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VIDEO: Two uncles fought each other on SBS bus

Posted by temasektimes on June 22, 2012

A fight broke out between two uncles on a SBS bus leading both of them to hurl vulgarities and threw punches at each other:

It was stopped after the bus captain intervened. It was not known if a police report was made.


39 Responses to “VIDEO: Two uncles fought each other on SBS bus”

  1. sam said

    caucasian guy attacked a local teen schoolgirl..girl cried for help..and help she get w a mob came in arresting the white guy & his girlfriend from running away..while waiting for the police arrival..

  2. AngryBird said

    Nowadays all beh tahan Liao. Hoot la!

  3. OMG now uncles also getting in on the hoo ha! LOL Wow I wonder what would happen if this uncle met the old lady, who would win the argument? Ha ha ha ha!

  4. Vic said

    Who is the bloody idiot saying “Shut up lah” in the background in the video? Another arsehole….

  5. csm said

    Is this the most news-worthy story or the most pressing national issue you can talk about?

  6. edwin said

    everybody stressed in singapore now. lesser and lesser money and more and more people. better get goh chok tong to organize street parties again. if not there’ll be a revolution soon.

    • whatever... said

      there were also such fights in the past just that we didn’t have video phones to record them. Let’s not make this to something bigger than it is

  7. LocalAlwaysRight said

    This is the true face of “world class city” Singapore.

    FT meh? Haha… cannot.

  8. What do you think? said

    Singaporeans are too stressed up lah.So many foreigners competing for jobs. The rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

  9. Ortega said

    Check the date of the video being uploaded. It’s jan 31st 2012. Almost half a year old stale news

  10. goodgirl said

    Two uncles fought? Only one of them fought, while the other kept retreating from a fight. Such cowardice only serves to encourage the aggressor, and not deter him.

    • rs said

      Ironically, that’s the smartest move to retreat as he would have probably won the law case by now. Now think, who gets the last laugh? The one who punched or the one who retreated?

  11. Free Trolley said

    no money to spend, quarrel lor.
    quarrel not enough, fight lor.

  12. COOL IT FELLAS, younger generation watching

  13. mahbok tan said

    Ha ha ha … is this the “Swiss standard” that goh fly kite is talking about….??? better ask him to go back Pahang….!!!

    Allo uncle2 and auntie2 who are stress out due to economic disparity …. please SHUT UP or your grand old master cannot die in peace lei…..!!!

  14. Ju said

    Why are these fights becoming a trend……………..

  15. Dr.Arsch said

    Where is Alex Ong when u need him?

    Eh these days bus drivers gotta double up as bouncers too. Gotta ask for extra pay guys!

  16. LGB said

    It’s the blue shirt uncle keep provoking the other uncle. WTF he thinks his life is too long?

  17. Dee said

    Singapore more stress country

  18. eqa said

    Video recording all these kinda scene is more important than stopping them..

  19. Virgorian said

    Kill each other better , decrease the population !

  20. irmancino said

    Translation anyone?

  21. veto said

    hi everyone, the video was uploaded on 31jan, why rake it up now?

  22. What do you think? said

    nowadays we should bring self-defense weapon with us wherever we go just in case. I’d suggest a collapsible baton like the one used by Donnie Yen.

  23. Ron said

    Typical of the tikus (mice) Singaporeans. Shame on the other men on the bus. No one got to say “Please, please…calm down.” Everyone just stare and scared of trouble.

    The hot weather already make so many boiling. Yes, I hope the bus driver called the Police and both should be arrested for public disturbance. Maybe even impose a ban them getting the Transit Linkcard for a fee months. Have to pay cash each time.

    This is disgraceful behaviour. I admiire the bus driver. I think all buses should have an emergency distress button just like taxis.

  24. Ben said

    Yes. All this nuisance act a disgrace to Singapore if foreigners were to be on the bus!

  25. bb said

    Pappy ove mess up eveything until the buses and MRT trains unable to cope hence a lot of fighting over seats. Instead of fighting against FT, sg are fighting among themselves

  26. kaypoh said

    Lol this reminds me of the 1970s Taiwanese/HK long-winded kungfu dramas starring fung bobo….no action talk only…the episode will end with the 2 “opponents” threatening a most conclusive showdown in the very near future….in episode 367…they resheath their swords and return to cheers of their supporters…cut to advertisements.

  27. kaypoh said

    the runaway uncle was about to do a pole dance ….the blueshirt uncle ask him go Hotel 81….stay tuned for next episode of “Singapore Fight Club”!

  28. kaypoh said

    A Mediacock production…

  29. kaypoh said

    The winner will progress to the semifinals against the SMRT nagging auntie… your bets now! (please bet responsibly)

    The finals against Alex will be telecast live by Mediacock…. 😉

  30. Angry said

    what has become of Singaporeans lately ? instead of offering help, people stand/sit around and watch. and if the situation wasn’t bad enough, an idiot has to say SHUT UP? Singaporeans need to wakes up.

  31. anfield said

    The idiot who said shut up must be a bastard.

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