush fire.

        Although i would not say for sure, not 100%, if the young girl (the victim) is a SGporean, but i think 9/10 would agree with me she is definitely not from China. So, is that why no one came to her defence during the scene?
        Not until you are sure she is your fellow SGporean? Are you worry that if you have stepped in to defuse the tension and later realised the victim is a PRC, then your countrymen would brand you a traitor?

        If yes, then resentment has blinded you from your natural human compassion and kindness. There’s a saying about all human were born a good person. God save humankind.

        To Naivety, you got nice name. It suits you well, naive. I am not a SGporean but i am different from others you branded as FT/FW. They came here, looked for jobs. I am here because my company assigned me to be here for a period of time. Your fellow SGporean acquires our company’s service hence we are here. Who do you want to blame? But at least, I do not brag like other FTFW who said they were behind the economy of SG.
        That is an obscene lie and downright arrogant. I am just a so-so with a middle level position job in SG. We do not come here to vie with you and with not absolute intend to take away your job or destroy anything during our presence here.

        You can imagine us like a ship or vessel. Your fellow SGporean imported some goods from Europe and we are the sailors who send the cargo to SG. So, is that our fault or are we to be blame for being here? If your reply is yes, then would you please come to Europe with your own ship and ship your goods back to SG yourself? For the air passengers, please fly an empty carrier to Europe and transport your fellow SGporeans home. Don’t forget to assigned only SGporean pilots along. Does it makes sense at all? Not even a tiny bit, I say.

        You see . . . not all foreigners are in SG to take something away from you. Please stop that stereo-typical thinking and behaving like the aunty (villain) in this video clip if you are not. SGporeans are known for their education, modern society and progressive thinking mind. It makes you thick for the past 40 over years.

  18. weak justice said

    aunty is a product of the ruling party regime, her attitude and the way she talks…exactly like the clowns in white – must win argument all the time, first to point finger and blame, stubborn and ungrateful!!!

  19. EPS said

    Y no1 stood in 4 d young gal? Guy taking vid also 1 kind, he must have witnessed this long enuff to know dat it will escalate thus recording this down.

  20. Andrew said

    The girl in the video fighting with the aunty is damn sexy!

    Mmmmmm!! :-DDDDD

  21. aloysius12 said

    Remember this “whatever right you think you have is not a right until the other gives you!” If he/she give you your right, smile with gratitude and give thanks.

  22. Random person said

    the lady should have just ignore the old lady and let the matter rest hmm i don’t really understand why must they quarrel for such a small matter

    • singaporean said

      Go watch the video again. The girl tried to ignore the old woman (not lady please) so many times. It’s the old woman that picked the fight.

    • 60+ said

      she did ignore that old bitch.

    • Speechless said

      i dun think walking away will solve the problem, and the auntie will think she win and continue her pattern elsewhere, more such victims.

      the gal is damn BRAVE to stand in front of her and not escaping…!

  23. KP said

    How classic! This is Singapore?? No one bother to calm them down? Before it escalate to bigger rage?? Yeah MYOB, but instead of someone screaming shut up…. Shouldn’t they do something?? This is very classic Singaporean MYOB mentality. I would at least ask them to calm down and talk (or fight) outside the train.( if they want to proceed further)

    • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said said

      Hell right, some conscience here. Bet how many here would stand up for justice? especially to those who gave their strong comments earlier- talk is cheap.Those people in the video were too coward to be a peace maker, let alone standing up for justice. Be truthful and ask yourself again.

      • Puzzled said

        It’s just a quarrel between a sexy young girl and a bitchy old woman. No big deal! Why must we be so kaypoh and be a “peace maker”? Do you think the old bitchy woman will be pacified? She will probably scold you for siding the sexy girl and then you will have to move away to prevent further embarassment. Lol …… Now if they were really fighting, then we should interfere.

      • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said

        Hmmmm @puzzled …. i am puzzled. but come to think of it, you could be right. I , too wondered what would i said if i were to intervened. No matter what, i still applaud that anonymous guy who shouted from nowhere “hoi, shut up lah”. Good job. Maybe i will say to the aunty ” Aunty, you want me to call the police for you?” and instantly turn my head to the lady and said “Don’t worry, Miss …You will be fine, let me handle this”.

  24. iLoveBoys said

    I wont even give up my seat to anyone. I rather see people die infront of me than giving it up. Its a dog eat dog world we living in. Especially this small over populated country. All of you can go and die for all i care if you want my seat in the train.

  25. Lemuel said

    Both are fault. Both reacted as if no people in the train. ZZZZ..ZZZZ

    • theanonymous said

      pls lah. u get shouted at by a mad dog, u dulan or not?

      • Zw said

        Precisely. Those people who said the lady shouldn’t have said “fuck” obviously haven’t been in that situation before. The aunty is damn guai lan. Give up seat to her, wrong, don’t give up the seat, also wrong. Old people rly damn hard to please….

    • Speechless said

      pls look at the first few mins of the video. the gal did not say anything n the auntie keep scolding, obviously trying to provoke the gal. patience has limits too esp at tat situation.

      the way this gal handle, is consider very KIND… if put Alex Ong in, wat u think will happen? i dun think tat auntie still take sit at her seat so comfortable.

  26. ANDREA said

    What the hell?! The girl is a Singaporean damn it!! The aunty is totally blind!! I should have punched her in the face directly , then the aunty can shut up!!

  27. unknown GUY said

    Already given a seat, yet became angry …

  28. sam said

    auntie like this should be the one whom being push down the train,bus or what ever public transport. Sometime the younger generation people are be kind enough but it’s some of the auntie & old people create a problem out of it.

  29. fong said

    Those who say we are biased against foreigners should take a good read at this.

  30. Victor said

    if i was there, i will go infront and take a photo of that stupic old lady.

  31. Uniquely Singapore said

    Congrats to the PAP for successfully making life in Singapore Inc so screwed up to live in until the citizenry has gone lunatic.

  32. waswer said

    ball-less guy/gal who took the video..
    Obviously interested in enjoying the show rather than stopping it.

  33. Kt said

    Crazy old lady , nowadays garment policy created a damn environment, robbers , rape committed by ah going n ah neh, molest, etc, rubbish

  34. okay, enough said

    the completely unwarranted self-centred behaviour in some members of the older generation in Singapore is appalling, Jesus

  35. tan said

    This not so old lady is a classic example of 以老卖老. I salute the brave girl. I wonder why no one comes to her defence.

  36. PassingBy said

    Thats why i dun like some aunty that speak eng,they think they noe eng they very smart and big.Kns~

  37. low said

    Not surprised with this incident, look at our bus interchanges, these aunties will NVR join the queue, come in from the side and board, while everyone else is inline waiting to get on. So what’s the point of having a queue system.

  38. Mel said

    Auntie needs to go for anger management at IMH.

  39. Crap said

    The auntie is just piece of shit and nonsense. Yes, we must give respect to elders but there’s a limit. May lighting strike the aunty. Quoted from pap logo

  40. seah said

    why why why .because the train is over time must wear a badge stated we are ka ki lan so other sporean wont scold you

  41. Greg said

    The old aunty really too much. Any person in the lady position will be mad.

    The talk in SG is always about how the young are weak, cant take hardship, blah blah blah. Look at the old aunty (so called 1st Generation Singaporean), such a F… bitch. Given the seat by the young still barking like mad dog. She must be a spinster else the husband sure die young staying with such bitch.

    But sadly, no one be it young or old singaporean dare to politely inform the old aunty to stop her barking.

  42. yy said

    Be grateful that she has offered u a seat.. Do not take everything for granted. Respect is gained and not due to your age. From the video, she has been enduring u when u hurl abusive language at her. The breaking point came when you wanted to take a pic of her. If not she will not lose her top… l admire this young lady for her tolerance skill…. Do not be ashamed… You have done nothing wrong…

  43. Ben said

    young lady chill out, u were nice to give up the seat, just that bitches dont have human compassion and reasoning and will bark loudly at someone randomly from time-to-time

  44. Angel said

    The Aunty is really too much and she is such a shameful model for any society.

  45. Obama said

    That’s why old people should be shoveled out the train/buses. Examples to speak for itself.

  46. ~.~ said

    1 word – kiampa
    this type of aunty deserve a push from Mr OCD. lol

  47. solaris8899 said

    unreasonable lady we have in our society. The education that she obtained has gone into drain. papa what do you think.

  48. JL said

    I guess most of the people here is against that stupid auntie, i believe most of the people in the train as well. But why none step out and help? what’s happening to Singaporeans? That’s sad..

  49. Zep said

    Look at the gal sexy scar, and she got tattoo on her left ankles. Damn , you go gal!

  50. Roykyosuke said

    Pls keep that in mind, although its reserved seats but people are not obliged to give up unless they are willing too.
    Everyone has a say in whether they want to give up the seat, anyway everyone pays for the transport. They have the right not to give up the seat and they have no fault at all.
    No one should abuse this usage asking others to give up seat!!!

  51. Dr.Arsch said

    The old hag is an obnoxious piece of shit! Period! As for the young lady, kudos to her for keeping her temper in check and maintaining her decency in a situation like this. It’s rather unfortunate that she has to put up with this publicity for a few days. If you are reading this young lady, be assured that the rest of us know u were not in the wrong. As for the cameraman who was recording the whole thing on his phone, please, stop being a voyeur and busybody. If the incident was upsetting you so much you should have tried talking some sense into the old hag, Not recording the whole incident like a coward.

    • Speechless said

      erm.. the cameraman might not be in position to help, in this situation.. i am very sure if the auntie dare turn violence to the gal, the public are all ready to defence the gal..

      it ended nicely between the auntie and the gal, when the gal walked away when she reached her destination. => good ending, isnt it?
      Imagine, if another person is involve, this will might become a police case if it gets too out of control or even worst…

      counted it a blessing tat he took the video and posted. indirectly, he is doing justice for the gal. if not for him, nobody wont have know the full story of this. in fact..
      if we were to look at just photo, 95% we will think it is the gal’s fault, but after looking the video, we all agree that the auntie is too much..

      • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said


        Nice statistics, are you a mathematicians? Surveyor? Nope? Then where the earth you get the 95%? LOL.
        Let me be honest with you – you are just coward who will close your eyes and cover your face with your palms and willfully hope things will be better when you let open your eyes later. Hear, speak & see no evil, Right?

    • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said

      Don’t worry, Doc . . . this girl will be a cult figure or a hero some sort, for the next couple of weeks. If I see her on the streets, I’ll ask her for an autograph.

  52. Young Hunky said

    This gal rocks! I like the way she handled the situation firmly. She stood her ground rather than just walked away. And yes, I’m 100% sure she is from Singapore.

    As for the auntie, I don’t know what caused her to be upset so let us not judged her since we don’t know the full story.

  53. kaypoh said

    Ok lor, now she is famous, next time she stand in the MRT see who give her seat lah !!! I sure fcuk her upside down wan !

  54. S said

    It is the old aunty fault. Old aunty still want to take the young girl photo. Seat is not to be given to others as a must. The old aunty feel she is very old and to be truth we can see she(aunty) is just lazy and want to use the “advantage” of the seat to create a scene. Aunty think she is right. Im sad to see this. I never wish any parent will be like her. Disgrace to Singaporean. Pple are looking down on us(singaporean) and we are fighting among ourselves. We just need to improve our culture if not singaporean will have less space to stand in the society (stopping thinking of sitting).

  55. Ixora said

    I am utterly disgusted by that ah soh’s behaviour. She lives up to the name of an ugly Singaporean. What makes Singapore different from other uncultured societies with such people around?

  56. fpc said

    the mrt is damn packed.

  57. WHAT THE HACK said

    In Singapore, there is no law saying that young must give up seat to old lady. This not so old lazy is too much and too arrogant.

  58. the_one said

    life is becoming more and more stressfull….we are constantly running the rat-race to be better and smarter……even an act of kindness can easily overshadowed by panic-depressive mind…the old lady had been suffering in silence… reach boiling point…this tiny issuse which become’s tip of the iceberg…………society that has lost it’s empathy

  59. Ma Chi said

    This is why I never give up seats to people!

  60. Gezza said

    It’s ironic that this girl didn’t want her picture taken and here you guys are publishing this video on the internet, judging her looks and everything.

  61. kums said

    Some idiots take it for granted that the “RESERVED SEATS” are their god given rights! This prematurely old hag doesn’t look that feebly old at all.
    Next time, it must be plastered in all trains and buses that old hags who make too much noise in trains or buses must be slapped hard across their gaping mouth!

  62. Gong said

    I can’t stand the auntie also.. Rude and nagging.. 

  63. Veron said

    I support the young girl. She is really a nice young person and tried her best to ignore the old woman, and the stupid auntie can still kpkb. Wth!!!! Ppl already gave the seat and face to u, why u still like that somemore intend to take ppl photo!!! Hello auntie, u know u are the wrong person. If I am the young lady, for sure to tell u ( auntie) I will grab ur Hp and throw on the floor cause u are damn *#£|¥.!\?}€~’…… Be a old ppl, if u wan ppl respect u, learn to how to respect ppl first. Last thing, “u must from china” what is wrong with china? Ur parents are also made in china. So stop saying that. If u are chiese pls learn to respect ur past past generation.

  64. Magnum said

    Imo, that old lady is a total insane. I guess she didn’t even say ‘thank you’ when the young lady gave up her seat.

    Hey old lady, one piece of advice for you.

    ‘Respect is earn and not by default’, don’t disgrace yourself by asking it.

    Wise one

  65. awesomeme said

    the aunty is racist! lol notice the first part of the vid.. i guess thats where the young lady’s blood begin to raise.. haha!

  66. […] Still remember my last rant on people with no shame at all? Well.. well.. ladies and gentleman, take a look at this video here; Temasek Review also posted this event here. […]

  67. Martin said

    Last time no priority seat don’t have such problem, remove the stupid priority seat lah! You can’t force people to be nice & caring on one hand, but imported 2 million foreigners within 5 years into a 700 sq km island! 无风不起浪.

  68. kaypoh said

    Better ask sticker lady to put sticker there : “My grandmother seat”

  69. Ben said

    The old lady really one kind ! Must give her a slap on the face , the way she talk really one kind.

  70. Janet Yong said

    If the old lady was the mother, she would not have berated the young lady. If the young was the daughter, she would have given up the seat without the old asking. If the MRT was not so crowded. If only we can treat one another with respect, love and graciousness, the society would be a much better place to live in.

    • Speechless said

      IF the world can be so perfect.. dun need police liao..

      • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said

        Speechless . . the world needs education in order to be perfect NOT police. (there will be never perfect anyway, just better) Go live in North Korea, they have more police than civilians there.

  71. Le Q said

    2:06 “Auntie can shuddup or not!”. Lol..

  72. Anthony Tang said

    In most cases if someone gives up the seat for you, just say Thank you and shut up

  73. Blow jobbers said

    The Auntie dont deserve the seat. I will ask her to sit on the floor of the train. If not, stand.

  74. muimui said

    Anyway this auntie is too young to be an elderly and physically not disabled….So, why does she think she deserves the priority seat?

    When people graciously offers you a seat, have the basic courtesy to say thank you – end of story.

  75. dodo said

    Pretty until she started talking in that unbearable accent.

  76. Narcissist said

    If I was the younger lady, I will have said to the auntie… “Auntie.. Did you forget to take your medication?”

  77. Realist said

    Aunty was damn lucky the young chick is not an Ah Liang Ah Huay.
    She would have been whacked blue black by Patricia Mok.

  78. Jardel said

    132 comments!!!! 最高記録!!!!

  79. kaypoh said

    Coming up next : VIDEO: Aunty offers to fellate hot young hunk on MRT train over priority seat

  80. tim said

    auntie: ‘i am asking for honestly..’

    Old Woman with no formal education and terrible attitude, i’l tell you HONESTLY, you need to STFU…

  81. Steve said

    Hello “Not PRC, Not Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. Said said” What F are you trying to comment? And why are you reading Temasek Times, Are you Anti-Singaporean and happy to leave in congested place, Changi prison is pretty suitable for you, if you like congested space???? Damn sick of all this Crazy fellow passing such comment online, I going crazy too reading on this comment and I too a F crazy fellow, sooner or later I will end up in IMH.

    • Not PRC, NOt Ang Moh And Not SGporean Either. said

      @Steve … yes you are. Go now before it’s too late. IMH is a right place for you indeed. You still sober?

  82. Jardel said

    賛成。。。。He is just another motherfucker. 😀

  83. lau pheng said

    so sad…

  84. solaris8899 said

    is this old lady ok? why she want to embarrass herself in the public and put other ppl along? doesn’t she feel shameful?

  85. Brandon said

    Pretty surprising how no one stood up for that younger lady. Someone could have easily came over and calmed both parties down or at least persuaded the young lady to move to another area within the train. Even the men on the train didn’t do anything. Who killed chivalry?

  86. hachoo said

    Priority is a privilege and not an entitlement. Unless the LTA/SMRT make it as law to give up the seat then its a very clear cut case. Otherwise, its a give and take situation. Perhaps the LTA/SMRT should make it a law if not just scrap the whole thing. Its always good to teach the young one to respect the elder which this lady did just that. The elderly lady may just have a bad day and letting off steam.

  87. nobody said

    I am afraid to stand near old folks in train now, who knows they might suddenly say I blocking their way, and keep nagging and scolding me up down left right center and take my picture too.

  88. Sky said

    the aunti jealous that she ady old and that younger lady is much prettier and more sexy then her ma… that’s why she angry..

  89. des said

    care to share a video that is not private of what happened…? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  90. Lollapalooza In SG said

    Yes I think the reserved seats shld be removed. I too had an unpleasant encounter. I had recently offered my seat to an elderly uncle but he declined (saying he’s reaching in a few more stops). However commuters who board subsequently do not know that and few were staring at my direction (coz’ I was sitting on reserved seat). Think someone took my pic too.. Sometimes not all senior citizens want ppl to offer seats to them if they are still abled. So instead of having designated reserved seats, why not SMRT put out signs in trains to remind commuters to offer seats to the elderly, pregnant, handicap, etc and everyone shld do that, not just those seated at reserve seats. By having designated reserved seats, ppl sitting on other seats do not bother to offer their seats at all.

  91. Neutronstar said

    Can’t watch the youtube video. But from the story, the elderly should be just grateful that someone let her seat to her.

  92. boy said

    anyone knows the girl?

  93. verbal diahorrea said

    video is now private????

  94. AngryBird said

    Why the video change to private le? 😦

  95. bb said

    To prevent all these from happenings, SMRT should consider removing all seats in train and everyone have to stand. Can carry more passengers and make more money

  96. jenny said

    the autie is really really…….sign.i support the girl,she is very brave and what is the wrong with the old anties’ last words? the young lady should ask back i guess your father or your father ‘s father also from china.

  97. jeremymama said

    Anyone knows who’s this chick? LOL

  98. aidilimzan said

    oh dear…let the auntie and girl go… auntie old already and girl was being kind…let auntie say what she want to say..she doesn’t have much time on this planet earth… and to girl…thank you for giving up seat for auntie…. continue to be gracious and kind to others…don’t let these things bring you down…

  99. fapfapfap said

    i fapped to this.

  100. xStere0x said

    Urgh I can’t view the video ~_~

  101. Lynda said

    The old lady said “you must be from china”. I think all chinese are originally from china. She doesn’t hv to be so racsist. Her face should be the one posted here. That girl gave her seat to that old lady is good enough rather than the girl just ignore that stupid old lady.

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