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Sri Lankan ‘FT’ engineer driver rammed into family on pavement killing 64 year old granny

Posted by temasektimes on June 22, 2012

One month after a PRC ‘FT’ driver Ma Chi killed a Singaporean cabby by ramming his Ferrari into his Sonata taxi, another innocent Singaporean had died in a traffic accident caused by a ‘FT’.

This time, a 32 year old Sri Lankan engineer was responsible for the accident after his car mounted a curb and rammed into a family of four, killing one and injuring three others.

The fatal accident occurred at Woodlands Drive 14 at about 5.45pm.

64-year-old Wei Han Xiao, her daugher-in-law and two grandsons were reportedly on their way to a nearby coffeeshop for their dinner when the car which had P-plates suddenly mounted the pavement and knocked them down. Mdm Wei was flung several meters away and died in hospital at 8pm.

The Sri Lankan driver got out of the car and tried to escape, but was stopped by passer-bys. He told the media he had swerved the car in order to avoid a boy who had ran onto the road and also denied any attempt at escaping the scene.

Despite the recent high-profile cases of fatal accidents caused by foreigners, the Singapore Traffic Police continues to defend foreign drivers, saying that only ‘1 percent’ of accidents were caused by them last year while laying the blame on Singaporeans.


59 Responses to “Sri Lankan ‘FT’ engineer driver rammed into family on pavement killing 64 year old granny”

  1. WHAT THE HACK said


  2. Daft Peasants said

    Wah lan eh……..$inkapore is SO UNSAFE nowadays………even walking on the road will kena bang by cars…….

    Thank you pap…..

    Thank you traffic polis……

    Thank you mom……..

    Thank you ica……..

    MORE GOOD YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • poor Singaporean said

      Many foreingn talents are not trained properly in driving. And worst, many are also able to buy fake licences back in their home countries. These foreign talents must be made to sit for theory and practical exams here. Why are the MIW resisting this?

    • Z said

      Walking on pavement, even.

  3. HANG that bitch! said

    Hang that Sri Lancunt! Hang that son of a fucking bitch!

  4. i5htar said

    look like goverment need to “””revise””” on “foreign workers(FW)” policy on driving!!!

    PLEASE all…don’t use FT anymore!!! Most of us don’t feel they got talent at all…use “foreign workers(FW)”!!!

  5. Fence Sitter said

    right… wonder how many cases are cover up… Singapore is famous for doing cover up cases…

  6. MT said

    How do STP calculate the statistic? 1% of FT accidents over total accidents island wide would be distorting the statistic. A more accurate computation would be total FT accident divided by total FT drivers. For illustration: 100 FT accident / 10,000 island-wide drivers = 1% but 100 FT accident / 1000 FT drivers = 10%.

    • Free Trolley said

      1% of the FT are involved in accidents leading to death.
      1% of the Singaporeans are involved in accidents leading to scratches in cars.

      Numbers don’t tell everything.

    • mel said

      TP should just lower the standards for passing the driving test here. No more point in making it so difficult and expensive to pass since these foreign drivers are allowed to drive on our roads with their locally attained licence.

  7. Realist said

    Another stupid article to ignite the FT’s flame.

    • ver real said

      if u think its stupid then wwait till u or ur family members get run dwn by them and u

    • Singaporean said

      no, infact all of us knew this kind of shit will happen sooner or later. We were all just waiting for it.

    • poor Singaporean said

      Agree with Ver Real.

      Let’s see if you think this article is still stupid when your family members and relatives get knocked down by foreign talents over the next few weeks.

    • kaching said

      yah… see who you call stupid when you are run down by them and become paralysed, and your whole family killed…

  8. Free Trolley said

    Sri Lankan Driving Test on Emergency: swerved the car out of the way.
    Singapore Driving Test on Emergency: BRAKE!

  9. bb said

    Sri Lanka driving licence is not recognised in Australia. Hence it is not surprised accidents are occuring. Dumb TP

    • jac said

      In Asia, only Japan and Singapore driving license are recognized by the Aussies. Overhere I reckoned even if you have a license from the moon, it will be recognized. It all have to do with $$$ which has priority over public safety. Go figure that out. Morally bankrupt!

  10. FT said

    Sri Lankan also can be considered talent, only here in singapore

  11. solaris8899 said

    our first class first transport road system….which raise a lot of questions…why so many foreigners driving sg cars on our road? r they really qualified to own a sg driving car license?
    who gave them license to drive? should be someone accountable for this root cause?

  12. WOLF-MOTHER said

    Thkq Govt…ur wishes has come true…more & more of ur OWN SINGAPOREANS are going to die soon.. Thkq for being such a “good” government to all of us the SINGAPOREANS..let’s watch for the next election 😉

  13. patin said

    這些人的驾照是來自哪里的..他們的本國..國際驾照 ?? 生為本地人..20 多年前..我花了3年時間..考了4回..才得到一張本國驾照…

    The license is from where .. their .. international driver’s license?? I am local .. 20 years ago .. I spent three years .. test 4 times .. only to get a national driver’s license …

  14. Fuck FT said

    If you refer to read some delusional cohesion shit between locals and FT, maybe you should be reading Straits Times toilet paper instead of Temasek Times??

  15. Ah Beng said

    This site and it’s readers are fast becoming to resemble a Neo Nazi clan!!

    Tell me, would this new have been reported had it been a Singaporean who had ran over a Sri Lankan family??

    Go get an education people.

  16. owncoe said

    pls have a separate coe quota for citizens. where’s the privilege of being a citizen?

    why are you allowing ft with no families here to own cars while you deprive singaporeans with families not to have any?

  17. by-stander said

    what happen if we bang the FT?? i am sure jail term longer…fine bigger…

  18. hachoo said

    Taiwan has already or in the process of changing the law for traffic offence that involved in human life lost resulting from accidents – mandatory jail term for all offenders, China is also considering this law.
    Singapore, where are you on this ?????? Still in slumber land I think.

  19. wtf is happening here.. said

    as long as the topic is with FT word, all post are filled with hate and insults.. it doesnt matter if its good or bad.

  20. john huang said

    aiya, singaporeans can do what? nothing… all jia liao bee sitting in front of computers whinging..
    dont say foreigners, even i singaporean also see my fellow singaporeans no up.

  21. pitbull said

    I drive straight what, but car goes sideways. What do you think ?

  22. Ron said

    This is a tragic traffic accident. The driver could have been any nationality or race. So please do not make it a racist campaign and mix it up with the FT policy.

    • mahbok tan said

      Ron lets go back to the drawing board….?

      What is the root coz of the accident….????

      How do SGporean get their driving licence…????

      So we cannot blame the FT for their driving…then blame WHO ? WHY ? HOW ?

      Its becoz of the FT policy that we have all this problem + the unemployment of your fellow SGporean….!!!

      If not can we blame you if you think that they are not wrong…???

      Please do your own mindmapping begining with Nov 2011 till now and tell us the pattern if you are able to do it !!!

      I am not asking you to THINK ya…????

    • Jenny said

      Stop using this as an excuse, how many cases like this involving FTs for the past year? If there is no FTs, this cases won’t happened. When is the last time u heard Singaporean killing ppl in car accidents. Ppl like u should have a taste of losing family members due to FTs then u will wake up. Don’t try to act noble here.

  23. naivety said

    No choice, so many of these FTs here in tiny Singapore already causing much congestion (more than 2 millions FTs)…sure will definitely cause & enhance the probability of accident happening lah!

    Our small island is already over-populated, over-congested & pretty soon will be over-run by these FTs + FWs coming over here freely to find work! For example, the number of Filipinos working in Singapore as of todate is already more than 200,000 just to mention one race alone! What do you think???

  24. Lee Kong You said

    I have never heard of the word DEPORTATION or REPATRIATION from Govt’s, ICA and MOM before. Do they know this word exist?
    If a crime is committed by a foreigner, he/she/they should be deported and banned from entering the country again, I don’t see this in the policies made by our govt.

    • kaypoh said

      Oh ya, the chiko Romanian oredi deported, wan him back for trial oso hard,, loool

      The genius Ma Chi oredi departed, lagi boh pian lorrrr

  25. Wee Wee said

    When your time is up you can’t avoid it. Many NS men do simple running ocho’ gone case what!

  26. Dr.Arsch said

    Rest in peace ‘auntie’ and my condolences to the family.

    And as for the Sri Lankan trash, for f@ck’s sakes, hang the b@stard till he dies. We really need to show some hard discipline here. “It’s like with dogs, you train them well, they behave”, said a wise man once upon a time ^^.

    To his son we should say, hang the SL trash so other FTs will learn to behave. Make daddy proud and start training your new dogs.

  27. farker said

    Let’s protest by not eating SRilanka crab!
    Talk so much no use. Action!

  28. mahbok tan said

    It is better if we have more accident by the FT’s and the victims are the family members of the government officials.

    From there we can see and hear their predicament.

    Good Luck dear fellow Sgporeans and take care and be safe always

  29. Realist said

    Really appalled by the number of unreasonable and insensitive Sporeans here.
    Just becos they do not agree this article is racist and inflammatory they start cursing on those who do.
    Throwing a curse is like a boomerang. When it misses the target, you know who’ll be next ?

    • APPALLED U BACK said

      Thats what you think.
      Hurling curses at a deserving idiot like yourself is not akin to throwing a boomerang..
      Its like firing a shotgun at your balls! U and these Foreigh Trash totally deserve it!
      U should face the same fate and suffering as that unfortunate family when some Foreign Trash rammed a truckload of pig manure into your family with you being flung to some filthy canal.

  30. A G Young said

    I believe Singaporean lives are becoming less precious and important than the FT lives! Lately, how many Singaporean lives died under FT?

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