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Singaporean woman Audrey Lim involved in sex scandal in United States

Posted by temasektimes on June 22, 2012

A high-ranking civil servant in the United States Michael Kelly tendered his resignation after being embroiled in an adulterous affair with a Singaporean girl Audrey Lim Suat Hui.

A former executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), Michael Kelly was accused of having an affair with Ms Lim whom he appointed to head the agency’s department of human resources.

Estelle Richman, a U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department senior staffer who is once again taking control of PHA, confirmed that someone at the Philadelphia agency complained about the affair between Kelly and Audrey Lim.

A PHA spokeswoman today said Lim was hired on August 2009 as a Senior Advisor with a salary of $95,000 a year. Kelly put her in charge of human resources. Her title when she resigned on May 31 was Director of Special Projects with a salary of $125,000 a year.

Audrey Lim reportedly has two masters degrees and a doctorate from Penn State University.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Mr Kelly, 58, who is married with three children, has admitted that his sudden resignation on June 15 was prompted by the revelation of his affair with Ms Lim who has since returned to Singapore.

Speaking to queries from the media, Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray’s spokeswoman Doxie McCoy said:

“He made a personal mistake. Mr. Kelly is a talented and committed public servant who is dedicated to expanding affordable housing in the District.”

Kelly, who lives with his wife in Washington, has not responded to requests for comment.


30 Responses to “Singaporean woman Audrey Lim involved in sex scandal in United States”

  1. Jack said

    $125k a month or a year?

  2. Free Trolley said

    One of the reason for our declining birth rate. We give up anything for a good career.

  3. patin said

    Singapore woman .. and the Government of Singapore .. the same as in the world .. the famous

  4. Compatriot said

    Prostitution one of the oldest trade of the centuries

    • Questioner said

      What do customers pay to prostitutes in the beginning?

      • Barter trade. Before there was money, people exchanged their food or possessions for items or even services. Most probably early prostitutes were given items of value or even food in exchange for sex.

  5. Aware Bitches! said

    So many sideline prostitutes in disguise from Singapore, every woman with a pussy has the potential to sell it. What has all those old spinsters and salted cunts from AWARE got to say about their fellow sluts and whores ??

    • Why like dat said

      “What has all those old spinsters and salted cunts from AWARE got to say about their fellow sluts and whores ??”

      Make up your mind, r AWARE women “old spinsters and salted c%%$s” or
      “sluts and whores.” It’s like saying apples are “fellow” oranges as well.

      • Arcane said

        He meant fellow women. Just like an apple calling an orange a fellow fruit. Duh!

      • Why like dat said

        lol. Oxymoronic — “fellow women”.
        Apples and oranges are fruits, but not all fruits are apples and oranges.
        Get it? Unless u r saying all women r spinsters and sluts.

  6. Singapore Girl, the slogan associated with an airline.
    This was associated in a bedroom at American taxpayers account.

  7. Geo said

    Ah yah………………………these are private affairs…….has she use it to further her career……or corruption of business of any kind?………..

    Recently too many of these……….

    • Robox said

      I am shocked by the lax attitudes that Singaporeans – opposition supporters – seem to have whenever the issue of possible conflicts of interest surface.

      Please see my reply to @Ron for an elaboration of my point.

  8. Realist said

    Still cannot comprehend how Saw could become ex-ceo of SMRT.

  9. Ron said

    I will not call this a sex scandal. Two adults decided to do it together and that is their business. Giving her a good job may be unethical but not criminal. At least she is doing a job not like those who paid for sex to underaged girls.

    • Robox said

      @Ron, you said, “Giving her a good job may be unethical but not criminal”. I beg to differ, but only on one proviso: that information on when the affair started, and when Audrey Lim was promoted with substantially higher pay be also revealed, which this article failed to do.

      If Michael Kely promoted her after their affair had started, it is considered corruption because of the conflict of interest at their joint workplace.

      Indeed, this case smacks exactly of Yaw Shin Leong’s shenanigans with his two fellow WP members, both of whom continue to remain in the party. (In my opinion, like Audrey Lim, the two women WP members are equally culpable.)

    • Paul Larry Ong said

      Ron (expect that) there are always filth or verbal diarrhoea expounded from depressed minds. The parties concern (local girl and American friend) have neither quarrel nor relationship with me so it is none of my business to pass judgement on what they did or did not do. But the outpouring of vendetta on
      them suggest lasting fueds as if their women had been raped or children murdered that warrant such satanic remarks. If people feel hurt by the truth of my remarks let them consider (that is if they can think) the feelings of others).

      • What about those local women who have to offer free sex to the white men in order to have their job in the company confirmed? How do the victims expose them?

      • Paul Larry Ong said

        What about? Men and women use each other for their personal gain and it is not restricted to our locals. Like I say, in doing so, have any one of them offended you in any way other than your personal dislike in which case you should stand in front of the Japanese Embassy and protest the way they cheat to eat whales. At the least you are rendering help to God’s creatures. What good will it do with your outbusts? Will it deter other men or women from the way they pursuit their paths?

  10. Anthony Tang said

    The increment in salary could be that our Singaporean girl can really perform, that is in her work and in her sexual escapades. The service part is the catalyst ot the whole issue

  11. kaypoh said

    She would be extremely well qualified for a senior position in IT Sales….

  12. kaypoh said

    Eh, where’s the photo?

  13. thecakeisalie said

    Even a hero can be defeated by a beauty.

  14. EurasianBeauty said

    More Singapore “Sex in Exchange for Cash and Career” Scandals now even hitting overseas shores…….Wow Singapore Girls/Women in high demand these days huh? Jia You….Jia You (You go gal!) wink wink :-()

    • HoJinx is the ultimate said

      These scandals pale in comparison to what one woman alone on this island can do.

      Do you recall who is supposedly the most powerful woman in Asia ? She is the only one who can lose more than $50Billion without losing her job, and mind you, indirectly cause the PM of Thailand to lose his job and even become stateless.
      In otherwords, the combined scandals by spore women including the rest in Asia, can never match what this woman alone can do. LOL

  15. Virgorian said

    Cheap n stupid local Chinese women that love get to laid by white n black, btw the way they e brainless with look

  16. The problem with many Singaporeans is that while they whine ’bout FTs flouting the laws here, they are completely ignorant of the fact that overseas Singaporeans are capable of doing the exact same thing in other countries. It is time for us to wake up and put an end to this unfair and potentially dangerous double-standard.

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