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Malaysian graduate earns $1,400 as a sales promoter in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on June 23, 2012

I’m a Malaysian.

I previously work as management trainee for 2 year in a SME company and it is called “Executive Officer”. My pay is S$1,400 basic with S$200 for transportation as a degree holder.

I work 6 days weeks and one day work more than 12 hours. In January alone, I had work until 1.00am also.

All my work consist of being a promoter, merchandiser, stock taker and sales rep. The work is also a 2 years contract work. I do not have OT and commission at all. When I ask my manager, he said that I’m a degree holder and not a O level or SPM level holder. So no OT. I also do not have a copy of the contract as he said that it is the company policy that forbid me to have a copy of contract.

If I work less than 2 years, I need to give 2 months of notice and compensation depend on how much they train me. Hence, if I work 1 year, I need to pay them back 1 year of my salary. After 2 years, I need to give 3 months notice and within 5 years after I had leave the job, I am not permitted to work in the same industry. If they found out, I need to pay them 10 times my salary for the loses they incur because I work in the same industry.

During the 2 years that I work, I do not receive any confirmation letter than I had complete the training. My pay is always delay within the 7 days after the day that I started work.

Most of the Singaporean that come into this company do not last long at all. Most of them just work for one week to within one months only. Due to that, there are a lot of foreigner working in the company with contact such as me.

The China workers had it worst. Their passport is also being kept by the company and every month, their pay is being deducted by S100 as a deposit so that they do not run away.

This is also a SME family business.

Not all SME are bad.

The second job I get is Sales Coordinator job. The pay for probation is S$1450. It also do not tied us down with contract at all.

This company is a 5 days weeks job and the working time is fix from 8.30 am to 6.00pm. Usually, people just add in extra 10 to 15 minutes.

This company also provide lunch and tea time free for the workers

Everyone is very happy working in this company.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


20 Responses to “Malaysian graduate earns $1,400 as a sales promoter in Singapore”

  1. edwin said

    i have many relatives and friends in malaysia. not a few of them tell me their employers sometimes delay their salaries for up to several months. sometimes pay half month, quarter month. the employees have to get by on credit. a few instances their bosses disappear, company closed down and the employees are left high and dry with their debts mounting. count yourself lucky you have a job in s’pore. if the employers try to play punk with you, you can always report to MOM, and action will be taken. in m’sia, no such thing. boss disappear means boss disappear.

    • more realistic comparison said

      edwin, please don’t compare spore with Malaysia and say sporeans are lucky to have a job.
      i can compare your situation in malaysia with N Korea and say you are very lucky to have decent food to eat and have access to medical treatment. Or I can compare your situation with people in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, E Timor, etc.

      it will be more realistic if you learn to compare Spore with Hong Kong, S Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Norway, Sweden, etc.

      what your malaysian ministers do is not sporeans’ concern, but if you are well versed with spore ministers, then you will understand why sporeans are angry, these scumbags help themselves to taxpayers money by the millions and claim it prevents corruption and so far they have yet to be accountable and transparent.

      consider yourself fortunate that the malaysian govt pay you more interest in your EPF or whatever fund and they do not hold on to your money when you retire.
      and by the way, do you have family members running Malaysian state funds that belong to your people ? ask your fellow countrymen whether they wish to follow spore’s system and have 3 family members handle billions of $ on their behalf.

      • edwin said

        i’m a s’porean. cho hakkai is a foreign talent in singapore. many malaysians want to work in s’pore. those m’sians who get to work in s’pore r considered 2b very lucky by m’sians. cho hakkai is very lucky compared to the other workers in m’sia. he was not happy with his first job, he got another job. this kind of chance some s’poreans do not get. if cho hakkai is not happy working in s’pore, he can always go back to m’sia and work because according to you the situation in m’sia is better. when he goes back, there will be another job available for a s’porean.

      • wmulew said

        Dear more realistic comparison

        All the countries U just named for comparison with the exception of HK have a higher unemployment rate as well as higher tax rate then us. Even Malaysia have a higher tax rate then us and even though the Malaysia receive more interest in EPF, it’s still not enough to retire. FYI in Taiwan, they have a similar scheme to our cpf except the government does not pay a single cent in interest. So if you want to compare, please compare every single aspect and not just the ones you do not like

  2. If what you have written is true, and if you are willing to lose that job, it is high time to report the matter to MOM. Is it legal to hold another person’s passport without their permission in Singapore? Your employer has lied to you. I once heard a sales person telling customers that her air-conditioners will generate the oxygen a person needs even though that conditioner does not suck in air from outside the building.

  3. singkey said

    you take away singkeys jobs ofcos you happy.

  4. kaypoh said

    They bully us, the bloody companies. I quit the bloody rat race long ago. Now I go on commission basis. But gahmen usually interfere, change this & that rule, impose this & that fee. Only the Ministers have it good.

    Good that you learn to read the contract carefully.

  5. i say what i think only... said

    by your level of english, don’t know how u grad. local employers is not interested to know how or where u buy your degree. they just like to see the degree paper. u encountered professional SME exploiter who is the minority. It is more akin to slavery.

  6. Angry Bird said

    @CHO HAKKAI . . . you have been conned

  7. Free Trolley said

    1.4k for a graduate holder. Tell me why the government should be opening up more university slots again.

  8. Fuck SME said

    Local SME run by Sinkies are bloody cheap fucks, the same way they treat maids. Pay $1500 expect you to suck their cock on top of your jobscope. Profit ownself keep everything. Hope their office get burn down by disgruntled ex-staffs

    • kaypoh said

      Ya what, SME = Suck My Extrusion, looool, right after they sodomize you paywise. The OP’s pay is not much different from What Lim Sia Suay suggests cleaners’ increments to be.

  9. kaypoh said

    Unfortunately being male, he couldn’t resort to Audrey Lim tactics, 🙂

  10. pokemon said

    it is true employers compound the passport of the workpass workers. this is to prevent them from running away. as the company will be penalised if they do.

  11. wanker10 said

    Goodness, Malaysian graduate write this type of half past six english…

  12. Fight Back said

    You are equally as bad as the SME bosses! You are here to steal Singaporeans’ jobs. You are here to push salary down. You are here to make things more expensive. Get lost!

  13. Yuri Seng said

    $1,400 ITE and poly cert can easily get in any other firm. He is underpaying u. Don’t get underpaid and steal Singaporean’s job.

  14. Bai Hu said

    I am really baffled with the author. If the terms & conditions are so bad that he is in such a disadvantaged position, he should not have accepted the job in the first place as i think he could find better job than this. For the PRCs, i do understand why they would take up this job cos if they dun, they will be worse off back in China. If u are a Malaysian, then u are in a better position to choose…… Furthermore, i find it disturbing that they would keep their passports & also deduct $100 every month as deposit. Does the MOM allow for such practices? I do find it uncomfortable if i am their employee.

  15. M said

    SME’s are notoriously cheap. 1400 is hardly a living wage for young Singaporeans. For non service industry jobs, why not hire experienced retirees instead of foreigners? With the standard of shoddy products and low levels of innovation produced by hiring cheap and foreign, it’s a surprise SME’s think they can survive at all. And by the way, they are just foreign WORKERS, not “talent”. Singaporeans are talent (anyone who could graduate from our grueling school system is)

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