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Singapore babes exchanged racist jokes about Indians on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on June 22, 2012

Barely one month after two Singapore girls found themselves embroiled in a storm over alleged racist remarks posted online, another two babes were caught making racist jokes about Indians on Facebook.

Attached below is a snapshot of a Facebook conversation sent to us by an angry reader:

According to her Facebook profile, Cynthia’s last job was an associate at Changi Airport Group. It is not known where she is working now.

Under the draconian Sedition Act, one can be charged and jailed for making racist remarks detrimental to racial harmony in Singapore.

Two years ago, three Singaporean polytechnic male students were arrested by the police for making racist remarks on Facebook and were publicly shamed in the media. However, it appears that no stern action has been taken by the police against the women whom made similar remarks so far.



45 Responses to “Singapore babes exchanged racist jokes about Indians on Facebook”

  1. Sinkapoorean said

    In before racist comments about Indians whether they be foreign or local in T-5,4,3,2,1..

  2. icredit said

    i never here about this in india

  3. Free Trolley said

    Super Stalkers.

  4. Jaded said

    this one not so serious la, can be applied to anyone, any race… not as serious as the YPAP guy, Jason Neo’s case.

    Btw, speaking of which, I thought police looking into the case? No action taken against him ah? Apologise and then move on liao issit? Another case of a genuine mistake was made, let’s move on?

  5. Clowny said

    so whats the answer ?

    • scent of a woman said

      post number 12 got it right.
      don’t you watch national geographic channel ?
      in the animal kingdom the males get aroused when they get a sniff of the females on heat, it induces the urge to have sex.
      you can call it ‘scent of a woman’ LOL

  6. balls said

    Thought of the day: why does ignorance run rampant amongst these “babes”

  7. NSmen said

    Definitely lamest thing I’ve seen. How are the comments even considered as racist? You should probably read up on the comments of the 3 poly students whom were arrested.

    • K_Matt said

      Claiming an entire Ethnic group of being un-hygienic is racist. That is just like saying there are ONLY Arabs in the middle east and they are all Muslim, Which is wrong, There are Muslims, Who are Arabs and Christians, There are Persians who are both as well and are Shia Muslims. There are Jewish and Kurds.

      It is just as good as saying ALL Chinese are Communist like the British did. C’mon, Educate yourselves. I would never say what these 2 racist said. If I find someone who is un-hygienic I would say, Why don’t people wash their hands when they are done? That is enough, Why must one group people and condemn them all? Are their minds that small? Obviously they are. And how does this behaviour breed integration among our very own Singaporeans? Most of my Singaporean Indian friends go to great lengths to disprove this very stereotype, Same as my Malay friends. They always seem to get this stereotype from in Singapore more so than in Malaysia.

      So it is racist. Show’s how ignorant you are as well. Because its derogatory say one whole group of people who are all over the world. Your also forgetting that Local Indians are VERY different from NR Indians (Non Resident Indians/ Non Locals).

      The PRC debate is more tricky because it is dependent on hearing them talk to find out weather they are from the Mainland or not. They are Ethnically the same as the local Chinese but are culturally miles apart. I would not be able to tell either, So I have to rely on my local Chinese friends to tell me. Even at that case without knowing I would never say all Chinese are a certain way. Treat every case subjectively without prejudice.

      So please wake up, Not all Indians have this issue. And this kind of talk is the problem in the first place. People don’t even know what Racism is.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        Bro, but u gotta agree, what these two did is not something what most of us don’t do already. Ask anyone in Singapore and I’m sure the feller will know at least 10 racist jokes/comments directed at the other 2 races. Give u an example, the term ‘manjan’ for Chinese is very common among Indians. I’ve heard of some Chinese taking offence to it, I know Chinese people who find it funny, there are even those who love calling themselves ‘manjan’ when hanging around in an Indian group. Some choose to look at everything negatively while others are more objective and know how to have a good laugh at the end of the day. Same thing here. We can all pretend that we don’t do stereotyping one way or the other and keep harping on the issue, or we can just put it down as a private joke between the two (it seemed that way anyway) and move on.

      • K_Matt said

        No I don’t do what you describe.

  8. Terence Chong said

    Making blanket statements about a racial stereotype is a sign of someone with a very low IQ, not to mention EQ. Can’t blame Cynthia really, she’s just born mentally challenged obviously.

    • K_Matt said

      Exactly my point. But it is sad to note, Most young Singaporeans are like this now. Probably due to the divide among the ethnic groups seen in schools. I remember when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we saw Chinese, Indians, Malay and Eurasian playing together. That was my Childhood, United by one Singapore. We all integrated well and those friendships still exist even now. Too bad I can’t say the same for the new Gen Y kids. Who grew up in mini-segregation.

      Now we see, The respective Ethic groups on their own speaking their own language and only ever coming to together for the pledge or class projects. That is pathetic and sad. Even Teachers don’t speak in English when in the presence of non-Chinese with students and fellow teachers. Why?That was never the case in the old days, And when it happened the Teachers were told off by the principle and head Teachers.

      What about the Parents? No character building at all. These things won’t happen in the frequency it is happening if we had for a better education system. I have a friend in Finland who knows more about Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism than most Singaporeans. Why? cause they actually teach world Religions, Cultures and Ethnic groups there as a standard! We don’t, so there you have it pure-bred ignorance born of superiority complex (which is source of ALL RACISM, Superiority Complex, Note the Nazi’s)

  9. er said

    How was cynthia’s question racist or rather detrimental to Singapore’s racial harmony?

    Elaine’s reply was a poor attempt at being funny?

    I don’t know, but that’s just my opinion.

    We’re becoming a rather sensitive bunch these days.

    • K_Matt said

      Calling a whole group of People un-hygienic is racist. Your opinion is based out of ignorance. Its like saying all Chinese are communist or atheist (which is not true,Clearly).

      • the asshole is king said

        It ain’t going to change my sense of humour and have a good laugh at everyone including myself.
        Maybe you should write an article for TT on this, LOL
        You just proved Er right, I was kind of waiting for a chap like you to come along and give his sermon.

      • K_Matt said

        Its just the way it is. I do not do what is done here. So by my subjective perspective I see it as wrong. This is not about humour, We are not in a comedy club. Ignorance and ignorant based comments breed it, No matter how you look at it.

        If you find it funny, Than so be it. Does not mean I have to agree with it.

  10. Free speech said

    Does TT have nothing else to write about?

  11. YourMum said

    Singaporean babes? She is fucking ugly.

  12. keling kia said

    “why do indian women not like to wash their hands after using the ladies?”

    so as to let the men courting them have sniff at the hands and get aroused….

  13. Robox said

    I wonder if these ‘babes’ also harbour anti-foreigner sentiments like the majority of Singaporeans. If they do, then once again, it just proves Vivian Balakhrisnan right.

  14. mel said

    Rubbish post!

  15. Steve Lee said

    This comment was not funny in the least. It was a poor joke and insulting to our friends and neighbours. I don’t know where they lived and why their parents never taught them manners but I grew up with Indian friends and had Indians, both northern and southern, in my school. I also work with Indian colleagues born and bred here. We should be mindful of our words as what we say can cause hurt to others and our careless comments can sometimes be insensitive and offensive.

  16. Pimp King said

    These desi curry pussies are fucking hot! Fucking them is like seasoning spices on your dick! Try it if you haven’t.

  17. Kate Monster said

    Dear TT,

    Can you kindly stop referring to ALL females as “babes”, “sexy”, etc. etc.

    Some adjective of the sort of applied indiscriminately in practically EVERY one of your entries about a woman.

    It is frankly quite offensive, objectifying and demeaning of women.

    I swear you must be running on some sexist platform here.

    • lighten up lah! said

      did it occur to you TT is FOC and you have the liberty to go elsewhere to read stuff that suits your brain ?
      seriously, you don’t add value with your kind of comments and consider yourself damn lucky to have them posted.
      why don’t you start a blog or website so that you can edit and censor as you please ?

  18. Dr.Arsch said

    Awww man…how is this racist anyways? Come on guys lets stop getting overly sensitive over everything. I’m Indian Singaporean btw, and we share plenty more jokes which are far more racist than this in the army etc. I’ve personally told a gazillion anti-Chinese racist jokes to my Chinese friends and they have some pretty good anti-Indian comebacks. All is cool as long as they don’t touch on sensitive issues like religion, etc. At the end of it all, we just have a good laugh and go grab beers together. Let’s not deny it, it’s there in our culture to poke fun and each other and its usually just harmless fun. Not like they said some Nazi $hit like ‘Put all Indians in the gas chambers and turn on the gas’ or some crap like that. Now that would kinda get me worried if they did.

    • Dr.Arsch's father said

      You really are an idiot. Words hurt. Just because it is not offensive to you, does not mean it is not offensive in general. Low brow racist jokes may be your cup of tea but not everyone share your poor taste. We need less of these uncultured fools such as Cynthia Alessandria Low and Elaine Tan. We need less of fools like you as well.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        So all through your entire life, you have never, NEVER looked at a member of a different race and passed a slightly biased comment, such as ‘manjan’, even in the name of harmless fun or as a private joke between your friends? It’s really easy to hide behind your computer screen and start acting all moralistic now.

      • pa said

        using the nick to post your rebuttal only shows you are a bigger idiot.
        can an idiot like you be cultured ?

      • Dr.Arsch's Father said

        Please, you need to use your head. For you, racial insults are are funny. If I follow your logic, the monkey noises hurled at football players like Balotelli should be viewed as being funny. Thankfully, no one is following your logic. These racists are being taken to task. There is nothing funny in Cynthia Alessandria Low’ remark. She is calling an entire race of Indian woman to be unhygienic. It is offensive. Based on the recent high profile cases, should we call chinese SIngaporean men pedophiles for having sex with an underaged girl. While we are at it, how about calling Chinese Singaporean women sluts and prostitutes for having sex with men in power in return for business favors. Is this funny? No, they are not. They are hurtful. I am not being a moralist. It is you who is being an idiot by equating racial insults with gutter humor. I made no claim of being a perfect human being. Neither do I claim to be unrighteous. I just felt a need to call out your juvenile analysis. ( This note is in response to Dr Arsch’s reply to my earlier note).

      • chinaman said

        It will be even more funny if you post it on PM Lee’s facebook, that Sporean chinese are pedophiles, the females are sluts or say it to him when you get the chance. My malay buddies actually swear chinese gals have smelly CB. It made me wonder about Cynthia and her pal….wnether they wash their CB at all. LOL
        Surely you recall LKY said Sporeans are daft and deserve spurs in their hide?
        So that means you can go ahead and say Sporean Chinese are really daft because 60% voted for the old man’s party. You can also say Sporean Chinese are the most greedy, selfserving, conniving, lying bastards, just by looking at the bunch of PAP assholes, but you have to include the Indians, Malays, Eurasians working for this bunch of Chinese. LOL

      • Dr.Arsch said

        What the hell man?? What kind of a comeback was that? Why start throwing out some real hard insults right there within the argument?? Any dumba$$ with a functioning mind will know there has to be limits! And I said so myself earlier. Okay you know what, let me give you a real life example of one such joke. I saw this just two days ago on the FB wall of my Srilankan Singaporean friend. It went like this :- “Question :- What would have happened if Adam and Eve were Chinese? Answer :- We would still be in Paradise, they would have eaten the snake not the apple”. Almost all the people laughing at it on his wall were Chinese Sinkies and some Indian ones too. I didn’t see anyone overreact screaming out such a comment stereotypes Chinese as people who eat weird stuff. Now had I said something like “Ewww….Chinese will even eat snakes yuck!” FOR EXAMPLE (using this as a pure example guys), then the same thing starts getting offensive. It depends on how its delivered, who’s listening and how sensitive the particular individual is.

        Quit jumping on those two Chinese SGers, do you need me to remind you how many times WE Indian Singaporeans have passed way worse comments directed at Indian Nationals frm India, both expatriate and guest worker? How many times have we stereotyped them completely as a bunch of stinkos because they don’t have the concept of deodorants? I’ve heard that a million times by now all thanks to Indian Singaporeans and I’m equally guilty of having thrown that around as a comment. And trust me, many of us Indian Singaporeans who throw that around find it funny while the Indians listening to it actually feel hurt and deeply offended. Yet we don’t give a rat’s a$$ and keep doing it. I’ve had one guy actually have a frank talk with me before telling me how much he was getting affected listening to those(others were taunting him, it didn’t come from me). Don’t tell me you don’t know all these is so damn common in our own community man, and start pulling out the race card every now and then.

        Of course there has to be a boundary drawn somewhere, and if you have grown up here and exposed to the culture in school etc at early age, you would usually know what lies within the realms of “generally acceptable” and “outright offensive”. Of course I do apologize though, I made a bad judgement call earlier. Some people, thankfully a few, tend to be more sensitive than the rest of us, and I guess you are in that category. I found those comments real dumb but I could also see (very mildly) the humor in that. I didn’t really mind because it’s not something I’ve never done nor seen others not do. Everyone I’ve encountered has told an un-PC joke at one point or another. And well if you haven’t, then good for you, I’m proud of you. The model citizen.

        You keep getting hyped up over bull$hit like this you will have way too many problems and feel stifled like crap whichever multi-cultural environment you go to, not just Singapore.

  19. Makanmakan said

    PInoy can insult malay as FXX action ?

    • bagus said

      No worries bro, slowly but surely there will be payback.
      It is easy to spot these assholes, only they will say it is fucks(facts) that after I farked(parked) the car I will then parked(fucked) the wife. lollolol

  20. Narcissist said

    How is this even racist in the first place? I cannot comprehend it. Seriously TTR if you got nothing better to post, don’t post! Stop being a stalker posting gossip news!

  21. Jmm Limm said

    Actually Chinese (including PRC and Singaporean Chinese) are more likely to be guilty of not washing their hands after using the washrooms … I am a Chinese btw. I think it is a personal hygiene issue but I guess the two ignorant young ladies just are clueless and insensitive.

    • David_M said

      Exactly. Its mostly the new foreigners who are not hygienic. I have spoken to Doctors about the these issues before. They always complain about the foreign staff not trained properly.

      These two above are clearly racist and blanket every “Indian” the same way. I would bet that the people they were referencing were not Singapore Indians. We Singaporeans have been drilled in hygiene at school.

  22. True Singaporean said

    Should charge them under the sedition act for causing racial tension

  23. EurasianBeauty said

    with regards to the response “so as to let the men courting them have sniff at the hands and get aroused”……….wow! maybe I should rethink of getting Dior J’Adore perfume if natural is better……instead of forking approx SGD150….. can save money leh!! :-()

  24. Lovely Indian said

    Calling them babes! Poooi! That is purely a mistake. I can imagine how this girls would be dressed like with their micro mini shorts, blonde hair and strutting themselves up with their materialistic image. Remember nothing could beat the Indian beauty with their sharp features, altough dark in skin they don’t believe in overdoing and getting over the top with their image unlike some people who have no beauty, flat eyes but hoping to look like a ang mow (Mat Salleh)/ European / French …..whatever you call it……Remember you don’t come close to being there….
    just plain fake looking ‘beauty’.

  25. A G Young said

    Whether you wash your hands or you do not! Is none of our business. Don’t you have better thing to say then this?

  26. Paul Lary Ong. said

    “Hey! I tot u went to the washroom to do your business, what took u so long?” “Well, I got nothing better to do 2day so I mind other peoples’ business.” And btw I got nothing better to do too just like so many people. Lets fight.

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