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More and more Singaporeans defaulting on nursing home payment for their parents

Posted by temasektimes on June 21, 2012

With rampant inflation hitting hard at the pockets of ordinary Singaporeans, an increasing number of them are defaulting on nursing home payment for their parents.

According to a report by the state media, some eldercare facilities in Singapore are seeing more cases of families defaulting on their payment and also facing the challenge of trying to contact family members.

For example, about half of the 110 patients at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home have defaulted on their payments, which ranges from about one to two months.

Speaking to queries from the media, manager of the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home Then Kim Yuan said:

“We as a caregiver of the patient can help apply for this tribunal (The Maintenance of Parents Act), but we have to be authorised by the patient or by the parents. Unfortunately, most of the time we don’t get the permission because to them, it’s a shame to be abandoned in the nursing home. If they were to force their children to pay for the expenses, they will feel even more embarrassed”.

In other First World countries like Finland, Sweden, Japan and Australia, the governments gave generous welfare subsidies to support the elderly through their twilight years, but not in Singapore where the burden of caring for aged parents falls solely on their children.

The Ministry of Health said it does not condone the abandonment of patients in residential healthcare institutions, such as nursing homes or hospitals.

“We are saddened to see such occurrences. In such situations, institutions will engage the family on an amicable resolution, such as financial assistance through subsidies, Medifund, charity dollars or payment by installations. The Maintenance of Parents Act can be exercised by elderly patients to pursue his/her child for maintenance, should such an unfortunate situation occur,” a MOH spokesperson said.


15 Responses to “More and more Singaporeans defaulting on nursing home payment for their parents”

  1. Jaded said

    Used and abandoned, this only happens in Uniquely Singapore!

  2. Wheels Fargo said

    This is one ‘cannot-escaped’ inclusive society character. Don’t forget PAP always like to say something like, ‘we are not perfect’, we cannot guarantee to built a flat that suits everyone’s budget, everyone’s location’, we cannot guarantee this xxxx, where to find the money’…. etc.

    We are sooooo forgetful, these were PAP constant remonders mah, right? SO it is ENTIRELY expected PAP cannot perform miralces, as was the case for historical mother of ALL apologies…

  3. President of Nasi Briyani said

    Please wait for me to sell finish my Nasi Briyani.
    One packet only $10.00.

  4. Steve said

    If CPF can be used to pay for such, it will lessen the burden of us which good paying job is already taken up by FT

    • 60+ said

      CPF don’t help at all, I am 60 and still serving my housing loan, because I have to put aside a large sum into my retirement account, WTF, I could have completed my loan if I can use my retirement fund.
      Now I have to cough out cash to service the loan.

    • wmulew said

      That generation don’t have minimum sum. 1 shot take all CPF out. Now U know why we have a minimum sum and a 20 year installment instead of letting pple 1 shot take all

  5. KKK said

    See for yourself. EVen Singaporeans have no choice but to abandon their elderlies, why do you think the foreign talents-turned-singaporeans (esp those single-child emperors from China) will want to take care of you?
    Think…if the govt keep telling you, that they need so many working labors (to justify their large emigration) to support the elderlies, then where are the ‘support’? Where has the tax money they have collected from these so called foreign talents /labour that you have to put up with, go to all these 40 years of development & progress? Why is it they aren’t supporting them, and instead force the children who are struggling with their own family and inflation? Does it make sense to you? Ask yourself, where have their done to your money collected from the ‘young people’ where it is supposed to go towards supporting them? If they are not footing the bill, then why bother to give them the permission for influx of foreigners who come and take your jobs/places instead? Ask your GIC/Temasek!!!

  6. 60+ said

    what to expect, most elderly have no CPF saving, don’t forget they don’t earn as much the new generation, Cost is higher and what you earn says 3K is not enough for yourself and family of 4. How to take care of elderly, LKY still getting millions but he have forgotten all those who have support him.
    Our gahmen should provide free nursing home for poor elderly, may they have rich or poor children. To qualify they must be 70 years and above. I think the gorvernment can well afford it.

  7. Sincere Care with Real Action - Not Lip Service said

    I am sure the Government are well aware that many ordinary people could not afford to send their parent to Old Folk Home etc. To be honest, I believed that the majority of oridiary do not want to send their parent to old folk home but they have no choice as both Mummy and Daddy have to work hard for their children and keeping up with bills, they do not have the luxury of time to take care of the old aged parent. This is going to be a big problem for Singapore. Shouldn’t the Government take huge responsibility to take care of the Elderly too? Huge subsization will help – say 80%.

  8. solaris8899 said

    this situation will not improve. papa should know this problem.
    The Maintenance of Parents Act can be exercised by elderly patients to pursue his/her child for maintenance – this act is not forceful.
    Given the huge inflow of FTs into our land fighting for the survival with our ppl, a lot of opportunities are taken away from us. If this situation continues, our own survival in our home land is threatening.
    I have this comment from my prc boss who came on-board 3 months, he said – He could easily replace us (sg ppl) with cheaper cost similar standards from other countries and they would not have problem getting work-permits. so, papa what do you think?

  9. Dreamer said

    sin is not one man show, by the Lee , these old generation have been the supporters and building up Sin. But who is the one sitting in the palace and enjoy life??

  10. don said

    That’s why they are losing so much money… >>> In other First World countries like Finland, Sweden, Japan and Australia, the governments gave generous welfare subsidies to support the elderly through their twilight years, but not in Singapore where the burden of caring for aged parents falls solely on their children.

  11. Tony said

    The Maintenance of Parents Act was pushed through Parliament by then NMP Walter Woon. He was “played” by PAP into sponsoring the bill which made children financially responsible for their parents. It took Government out of the equation even though parents paid taxes when they were working, the government has more resources in its disposal, and the children (who did not ask to be born) have their own families to worry about. Many of the children have been scammed by the Government by selling them over-priced HDB flats.

    Walter Woon did a big disservice to all Singaporeans by sponsoring the Maintenance of Parents Bill. The Government rewarded him for this by making him Singapore ambassador to Germany and later Attorney General. To Singaporeans Walter Woon is an idiot and just another PAP stooge.

  12. stevenado said

    Our goverment should subsidy by sent all old age people to JB.Since they want to cut cost,this is the best way.

  13. Maria said

    I don’t think one should have government to shoulder 100%. The maintenance bill is there but many parents (those who really need it) don’t invoke the bill. They rather suffer in silence as if their children’s attitude towards them is resultant of their past. As children and children-in-law, we should accommodate them and care for them in the final years when they cease to be money generating individuals. Children should seek government aid for their aged parent’s health need. Care, respect and honor should come from within the family. Though children did not ask to exist, you are here and you should provide for them using the limited financial means you have just as they once did for you. Gratitude is the best attitude. However, this attitude is becoming non-existent to many in today’s society.

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