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Dr Ho Thong Chew blames addicts for ‘pressurizing’ him to sell cough mixtures

Posted by temasektimes on June 23, 2012

Disgraced General Practitioner Dr Ho Thong Chew (pic left) who was convicted of illegally selling cough mixture laced with codeine has laid the blame squarely on his patients for ‘pressurizing’ him to sell them.

Ho sold more than 800 canisters of the cough syrup to three of his patients.

Ho Thong Chew, 41, is said to have sold Dhasedyl by the canister, each holding 3.8 litres.

He is alleged, for example, to have sold two to five canisters at $600 each to one of the three men every week. About $80,000 was seized from his home.

The prosecution had asked for between two and three months’ jail for each of the proceeded charges, arguing that Ho had abused his position as a medical practitioner, blatantly disregarding public safety and the law, to reap a profit of more than S$266,800.

In mitigation, Ho’s defence lawyer claimed that he was ‘pressured’ into committing the offences by cough mixture addicts, who drove his patients away causing his clinic Focus Medical Group in Ang Mo Kio to struggle to make ends meet.

He added that Ho has been suffering from depression for a ‘long time’ and needs money to care for a disabled daughter.

During the court session, Ho, whose clinic has now been shut down by the Health Ministry, was seen crying in the dock.


9 Responses to “Dr Ho Thong Chew blames addicts for ‘pressurizing’ him to sell cough mixtures”

  1. FFS said

    Pressured into committing crime? That’s a rather irresponsible way of pushing the blame. There’s is always a ready phone with 97% of people residing locally. He can always call the police for the disturbance these addicts make, that would really indirectly provide required help to those addicts. Instead, he decided to support them further by being the distributor and reaping a fat profit over time. Definitely with such activity going on, its best to have less patients in the clinic to witness illegal activities. He should be given a harder sentence for being the top tier distributor its non-impact action if he was to be prosecuted for few months on each charge. Imagine the spread of network for those addicts after they have to stock to influence and open new market for this activity.
    His morale and ethics of his profession are questioned and even the whole medical industries. How are these syrups being able for purchase at such large volume for smaller setup medical clinics ? What is the control behind this so called ‘medicine’ ?

  2. Daft Peasants said

    Ya loh…….fuck those drug addicts!!!
    They fucking pressurize you to sell the mixture….you don want to sell bcos you know its a bad thing to do…..but those mofo force you to sell and willing to give you big money for it……. you are not a greedy man and you are a man of intergrity and righteousness…….Damn the mofo addicts……should hang the addicts and compensate 2 million to you for 心灵创伤…….

  3. mel said

    Blame your mother for giving birth to you, Dr assHOle!!

  4. Frankie Tan Kim Cheng said


    This is MLM. Multi Level Marketing. The good doctor must have been more interested in sales and marketing rather than medicine while in Uni. If that’s the case, I suggest he give up medicine and take up selling properties or insurance instead some time in the future cause he really has some talent in sales and entrepreneurship.

  5. Naivety said

    His license to practise as a doctor should be revoked for life.

  6. Ron said

    I wonder why bother to open a clinic when working in hospitals may bring in a steady and even good income. For his age and with continuous upgrading he could have been a Registrar, a specialist or even higher. His career is gone, his debts remains, his family’s suffering has increased.

    Being a private GP does not mean an easy life and if you are popular, your work is very busy. Too many private GPs have landed in trouble with such methods to earn a bit more money. And look at the tremendous efforts they had to make to earn by a doctor.

  7. Invictus said

    Pity the poor doctor ! He must be ‘pressured’ to accept the the profit from the illegal act. Hahaha.. No spine to even accept responsibility for his action.

  8. calvin said

    no one is ever pressured to commit a crime.
    if i pressure you to eat shit, will you do it?

  9. It is obvious that this doctor chose his profession because of the money, prestige or just to placate his parents.
    The problem with some people is that they want their offspring to go into a certain profession because they demanded it.
    This results in people unhappy in their line of work, or situations similar to this one.

    Some people have offsprings just for show, some for the sake of having children, some for ’baby bonus’, some have kids just to make them complete an unfulfilled dream, and some just to present as trophies. If they have kids as trophies, they might as well build a giant trophy cabinet and put their children in it.

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