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MOE refused to take action against Northland Secondary School principal Leonard Koh

Posted by temasektimes on June 23, 2012

Despite the massive public outcry at the conduct of Northland Secondary School principal Leonard Koh who was accused of ‘stalking’ his ex-students on Facebook, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has refused to even investigate the matter, let alone take action against him.

Koh was noted to have posted comments on the photos of his ex-students praising them as ‘nice’, ‘pretty’, and ‘womanly’ as well as asking to meet some of them in person.

The Temasek Times has received a snapshot of his ‘interaction’ with more than 100 girls on Facebook:

Speaking to queries from the media, a MOE spokesperson said that as Koh did not behave ‘inappropriately’ towards his ex-students, no action will be taken against him.

The latest controversy comes in the aftermath of the shocking underage prostitute sex scandal which saw a former principal Lee Lip Hong and former senior MOE official Chua Ren Cheng being charged for having paid sex with a 17 year old girl.

Lee Lip Hong was convicted and sentenced to 9 weeks’ imprisonment while Chua is still awaiting trial.


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33 Responses to “MOE refused to take action against Northland Secondary School principal Leonard Koh”

  1. NSW said

    What action MOE suppose to take? For telling student they are beautiful and nice looking?

  2. Free Trolley said

    Anyone knows if he made the same comments on male students?

    • stranger said

      he made comments to male students too… not only the female ones .. and i don’t think that its wrong to give a complement..

  3. Steven Chui said

    Making a simple comment like : nice, pretty…… is not a sin. There’s no wrong in it.
    If the public, any public or friend can make such a comment…… u mean educators cannot? Are there suppose to be aliens??? Come on…. what and which era are we living in now? If any children can post up such photos, people can comment and have the free will to comment. It was not even a lustful comment .

  4. Saiwala said

    I hope I don’t cause any more ‘arrows’ but, Leonard was a teacher back in my Secondary days. He was one of those teachers that respected, understood and was willing to listen and convince students not by any means of fear or oppressive methods. I dare say that a lot of students and even those ‘ah bengs & lians’ those days gave him their respect.

    To the many readers here, my comment will seem one-sided since most do not know him personally. Perhaps its because of his active eagerness, he may seem like what Temasek TImes described; “stalking”.

    I don’t usually leave comments but to those that thinks what I wrote is bullshit, I am only doing this for the sole reason that I believe and do not wish for such a genuine person to be wrongfully blacklisted because of the current trends.

  5. Cassandra Wong said

    Anyone with soem sense will know that this is obviously done by someone who has a axe to grind with the principal. If we were to analyse his/her intent, it is not difficult to tell that he/she is very vindictive and will stop at nothing to destroy the principal’s career. I don’t see anything wrong with him praising the girls whom I am sure are much flattered. I think times have changed and even educators are required to engage with their students. If they are too strict, they will also get complaints such as they do not understand young people and are outdated. What is wrong about asking them to meet up one day? Did he ask the girl to sleep with him or did he even hint at it? I shudder to think that the person who lodged the complaint is so driven by hatred or jealousy to want to destroy the principal. He/she even went to great length to surface all the FB postings just to achieve his aim. Isn’t it frighetning that such a person lurks in our midst? I hope MOE will not succumb to pressure and punish the principal. I do not know him and doesn’t gain from speaking up for him. To the person who is all out to destroy the principal, beware of retribution. Answer this question: What is your intent? Search the depth of your conscience and ask if you think you are any less guilty!

  6. Leonard Koh is likely grooming his ex-students for sex. Is this the kind of behaviour the MOE condone of its principals?

    • Clowny said

      likely –
      can hang someone for likely to kill someone ?

      MOE is likely to take action then. ie give him a warning 😛

      • Totally Annoyed said

        hi mr edmund khor, it appears you put in significant effort copying and pasting your highly intellectual comment on every relevant post on the principal. you even found a friend here. you have a fan, temasek times.

  7. Veritas said

    As a former teacher, I am a insider to policies of MOE. MOE protects principals but is excessively harsh on teachers. There are many male teachers who got terminated just because of some exaggerated and unfounded complaints from female students. This is definitely a serious case of sexual grooming if the person involved is a teacher. Many male teacher in a less severe case will get a E grade and get terminated

    Besides, It is a common practice for principals to damn a male teacher by setting him up using female students. Very often, a HOD or principal will assign the worst class with the most Ah Lian for the targeted teacher. This provides a inevitable environment of conflict between teacher and students.

    In such environment it is very simple to screw the career of male teachers. Very often, the principals and HOD would just need to summon those Ah Lian after she receives disciplinary actions from the teacher, and entice her to complain about that teacher. To damn a male teacher, the principal or HOD would tried marshalling the girl and to frame whatever complains into sexual context.

    The targeted teacher fate is sealed.

  8. Jack said

    Temasek Times is stiring shit here, I have no respect for TT for doing such an act. (Of course this message may not even survive the TT moderation.)

    • Itsjustmyvoice said

      Whether is TT or others, they are all reporting and keeping people updated and create awareness of what is going. I feel that at least TT release news that are without governement censorship.
      Do you wish to read news that are only in tandem with the government interest namely the PAP?

  9. Free Trolley said

    He is typing with one hand. If you know what I mean. 😉

  10. Joe said

    Quite possible that this principle is ” grooming” these teens, should ring some alarm bells…. Moe should take action.

  11. lim said

    I think there should still be a certain arm’s length distance between principal or teacher and his charges. To be so informal and actively involved in facebook with comments given so freely like Leonard is inviting suspicion of ulterior motives.

  12. The average parent said

    As a mum of 2 school going kids, I realised the power of teachers. They always argue with me n insist their teacher is correct. That is precisely why teachers should be a role model. 

    This principal may have his strength. But the more respected and popular a teacher is, the bigger his area of influence and the more students he has on his Facebook. He should well be aware that any activity on his FB will be viewed by all. Even if one thinks comments like “nice”, “sweet” may seems innocent and harmless disregarding the subject, frequency and context of the comments, visiting sensual sites definitely crosses this boundary which i believe all parents will definitely agree on. 

    Doesnt MOE consist of adults with children too? Dont they understand the worries of this one n the nation’s parents? Should they be doing something about it?

  13. Leong Singapore said

    Saying someone pretty and sexy must be likely to attempt rape!!!

  14. Dr.Arsch said

    Take action for saying that she is pretty? WTF! How is that even perverse or anything!?? The guy was just paying a normal compliment anyone of us would do! Wow, bloody media is all to happy to slam this guy just to create news!

  15. Richard said

    To TT,

    Please understand, “Pen is mightier than the sword!”. Your writer and TT had cause damaged beyond the wave. Friendship btw friends, teachers and students, supervisors and workers, masters and disciples.
    Does every FB postings, emails and letters needs TT approval or vetting. So stop damn FXXKXG , stalking FB and stop spread rumors that are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots

  16. annon said

    I knew a principal “H S” who terminates someone because that person address a student as “princess” (for only ONE occasion), using the pretext of sexual grooming. And many male teacher are being given a ‘D’ grade (get condemn) for conduct that is much less severe than this case or being set up by principal.

    This is definitely a case for termination. If standards are applied universally, I would like to phrase it in MOE’s own word in many of their official disciplinary letter that words are carefully crafted to damn people. “The principal is unbecoming of an educator and his actually CAN be interpreted as sexual grooming towards student”.

  17. LEE said

    TT is getting from bad to worse. Contents are so skewed that it seems that its objective is to stir shit and disharmony within singapore. We shld all boycott this site.

    • Shawn said

      Oh not only Principals, HODs are also involved in such scandals.. One Male MT HOD in the north I heard is also one of the ones involved in such bold promiscuous acts.

    • Itsjustmyvoice said

      Hello Lee.
      I would like to repeat this. Whether is TT or others, they are all reporting and keeping people updated and create awareness of what is going. I feel that at least TT release news that are without governement censorship.
      Do you wish to read news that are only in tandem with the government interest namely the PAP?

    • Life as I like it said

      Hi Lee,
      Its from site like this that we see the other side of Singapore, the real life, Is reporting on real life happenings creating disharmony? Dun put your head in the sand, see the world as it is.

  18. Kudos to TT said

    Without TT, many Singaporean will still be ignorant to what they have not seen, what they have not heard and what they have not thought of. This is precisely how the MIW had groomed Singaporean to what we are today. I applaud TT in their efforts to unveil the other side of story to allow Singaporean to judge for themselves. I believe you will agree with me unless you are fulfilling your personal motives. Kudos to TT!!!

  19. An ex-student said

    I am an ex-student of Ngee Ann Secondary school. It is an indisputable fact that Mr Koh is a very nice teacher. So nice that he once dated my ex-girlfriend out individually for a swim. My ex-girlfriend turned him down without consideration. At that time, we were still his students at Ngee Ann sec in 2002. We were only 15 years old then. Come to think of it, I still find it irksome…

    • sianzation88 said

      IDIOT!! make sure all those u’ve said are true!

    • what morals said

      If this is true and we are talking about the same man, it demonstrates Koh’s pathological pattern of behaviour, seeking out teen students he finds attractive and trying to meet up with them after school, an abuse of his authority and alarming to say the least. Why didn’t anyone report him to the relevant authorities back then. Your gf was smart enough to escape his clutches but there might been others who weren’t. MOE needs to crack down on these wolves in sheep’s clothing and tighten its rules on the moral conduct of its educators.

  20. Gloria said

    Singapore strives to be an educational hub but why Ministry of Education allows this to happen? Law and policy were already in place at United States and United Kingdom to forbid educators from connecting and communicating on social media with their students outside of their curriculum to protect the students’ safety. For western countries to have policy like that does show a clear line drawn.

    I thought your government should be good at this and not having grey areas. I am worried that if this is not brought to attention now, more students could potentially be hurt physically or emotionally since the Singapore ministry refused to take action and no law or policy to protect the students.

  21. Andrew Lim said

    Making a simple comment like “Nice”, “Pretty” & “Cute” seems like nothing is wrong. But if you are showing concern to your students, do you really need to comment all this in their profiles? Commenting their page at wee hours, really brings suspicion. And the comments are only towards girl students, only concern about girls?

    To TT: is there any pictures commented on guy’s page? If possible can we see the rest of the pictures in order to clear the doubts?

  22. AnT said

    Has anyone found out about his connections with the the rich and powerful? Maybe the education minister might come out to defend him soon.

  23. Effect can only be seen after 2016? said

    Back in the late 80’s while pursuing the secondary education, we have PE teacher who was pervert too. He was touchy towards the girls especially in swimming lessons and the best part was he loved to teach only the female students who totally couldn’t swim. On several occasions, we heard classmates mimiking the PE teacher offering the girls private swimming lessons. Much awareness were brought to school and MOE but our approaches were futile. Fearing repercussions might befall us, we yielded to the authority.

    More than 20 years had passed since then, does MOE improve? Indeed they deteriorate, judging from the way they handled complaint from parents regarding the Principal of Northland Sec, Koh Leonard. The sole action taken was to make an official statement that there is no ‘MISCONDUCT’ while no real investigation was even conducted. What MOE demonstrates to Singaporean is her domineering and indifferent attitude towards complaints. Upon deeper observance, I beg to differ that MOE is indifferent towards complaints but somehow attempts to conceal the truth to protect another educator under public scrutiny. In order words, they are protecting their own ar5e!

    How about the those young girls whom MOE should instead protect? The mission of the Education Service is to mould the future of the nation, by moulding the people who will determine the future of the nation. Without protecting these young vulnerable children of our future from the evil clutches of a friendly yet perverted principal, what makes you think that MOE can achieve its mission? Can the parents of today trust MOE’s effectiveness and integrity in handling matters fairly without exercising prejudice? Or do we have to wait for 2016 to effect a change? Seems that the latter is more effectual!

  24. April Tin said

    I have a very close friend who is Leonard Koh’s student. Leonard Koh brought her out for dinner and gave her tuitions. During that time, he was so close to her that my friend actually developed a huge crush on him. I felt very uncomfortable about the things that Leonard Koh did to my friend because it went beyond what a normal teacher would do. The thing I could not stand about Leonard Koh was that such actions continued for quite a while, which meant that he was leading my friend on. Shame on him!

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