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VIDEO: Man punched and kicked 20 year old pregnant PRC girl at Sophia Road

Posted by temasektimes on June 23, 2012

A man in his 20s or 30s was video-taped punching and kicking a 20 year old pregnant PRC girl at Sophia Road.

The girl claimed she was a tourist in Singapore having supper with friends at a food court when she accidentally spilled her a few drops of her Ma La soup on the man sitting nearby who then got up to punch her.

In the video, the man was seen kicking the girl onto the ground and continued to stamp on her. It is not known if he is a local or foreigner.


61 Responses to “VIDEO: Man punched and kicked 20 year old pregnant PRC girl at Sophia Road”

  1. Singaporean said

    last time most people just quarrel, nowadays punch first then talk. Guess singaporeans had reached their limit. The day to revolution is not too far liao.

    • laughingseal said

      Who cares if you’ve reached your limit or not? Doesn’t justify hitting anyone, much less a pregnant woman.

    • LeeKua SiMi said

      actually the man is a PIMP and the girl is a prostitute and it is not really over a pot of MA LA GUO.
      MA LA GUO was actually knocked over the man to see how he will react lor.
      Pretty girl but brainless………………..gangster from China will not give a damn if this is Malaysia or Singapore. AH TIONG is like Gahman, money making machine cause problems then whack them senseless lah.
      Now the girl complain to media, AH TIONG Gang will raped her and then sold her off to Malaysia and get banged over there lah

    • FYI said

      The fact that “Singaporean” posted such a response is disturbing and says a great deal. “Revolution”? Some kind of sick joke. Singaporean sooooooo brave, is it? When punching a girl? Viva la revolution Singaporean. If you can knock out little girls, you can surely take down the government that coddles you. Good luck with that.

      • ASDF said

        hypocrites.. you know deep down inside your heart, you want to punch a FT

      • mel said

        That’s why people like you ASDF become a keyboard warrior venting out your anger on other’s post. Go get yourself a punching bag or just play with yourself!

  2. Leica Lim said

    Our police has often brushed off such violence against the weak as civil cases
    and will not take any action.
    Will the police still consider this is a civil case, and so not take any action?

  3. leo said

    Whether the guy is a local or foreigner, he should be dealt with correct judgement. There is no excuse to kick a pregnant lady no matter shes right or wrong.

    To fellow Singaporeans, we should stay calm despite so many negative reports of FTs. If we resort to violence, we are no better than the uncivilisied FTs.

    • mel said

      Precisely, this cowardly act of kicking a pregnant woman in public is totally unacceptable!
      The police should do more patrols to assert their authority like they used to than relying on the public to report. Shortage of manpower but they are never short of bodyguards!

      • ASDF said

        when the media protects FTs, you guys whine and complain.. and now you act benevolent by stating that you want to protect them? come on 2 sided-faces..

      • mel said

        Read carefully you prick! Try to act macho here or what??

    • pinoys love to suck cock said

      Its not about whether u are or not better than the uncivilised fts, if u have to fight evil,u need to be evil to fight evil, thats the only way to show them we mean biz..since even the pap gov is on their side, we need to help ourselves before we are being bullied further

    • Steve Lee said

      @Leo and Mel. Agreed. Such obnoxious behaviour is indefensible.

  4. FUCK PRC said

    PRC vs PRC, none of our fucking business, they can kill each other.

    • asdasdasdas said

      the fucking guy is singaporean not PRC,i am the one at the scene

      • Looking for evidence said

        The report above says “it is not known if he is a local or foreigner”. How do you know that he is Singaporean unless you checked his birth certificate and I/C? I don’t believe that he has it stamped on his forehead the words “I am Singaporean”.

        The woman in the video does not look pregnant (no large belly in the video). She was wearing a tube dress which is quite an unusual choice of dress for a pregant woman.

        SInce you claim to be at the scene, did the police come to the scene and was the man arrested? Was an ambulance called to take the worman to hospital for check-up on her “baby”?

      • lau chiao said

        May i share wv all of the first place the location, the whole building is a prc whore house, i believe the anti vice didnt hv a clue abt it. Its simply a man probably spend some foolish money and didnt get the fcuk he wanted or just some jealousy spate. Fm the video u can see that the are two more prc girls. So what the fuck, prc girls coming to earn illicict money and get whack. So what, they deserve it.

      • Zam said

        If I was there, this pussy guy would have been bleed from all his holes.

    • Sporean said

      Many Sporean Chinese tend to forget our roots, that our ancestors hailed from PRC. Infact, history showed PRCs that travelled to Nanyang (SEA) in the early days were the materially poorer PRCs (Present Sporean Chinese’s ancestors!) Whether one is PRC or Sporean, nationality is irrelevant, its the individual character,upbringing and behaviour that rmatters. Just as many PRCs as Sporeans condemned the Ferrari-accidnet over the internet and media.

  5. Singaporean said

    This brutish man should be charged. If he can do this to a pregnant girl irregardless of race, nationality, he could do it to anyone. The police should look into this case, we cannot and must not allow such brutish behavior in Singapore especially against a defenseless girl, who was unable to fight back. Singapore Police, please take action.

  6. Frankie Tan Kim Cheng said

    This scoundrel must be a foreigner, probably a PRC from his way of dressing. The police must investigate this case thoroughly and the culprit must be dealt with under the full force of the law, including receiving at least 12 strokes of the rotan so he can have a taste of Singapore justice.

    With so much foreign trash around, we now have imported violence of the worst kind. Soon, the streets will be as lawless and as violent as those in third rate cities in the PRC where fights on the roads are as common as littering and spitting.

    This red dot was never like this before. Singapore men knows the penalty for doing this to a woman so they have never resorted to such heinous violence.

    Finally, this man is a real coward. Hitting a defenseless woman.

    If he gets jail time, those really tough guys will know what to do to him in jail.


    • asdasdasdas said

      the guy still challenge the pregnant women to report or call police after beating her,i am the one at the scene. and he should know about law in singapore, because he is singaporean plus he got a fuck up attitude…

      • Sashaqueenie said

        Can you absolutely vouch that he is a Singaporean? No possibility that is a SE Asian who has adopted our local way of speaking?
        Can you 100% say that for sure? Do you know his background? Please clarify how you know for sure.

  7. Striking Angel said

    First, the girl is not pregnant.
    Second, she is a club girl working at one of the five clubs at Peace Centre.
    Third, there is no stall in the Peace Centre Food Court selling Ma La soup.
    Last, it was clearly a settlement talk that went out of hand! Period!

  8. oso said

    1 of the least corrupted country but has no heart @ all, poor Britpore:(

  9. Thread. said

    Indian will be worst. They dissect the gals in front of anyone. These Indians are thrash.

  10. mahbok tan said

    From the video its not as the report here. Looks like they know each other…so case close …no talk about pregnant or PRC .

  11. Allgooner said

    I condemn the violent man, no mantter what happened, there was no call for such behaviour! And the baby in her womb is innocent – shame on you!!

    • Sashaqueenie said

      You do not know for sure if the girl is pregnant and or if the attacker is a complete stranger. Wait before judging and making a comment.

  12. get a life said

    more trashy news

  13. LocalAlwaysRight said

    Singapore real face starts to emerge, the world will witness how the Singapore government’s effort to create perfect image falls into pieces 🙂

  14. SG said

    For annoying pregnant ladies, just slap her will do. No need to use your almighty strength to victimise her.

  15. YO AH YO said

    Don’t act paikia la….. Be a man la…. Don’t be a pussy ……. Whack charbo

    Not paiseh ah?…….

  16. Wolfglare said

    Good Beat a few more PRC and stop them from coming here we have enough PRC pig here

  17. Alan Lim said

    Sure the girl is pregnant ?

  18. Bernard Deng said

    A man who beat up a woman is a beast. A crushing sentence should be meted out this sort of hooligans. Disgusting. In any circumstances,men should not beat up a woman unless his life is in danger.

    • mahbok tan said

      AGREE….. but in this world of GREED and LUST…….they are just like animal , without conscience.

    • P Koh said

      There are far too much speculations and assumptions be it a PR man or lady or whether she is pregnant. The main thing is whether she was injured and sent to hospital for a check-up and a report made to get that hooligan arrested for assualt
      and battery. For whatsoever reasons, laying hand on a lady or even another human being is definitely wrong and if a person cannot control his temper or emotions he should stay at home and watch TV instead of being a nuisance to society.

  19. Me said

    the girl is not pregnant and she is the one that ignited the fight obviously the headline is mis leading and I think this website should be more strict with their headings

  20. Bway song said

    Prc Kenna whacked ??? Lol non of our business…

  21. dogmeat said

    PRC people are just terrible on getting people to like them. We like to beat one up when we see one.. I’m sorry for her baby, but she’s just one person who attracts beating liken to a WHORE to STDs.

  22. Play Play said

    I think they are all of the same nationality and likely even from the same group. Looks like it is some sort of argument and may not be over mala soup. BTW, the girl does not even look like pregnant.

  23. FuckPRC said

    Put a fat girl and a pregnant girl in front of you also cannot tell difference, from a video you know she’s pregnant??

    I say that cheap slut must be a greedy typical China Prostitute who wants the money but don’t want to swallow, that’s why got beaten up by the pimp! Cheap SLUT!

  24. FuckPRC said

    The lying china cheap slut is trying to get sympathy and donations by lying that she’s pregnant. Which self respecting pregnant woman is out there eating mala pot after midnight??

    That cheap whore must be eating late dinner to start her next shift at the KTV lounge.

  25. Ricky Chen said

    Police NSmen should not intervene if called upon as many aliens/their children don’t believe in NS.

  26. Look carefully said

    what the hell? u all look carefully at the starting second of the video. the girl splashes the soup on the man IT IS NOT ACCIDENTALLY AT ALL!

  27. AngryBird said

    Looking from the video, the man seems not local. Not sure about it. But confirm the lady is pregnant? Eating mala steamboat?? What exactly did the lady said to provoke him? Nevertheless, man shouldn’t hit lady. One slap can make her suffer Liao.

  28. Wicked Brain said

    From the outlook, the man is definitely not local and from his moves, this is definitely not his first time hitting a woman.
    According to the Chinese Tabloids, the incident happened ard 12 midnight and the lady is a tourist who is already here for about 2 weeks.
    Why should a pregnant woman be out for supper at this hour of the night?
    Why would a pregnant woman travel to Singapore for 2 weeks? Why would a tourist need to stay in Singapore for 2 weeks?

  29. ’The girl claimed she was a tourist in Singapore having supper with friends at a food court when she accidentally spilled her a few drops of her Ma La soup on the man sitting nearby who then got up to punch her.’

    When fellow Singaporeans show their displeasure towards FTs, it is already very bad. But when it reaches to an extent that even TOURISTS are being attacked, we have already crossed the line and went down the path of no return. Enough is enough.

  30. Foxy said

    This china lady (tourist) what is she doing at the food court at that hour of the night? Nite club girl lah, after all she just want money to close this issue. Their way of settle things. It’s their culture!

  31. LWF said

    To those of you who think it’s justifiable to kick a pregnant woman just because she’s PRC, do humanity a favor. Go kill yourself.

  32. Ishvarlall Singh said

    I am deeply concerned at the violence in Singapore, is this a safe place for tourists to visit, shouldn’t they go somewhere else. Our Police have been well trained in giving replies stating that this is a civil case, is violence in the streets and in public places of Singapore a civil case? What happens to bystanders, the elderly who may get injured in such places because they were slow in avoiding the location.. I bet we will have more of such incidents in the near future.

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