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34 year old man arrested for online vice-related activities

Posted by temasektimes on June 21, 2012

A 34-year-old man and six women aged between 23 and 29 have been arrested by the police for suspected involvement in online vice-related activities.

The arrests came after a raid conducted on June 15 at three rented apartments at St Michael’s Road, Upper Thomson Road and Upper Changi Road.

The vice-related activities were reportedly advertised via the internet, where potential customers could book ‘special’ services from the women.

It is not known if any civil servants or well-known personalities are implicated in this case after the underage prostitute sex scandal which has seen 48 men charged so far.

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3 Responses to “34 year old man arrested for online vice-related activities”

  1. Cld these vice raids b a diversion from the more pressing issues of CPF contributions, FT induction, Transport fares, COEs and GST as the PAPie ruling clique continues to wayang-wayang at ppl’s expense?
    Quite invariably, vice wld become more rampant as the general populace experiences greater hardship as everyone needs to eat, but how to except sell ur body if u can’t get employment? And with FTs competing with sinkies on better terms, what can sinkies do but to enter the vice trade as last resort?
    Sinkieland is fslling back to 3rd World status with the passing of our three legendary heroes, Dr Goh KS, Rajaratnam and Dr Toh CC, leaving the famiLEEs and their cronies to tap the ppl’S productivity for their aggrandsement. CPF monies are locked up to no good purpose, FTs are allowed in to boost GDP to support obscene minieterial pay, GLCs are used as private vehicles to pay PAPies’ cronies humongous salaries, even SMRT is being hijacked to serve some higher private interests and etc..
    So this vice raid seems much like hogwash to divert the ppl’s discontent from the more pressing issues facing sinkieland.

  2. abang said

    So many scholars in govt, they never study economics? Demand and supply?
    Now they raided the supply, if I got demand how? Buy FHM and DIY?

    • sweetbean said

      Disgusting – spoken by someone who has no idea the kind of destruction and despair prostitution has brought to the lives of many wives and children!

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