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Singaporean urged Gen Y to be ‘realistic’ in new global economy

Posted by temasektimes on June 21, 2012

This post may not be a music to our ear, it’s very true not just to youngsters but every working Singaporeans. While it’s our culture (& I assume is ok) to complain & blame others, we must also constantly reflect on our “market value”.

Even the most “protected” countries cant exempt themselves from external or internal competitions. The rule for survival and success is to constantly ensuring we are the best (or at least the better one) among the options available in the market (your value proposition).

Complaining while continue to expect success with laziness will not work. We must be realistic in this new global economy (& competitive) environment. Sorry if the truth had upset anyone.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook.


18 Responses to “Singaporean urged Gen Y to be ‘realistic’ in new global economy”

  1. Law said

    Sometimes, its the Package.
    Sometimes, it is the Channel of communication.
    Employers if can realise they are Gen Y, they shd upgrade themself in communication with Gen Y to make things work.
    Those were the times where BOSS are scary immortals, not now anymore.
    it is about mutual respect even while talking.

  2. realistic... said

    Did I not work hard? Did I not have enough market value? My scholarship was approved initially, and then all of a sudden, they decided to suddenly disapprove of it and gave it to another foreign student.
    but it’s ok, I went somewhere else which appreciated of my “market value” and I’m having a much more enjoyable time anyway.

    These days it’s not just about improving our “market value” anymore. Sure, there’s bound to be competition in every part of the world. But do the employers really look out for that? Or do they look for ways to reduce the labour cost? Do they value Singaporeans first over foreigners?

    • ilovesex said

      No. You are stupid n daft since you are still asking that.

      • realistic... said

        you do understand that they are rhetorical questions posed to the author right? just like this particular question here. i think sex might have killed your brain cells

  3. Jaded said

    you kenah brainwashed by those NLP people issit? Read Rich Dad Poor Dad and then get inspired come here preach ah?

    The issue is that no other country loves foreigners as much as Singapore. If the Govt protected us, the citizens more, this issue would not have come up today.

  4. Singapuraboi said

    Govt wants us to be realistic and work hard. I urge the govt to practice what they preach. Their unrealistic greed saw bad investment ventures around the world, especially China. That resulted in a loss of $40billion of all our hard earned CPF monies. Were they realistic when they squandered all our money in business which is unfamiliar ground to government?

    We’re they unrealistic when they decided to reinvent the wheel of govt by creating Singapore Inc? and taking this concept around the world proudly much to the horror of many government bodies. The failure of that concept now creates another problem. To recoup losses they throw open the doors of Singapore and sacrificed their people. Is that realistic and -may I add a new adjective? – responsible government?

    This Is like a rich parent who indulged his children with material things. Then one day he went to RWS and squandered everything away but instead of reflecting on his irresponsible behaviour he turns around and blames his children who are used to a good life as spoilt, materialistic, demanding, useless and unrealistic. Then he proceeds to force his wife to babysit the neighbours children to make money and in the course of it deprive his own children of a decent meal and clothing just to turn a quick buck to cover his tracks. Is this fable apt?

    Singapore is a tiny island with no natural resources and land space. So is cramming 6 million on just the main island realistic. Everything in the little red dot is scarce, so is it realistic that it has enough jobs for locals and the scores of foreigners? Our only resource is manpower that is highly educated, experienced and globally savvy. It would be only realistic to market this scarce n precious resource instead of crippling and handicapping them as this will have serious future repercussions cos when the FTs leave, the cripples and the handicaps can’t take care of themselves. Realistic govt policy? Think again!

    So instead of reflecting on their mistakes they, like the oppressive patriarch, for the sake of his face, turns everything on everyone else around him. He blames everyone for his predicament except himself.

    And is it realistic to paint a beautiful economic picture just to support the immigration policy. We r told that we have a shortage of manpower so we have let FTs in. Fine we accept it of the country is doing well. However more locals r jobless. Then the argument changed that locals r picky. The people got angrier, and the argument changed that the people at soft and can’t do the job and that we r useless. Now the neighbours kids are being bullied by your kids, and now u deem it is time to give a serious heart to heart talk and tell us that the economy is not doing well, inflation is on the climb and hard times are looming ahead. Take this and juxtapose with the father story, we all know that when the patriarch mellows down and has a heart to heart talk, the situation has reached a point of no return so he has to swallow his pride before he loses the respect and love of his children. Do know why we all love mothers more than fathers cos mothers love is unconditional. Fathers love is rather conditional which u only get of u behave well, study hard etc… The country is our mother who loves and will welcome us home no matter when and how. The father analogy that people used to describe our govt is so apt. A mother will never betray her kids, not even for a buck. But a gambler father will even sell his daughter away into prostitution for more money to gamble away and hopefully recoup his loss and save his face.

  5. Lim said

    (1) “our culture to complain and blame others”? – sounds familiar. starts from the top right? When policies are misconceived and obviously incorrect, blame the affected citizens e.g. housing
    (2) “Even the most “protected” countries can’t exempt themselves from external or internal competitions” ? How come the top posts are not open to external competition? I don’t mind having a foreign talent as minister if he can do the job for less.
    (3) “Complaining while continue to expect success with laziness will not work. We must be realistic”? It works when success and multi-million salaries are ensured in profitable domestic monopolies.
    I also hope like the writer that these truths also will not upset anyone.

    • Julie Ong said

      Lim, I am with you. However the writer of the article has one main point right, i.e. nobody owes us Singaporeans a living.This does not mean that we must then work for slave wages. In fact if I have my way I would look into the lowest paid workers and ensure that they can live reasonably inspite of their lowly status.It would be a poor reflection on me if people are
      working conscientiously and not getting paid fairly. Never mind
      whatever generation they belonged to – Generation X, Y or Z or however you want to categorise them. A fair day’s work for a commensurate decent pay. To summarise : Singapore needs Competent and Good Hearted leaders. Sadly the ones in power now are greedy, not so clever and just heartless. One fundamental point: Charity Begins At Home. Singaporeans must come first. This deluge of foreign workers must stop. Some unscrupulous employers have exploited the situation and replaced long serving Singaporeans for the cheaper imported labour. How and where
      are the displaced Singaporeans going to find their three meals? And pay their daily expenses and regular bills?

      No, I will never believe that Singaporeans are spoilt or lazy. Perhaps a little patience and nudging would do the trick and get them going if they appear to be so.They are certainly not stupid and understand that if they are paid they are obliged to work.

      Lastly, we live in a community/society and not an economy alone! This single minded rush to increase our GDP at the expense of social cohesion is a reckless policy.We still will be First World without all the unhappy, discordant voices that clearly send out a simple message: TOO MANY FOREIGN WORKERS TOO SOON!!

  6. sylvesterpeers said

    Sylvester, you are pretty short sighted as an individual.

    as a businessman myself and dealing with many people from many countries, it is HUMAN’s nature to complain. its everywhere and not restricted to just singaporeans.

    we have many net savvy ppl in this country concentrated on a small piece of land. use your brains and do the maths.

    the reason for the influx is clear. its all profit driven . singapore is profit driven.. similar to thaksin’s way of running thailand previously.

  7. Veritas said

    I thought PAP says job is plenty, unemployment is almost non-existence and salary is now on the way to infinity?

    In such backdrop, Singaporeans can land in a plush job without any effort.

    I am really confuse.

  8. ilovesex said

    Are you the best? I doubt so. Maybe it’s time a FT replace you.

  9. singapore activist said

    Sylvester: u have been brainwashed by the toxic government words. Let me tell u why laziness is nt the issue here.
    There are many jobs such as administrative, retail, f&b which do not require special skill sets. If the government does not reserve these jobs for singaporeans they wld nt be able to secure these jobs simply due to higher costs. Older singaporeans wld have to rely on their children, schooling singaporeans do not have the option of having part time jobs.

    You may be born with a good brain.There are many singaporeans who may nt be as previledged as you n jobs mentioned above are impt to them. By labeling the under-previledged as lazy is running the country like a company, without compassion n simply unsustainable.

  10. It may not be the best who survive, it is the "matching" who survive. said

    It may not be the best who survive, it is the “matching” who survive.

    The best product is not the most sellable product (in quantity), the product match the market is the most sellable product. Kentucky fried chicken may not be the best chicken but she is the most sellable chicken in the market. The best product is expensive, but the sellable products normally is not expensive. (There may be special case, but we talk mostly on general case).

  11. what is Gen Y means said

    Sorry, can you let me know what do you mean by “Gen Y”.
    I am guessing, but need to verify with you. Please explain if
    you use abbreviation.

    thank you

  12. icefire said

    the govt should lead by example … let adjust the highest pay ministers in the world to a ‘realistic market value’
    i look at the surounding living condition … cant convince myself why this bast**d MP is warning so much when the area is full or rubbish n rats !!!

  13. dogmeat said

    Do the pap ministers need to be competitive to keep food on the table? Don’t feed us shit when you are not taking it either.

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