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NTU graduate and Business Manager offers her body for sale at $3,500 monthly

Posted by temasektimes on June 21, 2012

Some female employees at a local home-grown bank are reportedly moonlighting by offering sexual services to clients, according to a Taiwanese living in Singapore.

In a blog post in May, Kathy Chen asked if Singaporean bank employees really possess ‘high moral values’ and ‘integrity’ as claimed:

“As a Taiwanese, and having stayed in Singapore for a brief period, I have discovered a few female employees from the same bank, UNITED OVERSEAS BANK SINGAPORE, but different branches, to be moonlighting as such, offering sexual services for a monthly compensation or per meeting compensation of SGD 3,000 to SGD 3,500 or SGD 400 to SGD 500 respectively.”

She further alleged that one of the female bank employees is a NTU graduate who offered her body to one of her acquaintance:

“One of these female bank employees happen to be one holding the title of Business Financial Manager at the xxx Branch. xxx, who one of her solicited clients happened to be an acquaintance of mine, joined the bank not long before she started to moonlight, offering her body for sale for between SGD 3,000 to SGD 3,500 per month, depending on client.”

The blogger attached photos of the NTU graduate and added sarcastically that the money earned from prostituting herself for the sake of pursuing her vanity dreams, “goes to her monthly pedicure, clubbing, hair-do, dining and other high-life living, so as to depict the glamorous life and her present position as a manager as well as that of a banker.”

“Do not the Ministry of Finance, Monetary Authority of Singapore and even the bank’s management see such female employees possessing even greater financial risks than those ex-convicts and discharged bankrupts? Where, then, are the widely proclaimed High Moral Values and Integrity of Bank Employees in Singapore?” she asked.


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35 Responses to “NTU graduate and Business Manager offers her body for sale at $3,500 monthly”

  1. 4Dsiao said

    It is normal in other part of the world. So I guess Singapore scene are not spared.

  2. SF said

    wow. interesting. saw the pics.

  3. SF said

    check out the followup –

  4. kaypoh said

    Can the bank give me a good rate? I am considering taking out a mortgage on her ^_^

  5. Francis Lim said

    After Seeing the Blog. It is not even a blog but a hate blog. With only two posts that posted these two incident. Why people nowadays try to attract attention in such manner. I really wonder why. . . . . . What i really want to know is the tie between this so called blogger and the UOB girl.

    Btw I am not a staff of UOB and anyway affiliated with the Isis or whoever.

  6. papsmear said

    Once again, got demand then got supply. Why every time must ask govt, ministry to check, investigate? Our private sex life also must apply permit? Cannot tahan! If supply is cut, then if we need demand then how? Use sotong and cucumber is it?

  7. Jack said

    Hard to believe. I hope it is not the result of office politics

  8. Sun YU said

    Oh please! The majority of NTU graduates are from China and India. I’m sure those women are not Singaporeans.

    • WHAT THE HACK said

      Wow. You may be right. The PAP govt imported all these FOREIGN TALENTS. Unless PAP is voted out. The problems will remain forever.

  9. kaypoh said

    u r a farking loser who have no one asking u for companionship. mind ur own business it’s none of your problem

  10. Elite Pimp said

    SGD 3,000 to SGD 3,500 per month ..

    Can i book her for 1 month, then pimp her out for $80/fuck, minimum 10 customers a night

    • kaypoh said

      later gahmen will impose Additional Fcuker Stamp Duty of 10%, to cool down excessive fcuking which cause many Sporeans to be unable to afford it…

  11. Wolfglare said

    $3500 very cheap ler I am willing to give $4k to $5k got pretty one intro pls

  12. Bernard Deng said

    What’s wrong with this? So long as she is above 18. She wants to rot so be it. Willing seller eager buyer. It s a case of Demand and Supply…e-cuntnomics.

  13. Realist said

    Welcome to the real world.
    Which profession cannot moonlight into prostitution ?
    Lawyers, doctors, managers, executives, accountants, etc are all potentials.
    All you need is a sexy body and friendly disposition.
    Morality does not come into the picture as greed over filthy lucre has taken over.

  14. Anthony Tang said

    Soliciting for evtra income seems to be the upcoming trend in SInga[pore. In the good old days, if you are eligible, the girls will go “Pa Tor(dating)with you and after a few times will end up in the sack. They realise that they have a marketable commodity, so why give it free.

  15. mahbok tan said

    Guess the one complaining have many axes to grind against the OUB gurl…..but twist and turn and spin like playing gasing !!!
    Go and check out all the MIW and come out with a better storyline la….!!!
    Aiyoh she want to make money or sex-ercise herself for her well being oso u need to complain and report to LKY and company is it…!!!
    SGporean are already up to their neck in order to survive daily , some more have this kind of people complaining about integrity and high moral !!! Ask LKY or LHL does he have high moral towards his fellow citizen…when PRD call Sgporean DOGS and they just shrug it off like nothing had happened….FUCK OFF la…!!!

  16. Realist said

    $3500 per month ?
    She did not mention AIDs virus included.

  17. WHAT THE HACK said


    • kaypoh said

      Some aunties might be willing to accept gigolo service, lol, free use of their bungalow, save on Hotel81?

  18. WHAT THE HACK said

  19. Pai Sei said

    I don mind to be her personal photographer…..hehe

  20. Why like dat said

    Saw her photo. Those clients must be desperados or vision impaired.

  21. Pai Sei said

    Work so stressful….not until u got to think out-of-the-box to meet the KPI lor

  22. Hoppingby said

    Read Kathy’s blog.. seems to be more of a revenge post~
    I dont for a minute think Kathy is so ever concerned abt the banking sector of Singapore to the extent of getting hold of her emails exchanges, past relationship and even how much is her bank loan… and mail to various social media and ministries…
    Sounds like a wife/ gf gone wild/ fellow free lance competitor who gt her job snatched coz she want a higher price and Andrew chose this NTU girl, or a spiteful girl whom Andrew rejected for a social escort!

    If tt NTU girl is really so materialistic.. she go tk up a bank loan for a married man for wat.. she should be sucking the last penny of him instead!

    • kaypoh said

      haha, point made,

      “she should be sucking the last pen__ of him instead”….nice turn of words, you’re a cunning linguist! :))

  23. csm said

    The girl KathyChen is spiteful and comes across as someone with an axe to grind. Decent people should not repost her blog, or this irresponsible Temasek Times blog and give them the exposure that they want. Just ignore it and let it die – that’s what rubbish like this deserves.

  24. Mission accomplished said

    Kathy’s blog suspended as i recheck today.

    Taiwanese FT sacked a Sinkie via blogging…

    TTR really shot their own foot.

    What do u think?

  25. Jmm Limm said

    Heard she kenna sacked liao …

  26. Michael said

    Wow!! This shows that our ‘workforce’ are using their smart brains to work ‘outside the Box’

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