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Malaysian ‘FT’ and Singapore PR jailed for touching breasts of 13 year old girl on bus

Posted by temasektimes on June 22, 2012

A 30 year old Malaysian ‘FT’ and Singapore PR who is working as a technician in Singapore was jailed for six months for touching the breasts of a 13 year old girl.

Tan Meng Long pleaded guilty to touching the victim’s breast on SBS Transit service 53 along Lorong Ah Soo on Oct 4, 2010.

The victim was sitting on the extreme right on the last row when Tan got up the bus and moved next to her. Pretending to read the papers, he stretched his hand to grab her breasts after which he continued ‘reading’ as if nothing has happened.

Feeling traumatized by the incident, the victim told her mother about it and a police report was lodged the next day and Tan was arrested by the police on Oct 28, 2010.

In mitigation, Tan’s lawyer said he committed the offence in the ‘spur of the moment’. It is not known when Tan became a Singapore PR.

*Illustrated photo


12 Responses to “Malaysian ‘FT’ and Singapore PR jailed for touching breasts of 13 year old girl on bus”

  1. Jane Wong said

    Please lah TT, don’t use such a seductive illustrated photo for a 13 year old girl!!

  2. talent said

    truly talented

  3. Meepok said

    Why must put an unrelated photo along with this post?

  4. Where’s the caning????

  5. Karias said

    Disturbing photo is disturbing. I am extremely disappointed for the choice in pictures used.

    The man is certainly in the wrong, but I would not condemn FTs just for this act. I’ve seen much worse.

  6. oh man i use to take that bus service everytime. fully talented (FT) perverts (PR)

  7. Singaporean said

    Temasek times please lah, don’t resort to this type of photo in this blog, very degrading.

  8. Go to Geylang you pervert

  9. Geo said

    Stupid man, so many pubs around where he can touch all he wants and give a tip

  10. icefire said

    why cant govt keep the FT in their hostel and barred them from coming out … juz like the way they dont let us out during out army days 🙂
    let them sign extra for never keeping their hostel clean, uniform not iron or discipline problem

  11. Ann said

    2010 article ?

  12. A G Young said

    These two FT must be a sex MANIAC! What feeling do you get by touching a 13 years old? Serve them right!

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